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History list Isaac Horton, Sr, as the settler who founded what is now Horton Township back in 1820. Horton was considered on of the progressives towns between 1850 and 1900 during the early lumber and coal days of the nation. Pioneers cleared the land, timbered, mined and built up towns to settle in. For a brief time, Horton Township prospered on it natural resources as an area helping to open up this area of Pennsylvania. In 1819, Philatus Clark settled in what is now Brockport and began a saw and grist mill on the Toby Creek. Soon after, Horton and Chauncey Brockway, Sr., started a mill at Keystone. Soon Brockport was a booming town as a result of the innovative and progressive work ethic of its founders. Today, Horton Township boasts a population of just over 1500 people.

Brandy Camp - Received it name as follows: Land agen William Kersey owned a small camp in the village during its early history. One day, during Kersey's absecnce, a work crew drank the bottle of brandy he kept on hand for personal use and set the camp afire. Hence, the name Brandy Camp. Brockport - Named after Chauncey Brockway, Sr.

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