Society of Friends, Beaver County

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Society of Friends
Their first meeting house was in Fallston, but in 1827 a division occurred within the congregation and both groups moved to New Brighton. The Orthodox group held sevices in a house located at the corner of 15th St. and Third Ave., but there are no records found of it. The Liberal Quakers, or Hicksites, built a one-story meeting house on the site of the Standard Horse Nail Corp. on 5th ave. at 15th, and the cemetery was behind the church.

During the 1880s, the congregation of this church dwindled and quite a few members were absorbed into the other churches of New Brighton. The building fell into disuse and the property was sold to the Standard Horse Nail Corp.

(Source: QuasQuiCentennial Celebration (1838-1963) of New Brighton, Pa., June 2, 1963.)