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If you have a transcription of one of the Forest County cemeteries, would you consider making it available on this website?  Do you live in or near the county that you could record a cemetery? Can you provide directions to one of the cemeteries?  If so, please Nathan.

Researchers should be aware that the cemetery listing is our best effort to identify all extant cemeteries in Forest County. The cemetery transcriptions located on our website or linked to on external websites represent the best efforts by sincere contributors to share information. This data may be incomplete or may contain errors in interpretation of gravestone information or in transcription. This data should never be considered as primary validation or proof for genealogical purposes. It is offered here as tool to stimulate further research.

NOTE: The Status column reflects whether the cemetery listing is a "complete" or "partial" listing. However, a "complete" status does NOT indicate that every burial for that cemetery is listed. Sometimes stones are missing, people are buried in unmarked graves, or a burial occurred after a "reading" of the headstones was done. A "complete" status in this column means that maybe 95% of the headstones were recorded at the time of the transcription. If you know that a person was buried in a particular cemetery (from an obituary notice or death certificate), and is not listed, please let us know, and we'll add the name to the listing. Also, if there is no indicator in the Status column, we just don't know whether it's partial or complete. If you know, please let us know and we'll change that as well.

The Status column has also been "color coded" to indicate the presence or absence of photographs of the cemeteries. The following describes the meaning of the colored backgrounds:
white no photographs
blue photograph of the cemetery, but no tombstone photos
yellow anywhere from 1 to many tombstone photos. NOT complete
green All tombstones photographed. Note that our definition of "all" is that at least 95% of the tombstones were photographed at the time. Note that there are a lot of tombstones missing from some of the cemeteries.

Cemetery Name Township Location Status
Arroyo- Beachbottom Site Spring Creek    
Benezette Cemetery Benezette   Complete
Bish Cemetery Horton   Complete
Brandy Camp Cemetery Horton   Complete
Brockport Cemetery Horton   Complete
Campbell Family Plot Highland   Complete
Carlson Settlement Plot Highland   Complete
Cline Run Cemetery Millstone   Complete
Clyde Cemetery Millstone    
Denison Family Cemetery Jay   Complete
Donahey United Methodist Church Cemetery Millstone    
Earleyville Cemetery Fox   Complete
Elk County Home Site (This site was destroyed when they put in the industrial Park in St. Marys. Mostly unmarked paupers graves.) Benzinger    
Elkton Cemetery Fox    
Fairview Cemetery Ridgway    
Faust Grave Site Horton   Complete
Gardner Hill Cemetery Fox Gardner Hill Complete
German Settlement Site Ridgway    
Graham Family Private Plot Horton   Complete
Gray Hill Cemetery Jay   Complete
Greenwood Cemetery Ridgway    
Highland Cemetery Highland   Complete
Hollobaugh Cemetery Fox   Partial
Holy Cross Cemetery Horton   Complete
Holy Cross Cemetery Jones    
Holy Rosary Cemetery Ridgway    
Huston Hill Cemetery Benezette   Complete
Irwintown Plot Spring Creek    
Johnson Cemetery Benezette   Complete
Lake City Lutheran Cemetery Spring Creek    
Laurel Hill Cemetery Ridgway    
Lonesome Grave Benezette   Complete
Maria Lutheran Cemetery Fox Dagus Mines Partial
Maxwell Run Cemetery Spring Creek   Complete
Meffert Heirs Cemetery Jones    
Morey Family Plot Benezette   Complete
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Benezette   Complete
Mountain Church Cemetery Horton   Complete
Mt. Zion Cemetery Jay   Complete
Oakmont Cemetery Ridgway    
Ott Cemetery Ridgway    
Parklawn Memorial Gardens Ridgway    
Parrett Cemetery Millstone    
Pine Grove Cemetery Ridgway    
Pioneer Cemetery Horton   Complete
Protestant Cemetery Benzinger    
Ridge Cemetery Fox    
Rothrock Grave Jay   Complete
Sarah Thayer Memorial Cemetery Ridgway    
St. Benedictine Sister's Cemetery Benzinger    
St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery Fox    
St. Cecelia's Catholic Cemetery Benezette Benezette Complete
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery Ridgway    
St. Joseph Cemetery Jay   Complete
St. Leo's Catholic Cemetery Ridgway    
St. Marys Catholic Cemetery Benzinger    
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Fox
Summerson Cemetery Benezette   Complete
Wardvale Methodist Cemetery Ridgway    
Webb Cemetery Jay   Complete
Webb/Yarger Burial Plot Benezette   Complete
Weedville Cemetery Jay   Complete
Wilcox Cemetery Jones    
Wildfire Family Plot Ridgway    
Williamsville-Midmont Cemetery Jones    
Winslow Hill Cemetery Benezette     

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