Brown School Cemetery, Bald Eagle Township, Clinton County

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Brown School Cemetery, Bald Eagle Township
Clinton County Pennsylvania

Transcribed by John J. Johnstonbaugh

Achuff, Anna 1871
Adams, Grace d 7-25-1889 3m d/o W. Y. & S. C. Adams
Adams, Harry d 2-21-1874 2m s/o W. Y. & S. C. Adams
Adams, Infant Dau. d 10- 1-1874 d/o W. Y. & S. C. Adams
Berry, Chester S. d 8- 5-1864 14y 1m 16d s/o J. H. & E. M. Berry
Berry, John d 4-20-1899 Age ?
Berry, Margaret d 5-23-1881 83y
Berry, Rosie M. d 9- 6-1867? 9m 27d d/o P. & M. E. Berry
Bottorf, George J. d 11-15-1855 25y 5m 5d s/o C. & H. Buottorf
Brewer, Sameul Co. G. 52D PA Inf.
Bulock, Hannah d 2- 9-1890 74y 3m 3d w/o Samuel Bulock
Bulock, Samuel Corp. Co. G. 52D PA Inf.
Carson, Eliza Jane d 2-16-1867 1y 10m 16d d/o I. R. & M. A. Carson
Callahan, George D. d 2- 4-1861 9m 16d s/o ?
Castater, Hartie d 2-28-1868 2y 7d s/o Michael & Susan Castater
Cole, Philip d 1-28-1859
Condon, Letitia Ann d 4- 1-1851 14y? 5m 2d
Cowling, E. Jane 1845 1915
Cowling, Hannah b 9-15-1807 d 1-26-1887 w/o Jonas Cowling
Cowling, Henry d 7- 1-1873 42y 5m 8d
Cowling, Jonas b 12-18-1798 d 7-13-1849
Crays, Eddie d 3- 3-1873 14d s/o Richard & Isabella Crays
Crays, Elizabeth b 7- 8-1828 d 12- 1-1910
Crays, Elizabeth b 8-17-1808 d 9-28-1896 88y 1m 11d w/o Philip Crays Born Cornwall Co., England
Crays, James A. b 2-21-1842 d 5-28-1862 20y 3m 1d
Crays, Philip b 11-24-1803 d 7- 3-1866 64y 8m 21d
Crays, William b 2-28-1828 d 12-10-1912
Crider, Henrietta 1838 1878
Crispen, Hannah M. b 4- 5-1816 d 5- 4-1865 w/o Thomas Crispen
Crispen, John d 12-14-1852 46y 4m 5d
Crispen, Margaret J. d 10- 7-1848 11y 11m 23d d/o J.& M. Crispen
Crispen, Mary M. d 1- 3-1855 24y 9m 23d w/o William T. Crispen
Crispen, Thomas b 1-28-1810 d 2-14-1884
Dalton, Mary Jane d 3-18-1859 2y 5m 21d s/o J. & H. Dalton
Dalton, John d 8- 6-1862 36y 10m 29d
Darrich?, Mary Jane d 4-11-1852 Age ? w/o John Darrich?
DeHaas, Polly d 5-18-1862? 52y 4m 5d w/o H.? DeHaas
Dickey, Magdalina d 11-16-1896 79y w/o Robert L. Dickey
Dickey, Robert L. d 6- 4-1869 45y 3m 27d Veteran Civil War 1861-1865
Driver, Augustus d 11-14-1895 64y Co H. 93 Reg. PA
Driver, Lucy Adelaide d 1-18-1862? 1y tm 16d d/o Mary E. & Supharane? Driver
Driver, Mary E. 1840 1872 w/o S. E. Driver
Eyer, John b 2-13-1800 d 2- 2-1870 69y 11m 17d
Eyer, , Sr. b 4-21-1770 d 9-11-1853
Fair, Mary A. d 2-26-1866 55y w/o Elias Fair
Fearon, James d 4-18-1853 40y 3m 8d
? , Jimmie No age or last name, but next to above
Freeze, Lydia b 4- ?-1807 d 9- 8-1878? Stone covered w/o John Freeze
Gill?, James E. d 8-17-1856 Age ? s/o Sml? & L. M. Gill?
Graham, Isabell See Isabell Graham Hall
Grove, Sarah See Sarah Grove Miller
Gummo, Eliza J. d 10-28-1855 6y 6m 5d s/o R. & I. Gummo
Gummo, Elizabeth H. d 10-21-1855 4y 6m 10d
Gummo, George M. d 11- 6-1855 10y 2m 16d s/o R. & I. Gummo
Gummo, Infant Son b 10-26-1894 d 10-27-2894 s/o E. & A. M. Gummo
Gummo, Mary Matilda b 6- 7-1853 d 9-23-1933
Gummo, Richard d 10-30-1855 7y 10m 14d s/o R. & I. Gummo
Gummo, Richard Gave birthplace as well as dates, but is not legible
Gunsallus, Ira d 5- 5-1861 3y 9m 22d s/o R? & L? Gunsallus
Hager, George J. d 2-27-1866 66y 6m 10d
Hager, John W. d 2- 3-1865 23y 3m 11d s/o G. J. & M. Hager Veteran Civil War 1861-1865
Hager, Margaret b 9-11-1806 d 8-12-1875 68y 11m 1d
Hager, Rachel A. 1838 1907
Hager, Robert C. d 3-17-1867 23y 3m 24d Vet. Civil War
Hall, Isaac d 10-18-1872 67y 7m 29d
Hall, Isabell Graham 1805 1885 79y 11m 19d w/o Isaac Hall
Harleman, Abraham d 8-12-1855 36y 2m 1d
Harleman, Sarah E. d 10- 4-1852 1y 2m 15d s/o A. & E. Harleman
Hoagland, Agnes d 4-29-1912 65y w/o J. Hoagland
Hoagland, James No inscriptions
Hollen, Nancy d 2- 1835? w/o ? Hollen
Hollingsworth, David d 12- 8-1863 61y
Hubbard, Joseph W. 1824 1906 Mason
Hubbard, Marcella Eva b 5-11-1820 d 7- 4-1876 d/o Joseph & Harriet Hubbard
Hubert, ?Catharine d 8-30-1860 70y w/o John Hubert?
Hubert, Mary E. d 1-18-1864 1y 6m 12d d/o J. W. & H. Hubert
Hubert, Sammy d 1-25-1867 2y s/o J. W. & H. Hubert
Hudson, Martha M. d 7- 8-1877 Age ? w/o T. R. Hudson
Hudson, Richard G. d 6-30-1860 22y 3m
Huff, James d 10-10-1855 Age ? Stone covered
Huff, James H. d 9-30-1853? 18y 3m s/o James & Susannah Huff
Huff, Susannah d 5-20-1855 Age ? Stone Covered w/o James Huff
Keaster, Twins Albert & Alice d 7-20-1859 1y 1m 14d c/o S. D. & N. J. Keaster
Keffer, Emanuel d 8-29-187? Stone broke
Keffer, Harriet d 8- 5-1899 62y
Keffer, Little Robey d 4-17-1864 1y 7d s/o H?. & G. Keffer
Keffer, William d 9-29-1853 17 6m 20d
Kessinger, Adam T. d 7- 4-1859 64y 9m 12d
Kessinger, Francis J. d 12-19-1863 d/o G. & M. Kessinger
Kessinger, George M. d 12- 5-1878 20y 10m 11d
Kessinger, Margaret H. b 9-10-1828 d 5-30-1906
Killinger, Robert d 9-22-1869 6y
Kitchen, Abram R. Sergt. Co. D. 7PA Reg. Inf.
Kitchen, Christiana d 12-13-1856 45y 4m 29d w/o Charles Kitchen
Kitchen, Elias d 1-29-1832 6m 9d s/o C. & C. Kitchen
Kitchen, Elizabeth d 6- 2-1860 83y 6m w/o Elias Kitchen
Kitchen, Elizabeth d 3-14-1842 d/o W. & E. Kitchen
Kitchen, Ellen d 11- 3-1859 d/o W. & E. Kitchen
Kitchen, Emma d 1- 8-1856 d/o W. & E. Kitchen
Kitchen, John d 2-23-1847 2d s/o W. & E. Kitchen
Kitchen, Martha J. d 6-17-1847 5m 16d d/o C. & C. Kitchen
Kitchen, Matilda d 8-30-185? 4y d/o W. & E. Kitchen
Lannen, Willie H. d 8-30-1877 3y 11m 21d s/o S.R. & K. S. Lannen
Lear, Samuel Stone covered s/o Philip & E. Lear
Logan, Delilah Adaune d 6-22-1865? 26y 3m 11d w/o William G. Logan
McKissick, William d 6-10-1918 81y Co B Corp 11Ref. PA Vol.
Magee, Mary S. d 12-12-1855 58y w/o William Magee
Martin, Ellen Elizabeth d 5-24-1869 19y 11m 14d w/o John A. Martin
Martin, John A. d 5- 2-1874 32y 2m Stone erected by his brother & sister S. D. & J. Haak
Miller, Annie
Miller, Frank 1882 1936
Miller, Helen C. d 5-20-1868 5m 8d d/o J. H. & F. H. Miller
Miller, John d 7-28-1853 60y
Miller, Sarah Grove d 4- 3-1846 48y 11m w/o John Miller
Mincer, D. R. Veteran Civil War
Mincer, William Co. G. 137 PA. Inf.
Mullen, Elizabeth d 9-16-1848 72y 4m 6d w/o Philip Mullen
Mullen, Philip d 3-24-1848 70y
Myers, Emma ? Jane d ?- ?-1874 Age ? d/o ? Myers
Myers, George C. d 12- 6-1893 72y 10m 6d
Myers, Henry, Sr. d 5-31-1861 47y 1m 28d
Myers, Jane d 2- ?-1882 67y 10m 25d w/o Conrad Myers
Myers, Margaret d 2-26-1860 38y 3m 3d w/o Henry Myers, Sr.
Myers, Samuel d 8-20-1851 15y 7m 17d s/o D. & L. Myers
Nancarrow, George d 7-17-1856 36y 4m 8d
Nancarrow, James d 8-16-1881 66y 2m 3d
Orner, A. Orvis b 12-18-1850 d 3-24-1880
Orner, Annie Berry b 6-23-1819 d 2- 4-1905
Orner, Archibald b 12-15-1811 d 8-11-1873
Orner, Elizabeth d 9-31-1860 81y 6m 11d w/o John Orner
Orner, John d 4- 6-1850 72y 9m 22d
Orner, Lydia P. b 8-18-1940 d 11- 6-1909
Quigg, Maggie Bell d 8-1?-1872? Age? d/o C. H.? & Carrie Quigg
Ream, Sabastian d 2-28-1867? 63y 2m 16d
Riter, Richard W. d 10- 6-1854 46y 6m 17d
Senger, Ada Jane b 7-1?-1892 d 7-20-1892
Senger, William A. d 1-29-1894 23y 6m 10d
Shearer, David A. 1829 1897
Shearer, Rose A. 1832 1888 w/o David A. Shearer
Simcox, Charlotte C. d 12-20-1857 14y 10m 29d d/o J. & Maria Simcox
Slenker, Dora d 2- 3-1851? d/o J. & A. B. Slenker
Slenker, Infant Stone covered d 9-28-1857 s/o J. & A. B. Slenker
Slenker, Infant d/o J. & A. B. Slenker
Slenker, Infant d/o J. & A. B. Slenker
Slenker, Kate d 10-25-1857 d/o J. & A. B. Slenker.
Slenker, ? 1840 6y
Smith, Almena P. b 10-18-1802 d 8-25-1867 w/o William Smith
Smith, Amanda N. d 10-12-1841 1m 25d d/o W. B. & L. Smith
Smith, Archie A. 1879 1879 s/o J. I. & E. Smith
Smith, Bertha H. 1874 1874 d/o J. I. & E. Smtih
Smith, Harriet J. 1871 1876 d/o J. I. & E. Smith
Smith, Hetty d 7- 2-1863 71?y 6m 4d? w/o Isaac Smith
Smith, Isaac d 10- 5-1843 56y 25d
Smith, Infant Dau. d/o J. D. L. & M. Smith
Smith, Sarah Amanda ? d 5-21-1833 d/o William & Almena Smith
Smith, Sarah L. Stone badly worn
Smith, Sir William b 12-21-1799 d 6-22-1870
Smith, Wilson G. d 1- 3-1858 1y 2m 13d s/o J. D. L. & M. Smith
Starn, Anna Eliza d 12-22-1859 42y 9m 21d w/o John Starn
Starn, Hannah d 3-16-1899 70y Might be w/o John Dalton
Starn, John S. d 2-12-1856 s/o Harman & Nancy Starn
Stover, Sarah W. d 9-22-1887 67y 1m 25d w/o S. R. Stover Esq
Stringfellow, George W. 1813 1891
Stringfellow, Mary J. 1841 1919 w/o George W. Stringfellow
Strong, Vincent d 11-30-1836 39y 1m
Sunderland, Samuel d 4-22-1864 35y
Trezeyling, Joseph Co. H. 137 PA Inf.
Ungard, Ellen d 4-29-1864 35y w/o Jacob Ungard
Vanatta, John H. d 3-23-1860 1m 9d s/o H. H. & R. E. Vanatta
Vanatter, Mary d 6-24-1850 55y
Vanatter, William d 9-12-1819 22y 8m 3d
Vanlew, David d 2-10-1856 39y Stone Broken
Vanlew, William d 4-22-1859 67y 3m
Venatta, Jacob b 11-19-1817 d 9-11-1898 81y 10m 22d
Vanetta, John T. b 3-15-1844 Co. G. Corp 52 Regt. PA Vol. Inf
Vanetta, Mary b 8- 7-1821 d 9- 3-1870 49y 27d w/o Jacob Venatta
Vanetta, Mary Naomi b 3-11-1858 d 1- 1-1867 d/o Joseph H. Venatta
Wagner, David Co. G. 11th PA Inf.
Warner, Aaron d 12- 6-1861 48y 13d
Warner, Barbara d 2-13-1901 87y w/o A. Warner
Warner, Oakley d 11- 2-1904 59y Co. C. 93 Reg. PA Vol.
Welsh, William F. 1852 1920
Whitmire, Mary d 7-11-1865 Stone covered w/o G. Whitmire
Wilson, David b 10- 6-1815 d 11- 9-1839
Wilson, Edward M. d 2-12-1872 2y 3m 19d s/o L. B. & S. Wilson
Wilson, Gilbert d 1-29-1850 76y 8m 25d
Wilson, Infant Dau d 2-21-1870 11d d/o L. B. & S. Wilson
Wilson, James b 7-13-1818? d 12- 2-18?
Wilson, Joseph B. d 9-28-1891 71y 1m 20d
Wilson, Margaret 1820 1882 w/o Samuel Wilson
Wilson, Samuel G. 1812 1881
Wilson, Sarah A. d 6- ?-1851 70y 2m 1d
Wrightman, Margaret d 7-31-1861 25y w/o John Wrightman
Yost, Henry Co. C. 207th PA Inf.
Yost, Jame d 9-23-1845 9m 9d d/o H. & M. Yost
Yost, Margaret 1824 1897 w/o Henry Yost