Lebanon Advertiser, August 26, 1857

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August 26, 1857

Good Cows. - Mr. David Jefferis, of East Brandywine, Chester county, has five cows that are hard to beat - all of which were raised on his farm.  They have for the last two weeks made 43 ½ pounds of butter in each week, and cream used plentifully besides - one of which has been milking since the first day of February; one since the second week of March; one since the 15th day of April, (with her calf) one since the 24th day of May; and the other since the 12th of June, with her fourth calf - which when four weeks and three days old, weighed 200 lbs. Live weight.  The cow gave about 6 quarts of milk per day while the calf was with her.

A large barn belonging to Elias Hoch, near Kutztown, Berks county, was struck by lightning and destroyed on Saturday a week.  Loss $300, of which $2500 was insured by the Sinking Springs Company.  It is said that the building was not provided with a lightning conductor, on which account the Company will not hold itself responsible for any losses.

Married on the 23d inst., by the Rev. Frederick Krecker, Mr. Franklin Sechrist, of Lancaster county, to Miss Leah Kleinfelter of Lebanon county.

Married on the 23d inst., by Rev. Father McCosky, Mrs. Mary Ann McLaughlin, to Mr. Dennis Boyle, both of Lebanon.

Died on the 14th inst., in Bethel Township, Oliver B. Reinhard, aged about 43 years.

Died on the 5th inst., in Bethel, Mr. Christian Hunsicker, aged 81 years, 4 months and 9 days.

At Manayunk, on Sunday night, Mr. Wm. Colliday, who was bitten, last March, by a small cur, died from hydrophobia in its most frightful form.  At the time the wound caused him no trouble, and the circumstance had long been forgotten.  The first symptoms appeared on Saturday, and of so violent a character that during the paroxysms he broke, as through they were threads, the cords with which it was found necessary to bind him.  The case is cited by the physicians as appalling beyond expression.

SOURCE:  Lebanon Advertiser  Contributed by Shirley Pierce