Blake Graveyard, Fulton Township

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Blake Graveyard
Lancaster County Pennsylvania

The Blake graveyard is located on the east side of Cherry Hill road, behind the Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery. That church owns the land this graveyard is on.

Gravestone inscriptions are available at LCHS, but only one stone was visible in 1981.

Submitted courtesy of Southern Lancaster County Historical Society,
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Typed by Marie Malark


One monument with the following inscriptions one each side

#1 Lorenze BLAKE
Died April 25, 1851 age 39 years

#2 Nathan BLAKE
Died April 12, 1857 age 34 years

#3 Mary BLAKE
Died July 17, 1845 age 67 years

#4 Asbury BLAKE
Died July 3, 1866 age 58 years

Contributed by Southern Lancaster County Historical Society