Montgomery suranme Marriages from Old Swedes' Church

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(From the Original Registers of Old Swedes' Church.)

3 Feb. 1766, Catherine Montgomery and William Davis, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel.

5 Feb. 1766, Duncan Montgomery and Caterin McDonald, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel.
10 July 1766, Mary Montgomery and John Godfrey, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel.

25 May 1767, Mary Montgomery and James Phillips, by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel.

25 Nov. 1773. Elizabeth Montgomery and David Ridder, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publication.

31 May 1774, Hugh Montgomery and Hannah Hanzelley, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publication.

4 Aug. 1777, Mary Megomery and Jeremiah Thompson, by Rev. Andrew Goeransson.

27 Mar. 1783, Robert Montgomery and Catherine Phillips, by Rev. Mathias Hultgren.

7 Feb. 1788, Christina Montgomery and Robert Fisher by Rev. Nicholas Collin.

25 Dec. 1792, WilHam Montgomery, aged 26, born in Ireland, where his parents then lived, to Elizabeth Ingram, aged 30, born in Ireland, her parents dead.

25 Dec 1794, Margaret Montgomery, past 25, widow, daughter of dec. Daniel and Bridget McCarty of Ireland, to Pierce Duffy, 35, son of dec. Peter and Alice Duffy, of Ireland.

22 Feb. 1795, Christina Montgomery, 24, daughter of Hugh and Christina Montgomery, to Charles Dobbin, 18, son of dec. John and Margret Dobbin of Ireland.

27 Oct. 1798, Andrew Montgomery, 33, son of James and Sarah Montgomery of Philadelphia, to Agnes Smith, 22, diaughter of dec. Archibald and Hester Smith of Philadelphia.

23 June 1799, William Montgomery, 22, son of dec. Thomas and Elizabeth Montgomery, of Ireland, and Margaret Wilson, 24, daughter of John and Hannah Wilson, of Philadelphia.

17 Nov. 1806, Ann E. Montgomery, 35, widow, daughter of Adam and Mary Darr, to Isaac Williams, 24, mariner, son of William and Sarah Williams of Monmouth County N. J.    

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 9, September 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry