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Straight Creek Photos


These photos were provided by Carol Digel.  Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger photo.

Contributed by Carol Digel for use by the Elk County Genealogy Project (http://www.pa-roots.com/elk/)

Arial View

The Millpond

Clarion Creek

Clarion Creek

Looking North

School, looking Northwest

Looking SouthWest, Clarion Creek near Thomas Quinn House


School House, pile of stuff, road 009 is train station and water tower


Thomas Quinn House

Lackawanna Lumber

Looking south to Glen Hazel

General store, Quinn houses, boardwalk

Straight Creek Railroad

Thomas Quinn House

Kindling factory

Chemical plant

NWH Climax engine ca.1910

Please note in Straight016 it is Engine #1, not#3. #3 is in some other

pictures. I think they are both Shay engines which NWH preferred.

think the Climax engine was too big for some of the track they had.

Pile of bark for tannery

Looking south. Clarion River bridge. Town on right

Top Clarion River bridge

Looking east. Mill pond, Houses. Stacks

Kindling factory. Closer view. Men on roof.

This was used in the charcoal making process.

Mill pond looking North

Steam Loader. SCRR (Straight Creek Railroad)

Fire August 5, 1906

Straight Post office and General Store. The butcher is Wallie VanCampen.

The man with clasped hands is Nate Schaefer, Manager.


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