Miller surname Will extracts, Lancaster County

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(From Original Records.)

Michael Miller. 23 March, 1737, 26 August, 1739.

wife Barbara

son Jacob
and other children

Leonard Miller of Warwick township, 2 November, 1761, 28 November. 1761.

wife Barbara
son Jacob
son Leonard
son Andreas
son Christopher
daughter Susanna
daughter Sophia
daughter Elizabeth
daughter Barbara
daughter Catherine

Felix Miller of Lebanon township, 18 December, 1769, 9 Jan., 1770.

son Charles
daughter Susanna
daughter Margaret
Henry Miller, executor

Mathias Miller of Hempfield township, 1 May, 1770 26 May, 1770.

written in high Dutch

wife Catherine
daughter Elizabeth
brother Jacob

Martin Miller of Bethel township, 29 January, 1770, 28 July, 1770.

wife Agnes
daughter Agnes
six children

Nicholas Miller of Heidleburg township, 1 March, 1778, 7 March. 1778.

son Nicholas
son Valentine
son Jacob
daughter Elizabeth

Michael Miller, 8 February, 1779, 10 October, 1785.

son Elon
son Joas
son-in-law, George Finn
grand-daughter Mary Grossman

Michael Miller of Donigal township, 18 September, 1774, 10 October, 1774.

wife Mathena
daughter Eve

Leonard Miller of Earle township, 8 December, 1784, 7 June. 1785.
wife Sophia
daughter Elenora, wife of Michael Schneider
daughter Dorothea, wife of Phillip Schneider
daughter Sophia, wife of Peter Grime
daughter Christina, wife of Henry Grime
daughter Catherine, widow of Frederick Sheetz

John Miller of Manor township, 6 June, 1787, 25 Aug., 1787.

wife Mary
eldest son Tobias
son John
daughter Susanna

Henry Musser and John Stouffer, executors

Christian Miller of Hempfield township, 2 October, 1795, 30 December, 17,95.
son David

deceased son Christian

Michael Miller of Warwick township, 6 May, 1806, 3 December, 1814.

wife Maria
son Michael and wife Catherine
daughter Mary, wife of Henry Strohm
daughter Anna, wife of David Royer
daughter Barbara Schaeffer, widow
children of deceased daughter Elizabeth

Margaret Miller of Lancaster Borough, 22 February. 1801, 15 February, 1809.

John Lambert
Michael Lambert
William Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert
Mary Lambert
Sabina Lambert
Charlotte Lambert
Rebecca Lambert

Martin Miller of Warwick township, 5 May, 1815, 5 July. 1815.

wife Magdalena
brother Henry Miller
brother Samuel Miller
sister Susanna, wife of Christian Rohrer

Margaret Miller, widow of Leonard, 6 October, 1825. 10 November. 1830

son Leonard
son George
daughter Catherine, wife of John Shiffler
daughter Barbara, wife of John Brecht  

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 10, October 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry