1900 Hickory Township Census 

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The following is a transcription of Hickory Twp., from the 1900 census, I have done my best in deciphering the names and dates, in some cases they were written over or just difficult to make out. I encourage you to use this as a tool, and to look further into the 1900 census to discover your ancestors, occupation, approx. marriage date, and where their parents were from. As always, happy hunting.

~Christine Matha copyright 2002 (please do not link to this page without permission)

1 Southworth, Albert M Oct 1866 NY
  Southworth, S. Jennie F Sept 1867 PA
  Southworth, Mary A. F May 1889 PA
  Southworth, Harvey B. M Dec 1890 PA
  Southworth, Chester M Dec 1893 PA
2 Burns, William M May 1844 PA
  Burns, Mina M. F Sept 1869 PA
  Burns, Margaret M. F Aug 1884 PA
  Sarah? F Nov 1893 PA
3 Rayhorn, Frank M July 1853 PA
  Rayhorn, Rilla A. M Aug 1879 PA
  Rayhorn, Cora M. F Feb 1881 PA
  Rayhorn, Harry F. M Jan 1882 PA
  Rayhorn, Charles F. M Dec 1888 PA
  Rayhorn, Edward P. M June 1891 PA
4 Sartorti, Charles M Nov 1856 Germany
  Sartorti, Lizzie M F Feb 1873 PA
  Sartorti, Emma C. F Oct 1892 PA
  Sartorti, Edna M. F May 1895 PA
  Sartorti, Alice M. F June 1898 PA
5 Ellis, Robert J. M Oct 1873 PA
  Walters, Toney M May 1889 PA
  Hepler, Claud M unknown PA
6 Anderson, Harriet F Nov 1843 PA
  Anderson, Emma F Nov 1890 PA
  Anderson, Julia F Sept 1886 PA
7 Tompson, John W. M Nov 1850 PA
  Tompson, Sadie E. F July 1860 PA
  Tompson, Sylvia B. F April 1886 PA
  Tompson, Clarence G. M March 1889 PA
8 Anderson, James M March 1870 PA
  Anderson, Florence M. F April 1877 PA
  Anderson, Byron C. M May 1896 PA
  Anderson, Judson M Sept 1898 PA
  Woodford, John G. M Oct 1828 NY
9 McCray, Matthew M Feb 1844 PA
  McCray, Ellen F Aug 1862 PA
  McCray, Anna F Oct 1879 NY
10 McCollough, J.P. M Feb 1858 PA
  McCollough, Minerva F Sept 1864 PA
  McCollough, Luella M. F Sept 1886 PA
  McCollough, Mina V. F Nov 1888 PA
  McCollough, Sidmore A. M Nov 1890 PA
  McCollough, Gailen M. M Dec 1899 PA
  Mowers, Myrtle M. F April 1890 PA
11 Kiffer, Fenton M Feb 1863 PA
  Kiffer, Blanch F Aug 1877 PA
  Kiffer, Vivian M. F May 1896 PA
12 Green, Joseph M Feb 1851 PA
  Green, Mary F Feb 1853 Michigan
13 Pettigrew, Joseph M May 1841 PA
  Pettigrew, Dora E. F Nov 1846 Germany
  Pettigrew, Carl H. M May 1881 PA
  Pettigrew, Alta C. F Aug 1889 PA
  Davis, James M Nov 1837 PA
14 Luslres?, Sarah F April 1836 PA
  Luslres, Harry W. M Oct 1872 PA
  Luslres, Henry L. M April 1880 PA
15 Metzgar, Levi M June 1822 PA
  Metzgar, Bell S. F Feb 1848 PA
  Metzgar, Charlie A. M Nov 1882 PA
16 Whitton, R. Lewis M April 1840 PA
17 Foreman, Elmer M Oct 1871 PA
  Foreman, Hattie F Feb 1873 PA
18 Halladay, John M Dec 1831 NY
  Halladay, Sarah F Aug 1835 PA
  Halladay, Elton B. M May 1874 PA
  Halladay, Ellen E. F March 1880 PA
  Halladay, Virginia V. F Dec 1899 PA
19 Johnson, John J. M Nov 1842 New Jersey
  Johnson, Laura F Nov 1853 PA
20 Patch, George M Feb 1853 PA
  Patch, Sue A. F Feb 1854 PA
  Patch, Edwin H. M Oct 1881 PA
  Patch, Pania?, K. F May 1884 PA
  Patch, L.Z.? M April 1893 PA
  Patch, unreadable F ? 1897 PA
21 Goreman, Ziba A. M May 1828 PA
  Goreman, Emily E. F Oct 1830 PA
22 Hillard, Herbert H. M March 1869 PA
  Hillard, Myrtle B. F April 1879 PA
  Hillard, Hilda B. F July 1895 PA
  Hillard, Howard A. M July 1897 PA
23 Fenstamaker, Arma? M April 1862 PA
24 Wheeler, Nelson M Nov 1841 NY
  Wheeler, Rachel F Jan 1852 Ohio
  Wheeler, Rachel F. F May 1878 Ohio
  Wheeler, Nelson P. Jr. M Sept 1885 PA
  Wheeler, Alexander R. M July 1887 PA
  Wheeler, Reginald W. M July 1889 PA
  Alinger, Mary E. F March 1866 PA
  Strickenberg, Gertrude F July 1872 PA
  Witherell, Francis F Nov 1882 PA
  Holden, Nellie F Nov 1874 NY
  Chappen, Flora M. F Nov 1849 NY
25 Rylander, Betty F Aug 1861 Sweden
  Rylander, Clara J. F July 1891 PA
  Rylander, Nels G. M Dec 1893 PA
  Ericson, Guslov E. M Sept 1859 Sweden
26 Stewart, Chas. J. M Aug 1862 PA
  Stewart, Verna M. F July 1867 PA
  Stewart, Floyd M. M July 1887 PA
  Stewart, John L. M Dec 1889 PA
  Stewart, Arttrus D. M April 1892 PA
  Stewart, Marie M. F April 1896 PA
27 Crider, George M Sept 1857 PA
  Crider, Dora F Jan 1863 PA
  Crider, Charlie E. M Aug 1888 PA
28 Whaley, Edwin W. M Jan 1878 PA
  Whaley, Amanda F Oct 1873 PA
29 Whaley, Stephen M June 1824 NY
  Whaley, Mary G. F Dec 1830 Canada/Eng
  Lee, Louise F Nov 1851 Canada/Eng
  Lee, Richard O. M May 1885 PA
  Bankhead, Chas. P. M July 1848 Maryland
  Myers, Edwin L. M June 1878 Ohio
  Fuelhart, William O. M March 1875 PA
  Howe, Edward E. M July 1875 Ohio
  Church, Charley B. M Oct 1873 PA
  Pettigrew, Fred O. M Oct 1878 PA
  Mervin, Nelson M July 1872 PA
  Pettigrew, Arch M. M Jan 1874 PA
30 Stover, Benjamin M Dec 1844 PA
  Stover, Margaret F July 1845 PA
  Stover, Oley M. M Sept 1886 PA
  Sollinger, Lizzie J. F March 1866 PA
  Sollinger, Margaret E. F April 1890 PA
31 Sullinger, George M May 1877 PA
  Sullinger, Jennie L. F July 1876 PA
  Sullinger, Margaret E. F April 1900 PA
32 Beckett, Samuel T. M Jan 1855 Ohio
  Beckett, Hattie O. F April 1867 PA
  Beckett, Monty R. M March 1888 PA
33 Gifford, ?onas B. M Jan 1870 PA
  Gifford, Alice J. F May 1867 PA
  Gifford, Mable A. F Oct 1890 PA
  Gifford, Sarah E. F Jan 1892 PA
  Gifford, Everal D. M April 1896 PA
34 Sallinger, Samuel M Aug 1854 PA
  Sallinger, Melda R. F July 1856 PA
  Sallinger, Jennie L. F May 1881 PA
  Sallinger, Rachel G. F April 1885 PA
  Sallinger, Homer E. M March 1887 PA
  Sallinger, Arthur M Feb 1893 PA
35 Lynch, Harvey M May 1857 PA
  Lynch, Julia T. F April 1857 NY
  Lynch, J. Arthur M Nov 1883 PA
36 Jones, John J. M July 1859 PA
  Jones, Isabelle S. F June 1869 PA
  Jones, Virginia E. F June 1893 PA
  Jones, Chester H. M Jan 1894 PA
  Jones, Herber M. M Dec 1895 PA
  Jones, Gertrude V. F Aug 1898 PA
37 Gahnish, Peter M March 1862 PA
  Gahnish, Sophia C. F Oct 1872 Germany
38 McKean, Happ M Oct 1859 PA
  McKean, Edna M. F Sept 1861 PA
  McKean, Laura E.L. F June 1884 PA
  McKean, Mary G. F May 1889 PA
  McKean, Edna H. F June 1892 PA
  McKean, H. Khalre M May 1896 PA
39 Ruslter?, Stacy M May 1860 PA
  Ruslter, Elizabeth J. F Sept 1863 PA
  Ruslter, Florence E. F March 1884 PA
  Ruslter, Stacey G. M Dec 1899 PA
40 ?Wasten?, F??? M Dec 1857 NY
  ??, Sue E. F Oct 1863 PA
  ??, George H. M Aug 1884 PA
  ??, Gus E. M July 1886 PA
  ??, Alton T. M Aug 1888 PA
  ??, Mary A. F July 1894 PA
41 Eraus, Gus B. M Feb 1866 PA
  Eraus, Kitty, B. F Jan 1876 PA
  Scott, Erma J. F Nov 1845 PA
  Scott, John M Aug 1877 PA
42 Osgood, Lemmel M March 1856 PA
  Osgood, Olive M. F Jan 1862 PA
  Osgood, Flora B. F Jan 1879 PA
  Osgood, Lafayette M Aug 1881 Virginia
43 Abbott, Maxwell M Dec 1863 PA
  Abbott, Marie K. F June 1871 PA
  Abbott, Marie L. F Dec 1898 PA
44 Stiles, William M Oct 1866 Massachusetts
  Stiles, Agnes M. F Oct 1871 NY
  Stiles, Agnes M. F Nov 1894 PA
  Stiles, Anson G. M Feb 1899 PA
45 Hillard, Guy M July 1847 PA
  Hillard, Ellen F May 1857 PA
  Hillard, Eltrelbert M Dec 1874 PA
  Hillard, Chas M March 1878 PA
  Hillard, Mable F Dec 1879 PA
  Hillard, Maud F May 1882 PA
  Hillard, Guy M. M April 1885 PA
46 Carpenter, James E. M June 1849 PA
  Carpenter, Rebecka F Nov 1857 PA
  Carpenter, Iva D. F Oct 1880 PA
  Carpenter, Eva B. F Sept 1885 PA
  Lewton, Howard H. M April 1882 Ohio
  Beckett, Will H. M June 1879 Ohio
  Hunter, Guy H. M Sept 1871 PA
  Gathers, Emery F. M Dec 1881 PA
  Tipton, Shade W. M March 1875 PA
  Rudolph M March 1877 PA
  Wittierell, Robbie J. M Feb 1879 NY
  Smith, Joseph W. M June 1876 PA
  Conrad, Clarence E. M Oct 1878 PA
47 Hall, William M April 1859 PA
  Hall, Lula F Aug 1873 PA
  Hall, Alton G. M June 1894 PA
  Hall, Ethel H. F Jan 1837 PA
  Hall, Harold D. M March 1900 PA
  Spencer, Daisy B. F July 1881 PA
48 Hunter, Samuel J. M Nov 1851 PA
  Hunter, Mary J. F Sept 1864 PA
49 Wittrerell, Frank M Sept 1849 NY
  Wittrerell, Viola F July 1850 Ohio
  Wittrerell, Maggie E. F March 1881 PA
  Wittrerell, Charlie O. M April 1883 PA
  Burkett, Emma J. F Oct 1864 PA
50 Lynch, Robert M Feb 1866 PA
  Lynch, Grace L. F Jan 1871 PA
  Lynch, Lenard Leroy M Oct 1891 PA
51 Oriatt, Charles M April 1867 PA
  Oriatt, Myrtle M. F Sept 1871 PA
  Oriatt, Howard J. M dec 1891 PA
  Oriatt, R. Marie F Feb 1895 PA
  Oriatt, Evlen M F Oct 1896 PA
  Oriatt, Lea G. M Aug 1899 PA
52 Hunter, Wallace J. M May 1863 PA
  Hunter, Anna M. A Feb 1867 PA
  Hunter, Freddy W. M May 1890 PA
53 Gorman, Eugene M Sept 1860 PA
  Gorman Sarah F Jan 1863 NY
  Gorman, Clyde D. M Dec 1886 PA
  Gorman Charlie L. M July 1890 PA
54 Taft, Herbert O. M July 1865 PA
  Taft, Rosette M. F Nov 1870 PA
  Taft, H. Glen M Jan 1895 PA
  Taft, Cora F April 1897 PA
  Taft, Rubie A. F July 1899 PA
55 Whitehill, John H. M April 1864 PA
  Whitehill, E? A. F Oct 1871 PA
  Whitehille, Wesley G. M July 1889 PA
  Whitehill, Eliabeth S. F Nov 1892 PA
  Whitehill, Lynda B. F Nov 1894 PA
56 Gorman, Carl M Nov 1873 PA
  Gorman, Bessie L. F April 1881 PA
  Gorman, Raymond L. M Nov 1899 PA
57 Monroe, Albert M Oct 1875 NY
  Monroe, Bertha E. F Aug 1876 PA
  Monroe, Gladys E. F Aug 1898 PA
58 Osgood, Lafeyette M Feb 1863 PA
  Osgood, Carrie F Oct 1864 PA
  Osgood, Orion E. M March 1889 PA
  Osgood, Oscar S. M Dec 1893 PA
  Osgood, Edna B. F Feb 1895 PA
  Osgood, Victor L. M July 1899 PA
59 Barnes, Philo W. M Oct 1857 PA
  Barnes, L. Belle F March 1866 PA
  Barnes, Minerva L. F Sept 1885 PA
  Barnes, Clarence M. M May 1888 PA
  Barnes, Albert M Sept 1890 PA
  Barnes, Richard E. M Jan 1893 PA
  Barnes, Francis L. M March 1895 PA
  Barnes, Flossy P. F Jan 1898 PA
60 White, Lewis W. M Nov 1849 PA
  White, Lillie D. F June 1854 PA
  White, Dora A. F Oct 1884 PA
  White, Girtie F. F Feb 1887 PA
  White, Ellen F. F Aug 1889 PA
  White, Delbert L. M Feb 1894 PA
  White, Florence O.J. F Sept 1898 PA
  Ross, Eddie R. M Sept 1895 PA
61 Witherell, Emery M Oct 1842 NY
  Witherell, Ellen F Feb 1849 NY
  Witherell, George W. M Oct 1879 PA
  Witherell, Henry M June 1884 PA
  Witherell, ??? M ??? PA
62 Smith, ??? M March 1864? PA
  Smith, Minnie W. F Feb 1870 PA
  Smith, Roy E. M Sept 1889 PA
  Smith, Ruth F Jan 1892 PA
  Smith, Hazel M. F March 1894 PA
  Smith, William E. M April 1896 PA
  Smith, Clara B. F May 1899 PA
63 Zuendell, Ernest M July 1859 PA
  Zuendell, Anna W. F Jan 1870 PA
  Zuendell, Roy W. M Feb 1891 PA
  Zuendell, Reginald E. M Oct 1892 PA
  Zuendell, Martin R. M May 1895 PA
  Zuendell, Walter D. M Dec 1896 PA
64 Taft, John G. M Dec 1877? PA
  Taft, Louise A. F April 1877 PA
  Taft, Agnes B. F June 1895 PA
  Taft, Hazel B. F Dec 1896 PA
  Taft, Leslie S. M Nov 1898 PA
  Taft, Herman J. M January 1900 PA
65 Stoughton, John E. M May 1837 PA
  Stoughton, Mahala? F April 1841 PA
  Stoughton, Herbert J. M Dec 1872 PA
66 Whitmore, Simon M June 1834 PA
  Whitmore, Mary A. F Jan 1835 PA
  Whitmore, E. Pearl F July 1886 PA
67 Arnold?, Geo.? M unreadable PA
  Arnold?, unreadable ? age 25 PA
  Arnold?, J? J. M Dec 1889 PA
  Arnold?, Glen H. M July 1893 PA
  Arnold?, Edna M. F Jan 1897 PA
  Arnold?, Leroy N. M Dec 1898 PA
  Albaugh, Cora M, F July 1879 PA
68 Burdick, Geo W. M unknown PA
  Burdick, Ida A. F Sept 1876 PA
  Burdick, L. Blanche F Feb 1894 PA
  Burdick, Maud F Feb 1896 PA
  Burdick, Minnie E. F Feb 1898 PA
69 Foreman, William M March 1846 unkown
  Foreman, L. Grace F April 1881 PA
70 Bean, Warren W. M March 1867 PA
  Bean, Dehessa V. F April 1864 PA
  Bean, Ellen M. F Aug 1884 PA
  Bean, Verta B. F June 1885 PA
  Bean, Albert J. M Aug 1887 PA
71 Clench?, Walter P. M Nov 1853 NY
  Clench?, Louisa N. F July 1865 PA
  Clench?, Lulu L. F March 1889 PA
72 Morehead, Jesiah M June 1837 PA
  Morehead, Margaret F Sept 1844 PA
73 Henderson, T? M Nov 1869 PA
  Henderson, Mable F. F Dec ?? PA
  Henderson, Rex L. M Aug 1894? PA
74 B???, ? F Dec 1875 PA
  Leroy M Jan 1895 PA
  Edna M. F March 1896 PA
  Raymond D. M Dec 1899 PA
  Nancy F Aug 1829 PA
75 Metzgar, John M May 1848 PA
  Metzgar, Minnie F Oct 1852 PA
76 Gesin, Charles M Jan 1871 PA
  Gesin, Emma L. F July 1868 PA
  Gesin, Walter G. M July 1894 PA
  Gesin, Grace F July 1896 PA
  Gesin, Gladen M. M Feb 1898 PA
  Geisen, James E. M Oct 1881 PA
77 Kiffer, Edith V. F Sept 1842 PA
78 Taylor, Joseph L. M March 1871 Kansas
  Taylor, Nancy M. F June 1863 PA
  Taylor, Cecelia M. F Oct 1897 PA
  Taylor, Berlin L. M April 1899 PA
79 Gilbreath, Laura F March 186? PA
  Range, Carl M. M April 1877 PA
  Range, John S. M May 1880 PA
80 Church, James W. M Nov 1856 PA
  Church, Persilla E. F March 1861 PA
  Church, Hilton P. M Aug 1894 PA
  Church, Merlin M June 1897 PA
81 Hull, Minnie E. F Oct 1867 PA
  Hull, Henry M March 1886 PA
  Hull, Lena B. F June 1894 PA
  Hull, Floyd R. M Feb 1891 PA
  Hull, Lavern M June 1892 PA
82 Smith, Chas W. M Feb 186? PA
  Smith, Adda F July 1865 PA
  Smith, Naomi F July 1888 PA
83 King, William H. M Aug 1822 PA
  King, Clara F July 1830 NY
84 King, Joseph H. M May 1872 PA
  King, Emily M.L. F March 1880 NY
85 Andrews, Alonzo M Jan 1863 NY
  Andrews, Minnie F unknown PA
  Andrews, Overy L. M June 1895 PA
  Andrews, Murl M July 1899 PA
86 Kiffer G. Irvine M Sept 1869 PA
  Kiffer, Anna I. F June 1878 PA
  Kiffer, Evelel S. M March 1899 PA
87 Sutley, Julia A. F June 1827 PA
  Sutley, Edgar B. M Aug 1870 PA
  Sutley, Tillie M. F June 1872 Illinois
  Sutley, Murl M July 1893 PA
  Sutley, Clara C. F June 1896 PA
88 Mays, Foster M March 1861 PA
  Mays, Linda E. F Feb 1867 PA
  Mays, Bessie O. F July 1889 PA
  Mays, Charlotte C. F Feb 1894 PA
  Mays, Edith P. F Nov 1897 PA
89 Wiltrerell, N. Edward M Oct 1844 NY
  Wiltrerell, Ella, F March 1859 PA
  Wiltrerell, Nettie F April 1879 PA
  Wiltrerell, Lydia F Aug 1885 PA
  Wiltrerell, Rachel F May 1889 PA
  Wiltrerell, Willie M March 1892 PA
  Wiltrerell, Daniel M March 1894 PA
  Wiltrerell, Frank E. M July 1882 NY
90 Bowman, Nancy F Feb 1845 PA
91 Chambers, Arner P. M Aug 1862 PA
  Chambers, Lilly M. F May 1864 PA
  Chambers, Clark W. M Dec 1892 PA
  Chambers, William N. M Nov 1894 PA
  Chambers, Alvin B M Sept 1896 PA
  Chambers, Infant F June 1899 PA
92 Keistis, Mary F Jan 1840 PA
  Winaus, Sylvester, C. M Sept 1869 PA
  Winaus, Augusta M. F July 1876 PA
93 McLean, Rawl? M Jan 1874 PA
  McLean, Mallrilla F Nov 1877 PA
  McLean, Loyd M May 1899 PA
  Orhili, Katie May F May 1882 PA
94 Middleton, Caleb R. M March 1880 PA
95 Church, Charles M April 1824 Vermont
  Church, Madison W. F Feb 1850 PA
  Whitehill, Sarah F March 1842 PA
96 Clark, Judson M Aug 1837 NY
  Clark, Fayette F April 1849 PA
  Clark, Willie B. M Nov 1873 PA
  Clark, Orion J. M July 1880 PA
97 Bean, Harry M Sept 1853 Virginia
  Bean, Susan F June 1869 PA
  Bean, Mattie C. F June 1887 PA
  Bean, Harry N. M Aug 1896 PA
98 Blute, Eva M. F June 1860 PA
  Blute, James P. M March 1883 PA
  Blute, Thomas L. M April 1884 PA
99 Allison, Reid L. M Jan 1873 PA
  Allison, Maud M. F Dec 1877 PA
  Harold V. M April 1897 PA
100 Whitehill, unreadable M ? 18?? PA
  Whitehill, ??? E. F ? 1877 PA
  Whitehill, Vincent W. M April 1895 PA
101 Pettigrew, Alexander M July 1834 PA
  Pettigrew, Nettie F April 1834 Nova Scotia
  Pettigrew, John K. M June 1858 PA
102 Wood, Beriah A. M Jan 1848 PA
  Wood, Elizabeth F Aug 1851 PA
  Wood, Gertrude M. F Nov 1880 PA
  Wood, Mandie M. F June 1883 PA
  Wood, Alice M. F June 1885 PA
  Wood, Ralph E. M May 1889 PA
  Wood, Clara B. F May 1889 PA
  Wood, Charlie M. M Feb 1891 PA
  Wood, Francis H. F March 1893 PA
  Wood, John E. M May 1895 PA
103 Rhodes, James M Aug 1846 PA
  Rhodes, Adaline R. F ? 1872 PA
  Rhodes, James A. M June 1892? PA
  Rhodes, Walter A. M March 1892? PA
  Rhodes, Nelson M June 1895 PA
  Rhodes, Silva S. F May 1899 PA
104 Henderson, James M April 1835 PA
  Henderson, James M March 1884 PA
  Henderson, Mary A. F Feb 1893 unknown
105 Squire, John R. M Sept 1846 NY
  Squire, Melissa F Nov 1857 PA
  Squire, C?? ? Sept 1883 PA
  Squire, Fred G. M July 1885 PA
  Squire, W. Marion M Dec 1887 PA
106 Plather, David M April 1854 NY
  Plather, Mary M. F Nov 1853 PA
  Williams, Mary M. F Aug 1879 PA
  Plalires?, Nellie G. F Feb 1882 PA
  Plalires?, Edwin D. M Aug 1885 PA
  Plalires?, Claud V. M Sept 1887 PA
  Plalires, Millie W. F Feb 1895 PA
  Williams, Louis M. M June 1899 PA
107 Parp?, George M Aug 1855 PA
  Parp?, Olive A. F June 1857 PA
  Parp?, Pearl L. F April 1887 PA
  Parp?, Edith J. F Aug 1889 PA
  Walters, Peter H. M June 1853 PA
  Albaugh, George M ? 1867 PA
108 Miller, James T. M Aug 1859 PA
  Miller, Emma F July 1862 PA
  Miller, Bulah S. F March 1887 PA
  Miller, Margorie F Dec 1893? PA
109 unreadable M March 1840 PA
110 Martin, Guy A. M May 1877 Indiana
  Martin, Estela F July 1878 PA
  Martin, Stacy A. M Dec 1898 PA
111 Gesin, Chas. W. M April 1841 Germany
  Gesin, Eveline F Sept 1848 PA
  Gesin, Ralph P. M Aug 1885 PA
  Gesin, Lucy J. F May 1887 PA
  Gesin, Rose E. F Aug 1890 PA
112 Derby, Sylvana M Jan 1862 Michigan
  Derby, Ada F Aug 1873 PA
  Derby, Vern O. M July 1893 PA
  Derby, Wilis M June 1895 PA
  Derby, Inez M. F April 1897 PA
  Derby, Clarence J. M Nov 1898 PA
113 Dilto, William A. M April 1870 Ohio
  Dilto, Mary E. F Feb 1873 PA
  Dilto, Evett A M March 1893 PA
  Dilto, Dollie E. F April 1895 PA
114 Haslett, Clifton J. M Aug 1872 PA
  Haslett, June M. F June 1873 PA
  Haslett, Murl R. M June 1893 PA
  Haslett, Nora W. F Nov 1894 PA
  Haslett, Mabel L. F Aug 1896 PA
  Haslett, Clayton M June 1898 PA
  Haslett, Cliftin J. M March 1900 PA
115 Shira?, John C. M Nov 1867 PA
  Shira, Mae F. F April 1879 PA
  Shira, Glen L. M April 1893 PA
  Shira, Jim B. M Aug 1896 PA
  Shira, Charlie M Aug 1899 PA
116 Douglars, Daniel M April 1850 PA
  Douglars, unreadable F July 1854 PA
  Douglars, Edward D. M Oct 1882 PA
  Douglars, Julia H. F Sept 1884 PA
  Douglars, Eltret J. F June 1887 PA
  Douglars, Elizabeth J. F July 1889 PA
  Douglars, John C. M Feb 1892 PA
  Douglars, Joseph T. M May 1894 PA
  Douglars, Louella M. F May 1898 PA
117 Swab, Joseph E. M Aug 1860 PA
  Swab, Mary A. F July 1862 PA
  Swab, Pur? E. M July 1881 PA
  Edna? L. F Aug 1890 PA
  Tompson, Edna L. F unreadable PA
118 ??????, John J. M unreadable PA
  unreadable F unreadable PA
  unreadable F unreadable PA
  unreadable F unreadable PA
  Joseph H. M March 1889 PA
  Charles A. M March 1891 PA
  E. May F June 1896 PA
  George D. M Oct 1898 PA
119 Smail, Walter M Nov 1842 PA
  Smail, Catherine F Oct 1847 PA
  Smail, Eddie L. M Oct 1888 PA
120 Kightlinger, James M March 1835 PA
121 Snyder, Joel H. M Oct 1847 Massachusetts
  Snyder, Nanie J. F Oct 1847 PA
122 Goreman, Marvin M June 1857 PA
  Goreman, Margaret F Dec 1862 PA
  Alcock, Ettell F Aug 1881 PA
  Alcock, John H. M July 1878 England
123 Hillard, James M May 1842 PA
  Hillard, Chas. B. M July 1862 PA
  Hillard, John M June 1865 PA
  Armstrong, Emma M. F Jan 1872 PA
  Walters, Mable R. F Nov 1892 PA
124 Albaugh, Edgar M Aug 1877 PA
  Albaugh, Emily F Jan 1844 PA
125 Mervin, Samuel M Sept 1824 Ohio
  Mervin, Liza A. F Nov 1832 NY
126 Merven, Lenard G. M July 1873 PA
  Merven, Nancy J. F Feb 1878 PA
  Merven, Sarah M. F Oct 1896 PA
127 Miller, Henry W. M July 1835 PA
  Miller, Ellen M. F June 1859 PA
  Miller, Lydia C. F Jan 1886 PA
  Miller, Francis H. M March 1889 PA
  Miller, Orion E. M Jan 1891 PA
  Miller, Winnie T. F April 1893 PA
  Miller, Stephen L. M April 1896 PA
  Miller, Alice M. F May 1898 PA
128 Spencer, Thomas M July 1840 PA
  Spencer, Sarah F May 1850 PA
  Spencer, Lillie F July 1883 PA
  Spencer, Mindie B. F March 1886 PA
129 ???, James H. M Nov 1849 NY
  unreadable F Aug 1851? NY
  Minnie M F Aug 1867 NY
  James H. M Oct 1884 NY
  William E. M June 1888 NY
  Harry L. M Nov 1890 NY
  Flossy G. F Sept 1896 PA
130 Kiffer, Seldon M Feb 1845 PA
  Kiffer, Sallie E. F Feb 1844 PA
  Kiffer, Iona S. F Oct 1884 PA
  Whitehill, Roxy F March 1891 PA
  Deners, Eunice F June 1894 PA
131 Kiffer, Jeiah M April 1859 PA
  Kiffer, Margaret F June 1863 PA
  Kiffer, Rachel G. F Nov 1884 PA
  Kiffer, Elva M Aug 1882 PA
  Kiffer, Johnie M Nov 1886 PA
  Kiffer, Norabert M April 1889 PA
  Kiffer, Elizabeth E. F Dec 1892 PA
  Kiffer, Mable H. F empty PA
  Kiffer, Infant M April 1900 PA
  Kiffer, Dewey M Feb 1898 PA
132 Bean, Edward M Aug 1873 PA
  Bean, Mila E. F May 1882 PA
  Bean, Bessie M F Nov 1898 PA
133 Bean, John H. M Jan 1864 PA
  Bean, Paulina O. F June 1869 PA
  Bean, Ellis M July 1888 PA
  Bean, Everd M May 1890 PA
  Bean, Ettrel E. F April 1892 PA
  Bean, Clyde S. M May 1894 PA
  Bean, Dannie H. F May 1896 PA
  Bean, Clifford M. M Jan 1898 PA
  Busch, Mary E. F Oct 1879 PA
134 Brecht, John G. M April 1848 PA
  Brecht, Jennie F Jan 1854 PA
  Brecht, James T. M Aug 1877 PA
  Brecht, B. Alice F Jan 1891 PA
  Brecht, Joshua S. M Feb 1883 PA
  Brecht, Nelson A. M Aug 1885 PA
  Brecht, Rorey E. M Aug 1887 PA
  Brecht, Ruby F Aug 1887 PA
  Brecht, S. Marvin M May 1892 PA
  Brecht, Flossy E. F April 1897 PA
135 Emmert?, Ad? M March 184? PA
  Martha??? F 1879 PA
  Margaret K. F unreadable PA
  W??? M unreadable PA
  Weingard??, William M June 1871? PA
136 Emmert, Andrew M ?? 1850 PA
  Emmert, Mary F. F June 1853 PA
137 Decker, Wilber M July 1856 PA
  Decker, Mira H. F Oct 1862 PA
  Decker, Charlie H. M July 1882? PA
  Decker, ??? ttie F ?? 1888 PA
  unreadable ? ???? PA
  Decker, Mira P. F Oct 1892 PA
  Decker, Mable M. F Sept 1895 PA
  Decker, Walter R. M Feb 1898 PA
138 Hunter, James M April 1841 PA
  Hunter, Martha E. F Sept 1844 PA
  Hunter, Orson B. M Dec 1876 PA
  Hunter, A. Jack M March 1878 PA
  Hunter, Mary E. F March 1883 PA
  Busch, John H.G. M June 1878 PA
139 Heath, Horace M Oct 1850 NY
  Heath, Emma F March 1853 PA
  Heath, A. Hiram M Nov 1879 PA
  Heath, C. Maxwell M Feb 1886 PA
  Heath, Fred A. M May 1889 PA
  Heath, Horace J. M July 1895 PA
140 Highfield, John M Dec 1841 PA
  Highfield, Helen F April 1856 PA
  Highfield, C.Fred M Oct 1882 PA
  Highfield, James L. M May 1884 PA
  Highfield, Levi O. M Oct 1886 PA
141 Kiffer, Eliza F Jan 1827 PA
  Kiffer, Josephine F Jan 1867 PA
  Kiffer, Fenton L. M Feb 1887 PA
142 McMillan, Robert M Nov 1857 PA
  McMillan, Blanch F Nov 1868 PA
  McMillan, Floyd M. M July 1889 PA
  McMillan, Hazel M. F April 1891 PA
  McMillan, James C. M June 1893 PA
  McMillan, Lorr C. M Feb 1895 PA
  McMillan, Clara M. F May 1897 PA
143 Kenddleson, George M April 1841 PA
  Kenddleson, Theodore M Jan 1851 PA
144 Henddleson, William M June 1828 PA
  Walters, John M May 1828 PA
  Walters, Sarah F Nov 1833 PA
145 Davis, Lijah M July 1848 PA
  Davis, Clarissa F March 1850 PA
146 Gilbreath, Samuel M Nov 1860 PA
  Gilbreath, Anna S. F Nov 1872 PA
  Gilbreath, Francis M M Dec 1892 PA
  Gilbreath, Mable E. F May 1895 PA
  Gilbreath, Melvin L. M May 1897 PA
147 Albaugh, Frank M Aug 1870 PA
  Albaugh, Maggie G. F June 1870 PA
  Albaugh, Nettie F Dec 1895 PA
  Albaugh, Iva M. F March 1898 PA
  Albaugh, Roy N. M February 1900 PA
148 Weston, Harrison M Nov 1861 PA
  Weston, Nana B. F Aug 1862 PA
  Weston, Martha M. M Oct 1879 PA
  Weston, ??? J. M Oct 1887 PA
149 Anderson, George M March 1862 PA
  Anderson, Jennie F Jan 1862 PA
  Anderson, Maud M. F Aug 1884 PA
  Anderson, Dale M Sept 1886 PA
  Anderson, Ray M. M Nov 1889 PA
150 Albaugh, Jonathan M April 1844 PA
  Albaugh, Sallie B. F Dec 1860 PA
  Gorman, Clara A. F May 1879 PA
  Gorman, Clarence M. M Dec 1880 PA
  Albaugh, Nettie M. F May 1882 PA
  Albaugh, Lydia F Oct 1884 PA
151 Albaugh, Chas. M Oct 1830 NY
  Albaugh, Sarah F Sept 1833 PA
152 Albaugh, Joseph M May 1858 PA
  Albaugh, Mary F March 1866 PA
  Albaugh, Jessie F May 1893 PA
  Albaugh, Bernice R. F Nov 1860 PA
153 Albaugh, Andrew M Nov 1860 PA
  Albaugh, Kate F Oct 1864 PA
  Albaugh, Rachel O. F June 1892 PA
  Albaugh, William L. M Nov 1893 PA
  Albaugh, Ray A. M May 1893 PA
  Albaugh, Florence H. F March 1898 PA
  Albaugh, Francis D. F March 1899
154 Albaugh, Elias M Nov 1828 NY
  Albaugh, Maragret F Aug 1829 PA
  Knapp, Joseph M July 1878 PA
  Atwell, H. Matilda F April 1858 PA
155 Atwell, George M July 1865 PA
  Atwell, Vernie M. F July 1868 PA
  Atwell, Ariel E. F Sept 1892 PA
  Atwell, Margaret M. F July 1894 PA
  Atwell, Charles P. M June 1896 PA
  Atwell, Samuel E. M April 1900 PA
156 Albaugh, Earl S. M March 1874 PA
  Albaugh, Jennie F Jan 1881 PA
157 Dunham, William M May 1858 PA
  Dunham, Sarah F April 1855 NY
  Dunham, Shelby E. M June 1883 PA
  Dunham, Geneva V. F Dec 1887 PA
158 Albaugh, Jonathan M Sept 1863 PA
  Albaugh, Cora F Dec 1873 NY
  Albaugh, Mandie M. F May 1890 PA
  Albaugh, Oliver M April 1892 PA
  Albaugh, Elmer M June 1894 PA
  Albaugh, Lena F May 1896 PA
  Albaugh, Carrie F Oct 1898 PA
159 Copeland, Mose M July 1873 PA
  Copeland, Jennie W. F June 1877 PA
  Copeland, Perry W. M July 1898 PA
  Copeland, Infant F March 1900 PA
  Copeland, Lucinda F Aug 1833 PA
  Walters, Orion M June 1882 PA
  Gilbreath, Sarah F May 1827 PA
160 Griffin, Deg A. M March 1871 NY
  Griffin, Eva M. F Dec 1872 PA
  Griffin, Laura J. F June 1895 PA
  Griffin, Emma V. F Aug 1897 PA
  Griffin, Edwin G. M Aug 1879 PA
161 Connelly, William M April 1845 PA
  Connelly, Elizabeth W. F April 1846 PA
  Connelly, Mand M. F April 1882 PA
  Connelly, Susanna G. F June 1885 PA
  Connelly, Moss A. M March 1887 PA
  King, George M June 1864 PA
162 Reese, James M unknown unkown
  Reese, Nancy A. F June 1861 PA
  Runinger, Cora E. F June 1880 PA
  Runinger, Hayes H. M blank PA
  Runinger, Emma E. F June 1896 PA
  Runinger, Lewis D. M April 1897 PA
  Runinger, Lottie M. F Nov 1899 PA
  Castes, Goldie F Sept 1885 PA
  Castes, Charles E. M April 1888 PA
  Castes, Dannie M March 1890 PA
  Castes, Elmer E. M Sept 1891 PA
  Reese Carrie E. F May 1895 PA
  Reese, James M Feb 1897 PA
  Reese, Eva A. F April 1900 PA
163 Klinestiver, Jacob M Nov 1864 PA
  Klinestiver, Susan F Nov 1859 PA
  Klinestiver, Merton G. M July 1889 PA
  Klinestiver, Allison E. M Dec 1890 PA
  Klinestiver, Glen E. M March 1894 PA
  Kendey, Jennie F Feb 1872 PA
164 Barnes, Ira M Sept 1847 PA
  Barnes, Hannah F Aug 1856 PA
  Barnes, Maud F April 1876 PA
  Barnes, Charles H. M Feb 1881 PA
  Barnes, Arthur W. M April 1883 PA
  Barnes, Millie V. F Jan 1885 PA
  Barnes, Joseph W. M Aug 1886 PA
  Barnes, Delva E. F April 1889 PA
  Barnes, Mary M Dec 1892 PA
  Barnes, Bertha F May 1895 PA
  Barnes, Infant M Sept 1899 PA
165 Shaffer, Charles M Jan 1865 PA
  Shaffer, Adda H. F Dec 1869 PA
  Shaffer, Clifford W. M Nov 1892 PA
  Shaffer, Effie R. F July 1896 PA
166 Andrews, Catherine F Sept 1843 PA
167 Bailey, John Z. M Dec 1851 PA
  Bailey, Anna K. F Oct 1848 PA
168 Sisson, George E. M March 1860 PA
  Sisson, Hettie S. F Feb 1870 PA
  Sisson, Sivila F Jan 1891 PA
  Sisson, William N. M April 1893 PA
  Sisson, Asy O. M July 1894 PA
  Sisson, Ester P. F June 1897 PA
  Howard, Arron L. M April 1889 PA
169 King, Wilson M July 1857 PA
  King, Anna C. F July 1854 PA
170 Rustler, Daniel M Oct 1826 PA
  Rustler, Margaret J. F July 1835 PA
  Rustler, Maragaret A. F Jan 1889 Michigan
171 Albaugh, William M Jan 1837 PA
  Albaugh, Cather A. F Jan 1840 PA
  Albaugh, Delva B. F Feb 1887 PA
172 Hasdren, Max M Oct 1852 Germany
  Hasdren, Matilda F Sept 1852 NY
  Hasdren, Bernie M. M Feb 1885 PA
  Hasdren, Cristina A. F Dec 1887 PA
  Hasdren, Herman M. M April 1891 PA
  Hasdren, Alice N. F Oct 1894 PA
173 Reese, Andrew J. M Feb 1845 PA
  Reese, Margaret F July 1842 PA
  Reese, John H. M Sept 1884 PA
174 Reese, George H. M May 1873 PA
  Reese, Lottie M. F Sept 1880 PA
  Reese, Jennie F April 1900 PA
175 Walters, Bennie M Nov 1876 PA
  Walters, Maggie L. F July 1882 PA
176 Albaugh, Harvey M July 1858 PA
  Albaugh, Eunice F Nov 1868 PA
  Albaugh, Ida P. F June 1885 PA
  Albaugh, Claretta F Sept 1887 PA
  Albaugh, Benjamin M April 1890 PA
  Albaugh, Agnes L. F May 1892 PA
  Albaugh, Ethel M. F Sept 1894 PA
  Albaugh, Tressie V. F Jan 1897 PA
177 Littlefield, Mary M Dec 1843 PA
  Littlefield, Lenard M Aug 1869 PA
  Littlefield, Charley F. M Feb 1877 PA
  Ricker, Frank M April 1861 New York
178 Hunter, Samuel M Oct 1865 PA
  Hunter, Sarah E. F May 1866 PA
  Hunter, Ruby A. M May 1889 PA
  Hunter, Ellen E. F March 1891 PA
  Hunter, Matilda T. F Feb 1893 PA
  Hunter, Wilber O. M Jan 1895 PA
  Hunter, Floyd M. M Feb 1897 PA
  Hunter, Pearl C. M March 1899 PA
  Jones, Blanch F Feb 1885 PA
179 Rudolph, Otto C. M Aug 1864 PA
  Rudolph, Vina L. F Sept 1864 PA
  Rudolph, Charley O. M May 1887 PA
  Rudolph, Willie H. M June 1891 PA
  Rudolph, Lilian G. F June 1893 PA
  Rudolph, Effie M. F May 1897 PA
  McDonald, Arthur M April 1883 PA
  Harry, Osgood M April 1881 PA
180 King, Stephen M May 1866 PA
  King, Emma F Oct 1872 PA
  Lamb, Nora E. F Nov 1882 PA
181 Rudolph, Edward M May 1869 PA
  Rudolph, Candace F Oct 1874 PA
  Rudolph, Bertha M. F May 1894 PA
182 Mealy, Oliver L. M Oct 1875 PA
  Mealy, Anna J. F June 1880 PA
  Mealy, Jessie L. M Aug 1898 PA
183 Fiscus, Peter M Nov 1870 PA
  Fiscus, Stella F Jan 1882 PA
  Fiscus, Infant F Dec 1898 PA
  Fiscus, Jacob J. M Oct 1874 PA
  Fiscus, Daniel E. M March 1878 PA
184 McDonald, John M Aug 1843 Nova Scotia
  McDonald, Alice M. F March 1869 PA
  McDonald, Oliver M April 1889 PA
  McDonald, Cecil C. M May 1895 PA
  McDonald, Angus W. F April 1899 PA
185 Foran, Ike D. M Feb 1871 PA
  Foran, Maggie L. F July 1882 PA
186 Mealy, Edward M Jan 1850 PA
  Mealy, Mary L. F June 1856 PA
  Mealy, Etta E. F May 1882 PA
  Mealy, Earl W. M Feb 1889 PA
  Mealy, Myrtle F May 1893 PA
187 Bean, William H. M Oct 1833 PA
  Bean, Catherine A. F Sept 1835 PA
  Bean, George E. M Sept 1872 PA
  Bean, Robert T. M unknown PA
  Bean, Warren C. M March 1879 PA
188 Albaugh, Curtis M May 1874 PA
  Albaugh, Winefred F April 1880 PA
  Albaugh, Hazel F March 1898 PA
189 Mealy, Solomon M Nov 1858 PA
  Mealy, Lorie L. F June 1892 PA
  Mealy, Alvina F Nov 1895 PA
  Bean, Chas. M unknown PA
  Bean, Louisa F May 1866 PA
  Bean, Rolla M Feb 1898 PA
  Bean, Cloir E. F March 1900 PA
190 Dickrager, John M Dec 1851 PA
191 Dickrager, William M Dec 1860 PA
  Dickrager, Anna M. F Aug 1872 PA
  Dickrager, Leonia S. F Oct 1898 PA
  Dickrager, Hom Omar F. M Dec 1899 PA
192 Church, Samuel M Nov 1867 PA
  Church, Ella M. F Nov 1872 PA
  Church, Matilda F Dec 1828 Ohio
  Confer, Maggie F Sept 1876 PA
193 Albaugh, James M Oct 1833 NY
  Albaugh, Anna F unknown PA
194 Howellet?, H? M Oct 1872 PA
  Nettie F April 1879 PA
  Gay L. M July 1896 PA
  Osmer H. M Oct 1879 PA
195 Hillard, A. Jack M April 1853 PA
  Hillard, Vina F Jan 1864 PA
  Hillard, Claud S. M Jan 1884 PA
  Hillard, Bertha Z. F May 1889 PA
  Hillard, Andy R. M Dec 1895 PA
  Vortzkey, Katie E. F Feb 1881 PA
196 Mealy, James M unknown PA
197 McAfferty, Albert M Nov 1854 PA

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