Baughman Family Cemetery

Decatur Township
Clearfield County

(Survey taken on August 22, 2000 by Thomas & Bernard Baughman)


The Baughman Family Cemetery is located off Rt. 970 Drane Hwy. about 2 miles from Osceola Mills on 1,000 acre plot formerly owned by Jacob Baughman per 1850 deed records. Many tombstones have been vandalized and are missing.

Photo of the Cemetery

Row 1

Daniel Fetters, Co. D 45th Pa. Inf.

Other possible graves depressions but no stones

Row 2

Solomon Phillips died Aug. 31, 1860, 49yrs. 10 days

Infant daughter of Solomon, aged 3 yrs.

Possible 7 graves no stones

Jacob Phillips, pvt., Co.A Pa. Inf., Civil War 1832 1864

Peter Phillips died 23 Nov. 1878, age 66 yrs.9 mo. 16 days

Margaret Phillips, wife of Peter, died 4 May, 1892, age 80yrs. 4 mo. 16 days

Elizabeth Goss died June 29, 1902, age 85yrs. 8mo. 16 days

Row 3

Adam Walker died Aug. 27, 1899, age 66yrs. 14 days  Footstone

Catherine Walker died May 21, 1906, age 72yrs. 2mo. 25 days

Other unmarked graves

Alonza small blank stone

Samuel small blank stone

Row 4

Possibly 3 or 4 graves depressions only

Jacob Baughman died Sept. 27, 1854, age 55yrs. 8mo.

Catherine Baughman, wife of Jacob, died 1854 12 Nov., age 60yrs. 1mo. 12 days

1 possible grave

Susanna, daughter of A.A. or L.A. Baughman, died Sept. 7, 1854, aged 2yrs. 4 mo.

Row 5

Possibly 6 graves no stones

Andrew Baughman died 30 Nov., 1889. age 65yrs. 11mo. 28 days

Ann Baughman died Feb. 15, 1896 age 76yrs. 11mo. 13 days

Row 6

Daniel no inscription

Sarah A. Kephart, wife of Jacob Kephart, died Nov. 7, 1889, age 59 yrs. 9 mo. 22 days

Possibly 2 or 3 graves

Justin J., son of D.C. & E.F. Kephart, died Mar. 31, 1892, age 11yrs. 10 days

Mathews Lot in rear of cemetery

Barbara E. Mathews 1870 1933

David R. Mathews 1867 1952

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