Judicial History of Beaver County

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Judicial History of Beaver County, Pa.


Beaver County was created March 12, 1800 from the western portion of
Allegheny County and the northern portion of Washington County. Beaver Town
was named as the county seat.

Judicial organization occurred on April 2, 1803 and the first court was held
Feb. 6, 1804 at the home of Abner Lacock. Jesse Moore was the first
President Judge and Abner Lacock, John H. Redick, Joseph Caldwell were
elected as the first Associate Judges. Judge Moore's circuit included five
counties, with his jurisdiction ending as far north as Erie County. He held
court in each county for five weeks each year.

Jonathan Coulter, Joseph Hemphill and Denny McClure were named Commissioners
for the erection of public buildings.