Laurel Run Cemetery
Huston Township
Clearfield County Pennsylvania

Transcription done by Sherry Jesberger, May 13, 1998



SOLADAY Norman E. 1888-1957  
SOLLADA Samuel T. 1850--1926  
  Nettie R. 1855-1926  
HYSONG Eugene E. 1921--1984 US Navy WWII


BRUNDRIDGE James 1901--1991  
  Carrie M. 1910--1985  
RHOADS Olive May 1891--1962 "Mother"
  Silas E. 1881--1955 "Father"
GUILYARD Mary 1930--1988 "Daughter" (On RHOADS stone)
RHOADS James Lewis 9/25/1911--2/7/1980 "Husband/Father"
MARSH Chester 4/13/1909--12/23/1986 PFC US Army WWII
MARSH Nettie J. 1907--1984 "Mother"
McKENDRICK J. Essie 9/11/1900--10/18/1969  
  M.A. "Andy" 11/21/1893--4/5/1971  


ECKMAN George A. 1889--1974  
  Alda C. 1888-1974  
COLBEY Baby Girl 1/28/1952  
UNMARKED grave Civil War flag has been place here.      
WOODEN Cross      
LONG William S. 1906--1953 "Husband"
LONG W.O. 1856--1932  
  Fannie 1883--1944  
UNMARKED fieldstone with flowers      


WHALING Ollie L. 1914--1994 "Ranger"
  R. Margaret 1918--  
FLETCHER Donald Joseph 12/10/1991 (Infant)  
COLBEY Joseph W. 1/18/1918--2/13/1991  
COLBEY Mary J 3/1/1899--7/2/1966  
  Joseph A. 11/13/1889--1/17/1956  
COLBEY Arthur L. 2/15/1916--3/10/1917  
COLBEY Estella F. 4/15/1920--5/10/1920  
SOLIDAY James L. 1921--1921 "Son"
SOLIDAY Robert L. 1930--1930 "Son"


REITER Forrest L. 3/20/1912--10/29/1995  
REITER Mark 6/27/1914--7/31/1994  
REITER Alton 1899--1976  
REITER Walter M. 1876--1962  
  Carrie W. 1875--1970  
REITER Mabel J. 1904--1984  
SOLIDAY James I. 1894--1955  
  Annie O. 1902--1960  
REIMER John 1852--1921 "Father"
  Amelia 1841--1915 "Mother"
SMITH John J. 1894--1959  
PICARD Louis Fred 1904--1962 Cpl 708 Heavy Bomb Sq447 Bomb Group WWII
UNMARKED fieldstone with flowers      
HARRIGER C.E.   no dates
UNMARKED fieldstone      
HARRIGER S.D.   no dates


REITER Walter A. no dates metal funeral home marker*
REITER Lois E. no dates metal funeral home marker*
REITER Earl 1917-- Metal funeral home marker*
REITER Kay 1923-- Metal funeral home marker*
PAGE Franklin M. 1889--1991  
  Mary H. 1896--1967  


BRADY George R. 1907--1970  
  Grace A. 1908--1970  
BRADY Kay 194?-- metal funeral home marker*
BRADY Hugh 1938-- metal funeral home marker*
BRADY Florence 1939-- metal funeral home marker*

*Geer Funeral Home Penfield PA


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