Marriages, St. James Church, Lancaster, PA 1755-1856.

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St. James Church at Lancaster, PA


[When location is not mentioned Lancaster is understood.]


July 6. Stephen and Margaret Carson.
July 7. John Scott and Margaret Erwin.
July 28. James Roarty and Catharine Lenshaghan.
Aug. 19. James Reed and Elizabeth Thompson.
Aug. 19. John Montgomery and Sidney Smith.
Sept. 2. George Rose and Sarah Stuart.
Sept 2. David Thompson and Margaret McGuffoge.
Sept. 4. William Laughlin and Mary Atcheson.
Sept. 15. Nathaniel Smith and Elizabeth Chabert.
Sopt. 29. James Patterson and Jane Cooper.
Oct. 8. John Orosscrose and Elizabeth Riddling.
Nov. 12. William Hamilton and Jennet Ramsey.
Nov. 23. John Mitchell and Margaret Lacklin.
Nov. 23. James Drunnin and Elizabeth Nugent.
Nov. 25. Samuel Anderson and Rudy Weaver.


Jan. 11. David Bond and Jane Gallacher.
Feb. 3. Thomas Holt and Elizabeth Mitchell.
Feb. 8. Robert Stuart and Ann Leviston.
Feb. 28. Charles Caldwell and Elizabeth McLean.
April 26. John Robeson and Ann Boles.
May 8. Robert Stevenson and Elizabeth McCalmont.
June 15. David McNair and Ann Dunning.
June 21. Thomas W hite and Rose McKuher
June 21. William McGrew and Mary Bracken.
July 24. Jacob Sanford and Margaret Carlton.
Aug. 16. David Heinan and Agnes Lenovil.
Aug. 22. John Huston and Isabella Mcllvane.
Aug. 23. William Lyon and Alice Armtrong.
Oct. 5.- David Hoge and Elizabeth Jones.
Oct. 5. Conrad Henry and Ann King.
Nov. 15. John Cohan and Sarah
Nov. 30. Adam Kimmel and Barbara Miller.


Feb. 14. Thomas Bunn and Susanna Locke
March 3. William Dodd and Susanna Murphy.
April 15. William Oliver and Agnes McConnell.
April 21. William Rosbrough and Rachel Smith.
April 26. James Long and Rachel Campbell.
May 4. John Crozier and Francos Moreton.
June 20. David Ken worthy and Rebecca Howe.
June 22. William Read and Sarah Wallock.
June 23. Joseph Wood and Rebecca Abbot.
June 27. Arthur Clark and Jane Swansy.
July 30. John Chapman and Isabella Turner.
Aug. 11. Arch. Mcllvain and Margaret Grimes.
Sept. 24. James Lee and Mary Kilpatrick.
Sept. 29. Ezekiel Smith and Mary Chambers.
Oct. 0. Andrew Wilkins and Jane Long.
Oct. 0. George McKnight and Elizabeth Brandon.
Nov. 7. John Boys and Zeets Trigham.
Nov. 14. James Henderson and Elizabeth Sniel.
Nov. 28. Andrew Simmonson and Elizar beth Elder.
Dec. 13. John Pyatt and Martha Blair.
Dec. 15. John Collins and Mary Bevan.
Dec. 22. Samuel Worley and Margaret Howe.
Dec. 29. George Lettimer and Margaret Potter.
Dec. 29, William Piper and Sarah McDowell.


Jan. 1. James Cameron and Mary Benson.
Jan. 5. Francis McCormick and Jane Campbell.
Jan. 9. Miles Reily and Elenor Gilner.
Jan. 26. Richard Harris and Jemima Young.
April 11. John McNair and Ann Davison.
April 28. Thomas Hamilton and Mary McKean.
May 28. Captain Edward Ward and Hannah Silvers May.
May 31. James Currie and Catharine Armstrong.
June 2. Edward Nash and Elizabeth Miles.
June 16. John McCalister and Margaret Bole.
June 21. Joseph Adlum and Catharine Abbot
June 21. Lieut. Alexander McKean and Sarah Hamilton.


Jan. 29. John Gibson and Ann Mains.
March 29. Nicholas Kemmel and Sulanna Myer
May 17. James Cumberford and Mary Moore.
May 24. John Cooper and Jane White.
May 31. Daniel Evans and Ann Young.
May 31. Captain Ludwick Stine and Catharine Hick.
June 10. John Long and Martha Culbertson.
June 11. William McKimmons and Jane Quigley.
June 12. Samuel Steel and Margaret Steel.
June 13. Thomas Priest and Margaret Cram.
June 13. Adam West and Elizabeth Wench.
July 12. Benjamin Muray and Elizabeth King.
Aug. 8. Robert Beaty and Isabella Nelson.
Aug. 9. Curtis Metcalf and Mary Skilleron.
Aug. 9. Jacob Saunders and Susanna Williams.
Aug. 27. George Michael Mainsir and Margartetta Lyntz.
Aug. 30. Casper Singer and Eva Maria Cook.
Sept. 7. John Moorhead and Sarah Craig.
Oct. 2. James Reynolds and Jane Simrel.
Oct. 3. John McConaughy and Martha Lowry.
Oct. 15. John Shirtz and Elizabeth Lcrue.
Nov. 1. James Turner and Rebecca Armstrong.
Nov. 5. Joel Feree and Jane Johnson.
Nov. 7. Charles Boswell and Lucretia Lawson.
Nov. 14. Francis Sanderson and Margaret Magee.
Dec. 10. Jacob Shinaver and Maudlin Holdiinan.
Dec. 31. Frederick Williams and Catharine Saunders.


Jan. 25. Jacob Strohminger and Magdaliu Haas.
Feb. 19. Isaac Evans and Ann Windle.
Feb. 25. Michael Games and Elizabeth Kretchmar.
Feb. 28. Thomas Moderwell and Jane Turner.
March 4. David Steele and Catharine Rogers.
March 5. John Talbot and Mary Stanfiold.
March 9. Matthew Brown and Rebecca Piercel.
March 11. Thomas Anderson and Rebecca Wilson.
March 13. George Stewart and Sarah Whitchill.
March 17. Andrew Cox and Rebecca Evans.
March 27. John Lowden and Sarah Conner.
March 28. John Young and Mary Cotter.
March 31. John Simonie and Eva Kuhu.
April 11. Timothy Green and Ephia Robinson.
April 12. Christian Mickle and Margaret Sutson.
April 15. Isaac Rutlidge and Jane Finney.
April 17. John Crosby and Alee Yeates.
April 22. Samuel Hamilton and Mary McFarlin.
May 2. Jonathan Jones and Mary Davis.
July 24. John Fiuley and Mary Dixon.
Aug. 19. Henry Fleming and Mary Bishop.
Aug. 2G. Henry Williams and Sarah James.
Aug. 28. James Ewing and Patience Wright.
Sept. 15. Francis Mebane and Catharine Cornelius.
Sept 29. David Long and Jane Dennis.
Oct. 7. John Crawford and Elizabeth Crawford.
Oct. 11. Capt. Samuel Postlethwait and Matilda Rose.
Oct. 19. John Hodge and Hannah Newbery.
Nov. 5. Patrick Henry and Margaret Haney.
Nov. 17. John Dickey and Mary Johnson.
Dec. 12. Joseph Grant and Margaret Pugh.
Dec. 13. John Carson and Elizabeth Gilaspy.
Dec. 17. Thomas Cowan and Susanna Cowan.
Dec. 27. Jacob Miller and Agnes McIlhaney.
Dec. 29. Samuel Bishop and Sarah Vernon,


Jan. 16. Thomas Smith and Jane Alison.
Jan. 23. James McGlaughlin and Isabella Alison,
Jan. 12. John McCloy and Isabella Orr.
Jan. 27. William McPherson and Martha Miller.
Jan. 28. John Jackson and Agnes McIiitire.
Feb. 3. Joseph Faulkner and Barbara Forster.
Feb. 5. William Dysard and Jane Gibson.
Feb. 5. John Gibson and Isabella Dysard.
Feb. 5. James McCusick and Ann Sim.
Feb. 9. John Florey and Elizabeth Greebalds.
Feb. 19. Andrew Cunningham and Elizabeth Logan.
Feb. 20. Henry Ashleman and Anr Bongliraan.
Feb. 23. Cleary Campbell and Ann Gamble.
March 10. Robert Good and Jane Davis.
March 11. Patrick Hughey and Ann Nelson.
March 12. William Sparks and Martha Moore.
March 17. William Harris and Margaret Wilson.
March 18. William Blair and Mary Hannah.
March 18. John Read and Mary Watson.
March 23. John Biggart and Elizabeth Alford.
March 24. John Gamble and Jane Cochran.
March 27. James McKown and Mary Coyl.
March 31. Robert McCurdie and Ann Kratton.
April 2. George Wallis and Elinor Brown.
April 6. John Hilton and Hannah Jones.
April 6. Charles Johnson and Elizabeth Berwick.
April 7. William Cosby and Ann Caruthers.
April 7. Thomas Bell and Ann Grimes.
April 9. John Bradley and Martha Armond
April 15. Hugh Dunbar and Jennet Pagen.
April 21. Abraham Frantz and Elizabeth Bullingcr.
April 21. George Pitts and Catharine Hamilton.
April 21. William Muriand and Mary Hughes.
April 28, Franeia McNair and Mary Boyd.
May 7. James Slmiaon and Ann Buchanan.
June 4. Thomas White and Bachel Littles.
June 12. Frederick Ege and Catharina Sikner.
June 12. George Hoofnagle and Elizabeth Quiklin.
June 18. Thomaa Porter and Jaoet Mitchell.
June 20. David Davies and Margarat Edwards.
June 29. John Griffith and Rebecca Henderson.
July 10. John Manoise Row and Maiy Fishering.
July 15. Jobu Mairis and Jane Maia.
July 21. John Kuhn and Susanna Ham
Joly 21. Jacob Carpenter and Magdalene Miller.
July 23. Joaias Seott and Violet Forater.
Aug. 4. Robert Smith and Margaret Miller.
Aug. 4. Andrew Stewart and Jane Rie
Aug. 8. John Shaap and Blizabetii Bean.
Aug. 11. Christian Hendrick and Rachel Williamson.
Aug. 11. Hugh Wilson and Susanna Kinard.
Ave. 11. Joseph Campbell and Rebacca Morris.
Aug. 13. Jamea Spencer and Jane Walk
Aug. 13. Robert MeClery and Elinor Galagher.
Aug. 24. Joseph Williams and Catharine Minard.
Sept. 22. Joseph Darlinton and Mary Grnham.
Oct. 7. Joseph Cunningham aud Ann Good.
Oct. 15. William Clarke and Catharine McDowell.
Oct. 22. Henry Cowan and Mary Byers.
Oct. 22, William Morrow and Margaret Johnson.
Oct 30. Samuel Murray and Mary Black.
Nov. 5. John Scott and Sarali Britain.
Nov. 9. John Cadwalader and Sarah Howell
Nov. 12. Eleazer Evans and Ann Davies
Nov. 16. William Furlow and Margaret
Nov. 16. William Morrison and Patience Brown
Nov. 17. Joseph Potter and Jane Ramsey
Nov. 18. Nathaniel Nesbitt and Freny Whitmore.
Dec. 1. Joseph Porter and Janet Caldwell.
Dec. 1. Timothy McGuire and Mary Finney.
Dec. 26. Evan Evans and Jane Carson.
Dec. 26. Edward Grew and Mary McNab.
Dec. 20. Jnmes Givins and Mary Andrews.
Dee. 30. John Stone and Ann Conner.


Jan. 26. Joshua Webb and Lydia White
Feb. 5. James Lindsey and Letitia Maxwell
Feb. 19. John McLain and Agnes Montgomery.
Feb. 23. William Creyton and Barbara Young
March 10. Joseph Billings and Magdalina Schroff.
March 11. William Ughtner and Margaret Mackarel.
March 20. Capt. William Thompson and Catharine Ross.
April 12. Frederick Stine and Mary Ham bright.
April 14. Michael Hotterbaum and Juliana Ulrichen.
April 19. Capt. Samuel Atlee and Sarah Richardson.
April 24. Thomas White and Jane Reynolds.
April 24. Wilton Atkinson aud Ann Mary LeRoy.
April 27. James Ralfe and Sarah Diemer
May 18. John Jones and Jane Godfrey.
May 21. John Griffith and Margaret Little.
June 12. Philip Clough and Frances Kesler.
June 14. Hugh Gibson and Mary White.
June 22. Adam Bents and Mary Hoover.
July 13. Samuel Young and Mary Grimes.
July 13. George Wilson and Grizzle Robinson.
July 22. Cornelius Switaer and Elizabeth Finch.
Aug. 10. Alexander Donaldson and Sarah Bell.
Sept. 5. Joseph White and Catharine Cowan.
Sept, 22. Isaac Seher and Eleanor Hartley.
Oct. 2. John Wright and Catharine Frazer.
Oct. 4. John Thorn annd Jane Bogges.
Oct. 28. Rev. William Thomson and Susanna Ross.
Nov. 15. Robert Darlington and Catharine Henderson.
Nov. 20. Samuel Elliot and Margaret Crawford.
Dec. 2. William Glendening and Ann Leviston.
Dec. 2. Joseph Brown and Ann Ewing.
Dec. 14. James Hethrington and Mary Ferguson.
Dec 15. Frederick Foutz and Susanna Christie.


Jan. 3. John Price and Rebecca Morgan.
Jan. 3. David Humphries and Jane Wells.
Jan. 7. John Kelly and Nancy Smith.
Jan. 9. Thomas Parry and Abigail Morgan.
Jan. 17. Thomas Jones and Isabella Hamilton.
Jan. 24. Ernest Born and Amelia Gerlachin.
Jan. 25. James Peele and Catharine Carr.
March 14. William Neill and Catharine Conelly.
March 31. James Kelly and Agnes Brown.
April 1. John McClenaghan and Sarah White.
April 4. Cromwell McVitie and Margaret Anderson.
April 7. Adam Reigort and Catharine Yieser.
April 13. James McKelory and Margaret Legett.
April 16. William Ayres and Margaret Silas.
April 21. Joseph Williams and Sarah Musgrove.
May 3. George Worfill and Elizabeth *Good.
May 5. Joseph Drinker and Jane Whitcraft.
May 11. John Tomlinson and Mary Lane.
May 13. Hugh McGuire and Mary Douglass.
May 13. William Sheeran and Sophia Ewin.
May 13. John Gray end Rachel Davis.
June 17. David Thomas and ___ Culp.
June 20. Samuel Hayns and Mary Yoner.
June 22. Jacob Beam and Elizabeth Kinkaid.
July 5. John Butler and Sarah Evans.
July 29. Richard Harris and Sarah McCleary.
July 31. Barney Hughes and Mary Hambechen.
August 3. Patrick Murphy and Hannah Work.
August 14. Thomas Douglass and Jois Hudson.
August 15. Nathan Evans and Mary Thomas.
August 18. Archibald McNeal and Ann Grubb.
August 18. Michbel Cryder and Susanna Carpenter.
Sept, 8. James Scott and Mary Broadly.
Sept. 29. Conrad Wishon and Elizabeth Krowin.
Sept. 30. George Elder and Sarah Vogan.
Oct. 12. Robert Howard and Sarah Strain,
Oct. 13. Anthony Miller and Elizabeth Sherrard.
Oct. 18. John Ewart and Mary Dinwiddle.
Oct. 18. John Lunkin and Mary Shope.
Oct. 25. Edward Barkly and Mary Henderson.
Nov. 2. James Strong and Mary Imheiser.
Nov. 2. Andrew Polk and Mary McFadin.


Jan. 26. Joseph Brown and Christina McClellan.
Jan. 31. George Burns and Isabella Anderson.
Feb. 6. Daniel Wilson and Mary Campbell.
Feb. 9. William Leviston and Florence Bell.
Feb. 13. Jamea O'Creily and Ann Elliot
Feb. 14. Thomas Cooper and Mary Abercromby.
Feb. 20. Joshua Calvert and Mary Jackson.
March 7. William Shermon and Martha Filson,
March 13. John Downing and Mary Pagan.
March 13. William Brisbin and Elizabeth Watson.
March 13. Angus MacPhie and Mary Kenedy.
March 19. Joseph Gibson and Phebe McNabb.
April 16. Samuel Miller and Rachel Haynes.
April 17. Matthew Young and Joanna White.
April 30. William Long and Jane Grimes
May 4. Thomas Catenach and Sarah Rosch
May 12. Oliver Brown and Mary Boyd
June 2. John Henderson and Mary Dolan.
June 11. John Stone and Elizabeth Masney
June 11. Philip Coale and Amelia Atlee.
June 12. Samuel Christy and Sarah Campbell.
June 12. Daniel McPeak and Ann McPeak
June 12. Samuel McConnell and Mary Beaty.
June 12. Alexander Burnside and Mary Morrow.
June 12. William Haynes and Soloms Carpenter.
June 12. William Isles and Mary Collins.
June 12. John Eppler and Freney Shelidin.
June 13. John Ruther and Martha Ruther
July 2. Daniel Gillespie and Priscilla John
July 5. William Forest and Mary Grimes.
July 16. Augustus Milchsak and Dorothy Bremen
July 24. Samuel Robinson and Jane Vincent
Aug. 6. Rudolph Hab and Eva LeFever
Aug. 10. Abraham Reihm and Margaret Zimmerman,
Aug. 24. John Wilson and Maty Hunter.
Sept. 10. Conrad Smith and Esther Anderson.
Sept. 18. Henry Markley and Barbara Frick.
Sept. 18. Alexander Rogers and Eleanor Montgomery.
Sep. 21. Doctor John Lewis and Sarah Rose
Oct. 3. Cornellus Carrigan and Catharine Byers
Oct. 18. John Downey and Mary Aiken.
Oct. 23. John Bverhart Michael and Mary Henberger.
Oct. 25. Alexander Rogers and Eleanor Montgomery.
Oct. 25. John Street and Lydia Howe.
Nov. 1. Nehemiah Donaldson and Mary Morrison.
Nov. 2. William Anderson and Ann Denny
Nov. 2. Moses McClain and Mary Poalk.
Nov. 5. Jobn Guthrie and Margaret Anderson
Nov. 5. Francis Kuntz and Elizabeth Spangler.
Nov. 26. Francis Wood and Margaret Anderson,
Dec. 2. Alexander Legget and Sarah Bradford.
Dec. 3. Humphry Acheson and Rebecca Read.


Jan. 2. James Linn and Jane Curl.
Jan. 8. Daniel Turner and Catharine Pitts.
Jan. 11. James Crawford and Ann McCausland.
Jan. 24. Robert Stewart and Sarah Stewart.
Feb. 9. Isaac Neff and Ann Kegie.
Feb. 11. John McMahon and Alice McMahon.
Feb. 12. William McConnell and Mary Allison
Feb. 19. Michael Walter (a soldier) and Mary McGreeger.
Feb. 21. William Buchanan and Mary Caldwell.
March 26. Jobn Moore and Mary White.
March 27. Arthur Taggart and Margaret Doughill.
April 15. Lient Augustus Prevost and Susanna Croghan.
April 22. Joseph Smith and Margaret Pettygrew.
June 12. John Gillcrest and Jane Davidson
June 12. Robert Blaekbum and Martha Gillcrest.
June 12. John Smith and Mary Smith.
June 14. Robert Hooper and Catharine Baker.
June 23. Thomas James and Hannah Brady.
June 25. Robert Taylor and Ann Sample
Jnne 25. James Walker and Elizabeth McCullough.
Aug. 13. John Garner and Mary Garner.
Aug. 20. John Oliver and Alice Wade.
Aug. 27. Thomas Philip and Elizabeth Carson
Sept. 22. John Mayberry and Margaret Space, (at Albany.)
Sept. 22. Josiah Hudson and Patienee Burchom, (at Albany.)
Nov. 4. William Ruggles and Elizabeth Jones, (at Albany.)
Nov. 8. William Ross and Mary Grier.
Nov. 12. William Clark and Sarah Keys.
Nov. 14. William Anderson and Martha Cooper.
Nov. 19. William Gill and Mary Morrison.
Nov. 19. John Forsyth and Jane McConnell.
Nov. 20. Jacob Rubley and Maria Schopfew.
Nov. 24. Christian Harman and Elizabeth Shriver.
Nov. 24. Gabriel Davies and Rebecca Evans.
Dec. 19. Joseph McCreary and Ann Grubb.
Dec. 19. John McCreary and Rebecca Clark.
Dec. 25. William Buchanan and Margaret McGlauchlin.


Jan. 3. John Bugh and Mary Wyland.
Jan. 9. John Christian Snyder and Regina Geygern.
Jan. 20. William Ramsay and Margaret McCleland.
Jan. 20. Nathaniel Porter and Eleanor Gardner.
Jan. 22. Samuel Reed and Margaret Scott.
Jan 23. John Christy and Elizabeth Scott.
Jan. 30. James W. Dill and Jane Creswell.
Feb. 11. Robert Firlow and Catharine Diffen.
Feb. 11. Charles Lukens and Margaret Sanderson.
Fob 20. David Rittenhouse and Eleanor Coulston.
March 6. Francis Smith and Elizabeth Rohrer.
March 11. John Patrck and Elizabeth Cummins.
March 11. James Fulton and Elizabeth Campbell.
March 11. Sebastian Graff and Catharine Young.
March 11. Robert Callender and Francis Gibson.
March 19. Thomas Clark and Margaret Bigham
March 25. Thomas Roskruge and Eleanor Etherington.
March 31. David McWhister and Mary Poston.
April 1. Daniel Hajns and Esther Lerue.
April 8. William Hunter and Jane Wilson.
April 10. Joseph Carmichael and Rebecca Snodgrass.
April 11. Isaac Morris and Ruth Hanton.
April 14. John Campbell and Margaret Graham.
April 14. Thomas Baldwin and Catharine Alexander.
April 14. James Barclay and Isabella McIlvane.
May 24. Andrew Barr and Jane Hamilton.
June 9. Thomas Moore and Mary Kilday.
June 12. Robert Brown and Rebecca Gardner.
June 12. Abraham Hayns and Susanna Carpenter.
June 26. John McCullough and Mary Sanders.
July 25. George Webb and Rebecca Stalker.
Aug. 3. John Cowhiete and Biid.ret Charles.
Aug. 15. John Bishop and Elizabeth Bab.
Aug. 21. Henry Alexander and Agnes Young.
Sept. 8. Alexander Wilson and Mary Henderson.
Sept. 9. William Morris and Ann Spencer
Sept. 14. John Annis and Judith Mays.
Oct. 24. John Davies and Elizabeth Hallam.
Nov. 5. Francis Johnston and Margaret Johnston.
Nov. 27. Enoch Hastings and Sarah Richards.
Dec. 29. James McEachren and Mary Ranston.


Jan. 6. Philip Jacobs and Mary Nagle.
Jan. 7. John White and Mary Levingston
Jan 15. Robert Alison and Sarah McBride
Feb. 10. Gwrge McDill and Margaret Turbet
Feb. 12. James Logan and mary Mitchell
March 12. William Witherow and Margaret Magaw
March 30. John Grimes and Margaret Henderson
March 31. James Morehead and Catharine Byers.
April 14. Robert McCullough and Sarah Wharey
April 16. James Brice and Jane Marshall.
April 23. Samuel Job and Rachael Job.
May 6. Peter Miller and Elizabeth Speyhauer.
May 0. Matthew Broguen and Bridget Burk.
May 11. Roger Brown and Tabitha Morrison.
May 28. Thomas Simpson and Agnus Cassidy.
June 2. Robert Anderson and Margaret Clark.
June 21. John Icholds and Hannah Haynes.
June 22. William More and Isabella Little.
June 23. John Caldwell and Jane Gill.
June 25. Thomas Black and Margaret Poalk.
June 25. George Monro (a soldier) and Elizabeth Parker.
June 26. Henry Kendrick and Barbara Hare.
July 1. James Marshall and Eleanor Mitchell.
July 11. George Glass and Eve Albright
July 28. John Rankin and Margaret Erwin.
Aug. 5. Michael Shank and Elisabeth Tabler.
Aug. 8. Hu^h McClean and Sarah Morrow.
Aug. 9. Edward Goheen and Elizabeth Russell.
Sept. 15. Moses Ash and Elizabeth Elliot.
Sept. 15. John Kuntz and Margaret Krug.
Oct. 13. John Gamer and Violet Porter.
Oct. 23. Francis Gooden and Mary McGlaughlin.
Oct. 21. Robert Wiley and Elizabeth Mackilheny.
Oct 30. Archibald Ilenderson and Hannah Cookson.
Oct. 30. John Lycan and Sarah Davis.
Nov. 12. Christopher Dimuth and Elizabeth Hortable.
Nov. 14. William Griffith and mary Anderson
Dec. 1. John Carson and mable Wilson
Dec. 2. William Gray and Agnes Dunlap
Dec. 3. Morris Hudson and Elizabeth Davies
Dec. 9. Jacob Miller and Mary Kinsler.
Dec. 10. james Ross and Ruth Robinson.
Dec. 29. Alexander Scott and Sarah Atcheson.
Dec. 30. Jasper Yeates and Sarah Burd.


Jan. 12. John Smith and Mary Carpenter.
Jnn. 13. Ebenezer White and Sarah Smith.
Jan. 15. Arthur Galbreath and Mary Sharp.
Jan. 19. John Evans and Mary Clemniins.
Jan. 27. John Mitchel and Elizabeth Robinson.
Jan. 28. Robert Long and Elizabeth Edwards.
Feb. 4. Hugh Hagarty and Rose Cannon.
Feb. 9. John Hannum and Alice Park.
Feb. 11. Jacob Hains and Catharine Miller.
Feb. 11. John Cross and Eleanor Dilworth.
Feb. 17. Patrick McCormick and Margaret Sidwell.
Feb. 17. Robert Robinson and Richard Wallace.
March 27. John Evans and Ann Cowner
March 29. Casper Bowman and Mary Bond.
Maroh 29. James Greer and Agnus McPherson
March 29. Samuel Johnson and Martha Carson.
March 31. Martin Kendrick and Mary Brenneman.
March 31. Christian Oarpenter and Christian Christy.
April 1. Henry McMullen and Mary Cotter.
April 8. Daniel Frank and Margaret Geiser.
April 24. Philip Kramer and Mary Imler.
April 27. John Wolfington and Jane Bailey.
May 3. Robert Gilchrist and Ann Jack.
May 4. Jacob Long and Hannah Kless.
May 30. John Stanvt and Aim Legget.
June 10. William Beaty and Susanna Swain.
June 13. James Gilliland and Susanna Young.
June 13. John Bear and Elizabeth Myer.
June 13. Peter Beasor and Rachel Lightner.
June 13. George Lightner and Mary Creighton.
June 14. Patrick Dougherty and Margaret Marsh.
June 14. John Histand and Sarah White.
June 14. John Hudson and Mary Morgan,
June 20. Charles Cunningham and Margaret Evans.
Aug. 3. Robert Wallace and Martha Davies.
Aug. 7. Sergt William Butters and Mary Bywater.
Aug. 8. William McCready and Hannah Watter.
Sept 1. Jacob Kettring and Rebecca Kinder.
Sept. 8. Thomas McOuilough and Dorothy Snodgrass.
Sept. 14. Alexander Gold and Mary Bay.
Oct. 1. James Mairs and Sarah Silas.
Oct. 4. Andrew Rutter and Jane Lightner.
Oct. 25. Henry Stewart and Agnus Scott.
Oct. 26. John Haugendobler and Catharine Boyer.
Oct. 27. Patrick Connelly and Elizabeth Philips.
Oct. 31. John Gammill and Agnus Wallace.
Nov. 5. Philip Lambaugh and Elizabeth Laden.
Nov. 17. John Rummonds and Rachel Miller.
Nov. 19. Abraham Noisin and Anna Maria Gentzcome.
Dec. 5. John Thornbury and Elizabeth Stevenson.
Dec. 8. Alexander McClean and Mary Rexery.
Dec. 13. James Oaroon and Rebecca Skiles.
Dec. 15. James Barber and Elizabeth Wright.
Dec. 20. John Con and Elizabeth Keef.
Dec. 22. Roger Duff and Mary Adair.
Dec. 23. George Weigle and Elizabeth Shatten.
Dec. 26. John Garner and Margaret Shaw.
Dec. 27. Hugh Daniel and Mary Beatty.


Jan. 5. Andreas Shover and Rossina Thomas.
Jan. 10. William White and Ann Lowry.
Jan. 16. John Davies and Elizabeth Evans.
Jan. 18. Conrad Swartz and Mary Loeser.
Jan. 24. David Bell and Letitia Bratchey.
Jan. 24. John Whitmore and Mary Harman.
Jan. 28. Jonathan Gilkie and Mary Scott
Jan. 29. Solomon Harman and Susanna Dewalton.
Feb. 7. Mathias Graff and Margaret Moore.
Feb. 23. Alexander Rogers and Esther Patton.
Feb. 24. James Hamilton and Catharine Carrigan.
March 9. Gilbert Seawright and Esther Seawright
March 13. Joseph Moore and Hannah Marshall.
March 13. Samuel Knight and Christiana Shank.
March 16. Michael Grimes and Margaret Canary.
March 20. George Cunningham and Ruth Morgan.
March 31. George Hudson and Catharine Hudson.
April 10. Abraham Wells and Frances Groff.
April 15. Andrew Robb and Mary Scott.
April 16. John Proudfoot and Mary Moore.
April 18. James McPherson and Martha Long.
April 26. John Funk and Elizabeth Sherk.
April 27. Dawpence Scanel and Catharine Ekinrode.
May 1. Michael Kramer and Elizabeth Snyder.
May 3. Robert Boyd and Mary Johnson.
May 7. Peter Hoofnagle and Charlotte Snyder.
May 8. Joha Flemmlng and Esther Crooks
May 15. John Hopkins and Mair Kelly.
May 15. John Snyder and Elizabeth Bailey.
May 17. Charles Henry and Elisabeth Clark.
May 19. Aaron Bogs and Rebecca Baldridge.
June 12. John Brooks and Barbara Caughy.
June 12. James McCleary and Alice McGrew.
June 12. Patrick Ewing and Elizabeth Nesbit.
June 12. John Wither and Jane Foulkman.
Jane 12. John Stone and Regina Gray.
June 19. Alexander Mucklebatton end Sarah Moore.
Jane 29. Hugh Cunningham and Alice Grew
July 4. Moses Donald and Mary Brooks.
Aug. 21. George Nol and Eve Houseman.
Aug. 30. Peter Caldwell and Catharine Lewe
Sept. 7. Jonathan Davis and Ann Atkinson.
Sept. 12. John Dealing and Maria Madalena Groff.
Sept. 19. Archibald Beaty and Jane White.
Oct 11. Sebastian Jarret and Mary Howell
Oct. 12. Edward Thompson and Sarah Parmale
Oct. 19. Patrick Maxwell and Hannah Whitehill.
Oct. 30. Allen McMath and Mable Kelsey
Oct 31. Robert Campbell and Jane Scott
Nov. 7. John Miller and Elizabeth Carpenter
Nov. 11. John Godfrey White and Catharine Smith.
Nov. 18. Patrick Hacket and Elizabeth Treener.
Nov. 16. John McKinney and Jane Lard.
Nov. 17. James Laird and Martha Black.
Nov. 22. Dandel Miller and Elizabeth Holliday
Nov. 28. William Knight and Lydia Bard
Nov. 27. David Morgan and Rebecca Jenkin
Nov. 27. Joseph Denny and Margaret Wilson
Dec. 4. John Smoker and Mary Haalerm.
Dec. 5. James Milligan and Hannah White.
Dec. 21. Simon Snyder and Catharine Smith


Jan 1. Thomas McGraw and Mary Peekford.
Jan. 18. John Reed and Sarah Blair.
Jan. 30. David Gibson and Jane Wilson.
Jan. 30. Jacob Kriebell and Barbara Killhelfer.
Jan. 31. Jesse Reynolds and Sarah Haynes.
Feb. 12. Hugh Young and Elizabeth Evans.
Feb. 19. Jacob Snyder and Anna Neff.
Feb. 20. Mordecai Piersol and Margaret Aston.
Feb. 21. George Dougherty and Martha Fleming.
Feb. 28. Christian Line and Ann Byerly.
March 5. William Campbell and Elizabeth McOlary.
March 19. Thomas Ward and Phebe Mercur.
March 22. David Harkness and Mary McConnell
March 5. John Kyle and Ann Hamilton.
April 2. John Myer and Anna Maria Therstinger,
April 18. Abraham Beam and Esther Byer.
May 2. John Miller and Ann Steinman.
May 14. James Watson and Ann Evans.
May 15. William Cooper and Isabella Cooper
May ^ Erbiart Rubele and Elizabeth Miller.
May 22. Joseph Wright and Mary Ray.
May 24. Daniel Grafton and Mary Barr.
May 24. William Waggoner and Juliana Spaltzberger.
May 24. James Hood and Catharine Littler.
May 24. Andrew Litle and Jane Skyles.
June 6. John McMullen and Jane Smet
June 7. John Carpenter and Obristina Claycom.
June 11. Christian Shank and Anna Kagey.
June 12. William Hunter and Jane Montgomery.
June 12. Philip Adam Ronk and Catharine Als.
June 12. Henry Anderson and Patience Gardner.
June 12. John Smith and Anna Shilleberger
June 12. Robert Pollock and Elizabeth Cower.
June 20. Michael Krebs and Margaret Fortenoy.
June 21. William Carr and Elizabeth Moore.
June 25. Joseph Jenkins and Sarah Morgan.
July 2. Rudolph Miller and Susanna Clevering.
July 5. Jonas Skyles and Margaret Divers
July 27. Patrick Bock and Elizabeth Heafling.
July 17. Andrew McCurdy and Mary Matthews.
August 3. James Anderson and Mary Rogan
August 7. Jacob Miller and Susanna Graff.
August 7. John Redere and Magdalena North.
August 8. Jacob Feree and Rachel Feree.
August 9. Abraham Renner and Elizabeth Harman.
August 9. Christian Wyland and Margaret Knop.
Sept. 7. William McMunn and Martha Creighton.
Sept. 9. Matthew Conner and Catharine Murphy.
Sept. 17. John Hasler and Catharine Bard.
Sept. 24. Charles Adair and Margaret Gibson.
Oct 2. Henry Todd and Lettice Read.
Oct 2. Charles McMullen and Ann Grier.
Oct 2. James litle and Mary Skyles.
Oct 4. John Kraybill and Juliana Tulipin.
Oct 4. William Grant and Jane Thompson
Oct. 8. Jeramiah Clark and Rachel Tillier.
Oct 15. Aaron McCarter and Lydia Musgrove.
Oct 31. William Barnes and Margaret Gross.
Nov. 1. John Graham and Sarah Christy.
Nov. 4. Jacob Martin and Magdalena Snyder.
Nov. 5. Michael Book and Barbara Saltz
Nov. 6. Daniel Campbell and Mary Mitchell.
Nov. 7. George Rupley and Ann Kaufman.
Nov. 7. John Fisher and Appolonia Sheringin
Nov. 9. James Stevenson and Jane Buchannan.
Nov. 11. John Franciacoa and Ann Myer.
Nov. 15. MattMas Bickner and Margaret Wusteor.
Nov. 15. Henry Wertz and Salome Ziemerman.
Nov. 16. Philip Bnissel and Elizabeth Baker.
Nov. 19. Robert Hoghey and Ann Elliot.
Not. 19. William Martin and Agnes Montgomery.
Dec. 11. Archibald McGalester and Mary Stolk.
Dec. 19. William Wilson and Rebecca Melroy.
Dec. 26. Nathaniel Page and Oatharine Graybill.
Dec. 26. Caleb Thomson and Elizabeth Troxell.
Dec. 28. Robert Duncan end Deborah Durrough.
Dec. 31. John Cooper and Jennet Simerill.


Jan. 3. John French and Jane Rutter.
Jan. 7. Michael Sponseller and Mary Hostable.
Jan. 8. Charles Campbell and Agnes Christy.
Jan. 14. Robert Dixon and Ann McCullough.
Jan. 15. Joseph Miller and Margaret Dailey.
Jan. 17. Samuel Rogers and Rebecca Little.
Jan. 24. Lfaughlin Ferree and Mary Hays.
Jan. 27. Martin Cline and Anna Barbara Bilheimer.
Jan. 28. Samuel Budiannan and Violet Porter.
Feb. 1. Martin Houghy and Mary Job.
Feb. 4. James McGoTerin and Eleanor Davies.
Feb. 11. John Lehman and Mary Pritz.
Feb. 14. James Scott and Mary Clingan.
Feb. 20. John Mixdorff and Elizabeth Grosh.
March 5. John Beasor and Mary Bear.
March 5. Cornelias Cox and Rachel Richardson.
March 9. Samuel Malson and Catharine Kaltzglazier.
March 12. James Livingston and Gaitharine Torber.
March 19. Joseph Swing and Margaret Mackey.
March 26. John McMonegal and Margaret Mitchell
March 26. Benjamin Taylor and Mary Cowhick.
Mardb 30. Alexander Langhlin and Charity Grubb.
March 30. Philip Cleise and Elizabeth Oxern.
March 31. Gilbert Quirk and Rath Tumelin.
April 16. Samuel Boyer and Rebecca Behm.
April 24. John Moyer and Barbara Weaver.
April 25. John McCoombe and Elizabeth. Marshall.
April 29. Robert McClellan and Elizabeth Graham.
May 9. John Moore and Ann Thornbrugh.
May 13. James Anderson and Margaret Aston.
May 18. Benjamin Applegate and Elizabeth Green.
June 10. James Grimes and Mary Sherror.
June 11. James Buchanan and Agnes Turner.
June 12. James Boyd and Susanna Ferree.
June 12. Geoiige Kendrick and Elizabeth Steinman.
June 18. Michael Slblarer and Susanna Swartz.
June 22. Henry Eisenberger and Elizabeth Carpenter.
August 2. James Pagin and Mary Pagin.
August 11. Robert Potts and Catharine McGratty.
August 15. William McCausland and Elizabeth Crawford.
August 20. Andrew Daniel and Anna Douring.
August 20. John Clark and Elizabeth Clark.
Sept 9. John Pawling and Elizabeth Morgan.
Sept. 10. Hligh Wiley and Jane Hemphill.
Sept. 16. Samuel Renny and Alice Redman.
Sept. 19. John Whitacre and Ann Caruthers.
Sept 22. George Leggit and Catharine Kugan.
Sept. 23. William Bond and Abigail Williamson.
Sept. 25. James Knox and Margaret Morrison
Oct 1. Alexander Leathes and Ann McNab.
Oct. 12. William Seagrave and Elizabeth Rogers
Oct. 12. Vinsent Einfield and Christina Fetter.
Oct. 15. William White and Anna Mackey.
Oct. 17. Richard Henry and Catharine Hendricks.
Oct. 20. Nicholas Haney and Catharine Bennet.
Oct. 22. William Loury and Ann Lyon.
Oct. 22. Michael Heron and Mary Mucklecarr.
Oct. 22. Melcher Snyder and Catharine Brubaker.
Oct. 28. Christian Stiner and Barbara Greener.
Oct. 29. James McNeal and Margaret Simmison.
Nov. 4. Joseph Carson and Jennet Beaty.
Nov. 6. Jacob Reez and Elizabeth Shultz.
Nov. 7. William Reed and Mary Robinson.
Nov. 19. Patrick Cambell and Jane Wallace.
Nov. 19. James Barton and Agnus Bailey.
Nov. 21. Michael Lengerfield and Rebecca Smith.
Nov. 28. Charles Roddy and Rachel Kelly.
Nov. 28. Peter Grubb and Mary Shippen Burd.
Nov. 30. Archibald Kerr and Margaret Scott
Dec. 10. Jacob Longacre and Catharme Gherlesin.
Dec. 20. John Good and Magdalena Myerin.
Dec. 24. William Johnston and Rachel Davies.
Dec. 25. Hugh Griffin and Martha Steel.
Dec. 26. James Cunningham and Rebecca McConnell.
Dec. 26. Cornelius Ferree and Elizabeth Alison
Dec. 30. Leonard Conrad and Agatha Reddy.


Jan. 2. Andrew Gevin and Mary Billings.
Jan. 6. John Clark and Mary Christy.
Jan. 7. John Davies and Catharine Foster,
Jan. 7. William Huggins and Elizabeth Millon.
Jan. 8. John Henry and Elizabeth Lenhere.
Jan. 14. Jamee Gelbreath (a soldier) and Catharine Archer.
Feb. 7. John Henry and Mary Peacock.
Feb. 7. Adam Weaver and Catharine Daughterman.
Feb. 12. John Richard and Martha Ramsay.
Feb. 21. James Bailey jr. and Hannah Davies.
March 2. James Bailey and Jane Lyon.
March 5. John Myles and Jane Ronin.
March 16. Alexander Brown and Elizabeth McCullough.
March 26. (Corporal) Edward Burrough and Margaret Clyner.
April 7. John Dowling and Margaret Amspoker.
April 9. John Harris and Ephia Miller.
April 14. Michael Carver and Catharina Johnson.
April 16. Robert Tweed and Christina Atcheson.
April 16. Peter Reitzel and Susanna Newcomer.
April 19. James Mash and Margaret Mucklewain.
April 19. Stephen Chandler and Elizabeth McMin.
April 21. Jacob Mihley and Eve Imlera.
April 23. Robert Boggs and Elizabeth Brown.
May 6. Lenard Neaglee and Esther Blazare.
May 6. Abraham Longennecker and Catharine Waggner.
May 6. John Shank and Mary Kaufman.
May 7. John Pennel and Agnus Brooks.
May 14. George Ritchie and Elizabeth Bigger.
May 20. George Hoeter and Catharine Snyder.
Jime 11. William Maxwell and Sarah Duncan.
June 12. George Woolbeck and Maria Kingrick.
June 13. Joseph Shimbley and Maria Stoner.
June 13. Jacob Hetherling and Ursula Shenaver.
June 18. Othello and Mary (Negroes)
June 25. Rev. John Andrews and Ejlizabeth Callender.
July 4. Henry Wilson and Margaret Henry.
July 7. John McGrath and Jane Carr.
July 14: George Vaughan and Elizabeth Pollock.
August 4. John Doke and Mary Vaught.
August 4. George Pinchin and Rebecca Patterson.
August 5. Christian Elleberger and Barbara Kaufman.
August 11. Wlliam Faile and Catharine Klack.
August 14. Anthony Reynolds and Margaret Flemming.
Sept. 22. Ezekiel Hazlet and Margaret Mitchell.
Sept. 24. JameB Moore and Margaret Mclntire.
Sept. 27. Robert Allen and James Dyass.
Oct 3. Elias Haller and Hannah Haas.
Nov. 3. Thomas Wilson and Hannah Brown.
Nov. 3. Robert Moore and Jane Crawford.
Nov. 3. David Etgien and Martha Tysinger.
Nov. 3. Michael Billinger and Mary Sheryer.
Nov. 7. Abraham Sitler and Barbara Bear.
Nov. 8. George Rees and Rachei Ham bright
Nov. 12. John Boggs and Lydia Hall.
Nov. 18. John Pilson and Lydia Woodrow.
Nov. 26. Anthony Miller and Sarah Pullen.
Dec. 3. George Gray and Janet Keys.
Dec. 3. Nicholas Hogledogle and Elizabeth Stone King.
Dec. 10. James Tompson and Lydia Bailey.
Dec. 26. John McKee and Mary Kidney.
Dec. 28. Jamee Buchannan and Hannah Craig.
Dec. 29. Chrislaan Hess and Anna Steinnaman.
Dec. 29. David English and Ann Nicholas.
Dec. 29. James McClellan and Sarah Elliot


Jan. 1. William Barker and Elizabeth Walker.
Jan. 4. John Evans and Ann Russel.
Jan. 5. James Moore and Susanna Bracken.
Jan. 5. Thomas Pugh and Mary Shee.
Jan. 7. Daniel Neff and Anna Bowers.
Jan. 8. Jacob Haeffer and Madalina Koch.
Jan. 11. John Hopkins and Mary Richardson.
Jan. 21. James Clemson and Hannah Trego.
Jan. 21. Joseph Walsh and Mary McGuire.
Jan. 21. Robert Barr and Jane Douglass.
Jan. 27. Robert Peoples and Jane White.
Feb. 15. John Hamilton and Mary White.
Feb. 15. Jacob Dinnelar and Barbara Funk.
Feb. 23. Isaiah Jackson and Margaret Thornbough.
Feb. 26. James Torbet and Mary Teirt:.
March 2. Henry Byers and Mary Lynes.
March 8. John Cuthbert and Mary Evans.
March 23. WilMam Old and Elizabeth Steigel.
March 29. Thomas Stoneroad and Eve Hubley.
March 29. James McDaniel and Eilizabeth Kearns.
April 4. Hugh Miller and Elizabeth Goodwin.
April 6. Stephen Goff and Jane Price.
April 6. Daniel LeFever and Elizabeth Peck.
April 7. Neal Devenny and Agnus McCauley
April 15. Francis Bailey and Eleanor Miller.
April 19. John Reese and Margaret Jones.
April 19. John Hoighs and Eleanor Harper.

N. B.- A leaf of the Record has been cut and removed, and all records are lost from April 19th, 1773, to July 17th, 1773, also from Sept 6th, 1773 to Oct 25th, 1773.

July 17. Bernard Stebbs and Maria Grotshin.
July 20. Daniel Bowman and Elizabeth Wister.
July 20. David Black and Mary Hauser.
July 22. John Reed and Sarah Sloan.
Aug. 3. Jacob Fallindine and Magdalina Realy.
Aug. 4. Patrick Cowhack and Catharine Lawson.
Aug. 4. George Kendrick and Elizabeth Ashleman.
Aug. 4. Christian Kaufman and Ann Hare.
Aug. 5. William McAuley and Mary Young.
Aug. 11. Tom and Catharine (Negroes).
Aug. 29. Henry Harkwood and Catharine Boish.
Aug. 31. Adam Bender and Barbara Jutzin.
Sept 2. London ana Judy (Negroes).
Sept 6. Thomas Carter and Elizabeth Davies.

N. B. - (The Records are missing from this date to Oct 25th).

Oct. 25. Theodore Wellemin and Rebecca Latta.
Oct. 29. Isaac Phips and Mary Alcat.
Nov. 3. Henry Bowman and Phebe Hogman.
Nov. 4. Charles Miller and Elizabeth McConnell.
Nov. 18. William Thompeon and Mary Read.
Nov. 8. Peter MoGolerick and Phoebe Buffington.
Nov. 23. John Graham and Mary Erwin.
Nov. 23. Isaac Haynes and Catharine Divenbaugh.
Nov. 29. Thomaa Lloyd and Margaret Hudson.
Nov. 29. Michael Longacne and Elizabeth Snevelin.
Nov. 30. Jolin W. Feely and Elizabeth Lein.
Dec. 7. George Ludman and Barbara Rockey.
Dec. 16. Charlee HendersoD and Mary McOurdy:
Dec. 18. William Reed and Rebecca Read.
Dec. 29. John Douglaas and Elizabeth Davies.


Jan 1. John Miller and Francis Grove.
Jan. 4. David Martin and Sarah Wallace.
Jan. 11. Alexander Richards and Elizabeth Legitt.
Jan. 31. Daniel Womeledorff and Eve Weiser
Feb. 2. John Snively and Elizabeitih Barr.
Feb. 3. Jacob Mueser and Mary Brewbaker.
Feb. 7. James Muckleduff and Agnus Hunter.
Feb. 8. Nicholas Malson and Mary Strong.
Feb. 10. Alexander Mccleery and Dorcas McClurg.
Feb. 10. John Worth and Mary Bentley.
Feb. 14. John Holl and Catharine Diemer.
Feb. 15. Michael Reiner and Catharine Rush.
Feb. 24. David Grove and Catharine Shoemaker.
March 11. John Parker and Ann Watson.
March 3. Paul Zantzinger and Esther Barton.
March 13. John McClernan and Sarah Gamble.
March 17. John Beem and Barbara Walter.
April 3. William Marsh and Elizabeth Cornwall.
April 5. Christian Ish and Catharine Reiger.
April 6. John Daniel and Suusanna Quaintawee.
April 14. Michael Montgomery and Mary Lyon.
April 27. James Reed and Jennet Watt.
April 29. Andrew Keller and Juda Barbara Kieblen.
May 4. Samuel Bradley and Agnes Taylor.
May 11. John Rowland and Barabara Bear.
May 13. Robert Alison and Mary Dickey.
May 21. John Offner and Sarah Carpenter.
May 24. Hugh Paden and Sarah Boggs.
May 26 Jane Rippeth and Martha Quigley.
May 27. John Becker and Christina Boos.
June 5. Barnabas Bradley and Elizabeth Gilmoer.
June 7. Robert Fletcber and Mary Richards.
June 10. Joshua Way and Hannah Green.
June 13. Obed Lewis aud Hannah Cole.
June 13. Robert mason and Rush Elliot.
Jnne 14. William McWhorter and Jane Barr.
June 14, James Clark and Rebecca Armstrong
June 23. William McClellan and Mary Miller.
July 19. George Haaen and Maria Magdelina Root.
July 26. John Herron and Margaret Pagen
August 2. William Hudson and Mary Davies
August 3. Jacob Davies and Mary Guess.
August 4. Samuel McIntire and Isabella Rippey.
August 4. Robert Maxwell and Margaret Read.
August 5. Christian Kaufman and Elizabeth Steinman.
August 13. Jacob Shank and Mary Stiewig.
August 26. Jacob Steinman and Barbara Swar.
Sept. 13. Michael Breubaker and Margaret Summy.
Sept. 5. Edward Hugus and Elizabeth Morgan

N. B.— A leaf of the Record has been cut out and removed and all intermediate dates lost from September 5th. 1774 to Nnvember 15th, 1774, and December 27th, 1774, to March 16th, 1775.

Nov. 15. Thomas Lee and Mary Halliday.
Nov. 17. Matthew Calhoun and Sarah Carr
Dec. 8. Hugh Wilson and Isabella McKewers
Dec. S. Christrian Shyrock and Philiplna Kline.
Dec. 15. Aloiander Long and Sarah Grimes.
Dec. 15. William Quarll and Lydia Maule.
Dee. 15. Samuel Hindman and Margaret Todd.
Dec. 15. Isaac Moore and Martha Campbell.
Dec. 26, Joaeph Reem nud Barbara Becker
Dec. 26. Samuel Bear and Christiana Craus.
Dee. 27. William Harkness and Priscilla Little
Dec. 27. James Carson and Mary Andrews.

N.B. Record from this date to March 16th, 1775, lost.


March 16. John Miller and Ann Ross.
March 16. David Poe and Elizabeth Kearns.
March 16. John Galbreath and Mary McCully
March 19. Joseph Meas and Elizabeth Binee.
May 1. Joseph Corell and Rebecca Hall.
May 3. Michael Walter and Barbara Hartman.
May 17. Lewis Salt and Barbara Wolfe.
May 18. Robert Finley and Margaret Johnson
June 6. James McHolland and Ann Patton
June 11. Jacob Eargood and Anna Retge.
June 12. Henry Beggard and Margaret McNabb.
June 12. Peter Banner and Suaanne Sonee.
June 13. Samuel Welt and Margaretta Bear.
June 13. Abraham Gallagher and Isabella McKinley.
June 16. James Goheen and Saraha Spencer.
August 1. Duncan Levingston and Jennet Wiley
August 8. Charles Thompson and Rose Quin.
August 9. James Galt and Edith Bean.
August 15. Alexander Cooper and Mary Whitefood.
August 21. Dr. Henry Stuber and Catharine Syng.
August 22. Joseph Williams and Elizabeth Speckhart.
August 22. James Henry and Mary Wells.
Sept. 14. James Pinkerton and Sarah Hays
Sept. 14. William Steel and Elizabeth Bailey.
Sept. 21. Thomas Snodgrass and Martha Snodgrass
Sept. 21. Joseph Park and Ann Maxwell.
Sept. 23. Robert Barber and Saraha Boude
Sept. 26. Jacob Snevely and Susanna Boyer
Oct. 18. William McConnell and Martha McCartney.
Oct. 30. Godfried Miller and Anna Schuder
Nov. 6. Samuel McHatton and Mary Winger.
Nov. 7. Frederick Palmor and Catharine Glanberg.
Nov. 8. Daniel Galledin and Elizabeth Steffison.
Nov. 8. Samuel Moore and Elizabeth Ruddy.
Nov. 8. Christian Hess and Catharina Gognanoer.
Nov. 8. John Hess and Elizabeth Masson.
Nov. 10. Thomas Brown and Mary Dodd.
Nov. 15. George Drybread and Susanna Siger.
Nov. 19. John Hofert and Elizabeth Stoner.
Nov. 20. William Hamilton and Barbara Keighler.
Nov. 25. John Allen and Catharine Seigmont.
Nov. 25. Thomas Ross (a soldier) and Flora Fry.
Nov. 28. Anthony Wilson and Susanna Spencer.


Jan. 12. Thomas Mather (a soldier) and Mary Tayler.
Jan. 15. William Leech (a soldier) and Mary Hail.
Jan. 22. George Hess and Elizabeth Bowman.
Jan. 31. John McKeown and Jane Junkin.
Jan. 31. Joseph Habcoker and Mary Whitmore.
Feb. 6. Michael Bower and Elizabeth Hastings.
Feb. 8 David Foster and Margaret Greer.
Feb. 14. Abraham Hildebrand and Anna Shoutz.
Feb. 20. John Renshaw and Jane McCalmond
March 4. Christian Smidt and Mary Funck.
March 5. Jonathan Haywood (of the 47th Regt.) and Bridget McGuire.
March 14. Francis Stewart and Elizabeth Thompson.
March 14. Daniel Allen (of the 26th Regt.) and Catharine McElroy.
March 19. John Faust and Magdalena Motz.
March 27. John Andrew Walker (26th Regt) and Ann Aritage.
March 28. John Davies and Lydia Keimer
April 4. John Scott and Margery Caldwell
April 5. George Erisiman and Susanna Housman.
April 9. Benjamin Elliot and Mary Carpenter.
April 15. Jacob Graeff and Mary Feishler.
April 16. James Huey and Margaret Brigs.
May 2. John McCauly and Sarah Clemson.
May 4. Timothy Kelly (a soldier) and Elizabeth Dael.
May 9. George Hargrave (a soldier) and Margaret Bacon.
May 10. Joseph Abbot (26th Regt.) and Isabella Hunter.
May 11. Jacob Messersmidt and Susanna Fultz.
May 16. John Mason (26th Regt.) and Ann Burns.
May 16. Jacob Meesencope and Catharine Detter.
May 18. Lawrence Maskill and Mary Myers.
May 24. James Culbert (26th Regt) and Mary Justice.
May 28. James McCarty (26th Regt) and Elizabeth Glover.
May 28. Rev. Frederick Illing and Eliza beth LeRue.
May 28. Gabriel Glenn and Jane Mills.
May 31. Charles Ogilvie and Catharine Alford.
June 8. William Boddie (26th Regt.) and Mary Hellens.
June 8. Thomas Tayler (Sergeant in 7th Rogt.) and Hannah Price.
June 11. Simon McKinzy (26th Regt) and Elizabeth Unger.
June 12. Richard Copeland and Mary Mash.
June 12. John Pau (7th Regt) and Susanna Reed.
June 12. Henry Walter and Elizabeth Stieman.
June 12. Elisha Futer and Mary Wilson.
June 12. Frederick Carrigher and Mary Stadler.
June 12. John Murphy and Hannah Lurentz.
June 18. James Ewing and Eleanor Gillespie.
June 20. David Laen and Anna Bear.
June 23. Samuel Doxey (of 26th Regt) and Sarah Drummond.
June 25. John Brown and Sarah Dunlap.
June 28. Abraham Carpenter and Esther Heffer.
June 30. John Walker (of 26th Regt.) and Mary Hargy.
June 30. Thomas Simmons and Mary Garvey.
July 1. John Rycraft (of 7th Regt) and Rebecca Williams.
July 1. John Lloyd (a Corporal in 26th Regt.) and Eleanor Reade.
July 2. Henry Dom and Elizabeth Mann.
July 8. Ludwig Metz and Margaret Kingley.
July 11. John Ward and Jane Allen (He was a soldier).
July 11. Conrad Desher and Margaret Clonniger.
July 23. Jacob Hostetter and Mary Lamosin.
Sept. 7 Samuel Wiley and Elizabeth Kramer.
Sept. 9. Daniel Kelly (a soldier) and Jane Boyd.
Sept. 24. James Beverland and Catharine Davison
Ocotber 13. William Patton and Mary Hunter
Oct. 26. Jacob Schock and Esther Grove.
Oct. 27. George hider (of 26th Regt.) and Rebecca Smith.
Nov. 2. Thomas Dickinson (of 7th Regt.) and Elizabeth Fulmore.
Nov. 5. Peter Hess and Susanna Boon.
Nov. 19. Daniel McCallister and Hannah Given.
Nov. 22. Frederick Geiser and Susanna Carpenter
Nov. 26. Henry Gochenaver and Ann Musser.
Nov. 27. Joseph Myles and Sarah Rogan.
Nov. 30. John Smith (of the 26th Regt.) and Jane Herrot.
Dec. 1. John Ax and Susanna Zeidle
Dec. 1. Richard Barlow (of 7th Regt.) and Margaret Lamb.
Dec. 2. Joseph Ard and Jane Snodgrass.
Dec. 4. Joseph Williams (26th Regt) and Eleanor ___
Dec. 6. Isaah Scott and Ann Crawford.
Dec. 7. James Linday (26th Regt.) and Mary Myer
Dec. 10. William Money and Mary Buchanan.
Dec. 17. Thomas Caldwell and Margaret Neil.
Dec. 18. John McCreary and Esther Taylor.
Dec. 22. Samuel Moore and Sophia Taylor.
Dec. 24. James Johnson and Jennet Patterson.
Dec. 24. Robert Collins and Anna Margaretta Waggoner.
Dec. 25. Henry Bennet and Elizabeth Thomson.
Dec. 26. Thomas Davis and Mary Haggan.
Dec. 31. James McCalmond and Abigail Grimes.


Jan. 14 Robert All and Martha Alison.
Jan. 14. John Jefferies and Jennet Nichol.
Jan. 14. John Phillips and Catharine Halbrunner.
Feb. 4. Jolm Rockafield and Abigail Hiller.
Feb. 16. Robert Wilson and Sophia Burk.
Feb. 25. Evan Evans and Mary Jones.
Feb. 25. Lot Evans and Sarah Evans.
March 4. Thomas Scott and Sarah Andrews.
March 4. James McMichael and Susanna Vannoy.
March 9. William McCormick and Elizabeth Stone.
March 27. Samuel Barr and Margaret Robinson.
March 28. Kerry Copeland and Abigail Caldwell
April 1. Patrick Malone and Catharine Garlin.
April 2. William Thompson and Mary Steel.
April 4. John Hambright and Susanna Grosh.
April 4. Henry McGlaughlin and Sarah McGeugh.
April 6. James Rice and Esther Swaile,
April 9. John Hart and Anna Harkman.
April 12. Roger Gof and Jane Shannon.
April 15. William Armstrong and Jane Wilson
April 15. Frederick Stoneman and Sebilla Mayer.
April 19. Mathew Winton and Eliza Hampton.
April 22. Christopher Zanmeyer and Barbara Lamman.
April 24. William Mitchell and Margaret Martin.
April 25. John Roberts and Mary Powell.
May 8. William Moore and Jennet Buchannan.
May 15. John Mitchell and Mary Marlin
May 16. John Malone and Jane Doyle
May 19. William Poor and Sarah Graham.
May 19. George Dorman and Jane Gray.
May 19. Michael Clark and Elizabeth England.
May 19. John Geddis and Jane Montgomery
May 23. John Galvin and Grace Flanagan.
May 30. Lawrance Fitgerald and Deborah Clark.
June 6. Valentine Fondersmith and Elizabeth LeFever
June 11. Daniel Mitchell and Agnus Reagh.
June 11. Hector McClain and Margaret Brown.
June 12. Thomas Williams and Mary Feree.
June 12. Peter Taylor and Ann Taylor.
June 21. Richard Myers and Anne Moor.
June 24. Christian Keagy and Maria Resh.
June 30. Ulerick Fistler and Mary Burk.
June 30. Richard Johnson and Louise Will.
July 13. Thomas Pendergast and Sarah McElroy.
July 25. George McCullough and Elizabeth Guy.
July 29. Henry Hambright and Mary Good.
July 29. Richard Hull and Ann Moor.
Aug. 1. Richard Cantrell and Mary Reily.
Aug. 3. John Bush and Catharine Zorn.
Aug. 8. David Drennin and Eliza Davis.
Aug. 13. Aaron Raters and Rebecca Aston.
Aug. 13. Peter Messersmidt and Jane Odewalt.
Aug. 14. John Morris and Hannah Keenan.
Aug. 24. Dewalt Smidt and Ellizabeth Ketler.
Aug. 25. John Hastings and Sarah Hubble.
Sept. 30. William Brandon and Catharine Fetter.
Oct. 7. Jacob Hoover and Maria Smidt.
Oct 9. Jehu Howell and Margery Morrison.
Oct. 16. John Bear and Phreney Hare.
Oct. 14. George Martin Yentz and Ann James.
Oct 16. John Clark and Ann Clark.
Oct. 12. John Stone and Dinah Dowers.
Oct. 17. William Black and Eliza McCausland.
Oct. 18. William Braneby and Mary Lawler.
Oct. 18. Peter Mussleman and Phrane Bernhert.
Oct. 24. George Lush and Eliza Hastings.
Sept. 4. William Barber and Barbara Lockman.
Sept. 15. John Sinclair and Margaret McCobb.
Sept. 15. Samuel Ritchie and Elizabeth Hemphill.
Sept. 22. Daniel McNeab and Margaret Mathews.
Sept. 26. Matthew Dawson and Mary O'Hara
Oct. 25. John Douglas and Margaret McCurdy.
Oct. 31. James Grimes and Eliza Burk.
Oct. 31. Michael Doland and Catharine Keaton.
Nov. 1. George Montgomery and Mary Cochlan.
Nov. 2. James Forsythe and Elizabeth Niel
Nov. 4. William Hollyday and Susanna Cookson
Nov. 13. Thomas Tracey and Barbara McKown.
Nov. 27. Joseph Sharan and Catharine Douglass.
Nov. 25. John Caldwell and Esther McCausland.
Nov. 30. Thomas Archer and Mary parker.
Dec. 16. Samuel Kelpatrick and Margaret Long.
Dec. 26. Thomas Williams and Mary Williams.
Dec. 26. Francis rogers and Eleanor Rogers.
Dec. 27. Charles roberts and Catharine Byrns.
Dec. 29. John Mills and Jennet Hosey.


Jan. 10. William Roe and Mary Donaghough.
Jan. 18. John Pool and Mary Murray.
Jan. 22. Anthony Thompson and Jane Snodgrass.
Jan 26. John White and Judy Cahill.
Feb. 7. Edward White and Margaret Smaddock.
Feb. 15. John McConsky and Mary Williams.
Feb. 19. Samuel Winter and Rachel Hebble.
Feb. 19. Christopher Oxer and Catharine Danner.
Feb. 19. James Glenn and Mary Miller.
Feb. 20. John Smidt and Catharine Miller.
FEb. 22. Loudon Halburton and Mary Wilkinson.
Feb. 23. Charles Linderson and Elizabeth Leopard.
Feb. 24. Andrew Alison and Eleanor Perry.
Feb. 24. Hugh Patton and Elizabeth Hannah.
Feb. 24. Francis Beggs and Eva Messersmith.
Feb. 28. John Harris and Anne Cannally.
March 14. Michael Hogan and Mary Riley.
March 21. William Renton and Mary Lunn.
March 21. Thomas Williams and Anna Randall.
March 22. William Beard and Elizabeth Davison.
March 24. John McPharson and Elizabeth Slaymaker.
March 30. Thomas Mclane and Eliza Barret.
March 31. Patrick Turner and Mary Delaney.
April 1. Laurence Hutton and Jane Wallis.
April 2. Darby Guthry and Margaret Kelly.
April 4. John Martin and Mary Lees.
April 6. Jane Shirley and Elizabet Appleby.
April 9. John Carrol and Ann Stodder.
April 11. Daniel Ehler and margaret Fundersmith.
April 14. Robert Smith and Hannah Johnston
April 16. William Robinson and Sarah McLave.
April 21. Christopher App and Mary Hown.
April 26. John Summerville and Elizabeth Carlisle.
April 27. Henry Virtstich and Ann Shank.
April 27. Xtian Stoner and Elizabeth Neff.
May 6. John Newcomer and Susanna Fleury.
May 9. George Weiss and Susanna Stone.
May 9. Christopher Leveringshouse and Sarah White.
May 15. John Middleton and Elizabeth Smith.
May 16. Tobias Amspocken and Mary Cran.
May 19. James Wheaton and Mary Levering.
May 26. John Taylor and Margaret Romp.
May 27. Henry Eckman and Elizabeth Stoner.
May 27. William Smith and Mary Robinson.
May 27. James Duffy and Mary Lloyd.
May 30. John Phillips and Catharine Mannderbaugh.
June 1. Alexander McFarland and Jane Simpson
June 21. Henry Dickover and Barbara Ventz
June 21. Daniel Etter and Elizabeth McMahon.
June 21. John McGill and Jane Duffy
June 25. David Brysan and Mary Kirk.
June 25. David Gibbons and Eliza Kelly
June 25. William Bevis and Julia Craft.
June 27. Henry Grisswhite and Ann Maria Andreas.
June 28. Martin Bear and Susanna Grubin.
June 27. Christopher Foree and Sarah Hays.
June 30. David Shillenberger and Ann Henry.
July 1. William John and Elizabeth Smith.
July 1. William Wilson and Mary Cook.
July 3. John Weller and Mary Howhendugler.
July 6. Jospeh Dunkerly and Mary Smith.
July 7. Jacob Foree and Susanna Strickller.
July 7. John Gillard and Mary Grosh.
July 8. William Abraham and Sarah McKoun.
July 21. Michael Dougherty and Mary Armstrong.
Jul 23. Jeremiah Mosher and Susanna Throbrugh.
July 25. Simon Perry and Margaret Young.
Aug. 4. John Nessleroade and Mary Dunkle.
Aug. 5. Jacob Manley and Ann French.
Aug. 7. Joseph Adley and Ann Reed.
Aug. 25. Laurence Lary and Eleanor Bradley.
Aug. 30. David Miller and Catharin Duen.

N.B. There are no intermediate records for Aug. 30th, 1778 to Jan 5th 1784


Jan. 29. Thomas boude and Elizabeth Wright.
Feb. 1. William Bryent and Mary Shierman.
Feb. 24. Luke Herper and Rachel McNealy.
April 18. John Chalmers and Catharine Parker.
May 4. David Mahan and Margaret Ray.
May 12. James Faires and Agnes Drummer.
May 16. Hugh Cromwell and Elizabeth James.
July 12. Michael Dettrich and Elizabeth Grainer.
July 26. John Watson and Margaret Clemson.
July 30. Thomas McCreary and Elizabeth Douglass.
Aug. 3. Jacob Rush and Martha Hendrick.
Aug. 23. Hugh Evans and Barbara Miller.
Aug. 23. Thomas Pink Piercy Kelly and Isabella Richardson (widow).
Aug. 24. Joseph Ward and Sarah Wilson.
Aug 27. Michael Baldridge and Margaret Rusk.
Nov. 23. Edward Thornbury and Mary Tully.


Jan. 1 Robert Chesnut and Isabella Hanke.
Jan. 4. Andrew Porter and Sarah Cooper.
Jan. 24. James King and Ann Mitchell.
Feb. 17. John Badders and Isabella Bailley.
March 1. John Sherer and Jane Carr.
April 5. John Joseph Henry and Jane Chambers.
April 15. William Henderson and Saraha Brown (widow).
April 17. Alexander Briden and mary Frocksill.
April 17. John and Hannah (free negroes).
April 28. Martin Messner and Catharine Feree.
April 28. Robert Reed and mary Dehuff.
June 27. Michael Welch and Catharine Rohrbach.
July 19. John Hampton and Mary Willson.
Aug. 9. John Weiland and Christine Oberle.
Aug. 18. George Smith (negro) and Margaret Manson (mulatto).
Sept. 5. Edward Quigley and Ann Luts.
Nov. 3. John Stevenson and Mary Ernest.
Nov. 8. William McCurdy and Mary Chambers.
Nov. 17. Robert Rice and Ann Campbell.


Jan. 4. James Scott and Esther Finey.
Feb. 2. William Anderson and Catharine Kide.
Feb. 12. John Lively and Elizabeth Brumcart.
Feb. 12. Michael Gumph and Margaret Klein.
Feb. 19. Robert Jeff and Ann Hannah.
Feb. 23. Joseph Hubley and Mary Parr.
Feb. 29. Samuel Kingsley and Susanna Campbell.
April 6. Joseph Sammons and Hannah Evans.
April 16. Jacob Forrey and Susanna Lightner.
April 16. Daniel Graham and Laetitia Mitchell.
April 25. Martin Weibright and Elizabeth Greyger.
May 7. John Webster and Mary Hashman.
May 10. Hugh McKinly and Margaret Brogan.
May 17. John Hare and Sarah Goheen.
June 18. Isaac Peters and Abigail Thompson.
July 2. Jacob Oberlin and Margaret Hatterlin.
July 2. Michael Pigeon and Ann Reynolds.
July 9. Joseph Forrest and Elizabeth Thorn.
July 16. George Heinlen and Catharine Musser.
July 17. Benjamin Holland and Hannah McKerman.
Sept. 13. Thomas Steen and Martha Winter.
Oct. 8. John O'Neal and Agnes Winerty.
Oct. 13. William Carson and Mary Ramsey.
Oct. 17. John Smith and Ann Myers.
Oct. 22. Thomas Dollman and Ruth Stewart.
Oct. 28. Thomas Skiles and Sarah hill.
Oct. 29. James Williams and Mary Bryan.
Nov. 27. Christian Kauffman and Anna Kauffman.
Dec. 3. Samuel Ferree and Hannah Shirts.
Dec. 17. Samuel Chapman and Barbara Shirts.
Dec. 25. Benjamin Morris and Susana Aulfinch.


June 8. John Dennis and Christina Myers.
June 18. Garret Maguillan and Elizabeth Lutz.
Jun3 19. James Burd and Mary Gimmel.
Feb. 7. Philip Miller and Catharine Hamecker.
Mar. 15. John Paterson and Catharine Franciscus.
April 12. Alexander Scott and Mary Slough.
April 18. John Halluran and Mary Rice.
Apirl 22. Stephen Dorsey and Rachel Ewing.
May 27. Mark Pusey and Jane Barry.
June 10. Jonathan haywood and Mary Bradley.
June 19. Nicholas Jacquett and Mary Crawford.
June 19. Andrew Lively and Elizabeth Horn.
June 19. George Geiger and Elizabeth Pullinger.
July 1. Martin Ray and Margaret Booth.
July 19. Enoch Abrams and Hannah Vonkena.
Aug. 15. John Williams and Susannah Wynken.
Sept. 2. James Briggs and Mary Daughtery.
Oct. 4. John Thompson and Susanna Speyson.
Oct. 16. Martin Kendrich and Phoebe Buckwalter.
Oct. 16. Jacob Carrier and Rachel Brown.
Oct. 16. John Bellows and Rosetta Evans.
Oct. 19. Alexander Ennis and Susannah Shaw.
Dec. 2. Matthew Tearney and Mary Carpenter.
Dec. 29. Richard Dunlap and Anna Taylor.


Jan. 18. John Skiles and Susanna Waggoner.
Mar. 4. John May and Mary Wright.
Mar. 6. Samuel Skiles and Elizabeth Skiles
June 1. John Gerlach and Elizabeth Geyer.
June 8. Thomas Bradley and Jane McDonell.
Jun 11. Stephen Long and Catharine Atkison.
Aug. 10. John Tompson and Mary Carre.


Sept. 15 Andrew McLaughlin and Rosana Phillips.
Sept 26. James Edison and Sarah Hare.
Oct. 8. Robert Graham and Jane McFadden.
Dec. 10. Thomas Boude and Amelia Atlee.


Feb. 4. John Kelly and Rebecca Clark.
April 7. Martin Graft and Ann Kendrick.
April 11. George Roberts and Rosetta Williams (colored, at Philadelphia).
April 22. John Jacob Faesch and Susanna Lawrence (near Morristown).
May 5. John Mifflin an deleanor Ewing.
May 14. John Ornaire and Jessie Reever.
June 10. Percy Lyson and Elizabeth Hamilton (colored), (Philadelphia).
June 12. John Green and Hester Craig (Philadelphia).
June 17. Caleb Earle and Tabitha Piles (Philadelphia).
June 17. John Van Horne and Elizabeth Roote (Philadelphia).
Feb. 11. William Grover and Esther Elliot (Philadelphia).
Mar. 27. Jacob Boyer and Sarah Hale (Philadelphia).
April 1. Peter Worrell and ___ Cooke.
July 13. Hugh Jones and Mary Moore.
July 28. John Mcgowen and Ann McGowen (Philadelphia).
Aug. 12. William Long and Mary Long.
Sept. 28. John Hoop and Sarah Daugherty (Philadelphia).
Nov. 21. William Nick and Catharine Faulkoner (Philadelphia).
Nov. 23. John Long and Jane McConnell.
Dec. 16. James Knowles and Margaret Gray (Kingsess).
Dec. 30. Samuel Huff and Margaret Smith (Philadelphia).


Feb. 15th. Christian Ehler and Margaret Houn.
Mar. 2. Jacob Eckman and Elizabeth Barkman.
Mar. 29. Joseph Pike and Rebecca Skirm (Philadelphia).
Mar. 31. Isac R. Atlee and Mary Clemson.
April 7. Nathaniel Gardner and Elizabeth Tingle (Philadelphia).
April 27. Stephen Mullan and Rebecca Donnoughy.
May 12. thomas Field and Ann Jones (colored) (Philadelphia).
May 16. Samuel Torbert and Beulah Twining (Philadelphia).
June 18. James Bryan and Mary Banks.
June 18. James Hopkins and Ann Roses.
June 25. John Van Emmon and Mary Davis (Philadelphia).
June 27. William Eulett and Sarah Simmons (Philadelphia).
June 27. Henry Lanagen and Catharine Stewart (Philadelphia).
July 10. David Logar and Elisabeth Emmy (Philadelphia).
Aug. 30. Patrick McCaig and Margaret King.
Aug. 31. John McCalley and Elizabeth McEldowney.
Sept. 1. Samuel Moore and Jane Fulton.
Sept. 13. Frederick Smith and Mary Roland.
Sept. 20. Benjamin Galloway and Hannah Collins.
Oct. 22. Hugh Carson and Margaret Melly.
Nov. 15. Francis Meloy an dMary Berry.
Dec. 8. Charles Boyd and Mary Earnest.
Dec. 13. Samuel Hindman and Sarah Carmichael.
Oct. 1. William Broades and Ann Currie (Philadelphia).
Oct. 20. Daniel Abel and Dorcas Molton, (Philadelphia).
Oct. 30. John Edwards and Mary Cast (Philadelphia).
Nov. 26. William Roberts and Aimey Kennart (Philadelphia).
Dec. 1. Benjamin Hodgdon and Elizabeth Heaselton (Philadelphia).
Dec. 14. Isaac Saxton and Margaret Lafettra (Philadelphia).
Dec. 17. Charles Hockenhill and Elizabeth Burk (Philadelphia).
Dec. 25. John Moore White and Juliana Barton
Dec. 28. Solomon Jones and Elizabeth Harman (Philadelphia).


Jan. 7. Richard Kearns and Mary larky (Philadelphia).
Jan. 11. Henry Spark, jr., and Rachel Landenberger (Philadelphia).
Feb. 9. Robert Mather and Susan Matson (Philadelphia).
Feb. 9. Thomas Pollard and Ann Britton (Philadelphia, at Germantown).
Feb. 20. Simon Brant and Catharine Bates.
March 18. David Mckinney and Susanna Wiseman (Philadelphia).
March 27. Henry Shets and Lovice Carrier.
April 8. Caleb West and Sarah Shute (Philadelphia).
April 9. Valentine Shearer and Sarah Taylor (Philadelphia).
April 9. William Lardner and Ann Shepherd (Philadelphia).
April 15. James Husband and Ellina McGinnis (Philadelphia).
April 15. Jacob Ford and Catharine Ellis (Philadelphia).
April 15. Samuel Condon and Martha Garwood (Philadelphia).
April 16. Thomas Ruth and Elizabeth Brenneman (Philadelphia).
April 16. Alexander Fleming and Rebecca Carter (Philadelphia).
April 25. Francis Patterson and Mary Steele (Philadelphia).
May 2. John Graham and Margaret Maybin.
May 21. Michael Welch and Catharine Wall (Philadelphia).
June 7. Cato Freeman and Catharine (Colored) (Philadelphia).
June 14. Samuel Elliot and Maybin.
June 21. William Green and Martha McCalle.
June 23. Thomas Frederick and Belinda Caton (colored) (Philadelphia, at 6th and Pine St.).
July 4. George Black and Hannah ross.
July 29. William Hughes and Margaret Amelia Coale.
July 29. John Collins and Catharine Vance (Philadelphia).
Oct. 4. John and Eliza (last names omitted) (Philadelphia).
Nov. 18. John Henry and Agnes Readeck.
Nov. 18. James Gaddes and Eleanor Bradburn.
Dec. 30. Tristram Thomas and Susan Geddes (Wilmington).
Dec. 24. Alex. Mode and Ann Irwin (Colored) (Wilmington).


Jan. 3. James Paton and Chloe Dove (colored) (Wilmington).
Jan. 12. Cadwal Morris and Maria Sewden (Wilmington).
March 17. Andrew Colesbury and Margaret Alrich (Wilmington).
April 4. Thomas Cartwell and Margaret Perkins.
April 16. Joseph Walden and Rebecca Tussey.
May 11. David Logan and Mary Long
July 8. John Bradburn and Mary Churchman.
Aug. 4. William Malson and Mary Haynes.
Aug. 8. Isaac Richardson and Elizabeth Henderson.
Aug. 27. Moses Price and Margaret Swisher.
Aug. 31. James Boyd and Mary Jordan.
Sept. 26. James Rele and Ann Hanley.
Nov. 5. John Nagle and Elizabeth Kephart.
Dec. 3. John Bassler and Catharine Kishey.
Dec. 13. Jacob Cray and Rosana Bousman.
Dec. 23. Thomas Morrow and Susanna Forester.


Jan. 21. George Yeates and Elizabeth Burns.
March 12. Robert Campbell and Catharine Haymer.
March 20. Isachar Coulson and Agnus Miles.
March 25. Samuel Walter and Elizabeth James.
April 1. Jacob Maulson and Elizabeth Morris.
April 10. Robert Elton, jr., and Martha Guthrie.
April 21. Richard (a mulatta servant of G. ross, Esq.,) and Elizabeth Otley , a free woman.
April 21. Seth Cranford and Mary Steel.
April 21. Robert George and Mely Jackson (colored).
April 22. Richard Dunlap and Hannah Shute.
May 6. Barney Magolick and Mary McDonnald.
June 5. John Shanks and Mary Creton.
June 14. Michael McFaddion and Catharine McFaddion.
June 29. Pleasants tolbert (a free negro) and Catharine, a slave to J.L. Simon.
August 2. Henry Groom and Shela Blake.
August 24. Benjamin Henry and Catharine Hoofnagle.
Sept. 9. Nathaniel Peoples and Catharine Lerew.
Sept. 9. Henry Kephart and Elizabeth Epley.
Sept. 13. John Meloney and Mary Shay.
Sept. 21. Moses Wood and Christina Plimler.
Oct. 16. Adam Moore and Kmary Kuhn.
Nov. 4. Thomas Burns and Mary Staufer.
Nov. 13. William Harkins and Jane Cannon.
Nov. 18. Samuel Twibett and Dorothy Harris.
Nov. 26. David Kauffman and Margaret Maester.
Dec. 11. Joshua Lowe and Martha Jenkins.
Dec. 11. John McIlvaine and Isabella Barton.
Dec. 30. Adam Rutter and Margaret Skiles.


Jan. 1. Samuel McSewdens and Hannah McGiddes (colored).
Jan. 1. Peter and Deborah Thomas (free negroes).
Jan. 14. Joakin Peterman and Elizabeth Foutz.
Jan. 24. Philip Snider and Sarah Dunn.
Jan. 30. William Graham and Jane Knox.
Feb. 3. Joseph Dennison and Lydia Phillips.
Feb. 24. John Winters and Sarah Hastings.
Feb. 27. Thomas Price and Ann Duhuw.
March 14. John Lindeberger and Catharine Mayer.
March 17. Bernard Combs and Elizabeth Shepherd.
March 17. John Peters and Susanna Raeven.
March 17. Edward Powel and Mary Butcher.
March 31. John Singer and Catharine Kinsler.
April 8. Peter Kinder and Eve Leaman.
April 23. Arthur Travers and Elizabeth Ferree.
May 11. Barney McGetty and Mary Green.
May 17. William Bradley and Catharine Keller.
May 18. Ire Corbin and Ann Green.
June 12. John McCoy and Susanna Black.
June 16. Robert Gamble and Elizabeth McGren.
June 29. Philip Lutz and Catharine Shelleberger.
July 31. Hugh Callahan and Elizabeth Crider.
August 3. John McDowell and Jane McCausland.
August 6. Joseph Brittingham and Cathrine Gericht.
August 8. Robert Robinson and Elizabeth Colter.
August 14. Edward McBride and Grace Devir.
August 20. joseph Money and Mary Montgomery.
August 31. Henry Albright and Margaret Stauffer.
Sept. 2. William Hamilton and Elizabeth Lervick.
Sept. 7. Hugh Managh and Martha McGren.
Sept. 10. David R. Barton and Catharine Graeff.
Sept. 30. Nathan Webster and Rachel Sidwell.
Oct. 13. James Wilcox and Mary Sheffle.
Oct. 25. Christopher Fransiscus and Susan shafer (free negroes).
Oct. 25. Levi Johnson and Tabitha Ford (free negroes).
Nov. 3. John Watson and Margaret Seyfert.
Nov. 8. Christopher Nagle and Margaret Getz.
Nov. 9. Hugh Lench and Eleanor Devir.
Nov. 17. John Housekeeper and Catharine Weatman.
Nov. 18. Patrick McDevit and Eleanor Lynch.
Nov. 24. John Lemons and Mary Cooper.
Nov. 24. Edward Molyneux and Margaret Lorsen.
Dec. 7. John Haugy and Esther Hare.
Dec. 11. John Cryder and Catharine Kule.
Dec. 15. Matthew Wray and Catharine Stewart.
Dec. 20. Jerry Maybury and Catharine Bowman (free mulattoes).
Dec. 27. Moses White and Dinah Spencer (free mulattoes).
Dec. 28. Abel Gibbons and Hannah Wagoner (free mulattoes).


Jan 12. John Harnor and Margaret Donaldson.
Jan. 13. robert Watt and Charlotte Rowe.
Jan. 7. Jacob Shaeeves and Catharine Johns (colored) (at Wilmington).
Jan. 23. James Miller and (ann (colored). Wilimington.
Jan. 28. Abraham Planter and Hannah Grove.
Jan. 30. George Keiss and Mary Lahn.
Feb. 9. Aaron Buckley and Eleanor Maxfield.
Feb. 12. James Carlisle and Anne Starr.
Feb. 14. Robert Wiley and Jane Megrew.
Mar. 28. john Brown and Jane Hanlin.
Mar. 29. Jacob Johnson and Eve bechtol.
April 4. Andrew Selreit and Mary Coun.
April 11. David Reece (belonging to Joseph Rees) and Flora (belonging to the Widow Walraven).
April 23. Barney O'Donald and Grace McAfferty.
April 26. John Brazer and Margaret McGrew.
April 28. Henry Witmer and Frances Musser.
May 8. James McClelland and Mary Teary.
June 2. Charles Hall and Elizabeth Coleman.
June 9. Samuel Bench and Ann Townsley.
June 13. James Lewis and Margaret Sands.
June 13. Andrew Gillespie and Ann Johnson.
June 15. Samuel Aiken and Martha Aikin.
June 17. William Crawford and Sarah Fulton.
June 18. Thomas Smith and Jennet Footman (free negroes).
June 23. Ralph Ryn and Mary malson (free negroes).
June 27. George Miller and Catharine Keiss.
July 5. David Culbertson and Mary Stoneroad.
July 14. Andrew Conner and susanna Caseday.
July 21. James Greer and Rebecca Park.
July 31. Lewes Morford and Sarah Dougherty.
Aug. 3. Moses Ferly and Rosana Bley.
Aug. 9. Joseph Evans and Elizabeth Hamaker.
Nov. 11. Patrick Ivie and Margaret Walker.
Nov. 24. Alexander Guilar and Margaret Greet.

N.B. (There are no Records of Marriages from 1796 to 1827)


Nov. 11. Ellis Hughes and Catharine M. Inderrnegh.
Dec. 23. John Steele and Theodosia Morrison.


Jan. 23. Stephen C. Slaymaker and Susan Reigart.
Jan. 29. Joseph Budd Myers and Maria H. Eberman.
Feb. 19. Henry Rogers and Sarah Bethel Brien.
April 20. Thomas Jefferies and Amelia Landis.
June 5. James Baxter and Ann Ache.
Oct. 9. James Fermen and Catharine Albright.
Oct. 26. Isaac Brenniser and Magdalena Bicher.
Dec. 16. Francis Rawle and Louisa Hall.


Jan. 8. Rev. James May and Ellen Stewart Bowman.
May 14. Boyd Forbes and Martha Arthurs.
May 17. George Clark and Ann Anderson.
Sept. 3. Ferdinand L. Spangler and Dela A. Wright.
Oct. 13. William Baker Fahnestock and Maria Reigart.
Dec. 2. Rev. Joseph Clarkson and Catharine Henderson.
Dec. 31. Isaac Bowman and Hannah Musser.


April 25. William Lechler and Catharine Keller.
Sept. 2. John Griffith and Francis Greenleaf.
Nov. 4. Adam Ferree and Elizabeth Sheals.


Feb. 5. Thomas Ward Veasey and Ann Markley.
Feb. 28. William C. Lytle and Elizabeth Grier.
April 18. David Nauman and Ann Rogers (alias) Derridinger.
May 14. Henry Fellebaum and Mary Sheaffer.
May 19. William Parsons and Mary Ann Campbell.
Sept. 17. Henry R. Campbell and Sidney Boyd.
Oct. 11. John Gunkle and Jane Rice.
Oct. 23. James Lytle and Rebecca Lytle.
Oct. 24. David Trout and Margaret Lytle.
Dec. 8. Carpenter McCleary and Catharine L. Danner.
Dec. 26. John Corker and Elizabeth Strunk.


March 25. Thomas Furguson and Martha Hoay.
March 27. William Lytle and Caroline Baty.
March 27. George McElroy and Catharine Herr.
March 27. Andrew Trout and Isabella Divine.
May 1. John Lingerfield and Catharine Ruth.
May 27. William Brown Norris and Harriet Hall.
Sept. 4. George Lincoln and Mary Morris.
Sept. 18. Samuel Baillie and Christianna Duchman.
Nov. 13. Charles Sheaff and Catharine Pretzman.
Dec. 4. George Sanders Savary and Mary Jane Thomas.


Jan. 29. Patrick McKinney and Mary Hood.
July 2. John Ball and Jane Simpson.
Nov. 3. Isaac Hazlehurst and Caroline E. Jacobs.
Dec. 22. James Bryson and Sarah Eckman.


Feb. 25. William M. Chamberlain and Rachel Ann Pennington.
Feb. 29. William H. burke and Annetta Muhm.
March 19. Robert Johnson and Mary Cost.
March 22. Thomas Nelson and Mary Grier.
April 7. Thomas Neel and Catharine Smith.
June 2. Charles Callihan and Susanna Foss.
June 11. John Kirkwood and Lydia Ferree.
June 28. Rev. Samuel Bowman and Harriet R. Clarkson, per Rev. James May.
Nov. 15. Beverly Robinson and Mary R. Jenkins.


Feb. 9. Thomas McMichael and Adeline Church.
April 25. Charles Gamberlin and Susan Hill.
May 4. David Edwards and Rebecca Anthony.
July 13. Phaeton Brown and Minto Savon.
Sept. 25. Jacob Ackerman and Anna Steltz.
Oct. 5. Jacob Awater and Sarah Patterson.
Nov. 1. William B. Fordney and Ellen Jenkins.
Nov. 7. Thomas Emlen Franklin and Serena Angelica Mayer.
Nov. 16. George Reeser and Mary Ronk.


March 1. Charles Gillespie and Sarah Ax.
July 5. Philip Miller and Jane Morton.
Nov. 7. Jacob Neff and Amelia Miller.
Dec. 4. Joseph Greer and Mary Fogle.
Dec. 20. Abraham Breneman and Ann H. Reigart.
Dec. 26. William Buchanan and Mary Quinn.
Dec. 27. James McLane and Sophia Lindeman.


Jan. 3. Martin Buckwalter and Margaret Planck.
Jan. 13. William Smith and Mary Keith.
Jan. 31. Morris Griffeth and Elizabeth Sparr.
May 8. John H. Albright and Elizabeth Kauffman.
June 4. Lewis Heck and Caroline Wright.
June 18. Samuel Nocho and Harriet Butler.
June 20. David McClure and Jane McClure.
Dec. 29. Charles Brown and Susanna Hess.


Oct. 5. Hugh S. Gara and Sarah T. Buck.
Oct. 28. Henry Magraw and Emily Hopkins.
Nov. 26. Horatio Easby and Elizabeth Barton.


Feb. 8. Elias Rohrer and maria Henrietta Myres.
April 15. Hugh Aikin and Jane Hoar.
May 6. Isaac Newton Lightner and Ann Hopkins.
Sept. 15. Abraham W. Russel and Louisa C. McLelian.
Dec. 4. James Mitchell and Catharine Ann Cunningham.


April 14. Charles C Ihling and Mary Ann Jefferies.
June 13. George W. Markley and Sarah A. McNamee.
Dec. 21. Jacob Beecher and Susanna Andrews.


Feb. 2. Samuel Best and Ellen Potts.
Feb. 21. David Mumma and Lydia Detweiler.
March 2. Philip Campbell and Mary Gray.
March 15. Francis Hays and Catharine Bender.
March 26. John Flick and Elizabeth McCurdy.
May 16. George I. Diller and Mary Kreider (married by Rev. I Diller).
Sept. 19. Thomas Potter and Sarah Jane Hall.
Nov. 23. Solomon Zarbaugh and Matilda Wirt.


Feb. 1. Lewis P. Pierce and Susan Kerr.
Feb. 13. Henry Glass and Mary Culbertson.
Feb. 13. Joseph B. Baker and Anne Hopkins.
March 7. Samuel D. Pettit and Henrietta A. Conner.
June 1. Amose E. Cochran and Barbara Sides.
July 18. George W. Sweigart and Martha Walton.
Sept. 17. Asa M. Hart and Susan B. Mayer.
Sept 17. John Cox and Rebecca Lightner (by Rev. E.Y. Buchanan).


Feb. 4. Edward Shippen Hubley and Elizabeth Sabina Melvin.
Aug. 19. Francis Lasher and Susan Fahnestock.
Aug. 31. George W. Floyd and Sarah Ann Mills.
Sept. 9. Henry Wright and Georgianne Melvin.
Oct. 2. Samuel Greist and Mary Johnston.
Oct. 21. Jacob Frantz and Ann Frick.
Oct. 21. Simon Hostetter and Mary Ann Frantz.


Jan. 18. Wilson Durnall and Margaret Lefevre.
Jan. 23. Jacob S. Haldeman and Caroline R. Hummel.
Feb. 3. Emanuel c. Reigart and Henrietta Reigart.
June 11. Samuel Diller and Elizabeth Hoover.
June 20. Edward C. Darlington and Emily Franklin.
Aug. __. John G. Barton and Maria Musser (by Rev. W.A. Muhlenberg, D.D.).
Sept 3. James Tomlinson and Maria Hornberger.
Oct. 4. Archibald H. Maxwell and Barbara Hoover.
Oct. 8. William Mitchell and Lydia A. Kirk.
Dec. 1. Archibald Benine and Elizabeth Sylleberger.


Jan. 26. William O. Gilbert and Grace A. Barclay.
Feb. 25. Henry Brackbill and Maria Eby.
Aug. 8. William Kirkpatrick and Margaret Robinson
Sept. 5. John Farrelly and Rosanna Quinn.
Nov. 24. Israel C. Hutchinson and Christianna Nieffer.


April 13. Harmany A. Smith and Augelica K. eicholtz.
May 2. John Wilson and Susan Hoover.
June 8. John Emmons and Martha Evans.
July 5. John Philip Hiesther and Caroline Amelia Musser.
Oct. 2. Michael Hanlen and Anne rosanne Messersmith.
Oct. 10. LaFayette Iliener and Anna R. rogers.
Oct. 24. Amos F. Herr and Ann M. Frantz.
Nov. 14. David G. Eshleman and Caroline O. Carpenter.


March 27. Thomas M. Moor and Emmiline Ricker.
June 6. Isaac Diller and Ann M. Frey.
July 24. William Kautz and Margaret Emmet.
Aug. 30. Charles F.H. Campbell and Charlotte A. Nevins.
Sept. 18. William Wilson and Ann cory.
Dec. 4. George Gildersleve and Jane Reynolds.


Jan. 31. Frederick Lorentz and Margaret Shufflebottom.
March 29. Samuel Hine and Elizabeth Rose.
May 8. I. bowman Bell and Mary Eliza Hayes.
May 8. John B. Markley and Maria L. Frey.
May 14. John Pennock and Hannah Best.
June 23. John Defrance and Mary Jane Smith.
Sept. 16. Alexander St. Clair and Mary Queen
Oct. 1. James Magee Blackwell and Martha Maria Bryan.
Oct. 1. Tobias H. Miller and Charlotte Jeffries.
Oct. 15. Frederick Seeger Ellmaker and Maria E. Lightner.
Oct. 15 James R. Marion and Margaret King
Oct. 16. James Lincoln Jones and Martha Ann McLellan.
Dec. 31. Joseph Clarkson and Mary Jane Simpson.


Jan. 23. Titus S. Emery and Annie Witmer
June 5. Isaac Troup and Sarah H. McGonigle.
July 3. Thomas Knight and Sarah Hornberger.
Aug. 19. Charles Wilson and Ann King.
Sept. 16. Andrew Emmert and Ann Hershey.
Nov. 16. James Jeffries and Ann Royer.
Dec. 25. Henry B. Myers and Mary Reese.


Jan. 10. John M. Fluent and Maria L. Brooks
July 28. Thomas H. McConaghy and Olive Kimes.
Sept 16. James Tomlinson and Rebecca Jane Coyn.
Oct. 21. Joseph Gingerich and Catharine Sergeant.
Dec. 21. James N. Coyle and Susan Lewerp.
Dec. 22. Thomas Kenworthy and Ann Reilly.


Feb. 10 George I. Duff and Anna E Vogdes.
May 10. William Russell and Mary Grace Mayer.
July 23. Jacob Koyle and Bridget Judge.
Aug. 3. Jacob Highstreet and Sarah Stanton.
Sept. 15. Jacob B. Miller and Fianna Feiermeier.
Sept. 18. Thomas Jefferies and Catharine Marzall.
Oct. 27. John A. Galbraith and Matilda kerr.
Nov. 3. Richard Parker and Thomas A. Sedres.


Feb. 9. William Cosgrove and Ellen Milligan.
April 26. Joseph Wilson and Jane Hall.
May 3. John Able and Emmeline Davis.
July 4. William Griffith and Jane Reese.
Oct. 8. Lawrence Mathews and Ann Wilson.


Jan. 14. James Mooney and Elizabeth Cormeny.
June 28. Isacc N. Ellmaker and Emma Fahnestock.
Aug. 9. John Wilson and Ann Eliza Clinger.
Nov. 13. John Light Atlee and Katharine Brien Rogers.
Nov. 20. Robert Clarkson and Maria R. Linday.
Nov. 27. Thomas Taggart and Ann Graham.


March 5. Samuel H. Slaymaker and Anna C. Reigart.
March 27. Rev. Henry A Coit and Mary B. Wheeler.
April 17. Thomas McGinnis and Sarah Powell.
June 25. Thomas Mack and Hannah Morrison.
Oct. 21. Henry A. Frink and Jane L. Hamersly.
Oct. 23. Dannis Marion and Margaret A. Smith.
Oct. 28. Nathaniel Trout and Susan Shultz.
Nov. 12. William P. Brinton and Susan M. Reigart.

SOURCE: Annual Volume, 1897; Notes and queries historical, biographical, and genealogical, relating chiefly to interior Pennsylvania: William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A.