1900 Tionesta Township Census 

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The following is a transcription of Tionesta Twp., from the 1900 census, I have done my best in deciphering the names and dates, in some cases they were written over or just difficult to make out. I encourage you to use this as a tool, and to look further into the 1900 census to discover your ancestors, occupation, approx. marriage date, and where their parents were from. As always, happy hunting.

~Christine Matha copyright 2002 (please do not link to this page without permission)

1 Allis, George M Aug 1866 PA
  Allis, Susan F Oct 1873 PA
  Allis, Allen L. M March 1895 PA
  Allis, Joseph M Aug 1896 PA
2 Wagner, Joseph M Dec 1865 PA
  Wagner, Hattie F June 1872 PA
  Wagner, Viola F Nov 1894 PA
  Wagner, Anna M. F May 1896 PA
  Wagner, Harry S. M July 1897 PA
  Wagner, Alvin L. M Aug 1899 PA
  Stitsginger, Bruce M April 1896 PA
3 Mealy, Henry M March 1870 PA
  Mealy, Hattie M. F June 1871 PA
  Mealy, Vere B. M Dec 1895 PA
  Mealy, Thelma G. F Dec 1898 PA
  Mealy, Margaret F July 1833 PA
  Mong, Harvey C. M May 1882 PA
4 Mealy, James M April 1873 PA
  Mealy, Effie M. F Aug 1880 PA
  Mealy, Flossie L. F Aug 1898 PA
5 Korb, Charles M March 1870 PA
  Korb, Hattie M June 1870 PA
  Korb, Forest M Jan 1899 PA
6 Korb, Christan M July 1836 Germany
  Korb, Fanny F March 1847 Germany
  Korb, Jacob A. M April 1872 PA
  Korb, Annie F Sept 1877 PA
  Korb, Maussah M July 1882 PA
  Korb, William M Aug 1884 PA
  Korb, Augusta F Nov 1886 PA
7 Nicol, William M Nov 1860 Canada/Eng
  Nicol, Sarah F Feb 1866 PA
  Nicol, Maggie A. F June 1886 PA
  Nicol, Harry D. M April 1889 PA
  Nicol, Pearl F Jan 1893 PA
  Nicol, Herbert M April 1896 PA
  Nicol, Marquis L. M Feb 1899 PA
8 Mong, James M May 1867 PA
  Mong, Mary F Sept 1874 PA
  Mong, Ralph M June 1894 PA
  Mong, Daisy F Aug 1898 PA
9 Allio, John M Nov 1856 PA
  Allio, Oliar F June 1864 PA
  Allio, John O. M April 1884 PA
  Allio, Floyd M March 1889 PA
  Allio, Rolla M. M Dec 1898 PA
  Allio, Ethel F June 1899 PA
10 Mong, Michals M Dec 1827 PA
  Mong, Sophia F June 1835 PA
  Mong, Joseph M July 1869 PA
11 Salsgiver, M M March 1859 PA
  Salsgiver, Sophia M July 1856 PA
  Salsgiver, Maggie F Sept 1884 PA
  Salsgiver, Kate M. F Jan 1886 PA
  Salsgiver, Charles R. M June 1887 PA
  Salsgiver, Susan F April 1889 PA
12 Mealy, Robt. M Dec 1853 PA
  Mealy, Geniva F Sept 1861 PA
  Mealy, Maude M. F March 1883 PA
  Mealy, Harry H. M Aug 1884 PA
  Mealy, Alvin B. M July 1888 PA
  Mealy, Viola R. F March 1886 PA
  Mealy, Gvlda? F July 1895 PA
  Mealy, Andrew C. M Feb 1898 PA
13 Fox, Edward M Feb 1855 PA
  Fox, Mary F Jan 1869 PA
  Fox, Hattie M. F Aug 1890 Indiana
  Fox, Ida F March 1892 Washington
  Fox, Gevrgerda? D. F April 1894 Washington
  Fox, Alethia F June 1897 Indiana
  Fox, Hale H. M Sept 1899 PA
14 Eden, John M Dec 1832 PA
  Eden, Mary F Aug 1844 NY
15 Thomas, William M Dec 1827 PA
  Thomas, Sarah F March 1843 PA
  Thomas, George H. M Nov 1867 PA
  Thomas, Alvin M Aug 1873 PA
  Thomas, John E. M Feb 1875 PA
  Thomas, Bertha M. F Sept 1882 PA
  Thomas, Charles M Feb 1887 PA
  Thomas, Jennie F April 1891 PA
  Thomas, Francis M Feb 1899 PA
16 Thomas, Ja? M. M March 1865 PA
  Thomas, Blanche L. F Jan 1872 PA
  Thomas, James W. M Nov 1896 PA
  Thomas, Grace M. F Sept 1894 PA
  Thomas, Grant S. M June 1897 PA
17 Wiles, Lizzie F April 1852 PA
  Wiles, Daniel M Feb 1879 PA
  Wiles, Blanche F Dec 1880 PA
  Wiles, James M. M Oct 1883 PA
  Wiles, Frank C. M May 1886 PA
18 Carson, Jess M Oct 1830 PA
  Carson, Glory? F March 1872 NY
  Carson, Arthur L. M May 1895 PA
  Carson, Lester M. M May 1897 PA
19 Mong, Joseph M Dec 1841 PA
  Mong, Sarah F May 1848 PA
  Mong, Lyman M July 1883 PA
  Mong, Belle L. F June 1885 PA
  Mong, Florence M. F Dec 1888 PA
  Mong, Preston C. F Sept 1895 PA
20 Zuck, David M Feb 1841 PA
  Zuck, Ellen F Jan 1848 PA
  Zuck, Frank C. M June 1872 PA
  Zuck, Ada B F July 1876 PA
  Zuck, Sony F. M July 1879 PA
  Zuck, Wesley D. M Oct 1881 PA
  Zuck, Carrie E. F March 1885 PA
  Zuck, Samuel I. M July 1887 PA
  Zuck, Bert D. M April 1889 PA
  Zuck, George O. M Oct 1892 PA
21 Hydinger, Annie F Sept 1840 PA
  Hydinger, Henry M July 1877 PA
  Hydinger, Maggie F April 1885 PA
22 Dehner, John M Feb 1863 PA
  Dehner, Bertha F July 1871 PA
  Dehner, Iva D. F Dec 1899 PA
  Baker, Alice L. F April 1878 PA
  Dehner, Aura F Feb 1884 PA
  Baker, Freda F January 1900 PA
23 Faller, Francis M. M April 1884 PA
24 Fritt, P.F. M Sept 1845 PA
  Fritt, G.M. F Oct 1848 PA
  Fritt, Gertrude O. F April 1879 PA
  Fritt, Mentor A. M Feb 1884 PA
  Fritt, Bennie M Nov 1887 PA
25 Mealy, Jacob M April 1866 PA
  Mealy, Frances M Dec 1884 PA
26 Byers, Edward M June 1871 PA
  Byers, Olive F Feb 1872 PA
  Byers, Peal S. F Feb 1872 PA
  Byers, Elva P. F June 1895 PA
  Byers, Forest A. M Oct 1896 PA
  Byers, Fern A. F Nov 1897 PA
27 Mealy, Solomon M Nov 1833 PA
  Mealy, Sarah T. F Oct 1839 PA
28 Mealy, Adam M April 1855 PA
  Mealy, Emma J. F Oct 1856 PA
  Mealy, Arthur S. M Dec 1889 PA
  Mealy, Glen M Aug 1895 PA
29 Mealy, Elliot M May 1873 PA
  Mealy, Lana F April 1875 PA
  Mealy, Orion B. M April 1895 PA
  Mealy, Ordie L. F May 1897 PA
30 Mealy, Curtis A. M Sept 1875 PA
  Mealy, Pearl F March 1882 PA
31 Wolf, Henry M Sept 1853 PA
  Wolf, Lizzie C. F May 1862 PA
  Wolf, Charles W. M Oct 1879 PA
  Wolf, Henry E. M May 1885 PA
  Wolf, Milton A. M Sept 1887 PA
  Wolf, Mary J. F Feb 1891 PA
  Wolf, Archie A. M Feb 1896 PA
  Wolf, Alford D. M Dec 1898 PA
32 Wolf, Christin M Nov 1833 Germany
  Wolf, Jennie F April 1860 PA
33 Byers, Daniel M Feb 1838 PA
  Byers, Adaline F Feb 1846 PA
  Byers, Fred M July 1883 PA
34 Shriver, Addison M March 1855 PA
  Shriver, Anna F April 1864 PA
  Shriver, Daisy M. F Feb 1887 PA
35 Shriver, Eeli F May 1829 PA
  Kagle, Webster H. M Dec 1889 PA
36 Hepler, John M June 1820 PA
  Hepler, Susan F July 1821 PA
37 Hepler, Edwin M Aug 1868 PA
  Hepler, Sophia F May 1870 PA
  Hepler, Benjamin M Feb 1893 PA
  Hepler, Settie I. F Oct 1895 PA
38 Hepler, William M Nov 1848 PA
  Hepler, Anna F May 1847 PA
  Hepler, Andrew P. M Dec 1872 PA
  Hepler, Sarah E. F Feb 1879 PA
  Hepler, Reed A. M Jan 1881 PA
  Hepler, Milton J. M June 1884 PA
  Hepler, Howard N. M June 1890 PA
39 Stitzginger, Herbert M Aug 1874 PA
  Stitzginger, Leah F. F March 1873 PA
  Stitzginger, Grace G. F Sept 1899 PA
  Mealy, Blanche F Aug 1889 PA
40 Stitzginger, Fred M June 1834 PA
  Stitzginger, Mary F March 1839 PA
41 Stitzginger, Isaac M Jan 1872 PA
  Stitzginger, Emma A. F Feb 1873 PA
  Stitzginger, Merle C. M Jan 1896 PA
  Stitzginger, Orpha E. F Feb 1898 PA
  Stitzginger, Edith E. F February 1900 PA
42 Myers, John M July 1833 PA
  Myers, Magdaline F Sept 1837 PA
43 Myers, Charles M Jan 1867 PA
  Myers, Kate F May 1872 PA
  Myers, Harry E. M Jan 1892 PA
  Myers, Ita V. F June 1895 PA
  Myers, Myrtle B. F June 1898 PA
44 Passaur, John M May 1855 Ohio
  Passaur, Emaline F June 1868 PA
  Passaur, Arnold A. M Jan 1879 PA
  Passaur, Leslie A. M April 1880 PA
  Passaur, Fred J. M March 1882 PA
  Passaur, Benjamin C. M July 1884 PA
  Passaur, Charles A. M March 1886 PA
  Passaur, Earl F. M July 1887 PA
  Passaur, Roy A. M Dec 1889 PA
  Passaur, James A. M March 1893 PA
  Passaur, Robert L. M June 1895 PA
  Passaur, Lillian M. F Dec 1897 PA
  Passaur, Bernice F February 1900 PA
45 Mealy, Elmer M Aug 1862 PA
  Mealy, Laura A. F July 1870 PA
  Mealy, Bertha F Oct 1887 PA
46 Mealy, Andrew M Dec 1826 PA
  Mealy, Hannah F Jan 1832 PA
  Mealy, Clarissa F Aug 1889 PA
47 Wolf, Andrew M Dec 1852 PA
  Wolf, Sarah F Sept 1854 PA
  Wolf, Willis H. M May 1878 PA
  Wolf, Charles M. M May, 1884 PA
  Wolf, Erdie R. F Jan 1886 PA
  Wolf, Ollie B. F March 1890 PA
  Wolf, George L. M June 1893 PA
  Wolf, Russel A. M Sept 1895 PA
  Mealy, Tula L. F Feb 1892 PA
48 Bostzer, Frances M March 1845 PA
  Bostzer, Sadie F Nov 1881 PA
  Bostzer, Charles C. M Nov 1887 PA
49 Wagner, August M Aug 1862 PA
  Wagner, Mary F Feb 1864 PA
  Wagner, Charles A. M Nov 1889 PA
  Wagner, Frank E. M Jan 1893 PA
  Schmid, Korona F Nov 1884 Germany
50 Wagner, Adam M Feb 1868 PA
  Wagner, Della F Oct 1865 PA
  Wagner, Ferdinand M Sept 1896 PA
  Wagner, Myrna F Dec 1894 PA
  Wagner, Harold D. M Dec 1897 PA
51 Blocher, Mary F Oct 1846 PA
  Blocher, Howard M April 1874 PA
  Blocher, Bertha O. F Dec 1876 PA
  Blocher, Ralph A. M June 1880 PA
  Blocher, Phebe E. F July 1885 PA
  Blocher, Jesse A. M Oct 1882 PA
52 Mong, Allison M June 1865 PA
  Mong, Ida M. F June 1868 PA
  Mong, Roy A. M Dec 1890 PA
  Mong, Nora F April 1893 PA
  Mong, Howard A. M June 1895 PA
  Mong, Forest W. M March 1897 PA
  Mong, Russel M. M April 1899 PA
53 Wagner, Henry M Jan 1859 PA
  Wagner, Rachel F July 1874 PA
  Wagner, Cecil C. M July 1896 PA
  Wagner, Bruce C. M June 1898 PA
  Stitzinger, Anna A. F April 1848 PA
  Stitzinger, Floyd M July 1893 PA
54 Wagner, Lewis M Feb 1853 PA
  Wagner, Sarah F April 1862 PA
  Wagner, Maude L. F Nov 1885 PA
  Wagner, Benjamin S. M May 1887 PA
  Wagner, Emma M. F July 1889 PA
  Wagner, George W. M July 1892 PA
  Wagner, Alice L. F Feb 1894 PA
  Wagner, Minnie E. F April 1897 PA
  Wagner, Grace G. F April 1899 PA
55 Mong, Eliza F Oct 1840 PA
  Mealy, Myrtle F May 1896 PA
56 Black, Jerry M Oct 1867 PA
  Black, Jane F June 1863 PA
  Black, Archie D. M Oct 1894 PA
  Black, Solomon L. M Nov 1895 PA
  Black, Leona M. F Dec 1899 PA
57 Black, Daniel M Jan 1822 PA
  Black, Mary A. F April 1832 PA
58 Hasger, John M Aug 1873 PA
  Hasger, Clara I. F Sept 1840 PA
59 Wentworth, John M July 1838 PA
  Wentworth, Charlotte C. F Sept 1840 PA
60 Wentworth, Jedadiah M Aug 1865 Iowa
  Wentworth, Emma J. F July 1869 PA
  Mealy, William H. M June 1895 PA
61 Wertz, Charles M April 1865 PA
  Wertz, Maggie J. F April 1872 PA
  Wertz, Iva L. F Sept 1894 PA
  Wertz, Forest E. M March 1896 PA
62 Mealy, William M March 1847 PA
  Mealy, Patrince F July 1849 PA
  Mealy, Pearl F. F July 1883 PA
  Mealy, Edna V. F May 1886 PA
  Mealy, Ruella M. F Aug 1894 PA
63 Fenstrmaker?, Jason M Nov 1836 PA
  Fenstrmaker, Ida I. F July 1862 PA
  Fenstrmaker, Charles J. M June 1860 PA
  Fenstrmaker, Mary M. F Oct 1893 PA
  Fenstrmaker, Peter S. M July 1898 PA
64 Walters, Charles M Aug 1867 PA
  Walters, Anna M. F June 1877 PA
  Walters, Bessie O. F July 1895 PA
  Walters, Altie I. F Jan 1897 PA
65 Wolf, John M June 1843 PA
  Wolf, Hannah B. F May 1847 PA
  Wolf, Clyde F. M Dec 1882 PA
  Wolf, Ernest E. M April 1885 PA
  Wolf, Arthur G. M Jan 1890 PA
66 Patterson, Elmer M April 1862 PA
  Patterson, Savilla J. F Dec 1850 PA
  Patterson, Lester R. M May 1894 PA
  Patterson, Alexander F. M Jan 1832 PA
67 McWilliams, Hutch M Oct 1870 PA
  McWilliams, Carrie C. F Feb 1870 PA
  McWilliams, Mildred A. F Dec 1888 PA
  McWilliams, Arthur M Dec 1892 PA
  McWilliams, Wesley M June 1895 PA
  McWilliams, Raymon M Aug 1896 PA
  McWilliams, Leon M Dec 1899 PA
68 Mealy, Benjamin M Jan 1853 PA
  Mealy, Mealy M.J. F Jan 1864 PA
  Mealy, Harry W. M Sept 1883 PA
  Mealy, Emma E. F Dec 1885 PA
  Mealy, Roy A. M Jan 1888 PA
  Mealy, Goldie M. F Sept 1894 PA
  Mealy, Wane E. M Sept 1897 PA
69 Shultz, Fred B. M Nov 1855 PA
  Shultz, Anna M. F Aug 1847 Germany
70 Weant, John F. M Aug 1846 Germany
  Weant, Nancy M. F May 1857 PA
  Weant, Fred I. M Sept 1878 PA
  Weant, John D. M March 1881 PA
  Weant, Seldon W. M Nov 1884 PA
  Weant, Lizzie J. F May 1888 PA
71 Whitman, Seldon W. M Dec 1822 NY
  Whitman, Lavina F May 1829 PA
  Khroner, Della P. F July 1882 PA
  Khroner, Hazel M. F Aug 1898 PA
  Jones, Albert W. M Nov 1884 PA
72 Rodgers, Wilson M Aug 1855 PA
  Rodgers, Manerva F Nov 1857 PA
  Rodgers, Olive F July 1882 PA
  Rodgers, Etta M. F March 1884 PA
  Rodgers, Charles H. M May 1886 PA
  Rodgers, Myrta L. F Jan 1888 PA
  Rodgers, Harry E. M July 1891 PA
  Rodgers, Alma I. F Dec 1892 PA
  Rodgers, Elva M. F April 1898 PA
73 Lackey, Fletcher M May 1864 PA
  Lackey, Lydia F April 1869 PA
  Lackey, Harry W. M Dec 1891 PA
  Lackey, Fletcher L. M Dec 1893 PA
  Lackey, Trua F Oct 1895 PA
  Lackey, Olive M. F Jan 1898 PA
  Lackey, Harriette F Nov 1899 PA
  Terrell, Harriette F March 1836 PA
74 Proper, Forest M March 1867 PA
  Proper, Ethel M. F Nov 1874 PA
  Abbot, Clinton M May 1881 PA
75 Sibble, Ernest M Aug 1859 PA
  Sibble, Lizzi F Dec 1857 PA
  Sibble, Howard F. M July 1889 PA
76 Sibble, Henry M Sept 1857 PA
  Sibble, Hattie F June 1867 PA
  Sibble, Elmira F Dec 1888 PA
  Sibble Walter C. M Oct 1889 PA
  Sibble, Floyd M April 1891 PA
  Sibble, Maude C. F March 1893 PA
77 Sibble, Conrad M July 1862 Sea
  Sibble, Agnes F March 1863 PA
  Sibble, Clarence F. M April 1882 PA
  Sibble, Frank E. M April 1886 PA
  Sibble, Cora M. F June 1887 PA
  Sibble, Hazel F. F Feb 1891 PA
  Sibble, Lavina A. F April 1893 PA
  Sibble, Bessie A. F Nov 1895 PA
  Sibble, Viola K. F June 1898 PA
78 Stroup, Alonzo M July 1856 PA
  Stroup, Mary F July 1856 PA
  Stroup, Arthur I. M March 1883 PA
79 Emert, Adam M Feb 1824 Germany
  Emert, Rachel F Dec 1836 PA
  Emert, Jacob M Dec 1852 PA
80 Ledebur, Fred M Jan 1842 Germany
  Ledebur, Elizabeth F Jan 1852 PA
  Ledebur, Minnie M. F March 1881 PA
  Ledebur, Walter H. M Sept. 1884 PA
  Ledebur, Bessie A. F Aug 1886 PA
  Ledebur, George H. M April 1888 PA
  Ledebur, Alta M. F May 1890 PA
  Ledebur, Julia E. F June 1892 PA
  Davis, Clara E. F Dec 1874 PA
  Davis, Edith V. F April 1899 PA
  Ledebur, Mary F June 1813 Germany
81 Wenk, Ferdinand M Feb 1851 Germany
  Wenk, Mary J. F May 1858 PA
  Morecraft, Florence M. F Dec 1882 PA
82 Shelhouse, William M Aug 1853 PA
  Shelhouse, Dora M. F Nov 1871 PA
  Shelhouse, Clifford G. M Oct 1894 PA
  Shelhouse, Garrett M April 1898 PA
  Shelhouse, Edith I. F March 1900 PA
83 Glassner, Fred M Feb 1869 PA
  Glassner, Sarah F April 1863 PA
  Glassner, Joseph M June 1897 PA
84 Glassner, Henry M Aug 1841 Germany
  Glassner, Nancy F July 1847 PA
85 Starner, Joseph M Feb 1834 PA
  Starner, Phebe M. F May 1845 PA
  Starner, Emma E. F July 1887 PA
  Starner, Clarence C. M Oct 1889 PA
86 Weingard, Charles M June 1844 Germany
  Weingard, Laura J. F June 1884 PA
  Weingard, Benjamin H. M Nov 1888 PA
  Weingard, Miles E. M Aug 1893 PA
  Weingard, Delila F Oct 1895 PA
  Weingard, Iva M. F Jan 1898 PA
  Wagner, Elizabeth F April 1828 PA
87 Blum, Henry M May 1854 PA
  Blum, Kate E. F July 1861 PA
  Blum, Mabel A. F April 1882 PA
  Blum, Alice S. F March 1883 PA
  Blum, Lawrence F. M July 1885 PA
  Blum, Blanche R. F July 1888 PA
  Blum, Howard E. M Feb 1890 PA
  Blum, Forest A. M May 1893 PA
  Blum, May A. F June 1894 PA
  Kate I. F May 1900 PA
88 Blum, Charles M Oct 1869 PA
  Blum, Cora F May 1877 PA
  Blum, Ralph R. M Aug 1895 PA
  Blum, Clyde N. M June 1897 PA
89 Matha, Henry M April 1845 Germany
  Matha, Martha E. F April 1851 PA
  Matha, Caroline W. F May 1878 PA
  Matha, Marie A. F March 1884 PA
  Matha, Dora M. F July 1886 PA
  Matha, Roy A. M Sept 1892 PA
90 Smearbaugh, Jacob M July 1850 PA
  Smearbaugh, Pauline F Oct 1862 PA
  Weant, Nicholas M March 1827 PA
91 Lawrence, William M June 1840 Germany
  Lawrence, Hannah F June 1845 PA
  Lawrence, Hartmann M March 1872 PA
  Lawrence, Ida L. F Oct 1874 PA
  Lawrence, Emma M. F Jan 1878 PA
  Lawrence, Albert J. M Dec 1881 PA
  Lawrence, John Wallace M June 1884 PA
  Lawrence, Bertha A. F April 1887 PA
  Lawrence, William M April 1890 PA
92 Vancamp, James B. M July 1844 PA
  Vancamp, Lydia C. F April 1856 PA
  Vancamp, William W. M Feb 1877 PA
  Vancamp, Lydia E. F July 1882 PA
  Vancamp, James B.T. M Sept 1886 PA
93 Fitzgerald, Kate F June 1841 Ireland
  Fitzgerald, John M Aug 1876 PA
  Fitzgerald, Henry P. M Dec 1881 PA
  Fitzgerald, Alice C. F June 1883 PA
  Fahey, Michael M Nov 1889 PA
94 Fitzgerald, Michael M Aug 1829 Ireland
  Fitzgerald, Robert M Jan 1865 PA
  Fitzgerald, Patrick M March 1869 PA
  Fitzgerald, Mary E. F April 1877 PA
95 Swab. Gor? E. M Feb 1843 PA
  Swab., Martha F Nov 1847 PA
  Swab., Clara S. F June 1883 PA
  Swab., Harrison M Sept 1888 PA
96 McCray, Hannah F Sept 1836 PA
  McCray, Seldon A. M March 1868 PA
97 Armburger, Henry M Sept 1863 PA
  Armburger, Ida M. F July 1869 PA
  Armburger, Maggie M. F April 1890 PA
  Armburger, Jacob A. M Sept 1891 PA
  Armburger, Ralph M June 1894 PA
  Armburger, Mabel M. F Sept 1895 PA
98 Swab, James M Dec 1867 PA
  Swab, Hattie M. F May 1872 PA
  Swab, Frank M. M Aug 1890 PA
  Swab, George V. M July 1892 PA
  Swab, Hubert M. M June 1897 PA
  Swab, Annette F February 1900 PA
99 Kenedy, Frank M July 1856 PA
100 Kenedy, George W. M April 1859 PA
  Kenedy, Katherine M. F March 1859 Ireland
  Kenedy, Willie C. M Aug 1891 PA
  Kenedy, Frank M. M July 1893 PA
  Kenedy, George P. M Sept 1895 PA
  Kenedy, Joseph M Sept 1899 PA
101 Melchoir, James M Feb 1860 Switzerland
  Melchoir, Sallie I. F June 1874 PA
  Melchoir, Harry M. M Oct 1894 PA
  Melchoir, Glenn F. M Jan 1896 PA
  Melchoir, Mary R. F Feb 1898 PA
102 Monday, Frank M Feb 1833 Germany
  Monday, Mary F May 1828 PA
  Monday, George P. M Oct 1866 PA
103 Hunter, David M Nov 1834 PA
104 McKee, William J. M Feb 1857 PA
  McKee, L. F June 1865 PA
  McKee, Harry W. M June 1883 PA
  McKee, Bertha M. F April 1885 PA
  McKee, Charles D. M Aug 1890 PA
  McKee, Martha C. F June 1893 PA
  McKee, Jamima A. F Dec 1898 PA
105 Dreyer, Fred M Jan 1871 Ohio
  Dreyer, Rachel L. F Feb 1876 PA
  Dreyer, Arlie W. M Nov 1894 PA
  Dreyer, Viola F Jan 1898 PA
  Dreyer, Helen L. F Sept 1899 PA
106 Heath, Asa W. M Aug 1873 PA
  Heath, Mina A. F Dec 1876 PA
  Heath, Bernice A. F April 1899 PA
107 Clark, William M Feb 1855 PA
  Clark, Debbie F May 1853 PA
  Clark, John H. M Feb 1884 Missouri
  Clark, Margaret M. F May 1885 Missouri
  Clark, Robert W. M Oct 1886 Kansas
  Clark, James W. M March 1889 Kansas
  Clark, Emma L. F July 1890 Kansas
  Clark, Frank N. M Aug 1892 PA
  Clark, Charles J. M May 1895 PA
  Woodington, James W. M Aug 1829 PA
108 Moore, Elijah A. M Feb 1851 PA
  Moore, Pernilla F Nov 1855 PA
  Moore, Bertha A. F April 1881 PA
  Moore, Rick V. M Dec 1886 PA
  Moore, Myette F April 1892 PA
109 Brennen, Elmer M Aug 1866 PA
  Brennen, Jessie M. F Oct 1876 PA
  Brennen, Robert M. M July 1894 PA
  Brennen, Henry C. M July 1896 PA
  Brennen, Alice A. F May 1899 PA
110 Carson, James M June 1839 PA
  Carson, Margaret A. F April 1841 PA
111 Carson, Eugene M Aug 1865 PA
  Carson, Dora F Feb 1865 PA
  Carson, Golda V. F June 1894 PA
  Carson, Georgia L. F March 1896 PA
  Carson, Leon D. M Jan 1898 PA
  Carson, Mildred I. F Aug 1899 PA
112 Carson, Srin? M April 1872 PA
  Carson, Margarete C. F Oct 1879 PA
  Carson, Ella N. F Dec 1897 PA
113 Emert, Nathan M Sept 1860 PA
  Emert, Alice F May 1868 PA
  Emert, Lawrence R. M Jan 1887 PA
  Emert, Charles M Oct 1888 PA
114 Hoovler, Frances M. M Aug 1863 PA
  Hoovler, Mary A. F Aug 1870 PA
  Hoovler, Clarence N. M May 1892 PA
  Hoovler, Clara E. F June 1893 PA
  Hoovler, Floyd N. M Jan 1896 PA
115 Tompson, Albert M July 1871 PA
  Tompson, Blanche M. F Aug 1875 PA
  Tompson, John L. M Sept 1893 PA
  Tompson, Mildred M. F Oct 1894 PA
  Tompson, Leola R. F March 1898 PA
116 Swanson, John M Oct 1839 Sweden
  Swanson, Hannah F Oct 1838 Sweden
117 Walters, Carl M Oct 1846 PA
  Walters, Mary F Feb 1857 PA
  Walters, Henry L. M Dec 1878 PA
118 Vancamp, John M March 1866 PA
  Vancamp, Lizzie F May 1874 PA
  Vancamp, William M Sept 1892 PA
  Vancamp, Rachel V. F April 1894 PA
  Vancamp, Orie M. F Oct 1896 PA
  Vancamp, Flora E. F March 1900 PA
119 Hoovler, John M April 1844 PA
  Hoovler, Mary E. F March 1847 PA
  Hoovler, Orion F. M April 1878 PA
  Hoovler, Florence A. F April 1890 PA
120 Stroup, William F. M Oct 1866 PA
  Stroup, Jane F Sept 1876 PA
  Stroup, James A. M March 1894 PA
  Stroup, Mabel A. F April 1896 PA
  Stroup, Mary A. F Aug 1898 PA
121 Pryer, Samuel M. M April 1845 PA
  Davis, Lizzie F July 1871 PA
  Davis, Mirl E. M April 1892 PA
  Davis, Dewey M June 1899 PA
122 Saul, William M May 1864 PA
  Saul, Myrtie F Nov 1872 PA
  Saul, Harold W. M March 1893 PA
  Saul, Josephine L. F Aug 1896 PA
  Saul, Maurice M. M May 1898 PA
  Saul, Helen D. F Nov 1899 PA
123 Hunter, John M April 1870 PA
  Hunter, Nannie L. F July 1872 PA
  Hunter, Eva M. F April 1894 PA
124 Hunter, William M Sept 1865 PA
  Hunter, May F June 1869 PA
  Knox, Earl S. M Feb 1887 PA
125 Hunter, Charles M June 1859 PA
  Hunter, Emma F Oct 1864 Massachusetts
  Hunter, George S. M Jan 1861 PA
  Keem, Joseph L. M Sept 1894 NY
126 Bush, John M Nov 1856 PA
  Bush, Frances F Feb 1869 PA
  Bush, May W. F May 1889 PA
127 Carlson, Andrew M July 1835 Sweden
  Carlson, Caroline F July 1849 Sweden
  Carlson, Charles M Aug 1887 PA
128 Keniston, Charles H. M Oct 1873 PA
  Keniston, Carrie F Feb 1879 PA
  Keniston, Charles M April 1900 PA
129 Sanner, Edward M May 1862 PA
  Sanner, Carrie B. F Aug 1863 PA
  Sanner, May A. F June 1884 PA
  Sanner, Charles W. M Oct 1885 PA
  Sanner, John W. M April 1887 PA
  Sanner, Ida D. F Feb 1892 PA
  Sanner, Flora A. F June 1894 PA
  Sanner, Josephine E. F Nov 1896 PA
130 Lovjoy, Asa J. M June 1844 PA
  Lovjoy, Anna M. F May 1853 PA
  Lovjoy, Mary W. F Feb 1885 PA
131 Lord, Alford M Oct 1854 PA
  Lord, Mary D. F May 1867 Iowa
  Lord, Frank E. M Oct 1890 Ohio
  Lord, Wallace J. M Nov 1893 PA
  Lord, Ernest R. M May 1899 Ohio
  Lord, Alford W. M Jan 1897 PA
132 Rhodes, Curtis M March 1868 PA
  Rhodes, Martha A. F Feb 1875 PA
  Rhodes, Ester J. F June 1895 PA
  Rhodes, Archie R. M Aug 1896 PA
  Rhodes, Hattie A. F Aug 1898 PA
133 Magnus, Carlson M July 1856 Sweden
  Magnus, Anna M. F Jan 1861 Sweden
  Magnus, Carl A. M Nov 1883 Sweden
  Magnus, John A. M Nov 1887 Sweden
  Magnus, Clara L. F March 1890 Sweden
  Magnus, Nannie M. F March 1890 Sweden
  Magnus, Conrad M July 1891 Sweden
  Magnus, Ebba T. F Aug 1898 PA
134 Hosd, Charles M Jan 1866 PA
  Hosd, Viola F March 1874 PA
  Hosd, Helen D. F March 1896 PA
  Hosd, Rachel E. F Nov 1897 PA
  Hosd, William M May 1827 PA
135 Childs, Rufus M May 1851 PA
  Childs, Belle F Sept 1832 PA
  Childs, George C. M April 1876 PA
  Childs, Augustus C. M June 1881 PA
  Childs, Raymon M Dec 1882 PA
  Childs, Albert D. M July 1885 PA
  Childs, Olive A. F Dec 1889 PA
  Childs, Norman L. M Aug 1892 PA
  Childs, Lyra A. F Dec 1898 PA
136 Dye, Joseph M July 1857 PA
  Dye, Eava F Dec 1882 PA
  Dye, Maud F Feb 1890 PA
  Kightlinger, Jay M Jan 1882 PA
  Kightlinger, Michael M June 1855 PA
137 Childs, David M June 1844 PA
  Childs, Magarette F Jan 1855 PA
138 Landers, Orion M May 1845 PA
  Mong, John M April 1871 PA
139 Thompson, Alexander M Feb 1845 PA
140 Hunter, Edward M Oct 1856 PA

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