Early Wills of Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Early Wills of Fayette County, Pennsylvania

1784, February 6. William Harrison of the county of Westmoreland. To wife Sarah, brother Benjamin, daughter Martha.

1783, December 6. Thomas Lawson. To wife and eight children, and to son John particularly.

1783, November 14. William Smith of the colony of Virginia. To son William Augustus, son Amos, daughter Mary Holton, son Joel.

1784, February 9. Nicholas Gilbert of German township. To wife Margaret, son Christian, and other children.

1784, April 10. David Hafield. To son Pete, wife Elizabeth, daughter Mary Catrin, son Matthias.

1783, May 17. Ann Connal of county of Westmoreland. To son John, son William, son James, daughters, Nancy and Polly.

1784, April 9. Ulrich Keener. To granddaughter Elizabeth, child of deceased son John ; son Samuel Keener, daughter Elizabeth Miller daughter Barbara Souter, sons Boston, David and Peter.

1784, April 24. John Peters. To wife and children, names not given.

1784, April 23. Providence Mounts of the county of Westmoreland. To wife Rachael, son Joseph, son Providence, sons William and Thomas, sons Caleb and Joshua, daughter Ann Anderson and Sarah White.

1784, June 19. George Williams of Fayette county. To wife Ann, sons Samuel and George, daughters Abigail and Elonar EfTe.

1784, June 7. John Hester. To wife Mary.

1784, September 19. Walter Brisco. To wife Elizabeth, son Stephen, and his daughters.

1784, September 20. George Clark of Augusta county, Virginia. To wife Mary, daughter Linne, brother Sam[uel, daughter Eleanor.

1784, October 25. Robert Smith. To wife Margret, son Robert, daughter Margret, son James, son George, daughter Mary.

1784, March 1. Peter Backus of Fayette county. To wife Sarah, nephew Peter, son of John, to Catherine widow of John, daughter Anna.

17S6, March 9. Peter Pickenbough of Fayette county. To wife Caterin, son Peter.

1781, October 18. Aaron Moore of the state of Virginia. To daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, sons Hosea, Aaron and Henry.

1786, December 14. John McDonald of Fayette county. To wife Mary, daughter Rachael, grandson John Springer.

1786, May 2. John Warum. To sons James, John and Joshua, daughter Mary, son Stephen.

1786, July 21. William Colvin of Fayette county. To sons William and Thomas, daughter Rachel, daughter Ruth Brashears, granddaughter Mary Davis, son-in-law James Lynch.

1787, February 6. Thomas Battin. To sons Thomas, Henry and Joseph, daughters Lydia, Elizabeth and Jemima.

1783, January 17. Thomas Gist of Bedford county. To brother Richard, sister Ann, daughter Elizabeth Johnson, sister Violet, brother Nathaniel.

1783, March 19. James McMillan of Sandy Creek. To sons Robert, William and James, daughters Margaret, Sarah and Elizabeth.

1788, April 21. John Wise. To wife Elizabeth, son John, daughters Doude, Rosina, and Elizabeth.

1788, May 1. Richard Robins. To wife Sarah, sons Daniel and Samuel, daughter Jemina.

1787, May 4. John Dean of Union township. To brothers Richard and John.

1787, September 20. Obadiah Truac. To son Obadiah, wife and four daughters.

1788, January 28. Philip Fought. To wife, sons William, George, Jarnes and Philip, six daughters.

1789, March 26. Hezekiah Magrudcr. To sister Susanna Covington, brother Leonard, brother James, "to my honored mother-in-law" Mrs. Margaret Hutton.

1789, April 4. Frederick Walzer. To wife Catherine, sons Peter aid Frederick.

1788, May 6. William Sparks of Frar.klin township. To wife Rachel, sens James, Isaac and John, daughters Rachel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann.

1789, July 23. John Pearce of the eoleny of Virginia, Augusta county. To grandson Daniel, son of Daniel ; to sons Isaac, Elisha, John and Joseph, daughters Mary Smith and Sarah Watkins.

1789, September 18. William Mackie. To wife Mary, daughter Nancy, sons John, William and James.

1790, March 8. Elijah Hartley. To wife Rachel, sons Mordeca, Elijah, and to his "girls."

1790, June 7. Jacob Hewitt. To wife Ruth, sons Ephriam, and Richard.

1790, July 15. James White. To sons James, John and Joseph, daugl ter Ruth.

1789, November 17. John Griffith. To John Daird, son of his sister; stepson Joseph Lewis, nephew Philip, niece Mary Griffith.

1789, August 14. Samuel Work. To sons Samuel and Joseph, daughter xebecca, sons Robert, John, Alexander and Andrew, daughter Jane.

1791, April 7. Brian Rabit. Estate to his friend James Death.

1791, December 4. Joshua Deweese of Kent county, Delaware. To wife Elizabeth, children Joshua, Elizabeth and Mary, to sons Thomas, Lewis, Samuel, William, James, Jethro and Joshua.

1792, January 7. John Kerr. To wife Elizabeth, sons Elisha, Absalom and Thomas.

1792, February 11. Arthur Watson. To wife Ledy, sons Benjamin, Arthur and James, daughter Hanny and Nancy.

1792, February 29. Jonathan Chambers. To wife Anne, and to Thomas and Pressly Chambers.

1790, October 21. Mary Highlands of Tyrone township. To daughters Elizabeth, Mary, sons James, Anthony, William, Andrew, Michael, Alexander, John and Robert.

1792, July 3. Samuel -Workman of Brownsville. To wife Nancy and two sons brother Hugh.

1792, July 18. Edward Tutle. To wife Margaret, son Francis, daughter Jane.

1791, October 17. Joshua Hunt. To wife and children.

1792, December 7. William Salisbury. To wife Sarah, sons Thomas, William, Samuel and James, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth.

1791, February 19. William Carson. To daughters, Elizabeth, Jane and Sarah, sons John, and Alexander.

1789, June 18. Andrew Byers. To wife Martha and sons Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Isaac and David.


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