Mitchell marriages, Old Sweedes Church

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(From the Original Registers of Old Swedes, Church, Philadelphia, Penn.)

28 Oct. 1755. Elizabeth Mitchell and Richard Griss, by Rev. Olof Parlin, by publication.

24 Feb. 1764, Joshua Mitchell and Jeane Carrot, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel, by publication.

9 Aug. 1773, Simon Mitchell and Rosanna Pates, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publication.

21 Oct. 1778, Ann Mitchell and John Estens, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.

29 Apr. 1779, Rudolph Mitchell and Elizabeth Larner. by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.

18 Oct. 1791, Ann Mitchell and John Merchant, by Rev. Nicholas Collin.

31 July 1792. Walter Mitchell and EUzabeth Hudson, by Rev. Nicholas Collin. Sarah Hudson, witness.

27 June 1793, Edah Mitchell, daughter of John and Nancy, aged past 19, to Abraham Yocum, son of Abraham Yocum of Kingsessing and wife Rebecca.

22 May 1794, Frances Mitchell, past 20, daughter of Joshua Mitchell and his dec. wife, Sarah, of Philadelphia, to John Gregory, past 24, son of John and Frances Gregory of Philadelphia.

13 Oct. 1794, James Mitchell, past 22, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Mitchell of Ireland, to Maria E. Walker, past 22, daughter of dec. Peter and Mary Walker of Ireland.

28 Feb. 1796, Cathrine Mitchell, 31, daughter of dec. John and Mary . Mitchell, to Nathaniel Gorslin, 32, son of Jacob and Sarah Gorshn, of New York State.

23 Mar. 1796, Edith Mitchell Jockum, 24, widow, daughter of John and Mary Mitchell of Philadelphia, to George Foek, 25, son of dec. William and Mary Foek, of Pennsylvania.

26 Mar. 1796, Sarah Mitchell, 16, daughter of Samuel and Ann Mitchell, of Philadelphia, to George Hallman, 22, son of dec. Anthony and Mary Hallman of Philadelphia.

2 June 1796, Hester Mitchell Kite, 26, widow, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Mitchell, to John Jordan, 28, son of Samuel and Sarah Jordan of New York.

16 July 1796, Samuel Mitchell, 26, son of dec. John and Mary Mitchell, of New Jersey, to Hannah Parsons, 22, daughter of dec. Thomas and Bathsheba Parsons, of New Jersey.

2 Aug. 1798, Elizabeth Mitchell, 22, daughter of dec. Thomas and Margaret Mitchell, of East Jersey to William Brown, 22, son of dec. William and Kesiah Brown of Ireland.

14 Nov. 1807, Sarah Mitchell, 20, daughter of George and Anne Mitchell, of Philadelphia, to Charles Sangren, 26, mariner, son of John and Botilla Sanger, of Sweden.

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 11, November 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry