Bethel (Benson), Somerset County

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Bethel village has sprung up very recently. Though young, it is prosperous. It is laid out on land which was formerly the Henry Blough farm. The first building erected was the United Brethren church in 1874. The first dwelling was built by Hiram H. Boyts in 1880. The next building erected was a gristmill in 1881 by John Hoover who was born in Franklin county. In 1837 he came to Quemahoning township, Somerset county, and in 1881 settled in Paint township. He has been in the milling business for over forty years.

Tobias Mishler was the first storekeeper and postmaster. The postoffice (Holsapple) was established in 1881.

J.W. Whisler, merchant, came from Cambria county to Paint township in 1870. In 1882 he engaged in the mercantile business, succeeding Tobias Mishler. He was appointed postmaster at Holsapple in March, 1883. Mr. Whisler is a grandson of Henry Custer, an early pioneer of this county.

J.A. Boyer, the only son of Samuel Boyer and grandson of Joseph Boyer, is engaged in the manufacture of fertilizers here and is conducting a good business. He is the owner of twenty- eight town lots in the growing village of Bethel. A carpenter by trade, he has been engaged in the manufacture of lumber since 1871 and is the owner of a steam sawmill, located here. He also owns one hundred acres of timber land.

Bethel contained in June, 1883, two stores, one gristmill, one steam sawmill, one manufactory of fertilizers and one church.

Note: This town was later renamed Benson.
(History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)