1879 Freedom City Directory, Beaver County

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Freedom Directory 1876 The following information was taken from the Beaver County 1876 Centennial Directory .


This borough is situated on the north-west bank of the Ohio river above Rochester, and adjoining it. It was founded in 1832 by Stephen Phillips and Jonath Betz, who entered into partnership in steamboat building, for which the place was deemed well suited, and where a great many good boats, large and small, have been built by this firm, and by that of Phillips & Graham. By the census of 1870 the poulation was 634, and as the place is prosperous and growing, the present number is estimated to be 800. There are a saw mill, lath, shingle, sash and door factory, fire brick and other industrial minor works.

Anderson Thomas, brick layer.
Anderson W. H., laborer.
Baker William H., clerk.
Baker George N., boatman.
Baker Isaac, laborer.
Banfield Nicholas, stone mason.
Bannerot Hannah.
Bannerot Alexander, coal dealer.
Barnes Thomas, carpenter.
Barnes Samuel, carpenter.
Bentel John G., undertaker.
Bentel Charles H., cashier.
Bentel Philip, banker.
Betz L. L., carpenter.
Betz W. L., carpenter.
Bevington James, pilot.
Biddle J. R., genteleman.
Biggs John, carpenter.
Billmyer Tobias, laborer.
Blatt August, shoemaker.
Brown William V., steward.
Bryan Henery, brick manfacturer.
Bryan Henry N., laborer.
Bryan William M., engineer.
Carson Eleanor.
Carson Ezra, carpenter
Carson Jacob, carpenter.
Cheny John B., merchant.
Cheny Charles E., carpenter.
Cloakey John S., steward.
Cochran William A., carpenter.
Cole James B., genteleman.
Cole William, genteleman.
Colwell George W., carpenter.
Coulter Zachary, carpenter.
Craig Mrs. Jesse.
Craig S. A., druggist.
Craig Benj. F., carpenter.
Creese John, carpenter.
Cumming Sarah.
Cumming David, Pilot.
Daly George, laborer.
Darry Victor, furnace builder.
Davis J. C. Blacksmith.
Dripps Susan.
Dripps Thomas, laborer.
Duck George, laborer.
Dunlap Graham, butcher.
Dunlap Albert, carpenter.
Edwards C. H., minister.
Eppel Lewis, gentelman.
Fisher William D., merchant.
Fleishman Charles, tailor.
Freeman Moses, farmer.
Freeman Thomas, farmer.
Furnier Samuel, hotel keeper.
Gibbons Samuel, oil refiner.
Graham Fred P., carpenter.
Graham Theodore, carpenter.
Graham Charles, Genteleman.
Gramam Saul, laborer.
Graham William Sr., genteleman.
Graham John B., carpenter.
Graham Virginia.
Greer Margaret.
Greer William, laborer.
Grim John, genteleman.
Grim Isaac B., oil merchant.

Grim William, carpenter.
Hall Matilda.
Hall Richard, teamster.
Hamilton Oliver, carpenter.
Hamilton Samuel, carpenter.
Hartman John, shoemaker.
Hetchie Mary.
Hetchie Tobias, clerk.
Higgins William, laborer.
Hillman J. G., agent.
Holland Christian, shoemaker.
Holland Henry, carpenter.
Hooper William, engineer.
Irwin John, laborer.
INMAN James, agent.
Irwin William, carpenter.
Jackson Henry D., carpenter.
Johnston Isaac, carpenter.
Jordan Henry, teamster.
Kronk W. D., carpenter.
Kerr Thomas G., boat builder.
Klein Peter, brewer.
Kuhl Henry, tailor.
Kuhl John, carpenter.
Krepps Samuel, gentleman.
Kress John, butcher.
Krepps Wilson, barber.
Kronk Joseph, carpenter.
Lawyer George, teamster.
Link John, laborer.
Lockhart J. R., physician.
Logan Mrs. Sallie.
Lowry David E., gentleman.
Manor James, carpenter.
Martin David, laborer.
Matheny D., carpenter.
McBrier William, carpenter.
McBrier John, wagon maker.
McCafferty Barney, laborer.
McCaskey Alfred, pilot.
McCaskey Robert H. Merchant.
McCaskey Robert, boat builder.
McCaskey John, carpenter.
McCaskey George, carpenter
Mcdermott Joseph, mill wright.
McDermott Caroline.
McDonald Abraham, pilot.
McDonald Thomas J., pilot.
McKelvy George, laborer.
McLane Robert, brick mason.
Meek George W., carpenter.
Mengel John, laborer.
Mengel Jacob, glass packer.
Miller William, carpenter.
Minkle Henry, carpenter.
Minkle Henry, carpenter.
Mitchell Henry, coal miner.
Mohler William, carpenter.
Mohler John R., engineer.
Mohr Charles, cooper.
Mohr George, laborer.
Morgan Syvester, merchant.
Morris James H., pilot.
Mueller John F., miller.
Nicholson O. E., physician.
Nickum John, carpenter.
Noss Isaac, laborer.
Overton R. J., tinner.
Pearsoll Samuel, constable.
Porter James L., carpenter.
Price Allen, laborer.
Pritchard Daniel, carpet weaver.
Robinson William B., gentleman.
Sallade F. W., laborer.

Saunderbeck Ferdinand, painter.
Schell John, laborer.
Schell Adam, laborer.
Shaffer Jacob, laborer.
Shaneman Joseph, tinner
Sloan Jackson, gentleman.
Sloan Ellen.
Snead Daniel J., carpenter.
Snead John W. Sr., gentleman.
Stewart David, gentelman.
Stone Stephen, teamster.
Sunderbeck Tobias, stone mason.
Tracy Thomas, laborer.
Trax William, blacksmith. Trax William S., painter.
Waggoner J. J., merchant.
Ward Patrick, laborer.
White Samuel, laborer.
Williams James, laborer.
Wilson Alexander, merchant.
Wilson Robert L., merchant.
Wiseman Charles, laborer
Woods Mary Ann.
Wrattin William, laborer.
Young William, laborer.

Value of Real Estate in Freedom borough, $30,807; Number of Horses and Mules over four years of age, 11; Value. $800; Number of cows over four years of age, 8; Value $160. Population in 1870, 634.