Camp Run Cemetery, Franklin Township, Beaver County

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Camp Run Cemetery
Camp Run Presbyterian Church,
Franklin Twp., Beaver County, PA

indexed 26 July 1994
proofread April 1995
Susanmarie Clark and David R. Smith
All rights reserved
Copyright 1995 by S. Clark and D. Smith Second Edition November 1996


While on vacation last summer, we went to the Camp Run Cemetery to collect information on Dave's family, and ended up transcribing inscriptions from all of the gravestones. We copied the information from each stone separately. Then we indexed the gravestone inscriptions two ways. In the first section, they are listed in alphabetical order for ease of use. In the second section, they are listed by rows in order to preserve family relationships.


Our friend Merry Krumpak entered all of the data and figured out how to make the computer sort it alphabetically. Sue's sister and our niece, Linda and Rachel Ammon, proofread the manuscript against the gravestones in April 1995, as we were back in Arizona then. Our son, Shane Smith, offered encouragement for the project. Michelle Tognarina shared her information on William John Stevely Smith and his ancestors for the second edition.

Susanmarie Clark
David R. Smith

11 June 1995

Camp Run Cemetery, Franklin Township, Beaver County - Section 1

Camp Run Cemetery, Franklin Township, Beaver County - Section 2