Baughman Burying Ground, Bart Township

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Baughman Burying Ground
Bart Township
Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Indexed from the original document ( original arranged by grave location ) produced by the Baughman Burying Ground Association.

Indexed Jan 2000 by Robert L. Ballantyne, 4th-Great Grandson of Jacob Baughman ( 1764 - 1800 )

This cemetery is located near a hill top about 250 yards northeast of the intersection of Featherbed Road and Georgetown Road ( Pa Rtes 372 and 896 ). The intersection is about half way along the highway section that carries both state routes. The cemetery was originally recorded using a grid system. It is a rectangular, fully walled cemetery with the gate in the center of the west wall ( which runs north and south ). The cemetery is bisected by a "Central Path" that runs directly east from the gate. Each row is numbered and each grave is then lettered on the original document. The lowest letter grave in each row (A) is at the north wall. The letters then increase southward (which is also downhill ) to the south wall. The Center Path passes generally between graves G and H in each row.

Access has been granted by the land owner, an Amish farmer, as of January, 2000.

This is an alphabetical index by surname, but the name is recorded as on the stone, along with appropriate dates that are on the stone. Following the inscription the grave location is given. Example: 01E is grave E in row

1. Row 1 is just inside the gate.

The Index:

Daniel Ault d 14 Mar 1861 age 77y 27d

Frances Ault d 13 Sep 1814 age 3y 7m 25d dau Daniel and Margaret Ault 11H

Frances Ault d 11 Mar 1816 age 72y wf Mathias Ault 11L

Infant Ault d 5 Jun 1863 age 15d 11M

Infant(?) Ault d 24 Feb 1863

Margaret Ault 23 Sep 1854 age 74y wf Daniel Ault 11J

Mathias Ault d 19 Sep 1821 age 106yr 11m 11K

Mathias Ault Jr. b 7 Apr 1814 d 13 Oct 1892 age 78y 6m 6d (Common headstone with Mathias Ault, 11K)

Barbara Bachman ( in German ): b 17 Mar 1785, died aged 3y 3w 5d. 01B

George I. Bachman 03? A stone is missing from a horizontal marble slab that holds Susan Bachman's stone at 03J, and is probably where this person's missing stone should be.

Henrich Bachman ( in German ): b 1 Sep 1787, d aged 7m 1w 6d. 01C

Infant Bachman dau Jacob and Catherine Bachman d 27 Oct 1837 06? ( E?)

Infant Bachman dau Henry and Mary A. Bachman d 10? Sep 1868 age 11d 06? ( F? )

Jacob Bachman ( in German ): born on 9 August 1771: age 11 month, 3 weeks, 5 days. 01A

Jacob Bachman ( in German): b 1 Apr 1789 d aged 3y 8m 15d. 01D

Jacob Bachman b 13 Jun 1817 d 11 Sep 1855 age 38y 3m 8d 03N

Susan Bachman b 27 Jan 1792 d 13 May 1869 age 77y 3m 16d wf George I. Bachman 03J

Anna Baughman d 10 Mar 1843, age 78y, wf Jacob Baughman 01H

Elizabeth Baughman d 19 Oct 1832 age 79y 17J

Elizabeth P. Baughman d 12 Dec 1863 age 60y wf Jacob Baughman 16B

George Baughman d 5 Oct 1822 age 72y 17K

Hannah P Baughman d 29 Nov 1891 age 86y 7m 9d wf (3) Samuel Baughman 01M

Isabella Baughman d 23 Oct 1841 age 42y 3m 9d wf (1) of Samuel Baughman 01J

Jacob Baughman d 20 Jun 1800, age 36y 01I

Jacob Baughman d 20 Apr 1871 72y 16A

Joseph Baughman b 2 Oct 1794 d 19 Apr 1875 age 80y 6m 17d 17M

Margaret Kier Baughman b 7 Nov 1794 d 2 Nov 1864 age 70 y wf of Joseph Baughman 17L

Rebecca Baughman d 6 Aug 1850 age 56y, wf (2) Samuel Baughman

Samuel Baughman d 29 Mar 1882 age 90y 7m 10d 01L

Samuel Henry Baughman d 11 Jan 1818 age 22y 1 m 11d 01N

Willie Baughman age 8m 23d "our son" 01J ( on the stone of the Isabella Baughman )

Elizabeth Bohonnon 22 Nov 1822 - 2 Jan 1846 dau Adam and Mary Pickel m of Alonzio Bohonnon 09H

Infant Cain s J. and S. Cain ( inscribed "Brother" at top ) 02S

Mary J. Cain 1830 - 1900 02T

John Cain d 25 Mar 1882 age 75y 02?

John G. Cain 1842 - 1903 02U ( This is believed to be the last interment in this cemetery. )

Salome Fogle Cain d 17 Feb 1898 age 94y 3m wf of John Cain 02R

Christianna Donley d 13 Apr 1859 age 69y wf Hugh Donley 06H

Hugh Donley d 21 Jun 1828 age 15m 11d 06I

Christiana Donnelly d 18 Sep 1825 19m 6d 06G

Henry Doughty b 22 Jan 1792 d 13 Jan 1848 age 56y 12C

Sarah Doughty b 6 Feb 1791 d 23 May 1889 wf Henry Doughty 12D

Adam Draucker d 21 Dec 1832 age 82y 12d 14H

Adam Draucker d 30 Nov 1855 age 60y 6m 14d 13F ( May have been moved from 13G )

Catherine Draucker d 25 May 1876 age 87y 4m 10d wf Adam Draucker 13G

Sarah Draucker d 14 Apr 1851 age 90y 8m 12d wf of Adam Draucker ( @ 14H ) 14I

Susan Kearns Drucker d 26 Feb 1821 age 37y 16d wf Balzer Draucker, dau

Jacob Kearns 14E

Catherine Eckman d 15 Aug 1830 16y 3m ?d dau John and Elizabeth Eckman 15J

Elizabeth Eckman d 2 Mar 1827 age 41y 4m 9d wf John Eckman 15I

Anna Fogle b 25 Oct 1814, d 29 Nov 1882 wf John G. Fogle 02P

Anna Maria Fogle d 17 Dec 1808 age 19y 2m 11d wf of Adam Fogle 01G

Barbara Goist Fogle d 8Oct 1857 age 82y 7m 6d wf of George Fogle 01K

George Fogle d 16 Nov 1854, 82y 02L

J Lewis Fogle d 11 Jan 1860 s John G. and Anna Fogle 02N

John G. Fogle b 21 Sep 1815 d 21 Feb 1877 62y 02Q

Phebe Fogle d 15 Dec 1867 age 16y dau John G. and Anne Fogle 02M

William Marsh Fogle: There is a stone at 02O labeled W.M.F. d 2 Mar 1869 age 8y s John G. and Anna Fogle that may be that of a William Marsh Fogle )

Hannah M. Gilleland d 20 Jul 1828 age 2y dau James and Leah Gilleland 06? ( B or C? )

John T. Heidelbaugh b 10 Oct 1833 d 24 Dec 1845 03R

Margaret Heidelbaugh b 20 Oct 1802 d 15 Oct 1833 wf John Heidelbaugh 03Q

Ralph Jenkins d 22 Aug 1848 age 99 years 06O

Susan Jenkins d 17 Apr 1854 age 68y 9m 10d wf Ralph 06P

Eva Anna Johnson b 21 Feb 1778 d 8 Feb 1856 wf Samuel Johnson 10C

Daniel Johnson b 30 Nov 1806 d 26 Sep 1896 age 89y 9m 27d 10H

Infant Johnson son Samuel and Eva Anna Johnson 10E

Infant Johnson son Samuel and Ann Johnson 10F

Samuel Johnson b 3 Nov 1775 d 24 Aug 1836 10D

Samuel Johnson d 29 May 1864 age 49y 3m 26d 10G

Susanna Johnson b 24 Feb 1810 d 10 Sep 1893 age 83y 6m 17d 10B

Barbara Kearns d 11 Nov 1832 age 81y wf Jacob Kearns 14C

Jacob Kearns d 11 Nov 1825 83y 14D

John Keyser d 28 Sep 1849 age 53y 6m 2d 04H

Anna Kiser b 6 Mar 1791 d 5 Oct 1871 age 81y 17N

Jacob Edmund Lefever b 7 Sep 1853 d 17 Oct 1854 s Henry and Hannah A. Lefever 03L

Martha K. McCord d 21 Mar 1851 age 11y 16d dau Jacob and Elizabeth McCord 05O

Elizabeth McKennon d 2 Mar 1827 wf John McKennon

Adam McKissick ( There is a stone at 14M with an unreadable last name that

is possibly an Adam McKissick d 26 Jan ??? age 22y 16d ) 14M

Arthur McKissick b 10 Apr 1783 d 10 Oct 1863 age 84y 6m 14N

Mary McKissick d 27 May 1851 age 62y 17d wf Guthrie McKissick 14L

Mary D. McKissick ( See Mary D. Moore )

Harriet Miller d 6 Feb 1848 age 5y 5m 19d dau Augustus and Mary Miller 13A or 14A

William T ( or J ) Miller d 25 Jan 1816 age 80y 3m 3d 13R

Mary D. McKissick Moore b 26 Nov 1814 d 23 Sep 1889 dau Arthur and Mary McKissisk 14O

Catherine Petre d 4 Mar 1838 age 53y wf George Petre 09M

George Petre d 11? Mar 1837 age 37y 09N

Adam Pickel d 25 Nov 1825 age 63 y hus Mary Pickel 08G

Barbara Pickel d 28 Oct 1842 age 86y 15G

Elizabeth Pickel d 22 May 1859 age 72y 3m 18d wf of Samuel Pickel 08O

George Pickel d 2 Jun 1859 age 74y 15A

Henry Pickel d 10 Oct 1827 age 74y 15H

Joseph S. Pickel d 11 Sep 1844 age 7d s Leonard and Mary Pickel 06L

Infant Pickel dau Jonas and Elizabeth Pickel d 27 Mar? 1845 06J

Margaret Pickel b 25 Sep 1809 d 14 Apr 1882 age 73y 6m 20d "Our Sister" 08Q

Margaret Pickel d 25 Aug 1853 age 75y wf George Pickel 15B

Mary Pickel d 30 Oct 1843 age 82y 08H

Rachel Elizabeth Pickel d 21 Jul 1812 age 8wk dau Leonard and Mary Pickel 06L

Samuel Pickel d 9 Feb 1864 age 74y 5m 6d 08P

Uriah H. Pickel d 14 Sep 1828, age 2y s Adam Jr. and Sarah Pickel 08I

Hannah Quigg d 8 Jun 1851 age 68y 23d wf James M. Quigg 16H

James Quigg d 19 Aug 1825 age 4y 3m 27d s James M. Quigg and Hannah Quigg 16J

James M. Quigg d 19 Apr 1845 age 68y 3m 16I

Ana Elizabeth Ritz b 2 Sep 1763 d 2 Jan 1839 wf Simon Ritz 16C

Ann Elizabeth Ritz b 23 Sept 1765 d 1830 61y 5m 11 wk 18d wf Simon Ritz 03B

George W. Ritz d 16 Apr 1819 1y 1m 8d s Jacob and Susan 16D

Jacob Ritz d 25 Feb 1858 age 65 y 6m 16d 13J

Margaret Jane Ritz d 19 Feb 1833 age 1 y 10m 11d 13M

Simon Ritz b 3 Nov 1760 d 31 May 1823 62y 4m 23d 03A

Susan Ritz d 15 Aug 1871 age 74 5m 29d wf Jacob Ritz 13I

Susanna Ritz d 29 Jan 1832 age 21y 20m 11d dau Jacob and Susan Ritz 13N

Elizabeth Rockey b 30 Oct 1780 d 9 Oct 1799 age 18y 11m 9d wf Peter Rockey 01F

Peter Rockey b 6 Apr 1773, d 10 Aug 1824 age 52y 01G

Anna Mary Smoker d 6 Apr 1834 age 3m 5d dau Jacob and Sarah Smoker 14B

George Smoker d 18 Sep 1847 age 81yr 9m 2d 15C

Andrew Steward d 1 Feb 1841 age 75 yr 10I

Nancy Steward d 20 Jun 1861 age 100 yrs ( common headstone with Andrew at 10I )

Felix Waggoner d 24 Feb 1815 age 55y 7m 16d (17A)

Calib George Warner d 6 Apr 1851 2y 5m 3d s William and Elizabeth Ann Warner 06D

George Williams 20 may 1816 - 7 Jan 1845 hus Leah Williams 06A