1920 Rochester census - partial, Beaver County

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1920 Rochester census - partial This is a partial list of the 1920 Rochester census. This list covers Ward 1 and 2. Some of the names are misspelled due to the difficulty in reading the original hand written document.
Transcript by Don Fraser

Agner Fanny 74yrs widow.
Albert 51yrs Syria [Sarah 40 peddler Syria] Howard 18 laborer, Diana 15, Sadie 7, Anna.
Albright Anthony 46 yrs [Ella 45] Lester 17, 180 Madison St.
Albright Paul M 22 yrs [Elizabeth 22] 180 Madison St.
Alleman Raymond 29yrs Laborer Clay [Elsie 24 parents Germany] Rite 6, Raymond 2yr 10mo.
Allis William F 38yrs RR [Lulu 38] Lee 18 yard clerk RR, Virginia 16, Eleanor 11. 473 Irvin Ave.
Alshouse Ida Jane 38yrs, son Howard 19 Brake-man, George 18 Gather Glass, Hubert 16,
Aaron Walter 14, Kenneth.
Alsson Frederick 69yrs [Amelia 62] Hugo 29 Electric Co., New York Ave.
Ammon James 70 [Ida mother West Virginia] Mildred.
Anderson David 43yrs Black Smith Bridge Works [Annie B 40] Margaret E 16,
Mildred 14, roomer Whelhelm Albert 43, Witty Lester 22.
Anderson Harry 33yrs Conductor RR [Elizabeth 37] George St.
Anderson William 62yrs [Margaret 57] Marion 15, mother Nancy 82, brother ? 52, 422 Delaware Ave.
Anderton Thomas 54yrs Clay Mines [Minnie 51] Joseph 24, Elizabeth 26, Stewart 24, William 21, Boyd 17.
Anderton William 64 foreman clay mine, daughter Nancy 28, niece Martin Elizabeth 17, Delaware ave
Ankney William 68yrs Ohio laborer for the City [Della 66] 250 Water St.
Anthony John 48yrs Syria 1903 [Anna 36] Mary 12, Sadie 7, James 4yr 6mo, Martha, Josephine.
Atchison John H 38yrs Glass Factory [Gertrude 35 father German] Blanch 15, James 13, Richard 9,
Emma 4yrs 11mo.
Ayers Martha 79 yrs, daughter Lula 44
Banner George F 47yrs Engineer parents Bavaria [Laura 45yrs Ohio] Frederick 16, Willard 14,
Katherine 12.
Barnes Minnie 61yrs dress making.
Barnes William 50yrs widower.
Barnhart Walt 56yrs Shoe Maker [Myra 37 Father NY] Dorothy 14 Owen 12, Father in-law
Davison Leon 63 NY Glass Factory, Mother in-law Lillian 61. 140 George St.
Barr William 54yrs Furnace-man Glass Factory [Elizabeth 51] Harold 31 Glass, Robert 22 Glass,
Martha 22 Roll Maker, Margaret 19Rool Maker, Mildred 17, Helen 12, Florence 9
Bartholomew Frank born in Ohio [Grace 49yrs Ohio] Helen 20,
Bartlow Edward 28yrs Ohio [Freda 25 Ohio] 197 Madison St.
Baser Stanley 46yrs Croatian Laborer [Helen 34 Croatian] Ansea 13, Catherine 11, Francis 8, Nicholas 5,
Michael 3yr 10m, Mary 1yr 10mo.
Batto William 60yrs.
Bausman Joseph H 64 [Hattie 62 Ohio mother England] son in-law McDanel 40, Emma 38, Jean 12, Joe 10.
Beam William E 51yrs Ohio Janitor High School [Agnes 42] roomer Umpstead Bess 43 sales. George St.
Beighey Mary 52yrs widow cleans offices Father German, Daughter Blanch 21 Telephone Co. Office.
Beighey Mrs. Deborah 58yrs, son Pierce E 38, Theo. 34, son in-law Thomas Alexander 52,
Daughter Lillian 39, g-daughter Haas Ethel 16.
Bell Alice 66yrs Wd. railroad Mother Ohio, roomer Hoolery George. Brighton Ave.
Bellings George 40yrs Greece, came to US 1909 [Athins 40yrs Greece] Mike 19, Nick 17,
Sophia 14, first three born in Greece Fannie 9 born Pa.

Belmore Lee 38 DC father Virginia [Alice 41 father South Carolina] niece Ford Margaret 13,
Morris Clark 28.
Bentel Garret T 55yrs Treasurer Beaver County, 352 Jefferson St.
Bentel George, Clerk [Christian 25yrs father Missouri] Helen 3mo.
Berry Dean 24yrs Clerk parents Ohio [Olive]
Bickerstaff Annie E 71yrs mother NY, daughter Shumaker Lydia O 45, g-daughter Annie 11, g-son David 7,
Daughter Morgan Eva 40 clerk, g-daughter Anna Eleanor 5.
Bilsing Jennie 46yrs Ohio Cook, brother Green John 44 Machinist.
Binsley Charles H 47yrs Ohio, roomer Dickenson Nathan A 22yrs Virginia Mother Tennessee Butcher.
Blackburn Edward born Ohio Barber [Elizabeth 40yrs England] Raymond, mother in-law Copntier E 70.
Blackenbicker Mrs. Octona 43yrs widow Virginia, daughter Mary 20 Stenographer, son in-law Gabel Jay 26
Ohio railroad, daughter Ester 27.
Blackmore Rachel 72yrs, son Charles L 46yrs Wholesaler.
Blaine Thomas 31yrs foreman railroad Virginia mother Ohio [Mildred 28 Ohio father Virginia mother Ohio]
Son Charles 8 born Ohio. 392 Rhode Island Ave.
Blankenberer Geo. 24 Glass Sooter parents Virginia [Elsie 23] 519 Oregon Ave.
Blankenbicker Mrs. Octona 43yrs Virginia widow, daughter Mary 20 stenographer, son in-law
Gabel Jay 26 Ohio Foreman Rail Road, Ester 27.
Blessing John 32yrs parents Maryland [Margaret 29] Elizabeth 11, Ida 6, Ellen 4yr 3mo, John 1yr 6mo,
322 Lloyd St.
Bloom Aaron 47yrs Sweden 1893 Presser Glass [Helen 46 Sweden 1895] Burnhart 18 Ohio, Hillman 17,
Aaron 15, Leonard 13.
Bock Archie 35 years old [Lola 30yrs] Adams Street.
Boffo Jim 32yrs Italy 1911 Steel Mill [Mary 35 Italy 1912] Tony 10, Leo 7, John 5, Mary 3yr 7mo,
Nellie 10mo. 333 Lloyd St.
Bogard B 53yrs Granite cutter Marble Works [Maggie 47 West Virginia] John 27 Ohio, Carl 20, Beulah 18.
Bond Mary 70yrs widow Ohio parents German, brother in law Harry 51 Ohio Delivery Grocery.
New York Ave.
Bradley Edward W 32yrs Father East Poland Mother Ireland [Sara 21 Ohio parents Kentucky] Ruth 3
Ohio, Katherine 1yr 7mo. 449 Dalton Ave.
Brandon Emma 48yrs Asst. Post Master servant Bines Margaret 34.
Brent Theodore 45yrs Gas Meter Reader [Alice 39] Howard 20 employed, Claude 19 apprentice
steel, Elva 16, Ruth 4yr 11mo.
Brobeck Clarence A 39yrs Machinist [Sarah 38] Willard 18, Howard 16 Machinist,
Ruth 11, Kenneth 5. 456 Irvin Ave.
Brobeck Charles 69yrs mother German [Matilda 57yrs parents German] Sister Matilda F 70yrs.
Brocket Harry 49 yrs West Virginia Machinist RR [Merle 39 Ohio] Boyd 20 Ohio, Margaret 16.
Brown Albert 40 yrs merchant [Lola 38] 180 Madison St.
Brown Betty H 54yrs West Virginia
Brown Samuel R 30yrs Electric Co. [Anita 27 Ohio] Jean 7, June 6, Robert 4yrs 4mo, Henry 2yr 4mo,
540 Harmony Ave.
Brown Walter 34yrs West Virginia mother Ohio River-man, brother Frank 32 West Virginia River-man,
Brother Harry R 31 River-man Lee George 41yrs laborer Rail Road, Maude 39 Day Work Hotel.
Brown William B 45yrs Merchant Dry Goods [Clara 40] Wilson 17, Sara L 11, Oliver 10
Bruce Samuel 47yrs Police [Anna] Margaret Fay.
Bruehl Charles 56yrs Germany Baker [Margaret 51 Virginia] Charles 30. 150 George St.
Bruehl Robert 21yrs father German mother West Virginia Yard Clerk [Mary 25] 354 Clay.
Bryan David 32yrs Glass worker [Mamie 31 Wisconsin] Isabelle 4yrs 3mo, James 2yrs 3mo. 380 Deer Lane.
Bryarly James O 55yrs Blacksmith Own Shop.
Burns Elysian 24yrs Machinist [Daisy 22yrs]
Butcher Augusts 34yrs Ohio Conductor [Anna 33yrs father England mother Wales]

mother in-law Shrum Rachel 32 Wales
Butcher Guy 38yrs Fireman West Virginia [can’t read name] Gary14.
Byers William 42yrs conductor railroad [Elizabeth 48yrs]
Cable Arron J 57 [Lizzie 56] Carrie 31, Beulah 34,416 Delaware Ave.
Cable John H 29 [? 27]George 9, Mary 7, 414 Delaware Ave.
Cameron Wallace 37yrs [Myrtle 41] Lucitta 10, Myrtle 8, Jean 6, Josephine 4, Father Wallace 63,
Mother Catherine 56. 470 Conn. Ave.
Camp Mrs. Lisetta 72yrs parents German.
Campbell Chas. E 28yrs [Anna 26] William 4, Lillie 2, boarder Kovack Joe 54, Weldon Charlie.
Campbell Harry 48yrs Glass Worker Ohio father Virginia mother Ohio [Anna 35 Indiana]
Harry 16. Reno St.
Campbell John B 67yrs [Nattie 68] 300 Jackson.
Campbell Joseph A 50yrs Agent [Anna 51yrs mother Ireland] Isabel 20 Teacher, Glen 18, Marshall 16,
Gertrude 15, Arthur 10, Leroy 8.
Candelone Frank 45yrs Shoemaker parents born in Italy. 504 New York Ave.
Canoll J Stanley 25yrs [Mollie 20 Virginia] Florence 2, Mildred 7mo.
Carey John 60yrs Glass Co. 449 Dalton Ave.
Carey William45 years old born in Canada parents Irish [Florence 45yrs born in Kentucky parents Virginia]
Cargo William R 44yrs [Hattie 35] Donald 8,Thelma 5, William 3yrs 3mo. 509 Oregon Avenue.
Carl David 31yrs Break Man Rail Road mother Holland [Lorain 27yrs] Helen 8, Edna 3yrs 3mo, Glenn 1yr
Carlond John 34yrs Maryland [Mary 24 {w/b} Georgia Virginia] mother in-law
Taylor Annie {w/b} Virginia Book Keeper.
Carney Margaret 47yrs Widow Sales Lady Glass Co. Ohio, daughter Alice 32 Teacher, Hilda 20 Ohio
Carpenter John 71yrs West Virginia [Julia 60+ could not read age born in West Virginia]
Carr David 40yrs Glass Molder parents England [Malinda 37yrs] Eugene 21, Margaret 18,
Leona 14, Carl 9
Carratelli Dominic 38yrs Italy Merchant Grocery [Mary 29 Italy] Peter 12, Herman 9, Bernard 7, Deer Lane
Cassi I 39yrs Italy Retail Merchant [Ehera 36yrs Italy] Preno 19, Henry 16, Daniel 10, Thomas 8,
William 6, Walter 4.
Chenise Joseph 53yrs laborer Italy 1909, daughter Lucy 18 Italy 1909.
Chiperady William 36yrs parents born in Germany, he was a blacksmith railroad [Alice G 38yrs]
Clark Frank F 30 [Elizabeth 23] James L 4yrs 11mo.
Climo Leo 46 Italy 1910 [Mary 46 Italy 1912] Max 19, Ralph 17, Sam 14 all born in Italy LC. 545
Oregon Ave.
Cline Charles 33yrs [Margaret 32 Missouri parents West Virginia] Amelia 11, Elizabeth 10, Norby 5.
Cochran Cora 38yrs widow born in West Virginia, son Edwin 22, Agnes 20, John 18, Mabel 15,
Thomas 12, Sarah 8, William 5
Cole James L 51 Ohio manger [Emma 49 father WV, mother Ohio] Gertrude 23 auditor. 431 Delaware Ave.
Cole Susan 80yrs keeper of lodging house father Irish mother Scotch, roomer Soherteng Howard 20
Mould maker glass.
Collins Charles Virginia [Beatrice 24 Virginia] Herman 5, Alice 3, Edgar 3, sister Brown Annie 11, Deer Lane
Cunningham Earl 39 [Anna 30] Thalia 9. 122 Webster st.
Cook Frank 43yrs Doctor [Margaret] Donald 18.
Cook Harold 20 Ohio [Helen 18 Scotland 1903] 392 Rhode Island Ave.
Cook Joseph 45yrs Ohio Molder Glass [Lauren 35 Michigan] son 12, Hazel 11, Marie 8,
Margaret 3, Charles 1yr 4mo.
Cook Lindsay 35yrs Salesman West Virginia father Missouri mother West Virginia
[Florence 35] Guyer 14, Harry 12
Coole John D 42yrs Texas Laborer Electric Light Co. [Henrietta 41] Helen 19, Thelma 17,
David 12, Melvin 3yr 10mo.
Cooper Fred A, Clerk [Blanch] Louisa 7, Jean 6.

Coss Annie 38yrs Glass Factory, Margaret 18, Harry 16, Charlie 14, Lester 12.
Cottle Smith 31yrs West Virginia machinist railroad [Erma 26 West Virginia] Evelyn 3, Betty 1.
Courad Oscar 38yrs [Emma 36yrs] Ruth 16.
Cronley Daniel 27yrs Laborer [Ida 24 father England] Bertha 14.
Curry John 32 police [Anna 32] adopted daughter Manie 8. 130 Madison St.
Curtis Albert 62yrs Ohio mother New York House Carpenter [Lillian 61 Ohio]
Daughter in-law Edna 26 Glass Factory.
Cutrona Sam 29yrs Italy Delivery Wagon [Mary 24yrs Italy] nephew Stephan 20 Italy.
Cutrone Joseph 45yrs Italy 189, daughter Nancy 16 Ohio, Rose 15 Ohio, mother Mary 80 Italy.
Darling W 36 Master Plumber owns shop parents Scotch [Clara 36] Evelyn 12.
Darragh Thomas 84yrs sister Louise 85, Sister Martha 82, grand son Bailey D 21
Clerk Telephone Co.
Darrangu James 52yrs retail merchant [Lillian 43] mother in-law Shallenberger Mary 70.
Davidson Mrs. Teresa 35yrs Ohio, A Helen 15 Ohio, servant Luces Mike 71yrs.
Davis Herman 35yrs West Virginia [Elsie 31yrs West Virginia] Charles 11, Mildred 8. 167 Clay St.
Davis Hubert 42yrs Machinist [Virginia 37yrs factory work] Gary 24 Brakeman, Olive, Ruth.
Decker Ray [Edith] works PR 161 Brighton Ave.
Degen Edward 57yrs parents Hanover Germany. Madison St.
Delozier Robert W 27yrs Conductor [Edna 25] Jesse 9, Earl 6, Loraine, Robert 2yrs 1mo,
Father in-law Saylor Jesse S 67
Denny Asenath Jane 59yrs, widow of James daughter Evelyn clerk 38yrs.
Denny William shoe repair [Josephine] 619 Case.
Denton David 43yrs salesman Fry Glass Wales [Florence 43yrs Wales] Gertrude 22, James 18.
Dentzer Charles O 44yrs Newspaper Reporter, son Ernest 15, William T 13. 145 George St.
Dershum Emma 48yrs Clerk Railroad daughter Powell Hazel 22. 380 Jefferson St.
Dickenson David 23yrs Projector Theater [Clara 19 West Virginia]
Dickey Nancy 40+, daughter Lydia 18, she had three daughters, roomers Echart Charles,
Dillon, Sitman William.
Dill James F 37yrs Steelworker [Let? tis 38] James 8, 386 Deer Lane.
Dillard Robert 39yrs Virginia [Mary 36 South Carolina] Fred 16, Robert 13,
Lawrence 11, John 7. 340 Main Ave.
Dobson Chas 38, brother William 3?, sister M?? 43, mother Christine 72. Madison St.
Doglass Lonia 77 yrs, daughter Anna 56, Fred 34, James 51, roomer McKown Maude 33.
Dominic Kate 46yrs Austria 1900, son Scander 29 Austria, Mike 26, Joseph 22yrs,
Ellen 22, grand son Joseph.
Dominie Kate 46yrs Austria [ Sca?nder 29yrs Austria] Mike 26 Austria.
Donaldson John 40 Electrician [G?ngie 40] 150 Madison St.
Doncaster Elizabeth 80yrs parents England.
Donde William 75yrs [Gale?ria 76yrs]
Doutt Ella Mary 63yrs Illinois father German mother Indiana, son George W 24 Clerk,
James 23 Machinist.
Druschel William 43yrs Shipping Clerk father German [Ida 35] Ruth 12, Earl 7,
Paul 2yr 7mo. 318 Lloyd St.
Duerr Jacob 38 yrs [Ella 43] Sara 3 yrs 5 months, step son Chapman Sam22, Margaret 17, Elizabeth, Richard.
Dumbaugh Cloud 24yrs Ohio Brakeman Railroad [Leon 25 Indiana] 400 Reno St.
Dumbaugh George A 46yrs Electric Light Co. [Etta 46] Bell 21Stenographer Light Co.
Norman G 19 Clerk Railroad.
Durr Bertha 27, roomer McConnill William 48, Dabury Walter.
Durr Stanton 42yrs Steel Mill [Alma 37] 191 Clay St.
Ealy Eleanor 60yrs widow, daughter Bessie 26 Stenographer.
Ealy Effie, son Walter 31 born in New Mexico, grand-son Teole Carrol 3, Monroe St.

Eash Clarence 35yrs Forman Electric Co. [Mary 30 Alabama] Gladys 9 Alabama,
Paul 10mo. 459 Ohio Ave.
Eckles Melvin 21 Electrician [Mary 20] 225 Madison
Edwards Charles 46yrs Machinist RR [Sadie 42] Chas. 22 Bridge Making, Son N 21 Electric Co.
Edwards Thomas 55 yrs [Janice 42 Scotland] Thom 17, Harry 16, 11, Howard 9, Leon 7, Walt, James.
Ehler Agnes 40yrs employed as a waiter, son 15.
Ellis Benjamin 27yrs Bookkeeper Glass [Eva 25] Jean 3yr 6mo, Jane 3yr 6mo. 272 Deer Lane.
Embree Arthur S 45yrs New York Pipe Fitter [wife 44] 1 child.
Endler Eugene 30 New Jersey Book Keeper Oil Works parents German [Ethia 33]
Olin 8, Joseph 4yr 2mo.
Engel Benjamin 63yrs Florist Greenhouse [Elise 54] Grace 23 Teacher Public School.
Enigson Oscar J 23yrs Draftsman [Mary 23] 523 Oregon Ave.
Erwing Lillian Leaf 45yrs, son Edward Leaf 20yrs, Franklin M 17.
Evans Thomas G 93yrs mother Ireland.
Ewing James H 54yrs Merchant Clothing Mother Ohio [Laura 48] Sara B 18, Grace 16. 233 Madison.
Faller Joseph 35yrs Sheet Metal [Annie 35yrs Kentucky] Mary J 16, Helen 14,
Margaret 10, Joseph 7, John Edgar 3.
Fields Rev Perry 54yrs Iowa Glass Factory [Ada 44 father Baden Germany mother
Battahom Germany] 334 Lloyd St.
Filson Mrs. Louise 58 widow father Ohio.
Fisher Charles D 32yrs Salesman Canada parents Alsace Lorraine France
[Nina 36 Canada] Catherine 3, Robert 2mo
Fisher Jacob 76yrs West Virginia [Sophia 70] Niles 34, Howard 25, Laura 48.
Fisher Roy 22yrs West Virginia Forman Steel Mill [Olive 21] Donald H 2mo.
Fleming Richard 31yrs Manger [Lucille 27yrs born in Ohio] Margaret L4yrs 3mo.
Fleming Robert D 62yrs Shopkeeper parents Irish [Ella 59] Robert 26 Steel Mill, Elsie 22, Chas.17.
Flint John H 71yrs Packer German [Mary A 71yrs father Switzerland]
Folmer Asa 25yrs West Virginia Railroad father Ohio mother West Virginia, Sister Ida 33, sister
Edna 21 operator Telephone Co., Cousin Brown Homer 31.

Forest A. 33 Brakeman Kentucky mother Indiana [Dolly 24 Kentucky father West Virginia
Mother Ohio] Athlie? 7 born in New York
Forman B L 33yrs Forman railroad [Lulu M 22 Virginia] Adams St.
Forsythe George 27yrs Foreman [Mattie 28] Donald 16.
Fosnot George 46yrs Horse Show [Elizabeth 41 father Germany] Goldie 19, George 18, 432 Conn. Ave.
Fragesser John 40years old mother German [Hattie 37yrs born in Ohio] Carl 18, Margaret 13,
Wilma 9 children born Ohio.
Frank William 37yrs parents German [Jean 36yrs parents Ohio]
Fraser John W 37yrs Steel Mill Father Scotland [Sarah G 29] John H 3. 151 Monroe St.
Fraser Joseph 30yrs parents Eastwood Scotland mould maker Fry Glass [May R 27yrs Ohio]
375 Ohio Ave.
French Martha 73 Wd., son Harry 47 Wd. Steward Club, Arthur 16, Brother Anderson Robert 72.
Fredericks Parker 25yrs New York father Connecticut mother New Jersey
[Lulu 25yrs Ohio mother Virginia]
Freshcorn Lewis 57 Steel Mill [Margaret 46]
Fry George W 74 years born in Kentucky father New York [Clara 72yrs] Jackson St.
Fry H S 35yrs Kentucky [Ida 37 Virginia parents Kentucky] Margaret 11, Helen 7. 338 Deer Lane.
Fry Harry B jr. 54 years old father born in Kentucky [Rachel Power 53] George 25yrs,
Father in law Edward 81,sister in-law Elizabeth
Fry Henry B 79 years old born in Kentucky father born in New York [Isabelle 65yrs] Jackson St.
Fry Howard 47 years old father born in Kentucky [Florence 41yrs] Florence 14,

Elizabeth 12, Howard 8, Eleanor 3yrs 9mo.
Fuchs Ray 38 Retail Merchant Germany [Lena 35 Poland] Bertha 13, Irene 10, servant Morgan Bessie 21.
Furgercon Jessie 39yrs fireman [Edith 30] Margaret 12.
Gamble Mason 38yrs Ohio Manger father England mother West Virginia [Thalia 37]
Ray 16, Forest 14, Jessie 13, Olive 7, Margaret 5, Beatrice 2
Ganoe Warren 37yrs Brakeman Railroad [Jennie L 37 New York parents Sweden]
Blanch 17, Gerald 15, Sarah 3yr 11mo.
Garrett Hewey W 52yrs Optometrist mother New York [Kate 49] niece Katherine
Garrett Sicera 43yrs North Carolina Plaster [29 parents Virginia.
Garrison Mary E 58yrs West Virginia.
Garvin Charles 45yrs Conductor [Jennie 42 West Virginia] Osc? 18 Stenographer,
Rose 16, William 14, Fred 12.
George Charles [Anna] Mary 4yrs 3mo, George 3, Rose 2, Joseph.
Geish Marion 20yrs RR [Dorothy 18] 154 Monroe St.
Giannakas Frank 32yrs Greece [Eva 22 father Canada mother England]
Frank 5mo, roomer Jobe Paul.
Gibb Joseph Break-Man [Elizabeth] Bonita.
Gibson Sarah 70yrs, grandson Flesher Harry 15 father West Virginia, son in-law
Sanderbeck John, g-son Elmer 24, Leo 26.
Giken Charles 56yrs Ohio Doctor [Etta M 46yrs]
Gill Christ 37yrs New York Cutter Glass [Katherine 37 NY] Ella 11 NY,
Joseph 9 NY, Christ 7 NY, May 5 Indiana, Francis 2.
Godeker Philip 39yrs Tennessee parents Holland, daughter Anna16, Catherine 14, son 13, Caroline 11,
Margaret 9, Henry 5. 437 Dalton Ave.
Goehring Charles W 47yrs Clerk Glass Co. [Sara 30] Charles 5, Mary 2, Mother in-law Leffler Ella 71,
Roomer Ganett Charles 35. 225 Madison St.
Goodman George 59yrs engineer RR [Anna 35 parents Hanover Germany] Emit 31, Frank 23, Paul 20.
Gordon Emma K 59yrs Father NY, son James 36 Glasscutter, grand son Robert 13, Sister Mastin Eliza 56.
Gordon John 69yrs merchant drugs mother England [Annie G 53]
Mary L 30 teacher bible, Jean 27 teacher bible, John 25 salesman.
Gordon Mrs. Lydia 58 father Prussia Germany, son Albert 31 workman,
Fred 18 driver, John 16 driver, Sister Smith Sabina 66.
Gould Walter H 37yrs Massachusetts [Eva 29yrs Massachusetts] Marjorie,
Son 7, Jay 5, Stanley 3yrs 7mo.
Gutermuth Nicholas A 62yrs carpenter [Sophia 60 ] Harry 31contractor [Ella 30] Delaware ave.
Graham Mary 72 yrs wd, daughter Ira 39 stenographer, Laura 37, Berta 33, Mary M 30 , Delaware Ave.
Graham Mary 72yrs Ohio widow parents Irish. 445 Ohio Ave.
Graham Howard 40yrs Glass Worker [Minnie 37] Ralph 15, Ethel E 14, Dorothy 5, Ruth E 6mo.
Grand Frank 25yrs Italy 1895 [Viola 24 Italy1900] Dominic 5,
James 3yrs 11mo, John 2yrs 9mo, Harman.
Grandey Joseph H 50yrs Auto Mechanic [Harriet 43 Mother Ohio] Mother in-law Bunday Anna 63 Ohio,
Grant Francis 47yrs Italy widow, son Sandy 21 Italy 1902 laborer glass,
Charles 15, Albert 12, Toni 10, Fred 8, Adeline 6, Rosie 3.
Green Catharine 52yrs, son Kerr Fred 20 Shipper.
Green Catherine 52yrs widow, son Fred 20 Shipper Glass.
Gremer Andrew 66yrs Bavarian 1869 [Mary 78yrs parents German]
Grimm George T 46yrs Manger father German [Emma 53 parents German] George 21,
Edward C 18 Clerk Railroad., Helen 16.
Grimm Harry 36yrs Paints Houses. 353 Brighton Ave.
Gross Effie J 37yrs born in Ohio, son Alfred J 24yrs doctor,
Sister Jenkins Jennie born in Ohio, Jackson St.

Grossman ? 38yrs Glass Co. [Leon 42] step son Gingle Charles 20, step daughter Anna 18, Elizabeth 16, John 14.
Gump Charles J Maryland Laborer Rail Road, son Richard 15, James 12, Boyd 8, Ohio Avenue.
Guy Christopher 40yrs Virginia Janitor [Ella 39 Maryland] Rosetta 11. 322 Main Ave.
Hadley Harry 40yrs Physician RR Indiana [Bessie 33 Indiana] Dorothy 13, Betty 11. 158 George St.
Hagg Albert 32yrs Machinist Railroad [Abbey 27] Albinta 3yrs 2mo, Anna M 10mo.
Haley Lawrence 72yrs Maryland Paperhanger [Ester 66] Deer Lane.
Hall Marshal 32 reporter news paper [Helen 26] Don 10, Delmar 5, Dixie 4, Robert 3, Edna 3month.
Haris Charles 45yrs Moulder Glass [Zurena Rose 43] Charles Leroy 16,
Richard Oliver 13, niece Anderson George Ella.
Harper George 45yrs Break-man Rail Road, Adams St.
Harris Annie L 73yrs Virginia Laundress Owns House widow, son Charles W 21,
Ernest 19, John 15, Ethel 12, George 11, Susie 8, mother Dorsey Susan 75
Harris Arthur 33yrs California mother New York [Francis 34yrs Ohio] stepson Nulton Robert 12.
Harris Edward 36yrs Glass Blower [Blanch 32yrs] Mildred, Gertrude.
Harris Samuel 30yrs Retail Merchant born in New York parents Russia [May 22 born in England]
Hartenbach Alvin 26yrs railroad [Ethel 23] Madeline 4. 477 Irvin Ave.
Hartman Rose 78yrs Baden Germany, son Louis 37 employed, daughter in-law Anna 33, 526 Harmony Ave.
Hartman William M 60yrs Contractor [Martha Pearl 33yrs] Jean 9, Virginia 6.
Hartzell Andrew 60yrs [Matilda 54] Helen 22, nephew Frank 48.
Haskins Edward 25yrs Massachusetts [Katie 22 Father Germany] Evelyn 4 Road Island, Katharine 2.
Haugh Donald 33yrs mother born in Ohio [Millie 33] Dorothy
Haunn Wilbur 47yrs Liver Man Ohio [Lillian 41yrs] Helen 18, Mary Lou 8.
Hays George W 66yrs Salesman mother German [Mary 51] grand son Rape Noble 13, roomer
Johnson Arthur 31 Sweden.
Hays James M 77yrs widow Proprietor Hotel, son George 49 Manger Hotel, daughter Maude S 46, roomers
Zinkham Edward, Steadman, May John, Harter.
Headland Ellie 55yrs Bartender father England [Amelia 55yrs parents France] Owen F 23, Edwin 20.
Headland Homer 27 Steel Mill [Myrtle 22] Thelma 2, Hazel 1 yr 2 months.
Heidegger Mrs. Terse 78yrs born in Austria, son Peter 52, John 50, Joseph 45, Ambrose 41, Anthony 39,
Frank 35, George 35.
Heller George M 48yrs father Saydny? Germany Merchant [Annie 46 parents German] brother in
law Heber George 57.
Henbourg L 43 years old born in Belgium [Josphine40 Belgium 1906] Jackson St.
Henderson Charles 22yrs [Dorothy 20] 458 Delaware Ave.
Henry Otto F 31yrs Yard Master [Pearl 30 parents Ohio] J G 11, Joseph 7, 447 Ohio Ave.
Herrick James 63 Clerk RR [Mary 65 Ohio] Madison St.
Hervey Wallen D 36yrs Clerk Oil Co. [Bess 34 Father Virginia Mother Canada] Katherine 12, Mary 8.
Higman Thomas 33 West Virginia motorman street rail [Olin 26] Myrtle 8, David 6, Viola 4, Blanch
Hilberg Clyde H 32yrs Flagman [Myrtle A 25] Myrtle 4yrs 10mo, Jean 3yrs 1mo.
Hildman Edward J 43yrs Glass Co. Prussia Germany 1889 [Anna 43 parents Baden Germany]
Dorothy 19 telephone operator, Joseph 16 timekeeper Glass, Mabel 13, Edward 7. 459 Irvin Ave.
Hilfinger Albert M 58yrs Mail Clerk RR [Blanch 52] Albert 25 Draftsman, Jack 18 born Ohio
Time Keeper Tube Mill, Boarder Borton Mary 20 Indian. 212 Jefferson St.
Hill George 38yrs Brake Man [May 36 West Virginia]
Hitchman John 46yrs Moulder New York parents England [Ida 42 England 1899] 195 Clay St.
Hoening Clarence 32yrs Salesman Furniture Store [Elsie 28 father Ohio]
Hogan Hugh J 32yrs Machinist [Carrie 30 Germany 1892] Hugh 3, Elizabeth 1. 454 Irvin Ave.
Hogan R 37yrs Agent Life Insurance parents Ireland [Francis 32 NY] Paul 14, John 13, Joseph 12, Mary 10,
Hugh 9, Francis 8, Thomas 5, Steward 3yrs 11mo. 147 Monroe St.
Hoge Thomas Ohio Engineer [Blanch 42yrs] Ralph 22 Stenographer, daug-in Gertrude 21, g-daug
Betty 11mo, Elizabeth 6.

Holierich Henry 38yrs Luxembourg proprietor Hotel [Mary 38 Galicico -Polish] Martha 17, Suna 11,
Mary H 9. Roomers.
Holland Albert 49yrs Ohio carpenter [Lillie 35 Ohio] Elsie May 16 day work, Albert 13, Chester Roy 12,
Robert 7, Melvin 9mo.
Holly Ethel 32yrs Boarding, son Charles 8, Margaret 6, Emmett 4yrs 3mo, mother McDonald Margaret 59,
half brother Alan 18, grand mother Scott Mary 87
Hopkins Frank 21yrs machinist Steel Mill [Lorie 19] 505 Delaware Ave.
Hollenbaugh Olin 41yrs [Idell 31?] Mabel 14, Richard 9, Gertrude 6, 138 Deer Lane
Holsinger Henry 40 Repairman Edith 38yrs Ohio.
Holt Frank R 40yrs Doctor [Gertrude Chides 40yrs] John 19, Frank R Jr. 8.
Hood Frank 33yrs [Grace 33] Mirian 9, Mildred 6, Jean 4, Betty 10 mo.
Horner Jacob 30yrs Engineer parents Canada [Catharine 31.
Horter George 46yrs Presser Glass [Ann 46] William 19 Glass Worker, Edward 16 Carry in Glass,
Franklin 13, Edna 8, Clifford 5.
Houaker Ellis 24 West Virginia Fireman Rail Road [Mildred 22 New Jersey] 414 New York Ave.
Houlette Hugh M 63yrs Mother Ohio [Francis 60 Virginia] Lucille 31
Howe Howard W 36yrs Conductor Rail Road [Zora 35] Howard 14, William 13.
Howell Sam 35yrs Virginia [Octavia 28 Virginia Day Work] mother in-law Arinstead
Mary 57 Virginia Day Work.
Howlenbaugh Anna widow Ohio mother Virginia, Brother Martin Albert 39 Ohio packer glass.
Hunter John W 48yrs [Mary 44] Margaret 16, Ruth 14, James L . 100 Madison St.
Hurst Charles 6? Father England [Laura 60] Laurance 25, 437 Delaware.
Hurst Robert 32yrs [Eleanor 31 parents West Virginia]
Huth John C 48yrs Grocer [Minnie 42] Carl P 25, Gertrude 17.
Hyle Elizabeth 56yrs parents German, son Paul 33 Moulder Glass Factory, Alvin 12.
Ifft Albert 36 Steel Mill [Martha 29] Irene 10, Bonnie 6. 409Delware.
Irvin Joseph B 57yrs mother England [Caroline 57] John C 15, 402 Deer Lane.
Jackson Charles 35yrs [Lydia 34yrs Ohio]
Jackson William C 50yrs Machinist Glass Factory [Fannie 44 Ohio] 352 Jackson St.
Jansen Frank A 42yrs Kentucky father Holland mother Canada [Florence 47 New York] Frank, Florence.
Jantals John 29yrs Greece [Catherine 57yrs Illinois] daughter accord Jean 29.
Javens Elmia 65 yrs, daughter Emily 40 tailor, Robert 23 rail road, Delaware Ave.
Javens John K 34yrs Beaver County Deputy Sheriff [Annette 31] Olive 7,Brother Fred O. 42 Commissioner.
Sister Ruckert Pauline 32, Niece Virginia 3. 206 North Park
Javens Walter R 49yrs Retail Merchant [Bertha 45yrs Virginia] June 18, Paul 13.
Jeffers Bert 20 West Virginia [Edith 18]Madison St.
Jeffres Frank 69yrs Michigan Commercial Travel Stoves [Mary A 50 Michigan father England]
Eleanor 24,. 388 Jefferson St.
Jerris Joseph 21yrs Conductor [Josephine 18yrs] mother in-law Crwtney Fannie 39yrs Dish Maker.
Johnson Adam M 60yrs [Anna M 61 parents Germany] Howard A 38, son in-law Hayen L 39,
Daughter Nellie 35.
Johnston Melvin J 42yrs New Jersey Janitor [Julia P 38yrs wash woman Ohio father Virginia]
542 Harmony Ave.
Jones Vernon J 34yrs Mfg. Tools born Indiana father Ohio mother New York [Lillian 33] Robert 1.
Joyce E 30yrs Machinist [Mary 26 West Virginia] Mary 3yrs 9mo, Catherine 2yr 1mo, James 1yr 1mo.
Joyce Willard 35yrs Presser Glass [Margaret 29 mother Irish] 457 Ohio Ave.
Kaetzel Fred L 27yrs [Emma 30yrs] roomer Uockey Justin 20,
Karchen John B [Alice] mother Ida, Sister Laura.
Karcher Mary 42yrs, son Albert M 20yrs Caller mother German, Earnest 20 Machinist helper,
William 17 Clerk.
Kaye Anna 60yrs Widow son Clarence 38 Truck Man Freight Station. 178 Monroe St.

Keen Mary 68yrs work Laundry father Ireland mother France.
Kelber Frederick 84 Notenberg Germany, daughter Louise 50 seamstress ladies , daughter Stuckmoth 49.
Kellen Ralph L 25 Ohio Brake Man Railroad Virginia [Eunice 27 Ohio mother West Virginia]
Kempert William 39 mother German Mill Right Steel Mill [Beulah 34] Sara 7, Helen 5, brother in-law Hays Fred 38.
Kendel Charles E 43 yard conductor RR [Emma L 43] Hazel 16, Mary 12, Margaret 8, John 3. Conn. Ave.
Kendrew Clyde 26yrs West Virginia Machinist parents Ohio [Katharine 25] 414 New York Ave.
Kensley Porter 35 Doctor [Beulah Agner] Williams, Elizabeth 6.
Kerr Anderson 40+ [Viola 38yrs]
Kerr Clyde 30 yrs [Elizabeth 27] Raymond 5, Vera 3, 117 Webster street
Kerr Everett 27yrs Lineman Light Co. [Marie 20 Maryland] Everett 1yr 5mo.
Kerr Mary E 65yrs Teacher Music, boarder Bliss Elizabeth 64, 380 Jefferson St.
Kerr Paul 38yrs [Gertrude 25yrs] Dorothy May 1yr 5mo.
Ketterer Fred 62yrs [L 60] Edna 28 clerk laundry, 505 Delaware Ave.
Ketter John 32yrs [Edith 33yrs] Anna May 4yrs 5mo.
Ketterer William A 42yrs Post Master [Nellie C 42yrs] Andrew 15, Cromwell 10, Mary M 7, Robert 6mo.
Keys John 55 years old
Kindelberge Martin 26yrs Steel Mill parents German [Virginia 23 mother Virginia] Anna M 7, Roy E 5,
Marian E 10mo. 426 Conn. Ave.
King Newark 72 father born England [Annette 77] 144 Madison St.
Knisely Elizabeth 76yrs father Irish, roomer Conrad William 50yrs Indiana.
Knowles Charles 41yrs [Bessie 39 parents Ohio] Helen 9, father Shannon 71, 448 Delaware Ave.
Koontz John 35yrs Stove Keeper Steel [Pearl 32] Helen 9, Kenneth 4yr 4mo.
Kormman Andrew 25yrs [Lillian 25yrs West Virginia] Raymond 1yrs? mo.
Kornman Charles 48yrs parents Germany [Minnie 47] roomer Mong Gladys 20 School Teacher.
Kornman Mary 62yrs Rosedell Germany, Sister Margaret Rosedell Germany Stenographer. George St.
Kramer John 34yrs parents Bavarian Germany Wire Chief Telephone [Margaret 32 parents Germany]
Kramer John 34yrs parents Bavarian Germany [Margaret 32yrs]
Kredel Madeline 39yrs Waiter.
Kress Charlie 35yrs father German [Grace 34yrs] John 10, Charles 5, Richard 2yrs 10mo,
Mother in-law Gearing Malinda 65.
Krous Harry 33yrs Draftsman [May 22 born in England]
Lambert Amelia 43yrs Cleaner Laborer, son Lawrence 23 Glass Blower, Gladys 18, Helen 16, Dorothy 14,
Evelyn 11, Ethel 11,Donald 8,
Lang Charles 50yrs laborer Rail Road, 164 Water St.
Lang George 41yrs foreman RR [Millie 41] 134 Deer Lane.
Law James 43yrs South Carolina [Florence 32 Virginia] James 16, Catherine 14, Edith 11, Ester 10, Alvin 9.
Lawson Frank 35yrs Clerk father England mother Scotland [Lisa 30] Jean 4yr 1mo,
Mother in-law Myers Lydia 65 mother Scotch.
Lazarus Margaret 50yrs dressmaker father Massachusetts daughter Olive B 33yrs father born in France.
Leaf George 59yrs parents England laborer general.
Leaf James P 53yrs father England [Lillian Newton 52yrs] Harriet W 27.
Lealie Ann 60 Scotland, son George 32 born in Ohio.
Lehman Walter 22yrs Clerk [Bertha 19] 188 George St.
Leon Amilia 58 yrs, daughter Florence 24, Ella 20. Delaware ave.
Leister Howard 26 Ohio [Bertha 23 Ohio] Vernon 5, Belma 3.
LeRoy Samuel J 63yrs Merchant [Annie 61] roomer Maine Frederick 25 parents NY, 82 Madison St.
Leslie Frank H [Edna born in Ohio] Frank.
Levis Orin 39yrs [Frances 38] Orin jr. 10.
Levis Royal M 33yrs Mould Maker Glass Factory [Laura 29yrs]
Levitan Ralph 29 years old born in Russia Hebrew [Sara 28yrs Russia Hebrew]
Brother in-law Frunmerman Neil 26 Russian Hebrew.

Lewis Emma 52yrs Ohio Tailor son Arthur L 30 Ohio Electrician.
Lewis Grant E 24yrs Foreman Rail Road [Verna 23]
Lewis V H 29yrs Salesman [Myrtle 29] Jean 6, mother Sophia 64.
Linafelt William 22yrs Wd. Steel Mill, son William 6, Ruth 4, grand father John 77, mother Skinner
Margaret 46 Wd. , half brother Norman 6. 193 Madison St.
Lindner Chas 58 yrs tailor owns shop [Ella 51] Charles 22 clerk, sister in-law Hurrary Minnie 48 tailor.
Lindsay Donald 27 [Deeie 29 West Virginia]Alice 6, Carl 5, Paul 3, Deer Lane
Lindsay Nathaniel 55 [Elizabeth 57] 484 Delaware ave.
Lierder Annie 89yrs widow Saxon Germany 1866, son Charles W 45 Gate Watchman.
Lockhart Elizabeth W. 87yrs Ireland 1850, Daughter Isabel 54, Annie 52, Wilson Jean 48. 215 Madison St.
Lohr Charles W 29yrs Glass Factory [26 born in West Virginia] Charles 3, John 8mo.
370 New York Ave.
Loredon Edward 74yrs [Lulu 64yrs born in Ohio parents born in Pennsylvania]
Loreman Charles 34yrs engineer RR [Carrie 32] Mother in-law Helliver Alice 65 Wd. 430 Conn. Ave.
Lovejoy William 65yrs [Sarah 59yrs parents Irish] Walter 29, Snidely 22, Bessie 18
Lucas Joseph 41yrs Prussia speak German Glass Presser [Edith 42 Father England] Veronica 18, Joseph 13,
Lena 10, roomer Madder John 34 Switzerland. 432 Conn. Ave.
Lyon William F 80 yrs county tax collector [Catherine 77 West Virginia] 136 Madison St.
Lytle Thomas 60yrs Driver [Armiuta 54] Newton 21 Driver Coal Truck. Adams St.
Mackinzie James 41yrs Machinist [Elizabeth 40yrs mother Ohio] James Kenneth 11.
Mackinzie Marian 64yrs Wd. Stenographer, daughter U? 24, daughter Neugent Eleanor 35,g-son Robert 11
Malone Charles 36 yrs [Irene 32] Mary 14, Ruth 12, Delaware ave.
Malone Eva 61yrs, son Wilmer 22 Steel Mill, Beatrice 20. 440 Dalton
Malone Frank J 62yrs Steel Mill [Mary 58] Frank 15, Mother Clara 87.
Mandura William B 38yrs Forman railroad [Sarah 42] Beatrice M 19 clerk railroad, Phyllis 18.
Marino Angelo 55yrs Junk Dealer Italy1886 [Rose 48yrs Italy] Julia 25,Albert 20, Michael 18,
Virginia 14 New York, Mary 12, Fred 9 Angelo 5,
Markley Samuel B 49yrs Contractor General [Emma G 43 North Carolina]
Marshall Edwin S 46yrs Ohio Engineer [Catherine] Bell Stenographer.
Marshall Howard 49 merchant marble [Mary 48] Kenneth 22 clerk marble, George 19 telephone, Katherine 17, Cane 13.
Mathews Frank 49yrs Iowa Architect house [Gerta 45] Jack 14, 446 Delaware Ave.
Martin Eva 37yrs, son Frances 3yrs 7 months, Josephine 11 months, mother? 64. 127 Deer Lane
Marquist Fred 62 Ohio [Margaret 52 Kiel Germany] niece Clubb Marilee 13 California.
Mason Clarence 52yrs. 480 Delaware Ave.
Mason William 60yrs Virginia works wire? [? 40 Virginia] John 16, Annie 14, Matthew 12, James,
Marie 9, David 7, Annabel 5, Marian 3yrs 3mo.
Massey Charles 29yrs RR [Ida 29 Mother Ireland] Katherine 11, Gilbert 9. 174 Monroe
Massey Mrs. Myra J 57yrs, son Ray Ralph 37 Steel Mill, grand son Ray Chester 13, sister Napper Nomie 48.
Mateer John O 35yrs Brakeman [Blanch 30] Hickey Daniel 29yrs New York [Agnes 23yrs]
Mathews Lawrence M 39yrs Foreman Steel Mill [Emma 38 parents Germany] Thomas 17, Anna B14,
Eleanor 10, Howard 8. 196 George St.
Maya Toni 46 Italy driver ice, son John 20 Italy machinist, Charles 17 Italy machinist, Rose 7,
Sarah 4yr 10mo, Frank 2yr 10mo.
McBride James F 43yrs parents born Ireland [Sara] Gregg 16, Viola 14
McBride Leonard 40yrs Ohio [Grace 36 West Virginia] daughter E 8, John 6, Ester 5, William. George St.
McBride Mrs. Eliza J 74 widow Ireland Nurse Private, daughter Robinson Mary 34,
Grand child Geo. 13, Joseph 11 farther both West Virginia.
McBride Mrs. Eliza J 74yrs widow Ireland Nurse Private, daughter Robinson Mary 34,
Grand child Geo. R 13, Joseph S 11 father West Virginia.
McCain James 34yrs Ohio Machinist RR [Katherine 34 Ohio] John 12, Katherine 10,
Robert 3yrs 5mo. 302 Deer Lane.

McCain James W 34yrs Ohio Machinist Rail Road [Katharine 34 Ohio] John 12, Katharine 10,
Robert 3yr 5mo, 302 Deer Lane.
McCallster Thomas J 57yrs Pipe Fitter father Irish [Elizabeth 54 Canada father Irish] 368 New York Ave.
McCandless Milton 50yrs Physician G P [Gertrude 46yrs] Lyon H 20, Helen 18, Milton L 17.
McCann Berth 34yrs Office Worker, grand son Fay 13 father was born in West Virginia,
Grand daughter Jean 8 father West Virginia.
McCasky John 33 Ohio [Mary 29] Rosemary 5, John 3, William 2. 134 Madison St.
McClain Daniel 65yrs conductor RR parents Irish [Rose 57Canada parents England] 201 Jefferson St.
McConighy Ester 67yrs widow Ireland 1901.
McConnlle J A 34yrs parents Scotland [Margaret 28yrs West Virginia father Ireland mother Ohio].
McCoy James H 62yrs [Carrie 61]
McCullough Thos 39 yrs mould maker glass Co. [Katherine 34] Thomas 11, Delaware Ave.
McDonald Hale 32yrs Superintendent West Virginia mother Ohio [Edna 28yrs] Louise.
McGee William 54yrs parents Irish, sister Annie 56, daughter Elaine 15, Helen 13, Anna 10, Jackson 8.
McGaffic Ralph 26yrs [Blanch 18yrs] Raymond 6mo.
McIlveen Walter 40yrs mould maker glass father Ohio mother Canada [Eva 31 father Iowa]
John L 10, Frank C 7, Bea 1yr 7mo.
McKarney Harriet 58yrs widow Dishwasher Restaurant.
McKee Charles E 33yrs Treasure Oil Works [Elizabeth 31] 167 George St.
McKee Sam 45yrs laborer Blacksmith.
McKenna William 72yrs Ohio parents Ireland Laborer [Ellen 64yrs Kentucky parents Ireland]
Frank 24, Dorothy M.
McLane Isabel 53yrs [Laura L 48yrs]
McMahan Annie 44yrs Ohio Seamstress, son Charles 11born in Ohio, Deer Lane.
McMahon Taylor 36yrs RR Ohio. 154 Monroe St.
McNamie John 26yrs [Gertrude 22yrs mother born in England]
McRainey A. A. 36yrs [Amy P 35yrs] Ada May 12yrs.
Mecklem Millard F 70yrs Attorney [Ella 70] Millard 26 Merchant, daughter Hanable Margaret 33 Clerk,
Nephew Jack 11. 402 Conn. Ave.
Meffert David H 56yrs Ohio Rail Road [Luella 48 Ohio] Gladys 12 Ohio.
Meffert G 21yrs Ohio laborer [Maddie 19 Ohio] Margaret 2yrs 3mo Ohio, Robert.
Mellon Jane79yrs Ireland, daughter Mary 54 born in Ohio teaches bible school.
Merritt Adra 23yrs father Ohio [wife 22] daughter A 5.
Merritt James 64yrs Ohio father New York mother Virginia [Jennie 58] son 28.
Messenger Harris 42 parents West Virginia [Lorene 37] Donald 16, Harry 10, 447 Delaware Ave.
Metz Lillie 44yrs widow Janitor.
Mickey Mary 64yrs she was a widow.
Miexell Theodore B 45yrs Bookkeeper Light Co. [Clara 42 Father Baden Ger.] 183 Clay St.
Mike Toni 35 widower Syria [Annie 28 Syria] Steve 11mo.
Miller Frank M 48yrs Ohio Butcher [Maude 43 Ohio] Frank 20 Butcher. 416 Conn. Ave.
Miller Phoebe 58yrs, Daughter Katherine 24, Son in-law Snyder John 32, Daughter Olive 35, John 3.
Mitcham Thomas 63yrs born in Indiana janitor Hotel.
Monroe Frank P 46yrs Delaware Engineer RR [Bertha 41] Willis 12, John 8, Margaret 6, 316 Lloyd St.
Moore Leonard 28 Moulder Glass Factory [Sarah J 28] Jack 5yrs 8mo, G Thomas 1yr 10mo.
More Ida, daughter Mary I 27yrs, roomer Holandsciy Albert 19.
Morell Patsy 30yrs Italy1905 Barber [Minnie 22 Italy] Tress 1yr 6mo.
Mosser George 43yrs born in Michigan father Canada.
Mulkein Charles 34yrs Retail Merchant mother Ohio [Helen 31yrs] Benjamin 6, Helen 1yr 6mo.
Murphy Charles D 36yrs Brake-Man Railroad [Edna I 36] Dorothy 14, Marian 13,
Vernon 10 Bessie Edwin 2yr 9mo, daughter 4mo.
Murphy Frederick C 34yrs bookkeeper [Amy 31] William H 2. 180 George St.

Murray Mary 70yrs parents England, daughter Nettie 40, Brother Kettlewood Geo. 57,
Brother Frank H 55 Shoe Repair.
Murray William A 46yrs Electrician Scotland [Angst 45 East Persia] Margaret 21 Stenographer, Robert 19,
Gertrude 15, William 14, James 9, Paul 8, Elizabeth 6, Donald 1. 454 Conn. Ave.
Mshaie Stanley H 69yrs Merchant West Virginia [Olive 66 Ohio] Anna 35 short hand off. West
Virginia, Virginia 23 Sister in-law Shirer Ida 64 Ohio. 490 Connecticut Ave.
Myers Herbert 24 Ohio [Cora 20 West Virginia]Julia 3, Louis 9 months.
Myers Walter H 58yrs New York Chief Clerk RR [Ella 49 New Jersey] Mother Elizabeth 91,
Mother in law Tilma Matilda 82 NJ. 174 Monroe St.
Nadler Louis 35 born in Austria entered US in 1900 naturalized 1905
[Julie 24yrs Russia 1907] Paul 5, Sylvia 3yrs 6mo.
Nannah Kate 64yrs teacher, Sister Susie 68, Sister Maggie 61. 429 Harmony Ave.
Nebster George 65yrs father Virginia mother Ohio Driver Coal Company [Ruth 64]
Theodore 33 Driver Coal, George 31 Railroad.
Nelson Mrs. Ida 45yrs Wd., Daughter Edna 20 Clerk Glass Co., Mary 13. 201 Madison St.
Neville James 42yrs [Elizabeth 39] Eva 15 Wrapper Glass, Elmer 11, Enoch 6, Ruth 2yr 3mo.
Nicholas Watson 41yrs Virginia Cook Rail Road [Ida 32 Maryland] Elizabeth 12, Frank 11,
Watson J 6, Thaddeus 3yr 1mo, Aphelia 1yr 4mo. Lloyd St.
Nikon Aaron 78 years old [Mary B 75yrs] Alfred K 46yrs, Randolph 15, servant Allman Nellie 16.
Nixdorf Charles 26yrs RR [Ethel 22] Merle 3, Charles 1. 147 George St.
Norris Earl D 25yrs Brakeman Railroad [Margaret 24] Albert, Earl 2yrs 6mo.
Noss Charles 60 years old [Charlotte Steward 49yrs mother born in Delaware] niece Steward Charlotte
8 mother Kansas.
OBryon Harry Tin Worker [Flossy 37yrs] Martha 11. 147 Adams.
Olson Hendrick Dr. 41 Osteopath GP [Berth 35] daughter Radietta? 11, John 2. 369 Brighton Ave.
Olszwski Julian 46yrs Russ-Poland 1904 Glass Worker [Mary 34 Russ-Poland] John 12, Felix 10,
Joseph 8, Peter 7, Henry 4yr 5mo, Margaret 3mo.Brother-in Rudncki
Otto Frank G 58yrs Black Smith Glass Co. [Mary 50 parents New York] Myra 15, Wilbur 17 Glass Co.
Palmer Effie 49yrs day work.
Palumbo Joseph 52yrs Italy Retail Merchant [Teresa 47 Italy] Mary 26 sales woman, Ebmiles? 24, Frank 22.
Parks George 50 yrs Merchant [Olin 42] Mary 17, Olin 15, William 14, 160 Madison St.
Parks William A 65yrs Contractor Streets [Mary J 63] servant Alleman 20. 220 Madison St.
Parker Joseph 30yrs Kentucky Janitor [Dorothy 19 parents Virginia] Lloyd St.
Parr Elizabeth 62yrs born in New York parents England, roomer Black Daisy 32 Ohio
Payne Thomas36 yrs Virginia [Susie 32 Virginia] Ida 15 OhioEdna 14 Ohio. 164 Madison St.
Peirsol Margaret 70yrs father Ireland, roomer Aflstadt Mrs. Alma 22yrs Teacher.
Perkins Paul E 27yrs [Florence 25yrs father Michigan] Paul 6, George Glenn 3yrs 7mo.
Perrott Alice 36yrs Operator [Charles jr.14.
Pfeifer Harry 33yrs Pipe Fitter [Florina 29 West Virginia father Ohio mother Kentucky]
Wilford 3yrs 9mo, James 2yr 3mo, Margaret
Phillips William H 55yrs farm helper [Alice 53]
Piceinini Tony 30yrs Italy 1910 [Josephine 34 Italy 1910] Samuel 7, Mary 4, Jane 3, Lewis 2yr 6mo.
Pickrell Norman 40 yrs Ohio book keeper RR [Georgia 42] Mildred 16, Blanch 14, Howard 12, Ruth 5,
Pirce Joseph40yrs Glass Blower [Annabel 34] mother Elkin Jennie 55 father Maine.
Porteman Frank K 27yrs Cutter Glass parents England [Jessie 24 parents Virginia]
Howard 5, Jean 2. 515 Oregon Ave.
Porteman Fred 28yrs Ohio [Laura28 Ohio] Christina 1yr 4mo. 479 Irvin Ave.
Portman Howard 25yrs Draftsman Bridge parents England [Margaret 22] Mother Phoebe 61 Eng. 464 Conn.
Portman John 34 cutter glass parents England [Clara 31] Louealla 12, Leah 7, Betty 1yr 10mo. 480Conn. Ave.
Porter Henry 39yrs Glass Moulder [Anna 33yrs father German] Irene 7 Ohio.
Poucher George E. 37yrs Structural Engineer Bridge Indiana Father England Mother Ohio [Sara 41 Father

New York Mother Indiana] Sara Ann 14, Ruth 11, Margaret 8, George 7, Mary C 4. 168 George St.
Powell Abner 35 West Virginia [Trixie 34 West Virginia] Francis 10, Hilbert 4.
Powell Harold C 25yrs foreman railroad [Edith 26] Betty Jo 1yr 6mo. 461 Irvin Ave.
Powell Samuel 46yrs Glass Co. [Caroline 41 Ohio Father Baden Ger.] Mildred 20 Steno.,
Russell 14, Edna 10.
Power Emmett M 53yrs Retail Merchant [Lillie 54 Ohio] daughter 22 Stenographer.
Powers Benjaim 67 tuner piano [Catherine 54]
Purvis Adda 57, son John 19, Monroe St.
Puryear Thomas 50yrs Janitor parents Virginia [Mary E 46 parents Virginia] Josephine 18,
500 New York Ave.
Rabler Della 41yrs, daughter Margaret 14, Mabel 12. Madison St.
Rafferty Catherine 48 yrs Germany, sister in-law E? 57 Scotland, Delaware ave
Ralston Ester 51yrs [Lulu 39yrs Teacher] Raymond 32.
Ray Charles Cooper 66yrs Retail [Eleanor 62yrs] Helen Reid 18.
Reardon Timothy 56yrs Watchman father Illinois mother Ireland [Margaret mother Ohio]
Jinni 28 born in Ohio operator.
Reed Harry 40+ [Georgiana 36 father Ohio
Reed James C 66yrs [Rachel 55] Nina 21. 152 George St.
Rees T W 34yrs sales shoes parents Welsh [Rose 27] 469 Irvin Ave.
Rendall Walter A 54yrs. Father England [Hattie 52] 163 Clay St.
Reno Charles 43 Glass Co. [Bessie 41 mother born England] Mother Mary 77. Monroe St.
Reno Joseph 54 [Carrie 43] Monroe St.
Reno Robert O 45yrs Glass [Elizabeth 36, John 17, Ida 15, Howard 12, Grace 10, Clyde 6,
Elizabeth 4yr 9mo, Beatrice 2yr 6, Ruth 11mo.
Rex Blaine D 23yrs Ohio Fireman Rail Road [Eleanor 24] roomer Yohnke Richard Hamburg Germany,
386 Deer Lane.86 Deer Lane.
Rex E. H. 57 Ohio Engineer RR [Mary 55 Ohio] Joseph 19 Ohio. 184 Monroe St.
Rex Frank 29yrs Ohio Civil Engineering RR [Bess 27] 175 Clay St.
Richardson John 26 mechanic tube mill [Agusta 22] Ida 2,
Ripper Charles S 34yrs Draftsman [Sara 29yrs] Howard Charles 3mo.
Robb Anna 50yrs Wd. Father Ireland mother Scotch, daughter Margaret 25 Illinois stenographer.
Roberts Harry 28yrs pay clerk steel mill [Mary 28] Jean 3, 428 Delaware Avenue.
Robins Jane 79yrs West Virginia, daughter Isa 44, Furey Bessie 35 widow Factory Work,
Grand daughter Margaret 3yrs 4mo father Welsh
Robinson Fay 22 years old, father born in Maryland [Lila 23yrs Tennessee] Robert 1yr 10mo,
Jack 8mo, sister in-law Mclony Edna 22.
Rodgers Thomas 48 pipe fitter Oil Works parents Scotland [Annie 42 Ohio] 392 Rhode Island Ave.
Romigh Raymond 29yrs Foreman Rail Road [Dora 25] Ruth 7, Ethel 5, farther Cyrus 68. 314 Deer Lane.
Romigh Raymond 29yrs Rail Road [Dora 25] Ruth 7, Ethel 5, father Cyrus 68 born in Pa. 314 Deer Lane.
Romigh Walter J 32yrs Conductor Railroad [Edith 30] adopted daughter Harriet 6, niece Carneiga Beulah 15
Rosamyer Wilbur E 39yrs Cutter Glass [Nora 33 New York] 466 Conn. Ave.
Rose Walter A 74yrs Doctor Canada immigrated to USA 1864 parents Scotland
[Caroline J Robb 53 Canada 1902] sister in-law Robb Francis
Rotart Michael 27yrs Austria [Elizabeth 23yrs parents Austria] Stephen 6, Hazel 2yrs 6mo.
Roush Mary 48 Ohio, son Guy 23, Clifford 20.
Rowe John A 33yrs Yard Master RR parents Ireland [Catherine 27] Mary C 2, John 2mo. 177 George St.
Ruckert Caroline 60yrs parents Germany, daughter Ella Louise 34 Bookkeeper
Father was born in Michigan.
Runyonn Charles 61years old, born in Ohio [Mary A 61yrs mother Irish] servant McGathen Lillian.
Russan Annie 41yrs England 1898 Servant. 216 Brighton Ave.
Ruth George H 35yrs Book Keeper [Edna 32] 252 Deer Lane.

Sayers Frank 34yrs [Florence 33] Thelma 10, Marjorie 9, Alice 8, Earl 3. 200 Jefferson St.
Sayers Joseph 56 Oil Works [Anna] niece Kounty Margaret 6, 503 Delaware ave.
Schaney Fred 53yrs Slater, son in-law Knopp William H 33 Brakeman RR West Virginia,
Daughter Gertrude 28, grand son George 7, Mary
Schlage John E 39yrs father Switzerland-Ger. [Edna 39] John.
Schlanger John 42 [Rose 38] Ada 15, Harriet 13, Alice 3. Deer Lane
Schleiger Adam S 38yrs Wisconsin Brakeman father Hessen Germany mother Pr?eston Germany
[Olen 24] 511 Oregon Ave.
Schlelein George 33yrs Bakery [Katherine 33 Mother Welsh] 169 George St.
Schlelein Mrs. P H 75, parents Germany merchant bakery, daughter Tillie 50, Mannie 48, G-daug Mary 14
Schmidt William C 37yrs Inspector Rail Road father Hessen Germany [Elizabeth 36 father West Virginia]
Lori 12, Arthur 11, Robert 9, Ruth 6, Fred 5, Howard 1
Schmoke William 54yrs Laborer [Francis 58] grand son Hildekand William 16 Salesman.
Scott George 23yrs [Hattie 19] George 3 Virginia, 121 Deer Lane
Scott Kattie 28yrs Virginia Wash Woman, son James 16 Virginia Oiler Rail Road. 335 Lloyd St.
Searight James H 64yrs Manger [Clara 64 Mother Welsh] 418 Conn. Ave.
Seifert Charles 35yrs Machinist born in Indiana parents German [Mamie 23yrs New York].
Sepp Henry 44 merchant parents German [Clara 44 saleslady parents Canada] Madison St.
Sewell James 36yrs Conductor Railroad West Virginia [Anita 21 West Virginia] Virginia 3 Ohio. Reno St.
Shafer Earl 29yrs Ticket Agent Rail Road [Ida 45] sister Brandon Helen 27 Clerk Glass.
Shallenberger Charles S 53yrs Mold Maker Glass [Elaine 51 Ohio] 351 Rhode Island Ave.
Shallenberger William A 41yrs Photographer.
Shane Brad L 46yrs contractor building [Lydia 42] Niece 9. 200 George St.
Shannon Samuel 31yrs foreman railroad [Georgia 31] William 11mo.195 Madison St.
Shanor Emma 59yrs, daughter Fay 39 born in Ohio School Teacher.
Shaw Richard 38yrs Indiana Steward Club father Canada mother Kentucky
[Maude 30 Kentucky] roomer Killenbrew.
Shee Edward J 34yrs grinding wheel mfg. [Della 31] Edith 8, Edna 7, Hazel 5, Adams St.
Shee Mary 53yrs Illinois father England mother Ireland, son Michael 27, Charles 24 Welder,
Son in-law Kelly Niles, Mary,
Shingler William 32yrs Yard Master [Mary 29yrs].
Shook Charles 28 Conductor Rail Road [Mary 25] Main Ave.
Shultz Paul 33yrs RR Father Homberg Germany [Hazel 30] Mabel 11, Doris 9, Paul 7, Evelyn 5, Helen 4.
Shumaker Charles 30yrs Foreman Railroad [Abbey 23 Mother New York] Charles 2, Mary 4mo.
406 Conn. Ave.
Shumaker Fred 28yrs Purchasing Agent [Margaret 26 Ohio] Fred 3. 404 Conn. Ave.
Shumaker Jessie 60yrs Salesman [Abbie 58] Edward 19. 220 Madison St.
Shygert Dr.Guy S 43yrs born in Kentucky Doctor [Margaret 34yrs] Louise 14, Elizabeth 12,
Gary S jr. 8, Simon 6, George 4yrs 8mo, John 3yrs 7m
Simcox John C 58 [Libbie 56] 144 Madison Street.
Simmons George 34yrs [Eva 32] Russell 17, Kenneth 13, Ida 10, Donald 7, Jean 1yr 4mo, Eugene 8mo.
Simmons George 71 years old [Elizabeth 68yrs parents German] Mary Eva 44.
Sims Mrs. René 47 widow Tennessee rooming house, roomers Higel Niles 21 Alabama,
Black William 42Kentucky.
Sitler Marie E 26yrs mother Ohio, son Leroy 27 Bookkeeper, Robert Leroy 1yr 4mo.
Sim 32yrs Syria 1907 [Julia 30 Syria] Elizabeth 6, John 4yrs 10mo, Jamie 2yrs 11mo,
Mike 1yr 7mo, father Ronny 75, mother Mary 65 both Syria.
Smiley W B 63yrs Clergyman U.P. Church [Margaret 61yrs] 379 Ohio
Smith Barth 34yrs England Gas Co. [Jinni 36] Sara 8, Helen 6, Henry A 3, Douglas 1. 438 Dalton Ave.
Smith Charles 37yrs Laborer [Clara 32yrs]
Smith Charlie 44yrs, daughter Naomi 17.

Smith Evert 24 [Olin 22] Evert Jr. 1 yr 10 months, 119 Webster St.
Smith Henry 63yrs England [Annie 59yrs] John 37, Rose 20.
Smith Robert A 75yrs Dresden Germany Immigrated 1855, son William L 52 Telephone Co.,
Jennie 49 clerk, Anna 47, Eunice 37
Smith William 31yrs Ohio Father Canada mother Ohio laborer general, 222 Water St.
Snoden Grant 47yrs parents Virginia [Josephine 47 Virginia] Leon 21, Gertrude 22
Grand daughter Alice, grandson Richard,
Snyder Mary 57 Ireland, daughter Trisa 27 teacher, Colla 24 clerk.
Snyder Robert 37yrs Conductor Rail Road [Bell 40 England 1881 Na1912] Martha 6, Robert M 3yrs 6mo.
Sprankle Frank 28yrs Brake-man Michigan Father Ohio mother Michigan [Hannah 20yrs Ohio]
Sprattey Wesley 27yrs Clerk [Grace 25yrs] Guy.
Springston Sara 70yrs widow West Virginia, Daughter Maude 39 West Virginia.
Stahl Elizabeth 35yrs yard clerk railroad. Adams St.
Stannah Joseph E 35 Ohio Yard Master RR [Lula 34 Ohio] Edward 11, Robert 5. 181 George St.
Steckley S Dewy 36yrs [Lottie 29yrs] Winifred 11 born in New Jersey.
Steele John 54yr Carpenter Steel Mill [Ida M 53] Gilbert R 24, Ruth S 16, Ester 13, Margaret 8.
Steffler Harry 31yrs Motorman Street Car [Pauline B 26] Henry 6, daughter 4yr 4mo.,
Daniel 2, brother in Washington William 33.
Stell Sylvester 26yrs Machinist [Mildred] Kathryn.
Stenger Henry 30yrs Alsace Germany 1903 Glass Blower [Mary 25 Alsace Germany] Joseph 2, Barnard 1.
Steward Charles A 40yrs, son James 13, Horace 10, Walter 5, house keeper Richards Harriet 44,
Daughter Lorna 16.
Steward Samuel R 41yrs Engineer RR [Della 39] Viola 19 Stenographer Glass Co.,
George 17 Yard Clerk, Della 10.
Stitt George 33yrs Laborer [Margaret 39yrs Ohio Mother Kentucky] step son Anderson George 10.
Stuck Jessie 35yrs [Hanna 4? England] Jessie 15, Floyd 13, Dorothy 11, Ruth 7, step-daug Cunningham Nancy 30 NY.
Stonner Raymond 20yrs Laborer [Lottie 23 Virginia Day Work]
Strub P M 48yrs Blower Glass parents Alsace Germany [Elizabeth 47 Ohio parents Kr?bach Germany]
Sulaer Albert 31yrs Switzerland-German 1907 timekeeper glass co. [Rose 24 father Ohio mother
Baden Germany] Henry 2yrs 4mo.
Sullivan George B 32yrs Yard Clerk Rail Road [Lillian 30 Indiana]
Sutterland Hugh [wife 59]
Suttrona Frank 40+ Italy [wife 34 born Italy] daughter 12 born in Pennsylvania.
Swager Charles 31yrs [Beulah 30] son 3. 474 Irvin Ave.
Swartz John 39yrs.
Tannehill Geo. 46yr salesman [Nora 27] Adams St.
Taylor A.A. 46yrs Cook Oil Works Kentucky [Emma 41 Cook Oil Works Kentucky] 165 George St.
Taylor Lemuel L 40yrs Clergyman Virginia [Ivy 38 Virginia] Preston 14, Robert 13. 453 Irvin Ave.
Taylor Walter 31yrs Boilermaker Rail Road [Julia 30] Mary 11, Margaret 9.
Teapole Morris A 50yrs carpenter railroad [Annie 50] Charles 30 sales dry goods, Minova 20, Louise 17,
Helen 10, Francis 15, in-law Wrigley Charles 47 grinder Glass Co. 384 Rhode Island Ave.
Thomas Charles H 54yrs Doctor father Massachusetts [Mabel 46] William 20 Stenographer Charlene 11.
Thomas Paul 40+ Italy laborer glass, son Benin 19 laborer glass, Philip 17 laborer.
Thomas Zeliam 63 yrs foreman Clay Works [Sadie 58 Ohio parents Ireland] 440 Delaware Ave.
Thompson George 38yrs [Lillian 34 Ohio mother Indiana]
Thompson Harry A 59yrs Florist, son Harry 22 born Indiana mother Kentucky Florist, Aunt Burgert Ella 72.
Throne Frank 55yrs Pattern Maker Michigan [Annie M 51yrs] George 20 Assistant Engineer.
Till Lucinda Mrs. 79yrs Wd., nephew Houlett William 33, niece Maude 38, roomer Taylor Thalia 20.
Turner James M 5?yrs Maryland father German mother Virginia [Clara 46 parents Maryland]
Margaret 14. Reno St.
Vensel Mickel Walter 29yrs [Mary 28 West Virginia father Ireland mother West Virginia]

Walter Franklin 2yrs 4mo, Thomas Howard 1yr 4mo brother- in Gribben John 24.
Vogel Nicholas 52yrs Alsace Germany [Anna 46 Alsace Germany] Joseph 22 Glass Co., Alfred 20
Lineman, Anthony 17 Steel Mill, Rosalynn 7. 460 Irvin Ave.
Vollhart Martin 46yrs parents German laborer [Julia F 46 Ohio parents German]
Waggoner Charles H 39yrs Civil Engineer Bridge [Sonia 38] Robert 7, Mother in-law Gates Mary 61.
Waggoner Martin 69yrs Father Ohio [Nora 59 parents Dusseldorf Germany] 434 Harmony Ave.
Waley Konroe 42yrs West Virginia Laborer [Blanch 33 parents Ohio] Irene 13, Edward 11
Katherine 9, Jeanette 5.
Wallace John 34 years old born in North Carolina [Bertha 32yrs born in Iowa mother born in Iowa father Pa.
Wallace Mary 63yrs Wd. Mother Germany, Daughter 30 Saleslady Bakery, Daughter 27 Manger, Mary 23 RR.
Ward Alvin 40 yrs [Myrtle 39] Attie 17, Dorothy 12, Alvin 10, Floyd 2, Delaware ave.
Ware Harian 50yrs father was born in Ohio, mother Ireland [Carrie 47yrs NY] William 24.
Warrick Mary E 40yrs, Sister Jean 37 Seamstress., Brother Ralph 28Bridge Co..
Watkson Samuel O 36yrs Dyer West Virginia [Annie 34 Wash Woman] Francis 15, Harry 1yr 7mo,
Sister Cross J 18.
Weckham John J Physician 56yrs parents Irish [Ella 56yrs father Vermont] Anna 25, Mary B 17
Wehr William A 33yrs Glass Co. [Ruth 24 Ohio] Anna 4, George 2, Dorothy 1 mo. 467 Irvin Ave.
Weigel Ralph 46yrs Telegraph Operator. [Clara E 44 Father Bavarian Germany] Bessie 17, Charles F 15,
Dorothy 11, Robert L 4yr 10mo. 472 Conn. Ave.
Wellington Joshua 46yrs Ohio Car Inspector Rail Road [Christina 46 Baden Germany1882]
Harry 18 driver, Mabel 16, daughter Mawsone Marie, son-in Fred 21.
Welsh George 50yrs Glass Factory parents Irish [Mildred 48 mother Maryland] Charles T 16 Clerk Railroad
Welsh Josephine 50yrs, daughter Elizabeth 30. Adams St.
Welsh Thomas 64yrs Sooter Glass [Ella 52 parents NY] stepson Neiner Harry 20 Glass Worker.
Wentz Russell H 31yrs West Virginia [Patton 40]
West George P 63yrs father West Virginia Box Maker Glass Factory
[Pauline 59 father Humus Germany] grand son Sullivan Earl 20.
West Mary 37 widow mother Missouri Grocery merchant, daughter Helen 14, Myrtle 13.
Whaley Frank 28 South Carolina lather [Nellie 32 father Maryland mother Virginia.
Whistler Aldein 76 Reporter News Paper [Rebecca 70 Millenary Shop] Sister in-law Shaffer Elaine 62,
Sister in-law Curaie Nan 60, Nephew Jack 24. 216 Jefferson St.
White Charles 32 merchant [Helen 28] Lorie 5, Janet 2, Nancy? 4 months, 472 Deer Lane
White Charles G 38yrs Ohio Foreman Steel Mill [Ola 36 Ohio] Clark 17 Ohio. 193 Clay St.
White James D 48 shipping clerk mill [Anna 47] Rigis 18, Delaware Ave.
White John 37yrs Ohio Engineer Rail [Clara 34 Ohio father Germany] Lillian 14,
Mother in-law Triance Clara 60, nephew Sayers Louis 19, niece Ruth 16.
Whuler Henry 26yrs Tennessee [Maud 22] roomer Dunbar Albert 48.
Williams Ben F 24yrs RR [Bessie 39 Maryland] Aunt Packer Annie68 Maryland. 459 Dalton Ave.
Williams Washington 62yrs Michigan parents Virginia laborer general.
Wilson Harry A 37yrs Draftsman Bridge [Gertrude 37] Agnes 5, mother in-law Muelhian Agnes 70
Wilson John F 72yrs Virginia mother Kentucky Police City [Minnie 45 Ohio]
Daughter Smith Hilda 23 Saleswoman Retail.
Wilson Mrs. Angstine 33yrs widow day work private family West Virginia,
Daughter Anna Francis 9 West Virginia.
Winn Jack 47yrs Virginia Glass Worker [Laura 48 New York]
Step son McKinney Harry 25 father NY Machinist Steel Mill.
Winters George E 41yrs Ohio Operator Telephone [Emma 38 West Virginia parents German]
Russell 18, Hazel 14, Wilbur 11, Louis 8.
Wisssel William 27 [Jennie 23] Anna 2yr 10mo, Robert 1yr 6mo, Estella new born. 541 Oregon Ave.
Wolfe Glen F 29yrs Break Man Railroad [Eva 28 Canada] Irene 10 born in Ohio, Deer Lane.
Wonlds Samuel H 74yrs Ireland [Jennie 58yrs father English] nephew Thomas 30.

Woodruff Frank 53yrs Manger [May 48yrs Ohio] Rollin J 18.
Woods Frank W 43yrs Ohio Painter House [Maude 40 father Ohio] Harold 19 Ohio,
Helen 17, Dorothy 15, Maude 13, Lester 8, Manian 2mo
Worthington Emma 57yrs Seamstress, Daughter Bertha 13, William 11. 353 Brighton Ave.
Wright Earnest 35yrs bridge works [Louise 23] 197 Madison St.
Yee Tos Lie 48yrs born in California parents China.
Yost Dr.. Walter Milton 33yrs [Marguerite Mitchell 29] Martha 7, James 4yrs 11mo. Servant Buffington
Annie 20 Tenn. 216 Brighton
Zacharias Sam 45 years old born in Greece [Adsmantia 35yrs Greece] Son Socrates 10,
nephew Vlachos Peter 23 Greece,
Zaniesky William 42yrs Russ-Poland 1905 Machinist [Raneska 40 Russ-Poland] Mary 14, Anthony 11,
Edward 10, Ida 8, Francis 5, Margaret 3mo
Zink William 55yrs Ohio [Florance52 Ohio]
Zoffer Muir 28yrs retail merchant father Germany mother New York, brother 26yrs, Brother Joseph 19,
Brother William.