St Paul's Lutheran and Reformed Churches

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Memorial History of St Paul's Lutheran and Reformed Churches

RD2 Knox, Pa
Translated and Compiled by Raymond E. Hollenbach 1959-1960
Supervision and Research by John B. Dengler 1959-1960

William and Henry Best are said to have settled on the land where the churches are in 1801. On October 3, 1812 William obtained a deed for 370 acres from the owners. On Sept 11, 1813 he gave a 125 acre parcel to his brother, Henry. Two acres of Henry's land was used for the first church.

German inhabitants of Richland Twp. On Jan. 9, 1813 met at Henry Best's house:

Jacob Graff-Jacob Alt-John Thomas-John Kuhnse-George Dillow-William Best, Jr-Henry Best Trustees In ? for the Church : Henry Neligh, John Kuhnse And Jacob Alt (note: the barn which was built on Jacob Alt's farm has been partially saved and you will find a campground, restaurant and a bed and breakfast there. There is also a lovely lake which is named wolf because of a story there pertaining to the wolves who lived in the area. If you are ever traveling down interstate 80 at Knox try a visit. The food and atmosphere will be worth it and you will be located in an area close to Venango and Jefferson counties and you are in Clarion Co., Pa.)

Names Of Persons Inscribed As In Church In 1825

Johannes Sherry
Jacob Schweitzer
Nichles Knecht
Jacob Alt
Heinrich Best
Georg Bearlin
Conrat Meyer
Jacob Graff
Johannes Schweitzer, Jr
Jacob Kuefer, Jr
Willaim Best
Michael Best
Heinrich Mang
Johannes Kuntz
Christian Kreps
Johannes Kutzer
Richland Twp., Venango County, 1820 List Of Taxpayers
Jacob Atz *
Nicolas Alt *
Robert Armstrong
James Anderson
Jacob Adelberger *
Philip Adelberger *
Daniel Ashbaugh * (Eschbach)
John Ashbaugh *
John Altzbaugh * (Alsbach)
Jacob Altman *
John Boyd*
William Bailey
Henry Best *
Michael Best *
William Best Sr *
William Best Jr *
James Boyd *
Thomas Bell
John Best *
Michael Best * (Of William)
George Best *
Frederick Bander *(Bader)
George Barleen * (Berlin)
Joseph Brown
Levi Black *
John B. Bell
Andrew Bostaph *
David Boyd
Daniel Cook Sr * (K0ch)
Daniel Cook, Jr*
John Coquelet
Joseph Clark
Alexander Criswell
John Cook * (Koch)
John Cherry * (Scherri)
Josiah D. Clarks
William Chambers
William Crips * (Krebs)
Christian Crips*
Philip Deel * (Diehl)
John Deel *
George Deel *
Joseph Downing
Peter Downing
James Downing, Sr
William Downing
Alexander Downing
Andrew Downing
James Downing (Of William)
Joshua Davis
George Dillon * (Delo)
Joseph Darnel
Jesse Danby
John Elliot
Jacob Fiskis (Fisher?)
Samuel Fry, Sr
Samuel Fry, Jr
Jacob Gilbert *
Robert Grant
Frederick Graw *(Grau)
Benjamin Gardner
Jacob Groaff * (Graff)
Jarrett Hunter
John Hunter
Michael Hays
Peter Heesly *
Jacob Harrold (Heroldt)
Daniel Harrold
George Hess *
Jacob Hale * (Hehl)
Jacob Hawk * (Haak)
Christopher Hummel *
Alexander Handhold
Jacob Hartman
Henry Hummel*
Henry Imhoff*
Henry Jinkins *(Jenkins)
Francis Judy (Tschudi)
Jacob Judy
Joseph Kutzgar
Jacob Keefer, Sr *
William Karns
Jacob Karns
Daniel Knight * (Knecht)
John Knight *
Peter Knight *
Nicholas Knight *
John Kuhn * (Kuhns)
Jacob Keely, Sr * (Kiehli)
Peter Kiser, Sr * (Keiser)
Jacob Keefer, Jr*
Mary Magdalene Keefer *
Peter Kiser *
Nicholas Keely*
Peter Larimy
Alexander Mcnoughten, Sr
Daniel Mcnoughton
John Mcnoughton
John Mcnoughton
Joseph Mcgrew
James J. Mcginnis
Willaim Mcginnis
George Meyers *
Henry Meyers, Jr *
William Mead
Robert Mcwilkey
Archibald Mcwilkey
Thomas Morgan
John Mcdonald
George S. Myers *
Conrad Myers, Sr *
Barnhart Martin
Henry Mong *
Henry Myers, Sr *
John Mong*
Henry Martin
Robert Mcelwain
Thomas Mays* (Maze)
John Maze *
Johm Mcginnis
James Mcdowel
John Mcdowel
James Maze*
Conrad Myers, Jr *
James Mckissan
George Mong *
Henry Neligh * (Neely)
John Painter
Peter Pride
Ross Porter
Alexander Porter
Nathan Phipps
William Porter
Moses Porter
Alexander Platt
Andrew Porter
John Porter
John Platt
Alexander S. Porter
Alexander Richey
James Richey
George Rane
William Rupert, Jr *
George Rupert
John Rayan
William Rupert, Sr *
George Rupert
John Rayan
William Rupert, Sr *
Gideon Richardson
Daniel Swap * (Schwab)
Mary Swap *
David Sacket
John Smith *
Adam Sharer * (Scherer)
John Smith *
Conrad Snider* (Schneider)
John Snider *
Nicholaus Snider *
Daniel Snider *
Henry Swap, Sr *
Henry Swap
Peter Snider *
George Smale * (Schmehl)
Lewis Steelsmith * (Stahlschmidt)
Jacob Steelsmith *
John Sloan
Michael Sear * (Stehr)
Joseph Stocker
John Switzer, Jr *
John Switzer, Sr *
Jacob Switzer *
Elizabeth Shoup * (Schaub)
Samuel Stewart
John Shoup*
William S. Strouble
William A. Strouble
Jacob Silvis *
Samuel Thompson
John Toman * (Tuman)
Thomas Thompson
Francis Thompson
Thomas Thompson, Jr
George Otterman (Utterman)
Cornelius Vancurran
Jacob Wentzel *
George Walton
David Whitehill
George Wilde
Joseph Wright
John Yound (Junt)
Peter Zollinger
Andrew Zollinger
James Platt, Jr
John Zeller *
Samuel Zink
William Mccall
George Platt
( The names with an * are church members)





Samuel Schmide
Geb. 1819

Johannes Schmidt & Margareth

(The Mutter)
The Mother

Elizabeth Siebwert
Geb. Oct. 23, 1820

Johannes Siebwert & Rosina

(Die Eltern)
The Parents

George Berlin
Geb. Aug. 15, 1820

George Berlin

The Parents

Hiram Nelig
Geb. May 13, 1820

Heinrich Nelig
& Barbara

The Parents

George Best
Geb. Sept. 3, 1820

Michael Best
& Elisabeth

George Best & Elisabeth

Christina Knecht (Knight)
Geb. Sept,. 3, 1820

Daniel Knecht & Hannah

Christina Knecht

Joseph Hieslie
Geb. Oct. 20, 1820

Peter Hieslie & Sarah

Johan Kutzer & Maria

Margareth Rupert
Geb. Oct. 2, 1820

Wilhelm Rupert & Christina

The Parents

Maria Keeli (Polly)
Geb. May 20, 1820

Nicholas Keeli (Kiehly) & Barbara

The Mother

Elisabeth Zeller
Geb. April 27, 1820
Get. June 2, 1821

Johannes Zeller
& Elisabeth

The Parents

Sarah Rupert
Geb. Sept. 30, 1820
Get. June 3, 1821

George Rupert & Maria

The Parents

Maria (Kapp)
Geb. June 2, 1820
Get. June 3, 1821

George (Kapp) & Hannah

The Parents

Joseph Maier
Geb. Oct. 12, 1820
Get. June 17, 1821

George Maier & Margareth

The Parents

Mary Jane Black (Merichen)
Geb. Feb. 2, 1821
Get. June 2, 1821

Levi Black & Elizabeth

Jacob Kiefer & Catherina

Johannes Gilbert
Geb. May 24, 1821

Jacob Gilbert & Catharina

Johannes Kuhns & Sarah (Sa'my)

Jacob Heel
Geb. April 25, 1821
Get. Den June 3, 1821

Jacob Heel (Hale) & Eva

The Parents

Magdalena Hess
Geb. April 10, 1821
Get. June 17, 1821

George Hess & Anna

Joseph Kutzer & Maria

Elisabeth Schneider
Geb. Sept. 24, 1820
Get. July 8, 1821

Conrad Schneider & Susannah

The Parents

Ester Diehl
Geb. May 11, 1821
Get. July 8, 1821

Peter Diehl (Diel) & Susannah

The Parents

Jacob Best
Geb. July 22, 1821
Get. Nov. 4, 1821

George Best & Elisbeth

The Parents

Catharina Schmehl (Christina)
Geb. Aug. 25, 1821
Get. Dec. 2, 1821

George Schmehl & Christina

Peter Knecht & Maria (Polly)

Maria Kuhns Geb.
Oct. 20, 1821
Get. Dec. 2, 1821

Johannes Kuhns & Sarah

The Parents

Sarah Hak
Geb. May 25, 1821
Get. Dec. 2, 1821

Jacob Hak & Susanna

The Parents

Joseph Kromer
Get. Dec. 2, 1821

Johannes Kromer & Magadelena

Joseph Kutzer

Isaac Knecht
Geb. Nov. 2, 1821
Get. Dec. 30, 1821

Nicholas Knecht & Rebecca

The Parents

Maria Eva Knecht
Geb. Nov. 17, 1821
Get. Dec. 30, 1821

Daniel Knecht & Hannah

The Parents

Johannes Buser
Geb. Oct. 18, 1821
Get. Jan. 27, 1822

Johannes Buser & Elisabeth

Johannes Toman & Elisabeth

Susannah Schweitzer
Geb. Nov. 27, 1821
Get. March 24, 1822

Jacob Schweitzer & Susannah

The Parents

Elizabeth Crebbs
Geb. Dec. 17, 1821
Get. March 24, 1822

Christian Crebbs & Maria

The Parents

Lovina Jehl
Geb. Sept. 7, 1821
Get. Sept. 5, 1824

Adam Jehl (Hale) & Susannah

Frederick Bader & Elisabeth

Michael Steer (Stehr)
Geb. July 28, 1821
Get. July 10, 1825

Michael Steer & Catherina

Jacob Gilbert & Catherina

Maria Scherri
Geb. Jan. 11, 1822
Get. Feb. 24, 1822

Wilhelm Scherri & Maria

Heinrich Best & Margareth

Mehela Neelig
Geb. May 8, 1822
Get. June 16, 1822

Heinrich Neelig & Barbara

The Parents