Lehigh Register, Aug 16, 1849

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LEHIGH REGISTER,  Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa

Aug 16, 1849

Married on the 5th of August, by the Rev. Mr. Dubs, Mr. Peter Schneider, to Miss Lusetta Stahly, both of North Whitehall.

Died on the 8th of August, in Hanover township of Dysentery, Rebecca, daughter of Israel Kramer, aged 8 years.
Died on the 6th of August, in Hanover township, of Dysentery, Emma Matilda, daughter of William and Hannah Saeger, aged 4 years.

On Thursday last, between the hours of two and three o'clock in the afternoon the Powder Mill belonging to Mr. Joshua Johnson, and situate on Swamp Cree, in the vicinity of Sumneytown, Marlborough township, this county, blew up, and sad to relate, the two workmen engaged in the mill were in it at the time of the occurrence.  There was a considerable quantity of powder in it at the time, and both were dreadfully burned.  The names of these unfortunate persons are John Shaid and Daniel Moser; both were in the prime of life - men of families, and in but ordinary circumstances.  The former, whom we saw ourselves and have known for a number of years, was burnt as black as a cinder, the skin and nails of his hands and fingers having been left in the mill.  He lingered until two o'clock the following morning, when he died; - the latter Mr. Moser, was not so badly burned, though not less fatally - lingering only until the next evening, when he also died.  The former was attended and every assistance rendered in the power of medical aid by Dr. C. F. Sellers, - the latter by Dr. Thompson.  The cause of the explosion is not known, but it is supposed to have been owing to some impurity contained in one of the ingredients of the mixture, as there had been a fresh supply put in only a short time previous. - Norristown Register.

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