1798 Shins Tax Record Transcript

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Shins Tax Record Transcript

1798 PA tax records for Whitely Townsp.Greene County, under description of all lands, lots and buildings,third assessment of Ninth Div. State of PA:

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No Name Owner #of dwellinghouses/
outhouses not exceeding 100 dollars
Dimensions #of dwelling residences value Situation& adjoining Quanof land Valuationof each
#106 Shins, George Same 1 caben
1 caben
16 x 16
17 x 16
1 14 dollars
12 dollars
Alexander Log
George Yeager
129 acres 284 dollars
#130 Yager, George Same 1 caben
Kitchen caben
1 14 dollars
12 dollars
George Shins
Henry Dorrow
44 acres 114.02