Eden Cemetery
Goshen Township
Clearfield County, PA

(October 30, 1982)

Located on Knobs Road, approximately 3 miles from Rt, 879 about one mile down river from Shawsville, Clearfield County, PA.

I copied all names that were in the Eden Cemetery Record Book that Glen Amon has. It was started in 1935 and is the only record of burials in Eden Cemetery. It is not 100% complete, or accurate, especially on earlier burials. The following are supposedly in order by rows beginning at the church. The first row is the one closest to Knobs Road at the front corner of the church. There are a good many unmarked graves and also I believe, a few tombstones that are not on this list.

I added the comments that are in parentheses.

There is no map of this cemetery showing grave locations. Some of the graves furthest away from the church are in the so-called new part of the Cemetery. I'm not sure if they are all included in the Record Book.

Sid Bithell
10 E. 2nd Avenue
Dubois, PA 15801

Eden Cemetery Association
Dave Amon, President
Mrs. Willis Neff, Secretary
Glen Amon, Caretaker


First row beside Knobs Road, starting at the church:

U.S. Grant Hurley
Mrs. Hurley
2 Infant Hurleys
Mr. Patrick Hurley
Mrs. Patrick Hurley
Mr. Perry Hurley
Mr. Emery Hurley
Mrs. Emery Hurley
William Hurley
Lloyd Hurley
Mr. Jacob Shope
Mrs. Jacob Shope
Mr. John Graham
________ Graham
________ Graham
George Bowery (brick for marker)
Mrs. George Bowery (brick for marker)
Thelma Luzier
Mr. Henery Faust
Mrs. Henery Faust
Mr. John Ogden
Mrs John Ogden
Infant Selfridge
Mr. William Hearld
Mrs. William Hearld
George Hemphill
Jimmie Hemphill
Marlene Hemphill
Mrs. George Wilson (Mabel Luzier, d. 1939)
Mr. George Wilson (b. 4-1-1878, d. 1950;
 brother of Freeman Wilson)
Mr. James Condon
Mrs. James Condon
Mr. Joseph Giligan
Clair Conaway
Clarence Luzier
Dewey Hurley
Walter A. Conway, 1914-1969
Glenn Conway
Mr. Clark Conaway
Kenneth Stiner
Kenneth Lanich - infant

Second Row from Knobs Road, starting at the Church:

Mr. Thomas Livergood
Mrs. Thomas Livergood
Mr. Ed. Condon
Mrs. Ed. Condon - Katherine
Lee Condon (Son of William)
(stone reversed in order w/ Mr. William Condon from order in book)
Mr. William Condon
Mrs. William Condon
3 Condons - No first names

Next group without tombstones:

Mrs. Sophia Graham (Sophia Buck, b. 1-10-1851,
d. 1-20-1928, married George Wilson before June 1865. Married 2nd, Joe Graham who is buried at Egypt Cemetery)
(Name Erased) Mr. George Wilson (His name was in pencil in record book & erased. Might have been Mrs. George Wilson erased, could not tell for sure)
Mr. Joseph Hite - 3rd Row
Mrs. Joseph Hite - 2nd Row (Susannah Wilson born about 1844, sister of George Wilson)
Infant Hite - 3rd Row (This and Joseph Hite evidently buried in 3rd Row)
Mrs. William Wilson (Not sure, might be MR, William Wilson)
Infant Wilson - 4th Row?
Infant Wilson - 4th Row?
Mr. William Cathelman [Catherman!]
Bessie Cathelman [Catherman!]
Mr. George Condon
__________ Condon

Resume tombstones:

Mr. John Condon
Mrs. John Condon (Annie)
Lloyd Luzier
Baby Luzier

(Believe there are still more stones in this row?)

Third Row from Knobs Road, starting at the Church:

Mr.Robert Livergood
Infant Livergood
Mr. Modica Livergood
Mrs. Modica Livergood
Daniel Livergood
Peter Livergood
George Livergood
Wava Livergood Pooler
Mr. Grimes Conaway
Mrs. Grimes Conaway
Alice Bloom
Mrs. Jacob Hurley
Mrs. Litner
Infant Litner
Infant Litner - 4th Row?
Mr. John Smith
________ Smith
________ Smith
Mr. Abram Selfridge
2 Infants Selfridge
Mrs. Thomas Lingle
Earl Lingle
Infant Lingle
Mr. Jake Shick
Mrs. Jake Shick
Barbara Liegey


Fourth Row from Knobs Road, starting at the Church:

Mr. Al Shugerts
Mrs. Al Shugerts
Mr. Jake Amon
Mrs. Jake Amon
Mr. Joe Amon
Mrs. George Lingle (sister of Mrs. Jake Amon)
Mr. Weaver Amon
Mr. Calvin Amon
Mrs. Calvin Amon
Zonna Amon
Mr. Abraham Kyler
Mrs. Abraham Kyler
Mrs. George Green
__________ Green
__________ Coverts
7 Infant Coverts
Mrs. Freeman Keaster
Baby Ireland
Mr. Thurston Irvin
Mrs. Thurston Irvin
Mrs. Peton - 4th Row


Fifth Row from Knobs Road, starting at the Church:

Mr. Jean Jannot
Orville Jannot
Mr. Jean Jannot
Orville Jannot
Mrs. Cenia Jannot
Mr. Milt Amon
Zella Amon
Mrs. Milton Amon
Mr. Emmerson Amon
Infant Amon
Murray Condon
Hilda Condon
Bobby Condon
Murray Condon
Hilda Condon
Bobby Condon
Murray Condon
Velda Condon
Esther Condon
Mr. Ira Condon
Earle Condon
Mildred Cramer
Mrs. Florence Graham
Algenon Graham
John Murray
Mrs. John Murray
3 More Murray's - no first names
James Murray
Mr. Richard Kyler
3 More Kylers - no first names
Mr. William Kyler
2 More Kylers - no first names
Mrs. Minnie Kyler
Mr. Ellis Kyler
Mrs. Ellis Kyler
3 More Kylers - no first names
Mr. Harry Maines
2 More Maines - no first names
Mr. Henery Kyler
Mrs. Minnie Kyler
3 More Kylers - no first names
Mrs. Ward McCracken
Donald Ross McCracken
Baby McCracken
Mr. Reynolds Lingle
Infant Lingle
Mr. George Lingle
Mrs. Mary Lingle
Mr. Charlie Martel
3 More Martels - no first names
Amanda Hoover
_______ Cathelman [Catherman]
_______ Cathelman [Catherman]
Mrs. James Bain*
Mr. James Bain*
Mrs. James Bain*
Mrs. James Thompson
Howard Irvin
Mrs. Howard Irvin
Plubell Baby
Mr. John Shaw
Baby Shaw
Walter Langford
Infant Langford


Sixth Row from Knobs Road, starting at the Church:

Clark Condon
Infant Condon
Clark Condon
Wilbert Livergood
William Livergood
Mr. Bigler Kyler
Mrs. Bigler Kyler
Annie Kyler
Gus Kyler
Mrs. Lex Starr
Mr. Lex Starr
Lidnic Starr
Mr. Silas Munn
John Munn
Infant Munn
Mr. Lemuel Askey (Lived at Croft,
Brother of Roy Askey)
(Son) Richard Askey
Blake Kephart
Infant Kephart
George Munn
Infant Munn
Mr. Harry Buck (Still living {1983}
at Woodland, married to a Bain)
2 Infants - Buck
Maxine Buck
Mr. Ralph Neff**
John Neff
Eva Neff
Mr. Howard Irvin
2 Irvin Children
Mr. Charlie Livergood
Curtiss Livergood
Donald Livergood
Ada Livergood
Mr. Thurston Livergood**
William Livergood
Thomas Livergood
Beverly Livergood
Infant Livergood
Floyd Edwards
Infant Edwards


First Corner of New Part:

Jack Bain*
Mrs Jack Bain* (Gussie Wilson,
b. 8-4-1893, d. 10-9-1980; sister of
George & Wm. Freeman Wilson)
Ralph Neff**
Blair Neff
Thurston Livergood**
Omer Livergood
_____ 8 graves
Blake Livergood

Last Row below the road in the cemetery:

Terry Neff

Written inside back cover of book - Frank Luzier is buried here. (Glen Amon said, "Frank Luzier is buried in Eden Cemetery.") Also name Millicent Hubler (Mr. Amon doesn't know if she is buried here or not.)


*Mr. & Mrs. James Bain are in Row 5 - are they different people than Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bain, above?

**These names also in Row 6 - are they the same people?




Amon, Jacob



Amon, Martah (Kyler)



Condon, John T.



Condon, Anna W. (Wilson)



Kyler, Abraham



Kyler, Susan



Lingle, George W.



Lingle, Mary E. (Kyler)



Livergood, Mordecai



Livergood, Catherine



Murray, James I.



Murray, John A.



Murray, Sarah J.



Shope, Jacob



Shope, Mary



(Transcriber's Note: This is a typed transcription of a handwritten transcription of the Eden Cemetery Record Book. The original transcription was made by Sid Bithel. I have copied it as he wrote it, with only minor corrections. The transcription was provided to me by Nancy Rohn Narehood Taylor, of State College, PA. Many thanks, Nancy!

Jim Caola
25 May 2000)

Contributed by Jim Caola for use by the Clearfield County Genealogy Project (http://www.pa-roots.com/~clearfield/)

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