Centre Methodist Church Cemetery
Lawrence Township
Clearfield County Pennsylvania

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Below is a list of SURNAMES taken from some lists and surveys of people buried in 
Centre ME Church Cemetery, Lawrence Twp., Clearfield County, PA.  
Centre is located about one mile more or less south of Hyde PA and Hyde is located 
just south of Clearfield PA.  

Vokes                     	Williams                       	Ireland                    
Summers                  Teeples                        	Moore
Welker                	McDivitt                        	McCall                    
Resometo                  Punchiod                    	Patterson
Hile                  	Johnson                       	Powell                    
Scofield            	Liddick                        	Keller
Harpster              	Straw                            	Condon                
White                 	Leas                                	Boozer
Lines                    	Schonwalder                	Hertlein                
Zimmerman              	Dressler                    	Dutry or Duttry
Haight       	Tibbens                        	Weber                    
Hummel                   	Hand                            	Witherow
Cook    		Knepp                        	Beish                    
Antes        	Haney                        	Leach
Caldwell             	Uncles                        	Olson                    
Hoyt                 	Fletcher                        	Mayhue
Smeal                 	Stuby                            	Sassman               
Smith              	Sharp                            	Young
Lippert                    	Schnars                        	Williams                
Lynch                      	Seyler                            	Welker
Teats                      	Anderson                        	Rader                    
Lanich                     	Carter                              	Liddick
Mabie                      	Thomas                        	Exley                        
Jay                        	Nelson                            	Smay
McPherson                McMasters                    	Carns                    
Bloom                      	Bainey                            	McLaughlin
Askey                      	Leas                                	Jordan                
Anspach                   Swarm                        	Beiler  ?
Bailey               	Westenberg                	Bowers                
Passmore                 Armstrong                    	Lippert
Hancock        	Wilson                        	Gavlock                
Boggs              	Foster                            	Bressler
Hoover     		Irwin                              	Heise                    
Norton            	Shong                           	Power
Ardary            	Sweeney                    	Holt                        
Spackman         	Fulton                            	Pederson
Hall                	Mitchell                        	King                        
Taylor                	Yeager  ?                    	Yeager
Addleman      	Winters                        	Morris                    
Brown              	Larson                        	Lykens
Goodfellow              	Krebs                        	Deitrich                    
Smith                 	Bell                                	Dehass
Hemphill               	Faulkner                    	Drew                        
Carr                    	Gaines                        	Appleton
Gearhart            	Poole                            	Richner                
Norris                 	Kester                            	Bardley
Calhoun                 	Clark                            	Krebs                    
Appleton            	Leigey                            	Fehl
Boal                 	Selfridge                     	Hummel                
Welch                   	Reisinger                    	Weber
Ogden                     	Hetrich                        	Douglas                
Finkbinder              	Coder                            	Anderson
 Vokes               	Lawhead                    	Brenner                  
Bowman               	Simpson                        	Luzier
Norton                     	Rader                           	Duckett                  
Witherow                  	Fenton                            	Dixon

Contributed by Claire White for use by the Clearfield County Genealogy Project (http://www.pa-roots.com/~clearfield/)

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