Untion Cemetery, Oley, Berks County

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    The ancient burial place of the Yoders is at Pleasantville - called by the Germans Yotterstettle, in Oley, Berks county.  It forms the extreme eastern end of the Union cemetery.  This was doubtless one of the very first burial places in Oley.  Many Pennsylvania German emigrants are sleeping here.  Among the Yoder inscriptions we note the following:

Hier Rhuet
Johannis Yoder,
Er wurde geboren 1718.
Verelichte sich mit
Cathrina Lyster 1747,
und zeughte 4 Sohne und 5 Tochter,
Starb den 7st
April 1812 nach dem er
66 yahr in der ebe
gelebt hatte
war alt worden
94 Yahr und 14 Tag.

    The above inscription is to the effect that John Yoder was born in 1718, married Catharine Lyster in 1747, and begat four sons and 5 daughters, and died April 7th, 1812, after having lived in the state of matrimony 66 years, aged 94 years and 14 days.  Catharine, his wife, lies by his side.  Her inscription states that she was born in 1730 and died in 1812, after having lived in matrimony 66 years, aged 82 years.
Daniel Yoder,
Died 1747,
Aged 31 years.
Daniel Yoder,
Born 1748,
Died 1820.
Wife of Daniel Yoder,
Born 1753, married
Daniel Yoder 1773.
Died 1833.
Daniel Yoder,
Born 1777.
Died 1826.
John Yoder,
Born 1770
Died 1826.

    All the inscriptions are German.  Some are so much eroded by the elements as to make them undecipherable.