Weddings at Bart Friends Meeting Between 1825 - 1850, Lancaster County

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Weddings at Bart Friends Meeting
Between 1825 - 1850


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Bart Friends Meeting, Bart twp. Lancaster Co. Pa 

Weddings at Bart Friends Meeting between 1825 - 1850

4 /12/1827 Morris COOPER to Phebe BARNABY
6/14/1827 Thomas BAKER to Ann RAKESTRAW
11/2/1827 Allen SMITH to Patience WEBSTER
12/11/1827 Asahel MOORE to Ann COOPER

8/20/1829 James JACKSON to Abigail RAKESTRAW

3/17/1831 Elwood BROWN to Hannah WEBSTER
5/19/1831 George MOORE to Martha WEBSTER

9/13/1832 Samuel BAKER to Mary RAKESTRAW

3/17/1833 William TAYLOR to Elizabeth HOOD

5/22/1834 Timothy PAXSON to Martha LIPPINCOTT
6/12/1834 Abraham RAKESTRAW to Lydia BUSHONG

3/12/1835 Andrew MOORE to Hannah WHITSON

5/14/1835 Esther GILBERT to Henry BUSHONG
9/17/1835 Thomas RAKESTRAW to Susan BARNABY
9/17/1835 John G. WILLIAMS to Mary BARNABY

2/14/1839 Michah WHITSON to Esther COOPER

3/23/1849 Elwood GRIEST to Rebecca WALTON