Cedar Hill Cemetery - Section O

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This section is taken from pages 71 to 94 of the original History of Cedar Hill Cemetery that was not included in the reprint of 1987. Some of the names listed here may be listed in other sections if they have tombstones. I will give it the letter O in the index to stand for the original printing of the History of Cedar Hill Cemetery Aiken, Twin son d 9- 7-1882 12d s/o W. & Alice Aiken Albright, Harry Elias d 11-23-1885 6y 5m 28d s/o Henry Allen, C. C. Removed to cemetery 3-30-1881 Eliza Removed to cemetery 3-30-1881 Emma & child Removed to cemetery 3-30-1881 Sister of Eliza Mrs. Removed to cemetery 3-30-1881 William Removed to cemetery 3-30-1881. A soldier. Allison, A. B., Mrs. d 3- 8-1885 29yr Archibald Bigler d 5-14-1884 David Ustin d 4-17-1882 23y 10m s/o Archibald & Jane Elizabeth d 8- 3-1886 79y widow of soldier War 1812 Son d 10-16-1884 4 y s/o the late A. B. Allison William S. See Infant Hammersley Ash, Rev. Mr. See Mary Wilt Furst Bailey, Infant son d 8- 9-1887 5d s/o Henry Bailey Baney, Luther drowned 8-17-1869 age 12y Removed to cemetery 4-17-1881 Two children of Valentine removed to cemetery 4-11-1881 Valentine d 6-22-1881 Barner, Christian d 3-29-1884 67y 3m 7d H. A. d 4-22-1878 6y s/o William Barner J. L. d 4-22-1878 10y s/o William Barner Both died in one day, and buried in one grave Son Died at Renovo 4-14-1885 6m 7d s/o Nathaniel & Sade Barrett, Charles d 12-24-1883 Buried in Soldiers Square Bartholomew, Catherine d 9-28-1837 10m d/o G. & C. Bartholomew Catharine d 7-26-1881 77y w/o George Bartholomew Children 4 children of A. & S. Bartholomew George d 7- 3-1885 85y Henry Two children of Henry Bartholomew Jesse See Winnie Erie Etta McClintick Serena d 7-10-1871 w/o A. Bartholomew & d/o Thomas & Ann Furst Susannah d 1840 7wks d/o G. & C. Unknown person who was buried on top of Bartholomew child. Bechtol, Child d 3-30-1881 child/o Melchor Bechtol Freddy 6 weeks Infant/o Charles Melchor See Child Bechtol Mrs. d 1-31-1886 36y w/o Melchor Bechtol Beck, Child d 3-18-1881 child of Jeremiah Beck Jeremiah See Child Beck Bernau, Eddie d 11-10-1882 6m s/o Theo. Bernau Berry, Martha M. d 10- 3-1886 52y w/o Philip Berry Best, Catharine Maurer d 5-23-1863 52y w/o Samuel Best Her maiden name was Maurer. Removed to cemetery 1881 Elizabeth Krape d 5-15-1843 24y w/o Samuel Best Mary M. d 3-10-1865 80y 9m 23d w/o Peter Best Section 0 `Best, Peter d 9-20-1837 79y removed to cemetery 1-7-1881 Reuben d 10-30-1849 19y youngest s/o Peter & M. William A. d 4-15-1858 1y s/o J. W. & C. L. Best moved to cemetery Jan. 1881. Blint, Leonard, Sr. buried in cemetery 3-24-1884 Leonard d 6-19-1884 78y 2d Bowers, Eve, Mrs. d 8- 4-1884 23y 6m 6d w/o Henry Bowers J. D. d 4-10-1885 20y s/o Andrew Bowers Bressler, Agnes A. d 1863 10m d/o George & Josephine Bressler. Removed to cemetery Jan. 12, 1883 Brittian, J. Homer d 4-28-1885 25y s/o B. W. & E. Brittian. Grandson of Rev. Alem Brittian Brown, Dau. d 12- 2-1881 d/o David Brown David d Jan. 1878 Removed to cem. 5-11-1881 Miss Removed to cem. 6-25-1881 d/o Richard Brown Thomas d 8- 5-1884 77y Brumgard, A. J. d 1- 6-1882 37y 1m Dau. d 7-19-1881 2y d/o Simon & Catharine Infant Son d 9- 4-1881 2weeks s/o Jacob & Joana Brumgart, C. A. d 1-21-1887 1y 3m 1d d/o L. M. Brumgart Elizabeth d 7-25-1883 67y 4m 28d w/o Frederick Elizabeth d 8-26-1885 70y 1m 7d widow of the late George Brumgart Nora d 2-19-1886 10y d/o A. J. & Della Brumgart Burell, Dau. d 10-29-1881 3m s/o William J. & Sarah Samuel See Lula Kleckner Burk, Mrs. d 8-10-1884 w/o Rev. J. C. Burk & d/o Samuel Burrell. Died in Baltimore Burrell, S. P. d 12-27-1883 about 45y Samuel See Mrs. Burk Samuel Died at his residence, near Salona, Clinton county, PA 5-12- 1885 age 77y 6m. His wife was d/o Rev. Father Ilgen. Their children were Rev. J. Ilgen Burrell, one daughter was w/o Rev. Elias Studebaker, another was wife of Rev. T. C. Burke. Calista, John W. d 4-26-1861 5m 13d L. d 3-18-1862 Luther A. d 9- 5-1855 Clair, Almira T. d 5- 9-1886 37y 4m 23d w/o Robert Clair Clark, David McMicken d 1-30-1883 s/o Wm. W. & Mollie Clark Killed by Samuel E. Walker's team, driven by Samuel Emerick Eliza d 3-27-1884 74y w/o David Clark Confer, Clara May d 9-25-1882 6m d/o A. J. Confer Couplin, Mrs. w/o the late John Couplin Crispen, E. V. d 2-24-1884 32y 5m 18d Ellery Ellsworth d 6- 3-1885 11m s/o Harry Crispen Joseph Reese d 12-22-1884 40y Crotzer, Jonas See Wagner, Infant dau. Diven, Laura Ellen d 12-17-1881 7y 4m 19d d/o Rev. Wm. H. Diven and Sarah A. "Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Mark 10-14 Wm. H., Rev. See Mary Wilt Furst Donahay, Infant child/o James & Amelia Donahay Dornblazer, Emanuel d 2-28-1849 2y 6m s/o John & M. M. Mary C. d 11-25-1864 11y 7m 23d d/o John & M. M. Removed to cemetery 2-2-1881 Reuben d 2-26-1845 3days s/o John & M. M. Dornblazer. Removed to cemetery February 1881 Sarah Ellen d 2-20-1858 6m 9d s/o John & M. M. Earon, Child d 9-17-1884 2y Child of William Earon Eldred, Mary E. d 1- 7-1881 83y 4m 16d Died at residence of George Eldred Emerick, Samuel See David McMicken Clark Euler, Frank Removed to cemetery 4-29-1881 Everhart, Carrie d 7-17-1882 16y d/o Wm. M. & E. Everhart Fair, Sallie See Mary Wilt Furst Farley, Mabel Gay d. near Jersey Shore 8-14-1882 2y 2m d/o Joseph & Eliza Felmlee, Daniel d 12-30-1884 73y 8m 15d Removed to cemetery Jan. 1, 1885. Ferrer, Children (four) Four children of Jacob Ferrer buried in cemetery 3-30-1881 Jacob See Children Ferrer Fletcher, Mary Jane d 7- 9-1885 20y w/o L. W. Fletcher and daughter-in-law of Rev. Fletcher Frazier, Child d 3 1-1881 Child of William Frazier Frontz, Infant d 4-11-1885 Infant of William Frontz Mrs. d 5-26-1887 74y Furst, George d 9- 1-1884 71y Infant d 9-13-1881 2 weeks Child of Joseph R. Joseph R. See above M. L., Rev. See Mary Wilt Furst Mary (Wilt), Mrs. d 3-27-1885 80y 1m 15d Died at her residence in Salona, Clinton county, Rebecca d 8-28-1887 53y 9m 28d w/o B. F. Furst Robert Stewart d 3-31-1861 17y 6m 2d s/o George Furst Removed to cem. 12-3-1884 S. E., Rev. See Mary Wilt Furst Sallie A. m. Rev. M. W. Fair Samuel d 11- 9-1873 79y 6m 8d Garth, Mac. Drowned 9- 3-1885 6y s/o Hugh Garth Gearhart, Annie E. d 1-18-1881 2y 4m 19d s/o C. R. & Kate F. Geishbauch, Mrs. Removed to cemetery 6-25-1881 Glossner, Frederick d 9-16-1856 Removed to cemetery 4-26-1881 Goodfellow, John d 3-25-1886 41y Buried in Soldiers' Square Gummo, Dau. d 11-21-1881 4m 1d d/o Albert Gummo Infant d 8-12-1887 10d Child/o Joseph Gummo John See Caroline Worrick Little Son d 2-26-1884 18m s/o Al Gummo Hall, James d 6-10-1885 63y He was a Mexican soldier Mrs. James d 11-17-1886 60y Hamlin, J. Fletcher Died in Harrisburg 10- 6-1885 44y Hammersley, Infant d 9- 1-1881 3m child/o Mrs. Hammersley & Grandchild/o Wm. S. Allison Hanley, Miss Miss Hanley & child removed to cemetery 6-10-1881 Hare, Elizabeth d 11- 5-1884 32y d/o James Hare Harter, John See Caroline Worrick Sarah d 12- 2-1880 36y w/o Daniel Harter Hartman, Samuel See Caroline Worrick Haughawout, Dau. d 10- 7-1882 3 1/2y d/o Rev. Haughawout Hayes, Gilbert d 6-24-1881 92y John d 12-23-1882 79y 7m 14d Died at the residence of John McCaleb Sarah d 3-16-1882 57y s/o Gilbert & Elizabeth Heller, Louis S. d 2- 3-1885 44y 10m 6d Died at Williamsport. Was a member of the Reformed Church 28 years. Sarah See Solomon Moor Hickoff, Homer R. d 2-17-1884 26y tm 27d Hills, Ellen Catharine d 9- 7-1881 47y 9m 11d w/o G. M. Hills Houtz, Charles Alfred d 4-22-1882 16m s/o Jonathan & Sarah Hubbard, Catharine mother & dau. removed from Bald Eagle 3-17-1881 Hannah mother & dau. removed from Bald Eagle 3-17-1881 Sarah Eliza d 2-14-1881 12y 20m William d 12-31-1882 23y Huff, William Hepburn d 9-14-1884 4m 9d s/o Joseph & Ella C. Huff Hulbert, _______ d 5- 8-1884 9m d/o Al Hulbert Hunsicker, Jacob d 1853 76y Hunter, Child d 5-24-1884 Child of William Hunter Clara R. d 1-23-1884 20y 4m 14d w/o Wm. Hunter Dau & Son d 1870 children of John Hunter buried in cemetery May 7, 1883 S. H. d 4- 1-1883 72y 1m 28d Hutchison, Infant son d 12- 3-1886 11d s/o Doc. Hutchison Irvin, Elizabeth d 4-19-1870 74y 10m 19d Robert A. d 2- 1-1852 3y 11m s.o James W. Irvin Willard S. d 1-26-1882 2y 1m 11d s/o J. W. & Rebecca All the above Irvin family removed to cemetery July 1887. Irwin, Son Died at Mill Hall 5- 9-1885 6y s/o A. Irwin Karstetter, Infant d 2-23-1883 10d Infant of Wm. Karstetter & May Mayes Kleckner, Lula d 10-31-1880 19y 9m granddaughter of Samuel Burell Knights, Catharine d 8-28-1867 51y w/o George Knights, d/o John Snyder. Buried in cemetery 10-8-1880 George Removed to cemetery 10-8-1880 Krape, Elizabeth See Elizabeth Krape Best Mary S. d 10-15-1851 2y 27d d/o George & Ann Krape & grandchild of Peter Best Mrs. d 2-26-1884 w/o Jacob Krape & d/o Peter Seyler Krider, John Two children of John Krider d. 6-20-1881 Kridler, Betsey See Elizabeth Mackey Child d 3-27-1887 8m Child/o Abram Kridler Elizabeth Leichty d 10-25-1880 70y Miss d 10-14-1885 19y 5m 13d d/o A. Kridler William d 10-10-1884 42y Leichty, Elizabeth See Elizabeth Leichty Kridler Leidy, John, Lt. d 9-12-1887 75y 3m 12d He went to the army when he was fifty-one years of age, and was Lt. of Co. E. 7th Pa. Cav. He was stricken with paralysis, and lingered for six years and seven months. Lingle, Infant d 2-12-1886 Infant/o Joe & Jose Lingle Llewellyn, L. d 1- 7-1886 Soldier in Co. E. 7th PA Cav. Logan, Brison All of Brittan the Logans Charlotte listed were David removed to the George cemetery October, 1881 John F. s/o David Logan, Jr. Lowry, Isaac removed to cemetery 3-28-1881 Jacob, Mrs. See Solomon Moor McClain, Daniel d 12-14-1884 57y 6m 15d McClintick, Winnie Erie Etta d 9- 5-1880 11m 20d granddaughter of Jesse Laubach McClintock, Little dau.of Wm. & Sue McClintock removed to cem from M. E. graveyard. Sue d 7- 8-1881 59y w/o William McClintock William d 3-24-1887 64y 1m McCormick, Delinda See below J. F. See below Two children Removed to cem. 5-18-1881 children/o J. F. & Delinda McDonald, Charlie Vernon d 12- 4-1881 2y 11m McDowell, George M. d 4-13-1885 73y 6m 19d He was the 700th person buried in the Cemetery William died at Mr. Bell's. Buried in Cemetery 3-26-1881 McGuire, Elizabeth Taken to cemetery 4-29-1881 d/o George McGuire George Taken to cemetery 4-29-1881 John Taken to cemetery 4-29-1881 s/o George McGuire Sister Taken to cemetery 4-29-1881 sister of George McG. Mackey, Elizabeth d 10-18-1886 83y Known as Betsey Kridler McKinney, Child Removed to cemetery April 1881 s/o Jacob McKinney Jacob See Child McKinney McNaul, Elizabeth d 4- 6-1883 56y 11m 3d w/o John McNaul Mantle, Mr. & Mrs. English people taken to the cemetery March, 1881. Masden, Sarah d 9- 6-1876 65y Removed to cem. 10-27-1885 Maurer, Catharine See Catharine Maurer Best Mayes, May See Karstetter, Infant Miller, Daniel & two sons buried in cemetery Feb. 18, 1881 Edgar H. d 12- 2-1886 2y 2m s/o Jacob H. & N. J. Miller Eugene Hammond born Salona 7-6-1879 d Columbia City, Ind. 12-25-1882 3y 5m 19d s/o J. H. and N. J. Miller Johnnie d 11-12-1883 13y s/o Josiah & Rachael Miller Samuel Edgar drowned in Mill Hall 5-29-1881 1y 8m 21d s/o A. H. Miller Milligan, Infant buried 5-20-1882 Milligen, Mrs. d 5-13-1881 w/o Joseph Milligen Moor, Mrs. & Child buried in cementery 1881 w/o Edward Moor Solomon Father of Mrs.Jacob Lowry& Mrs.Sarah Heller& child of Sarah Heller Myers, Robbie d 1-31-1884 27y 1m 17d Neff, C. Child of C. Neff removed to cemetery 6-10-1881 Niffer, Charlotte buried in cemetery 3-24-1884 Nixon, William d 3- 6-1887 78y Palmer, Solomon Removed to cemetery from Bald Eagle 5-5-1881 A soldier Paul, Infant d 3- 2-1884 Child of Lincoln Paul Pollock, Sarah d 8-14-1883 60y w/o T. M. Pollock Thomas M. d 1- 3-1882 58y Porter, Grandchild February 1881 grandchild of Samuel Porter J. H. See Caroline Worrick Power, Alice Removed to cemetery 6-23-1881 Power, Child d 1869 child of Frederick Power Thomas & wife Removed to cemetery 6-23-1881 William Removed to cemetery 6-23-1881 Powers, George d 1-13-1884 83y Quiggle, Dau. d 11- 4-1881 2m 16d d/o George & Emma Reed, Amanda L. d 1- 3-1885 58y 6m 2d d/o Wm. Reed Reish, Dora Catharine d 4- 6-1882 15y 6m 23d s/o Isaac Reish Infant dau. d 11-25-1882 6m d/o Joel Reish Lula d 8-27-1882 11y 7m 29d s/o Joel Reish She was visiting the family of John Yearick, Porter twp and died at the residence of said Yearick Ricker, Sarah J. d 7- 7-1885 55y w/o Jacob Ricker. She died on her birthday. Rodgers, Mary Josephine buried beside her mother 8-11-1887. aged 43y w/o Ellis Rodgers & daughter of J. C. McGhee. Ross, Mrs. d 3-15-1884 39y w/o James Ross Rosser, John d 8- 1-1876 some 60y Removed to cemetery 7-19-1881 Mary d 7-16-1881 3y d/o Oliver Rosser Mary d 1859 11m 15d d/o John Rosser Removed to cem. from Bald Eagle 7-19-1881 Mary, Mrs. d 6-25-1885 71y 3m 15d Oliver d 1- 9-1884 38y Died Washington, D. C. Rote, Mr. Removed to cemetery 6-10-1881 Susan, Mrs. d 11-23-1883 about 70y w/o late Griffin Rote Royer, Samuel, Mrs. d 11- 6-1885 57y moved to Lewisburg, PA Seyler, Effie Matilda d 8-21-1887 1y 10m d/o Luther Seyler Mrs. & child Mother of Joesph & William Seyler removed to cemetery 6-23-1881 Peter See Mrs. Krape Willie d 6-20-1882 3y s.o Wm. & C. Seyler Shaffer, Bennie d 10-19-1883 1y s/o William & Blanch Infant son d 10- 8-1880 age 4 m s/o J. J. Shaffer Sharrer, Family Sharrer & wife, two daughters, four grandchildren. The children were named Narhood. Sallie d 12-21-1886 77y 7m 1d Shearer, Infant d 2- 1-1882 Infant/o John & V. Shearer Sheats, Elizabeth d 10- 2-1885 71y 8d w/o C. Sheats d/o the late John Snyder Shoff, Ella d 1-26-1883 23y 1m 27d d/o Abram Shoff Henry d 11- 6-1885 30y s/o A. Shoff Infant Son d 1-23-1881 5w s/o Wilson Shoff Sigmund, Catharine Ann d 4-16-1887 62y 3m w/o J. C. Sigmund Samuel F. d 2- 1-1883 84y 4m 13d Sitler, William d 4- 8-1884 23y Smith, Jennie d 7-20-1882 34y John D. L. d 12- 3-1886 61y 10m Maria w/o J. D. L. Smith Smull, Martin Dumm d 7- 2-1882 10m 7d s/o T. J. Smull Snavely, George d 1853 buried in cemetery 2-24-1881 Snyder, Abe d 5- 6-1882 47y s/o Henry Snyder Henry d 12- 1-1885 85y Son s/o Henry Snyder Solt, John See Mrs. Amanda Swavely Stahl, W. child of M. G. & Emma Stahl Statten, Daughter d 9-11-1885 12 4m 25d d/o Abel Statten Stephenson, Dau d 9-23-1884 5y d/o Frank Stephenson Robbie d 12-23-1880 20m s/o R. T. Stephenson William d 11-19-1884 72y Stoner, Hines See Almena Troxell Hines d 11- 2-1883 73y 11m Infant d 9-30-1883 5m child/o William Stoner Infant d 8-22-1884 child/o William Stoner Stover, J. H. & brother & little sister Removed to cemetery from Bald Eagle 12-10-1886 Samuel R. d 5-18-1887 69y Strunk, William & wife buried in cemetery 1881 Swavely, Amanda, Mrs. d 8-17-1887 32y 4m 28d w/o M. Swavely & d/o John Solt Switzer, G. G., Mrs. d 9-28-1883 42y 6m 7d Lillie d 8- 9-1885 22y d/o George Switzer Thompson, Hannah d 2-17-1886 93y 7m 27d William d 7-28-1886 71y s/o Moses & Hannah Toner, Ben d 3- 9-1885 36y Thomas Jefferson d 11- 9-1880 in Wayne Twp. aged 73y Troxell, Almena, Mrs. d 8- 1-1883 47y d/o Himes Stoner Wagner, Infant Dau. d 2- 9-1883 3m d/o Geo. Wagner & granddaughter of Jonas Crotzer Jennie d 12-21-1883 7y d/o J. D. & Nancy Wagner John d 12-27-1883 5y s/o J. D. & Nancy Wagner Walizer, James s/o Daniel removed to cemetery 6-10-1881 Walker, J. W. d 2-17-1887 79y 1m 22d Mrs. d 3-31-1887 65y w/o James Wells Walker Samuel E. See David McMicken Clark Samuel E., Mrs. d 7- 6-1886 45y Gored by bull. Details of death listed. Welsh, Infant twin son d 9- 5-1886 6 weeks s/o J. Heb. Welsh Infant twin d 9-21-1886 s/o J. Heb. Welsh Jane d 3-19-1883 22y d/o Heb. Welsh Welsh, Mrs. & Child buried in cemetery 1-25-1881 w/o J. H. Welsh Nathan d 10-23-1867 37y 2m 12d Removed to cemetery 7-18-1887 Temperance d 5- 7-1883 59y White, Hugh d 1864 76yr removed to cem. 5-18-1881 Martha d 1826 removed to cemetery 5-18-1881 William d 1856 36y s/o Hugh & Martha White Wickle, Harry L. d 8-13-1882 s/o M. Wickle Wilson, Infant d 11-25-1881 Infant/o John A. Wilson-Mill Hall Lizzie Dell d at Whetherly in 1869 and brought to cemetery 3-1-1883 d/o Rev. James T. & Lou Wilson aged 7y Mrs. buried Sunday 12-26-1880 74y w/o J. H. Wilson of Mill Hall Willie age 20m same as Lizzie Dell Wilt, Mary See Mary Wilt Furst Wirts, Child and grandchild Wirtz, Sarah, Mrs. d 1-16-1884 58y 9m 8d Wolf, Pauline buried in cemetery February 1881 d/o Daniel Wolf Worrick, Caroline, Mrs. d 8-16-1884 78y 8m w/o Hon. George Worrick Pall bearers: John Gummo, Samuel Hartman, J. H. Porter, John Harter Worrick, Child d 4-19-1883 5m child/o Hugh Worrick George, Hon d 1-22-1886 79y 1m Yager, Andrew Removed to cemetery 4-4-1881 Mrs. Removed to cemetery 4-4-1881 w/o Andrew Yager Yearick, John See Lula Reish Zeigler, Peter d 11-12-1881 48y

Transcribed by John J. Johnstonbaugh and Vivian Johnstonbaugh Welch