Woods Cemetery
Bloom Township
Clearfield County Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is located on Route 219 in Bloom Twp. Clearfield Co. PA on the side of a small hill. It is located near the entrance to the Bilger´┐Żs Rocks Recreation Area.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Notes
Anderson Esther   Wood 10/1/1906      
Anderson George E   11/14/1906      
Bloom Alfred     1854      
Bloom Elizabeth     1855      
Bonsall Kenneth A   1919     WWII
Bonsall LaVerna R   1918      
Broken Stone           51y8m7d, top part with name is missing.
Casey Michael     1875     Father
Casey N Lucretia   1878     Mother
Chelgren Edgar M   1897     WWII
Chelgren Gwendolyn G   1905      
Chelgren Karl A   1901      
Chelgren Roxie D   1900      
Conrad Mary     1860     Mother
Conrad Moses     1848     Father
Covert Margretta   McKenrick 1910     w/o Roland E. Covert d/o Tom R. & Nora McKenrick,Sister of Orvis W. Albert R. T. Delmont and Curtis A. McKenrick. U.S. Army Nurse Corp WWII 91st Evac Hospital
Eckelbarger Maud V   8/6/1882      
Ellinger Catherine     1852      
Ellinger George     1852     Father
Freeman Bertha E   1915      
Freeman E Farn   1892      
Freeman Ellen Jane   1/22/1938      
Freeman Elliner M   9/18/1922      
Freeman Orene L   1897      
Freeman Stanley B   1886      
Freeman William C   1915      
Keiser Clarence A   1892      
Keiser Cortes L   12/8/1923     Cpl U.S. Army WWII
Keiser Florence S   1898      
Leonard Jerremy Fredric   10/30/1992      
Leonard Lydia May   1873      
Leonard Samuel M   1908      
Leonard Samuel R   1859      
Mahlon Charles A   1956     Chuck
Mahlon Clair D   12/14/1934      
Mahlon Margretta   McKenrick 10/30/1933      
Mckenrick Albert R   1904      
Mckenrick Frances Nelson   1902      
Mckenrick Frances A   1930      
Mckenrick Nora E   1882     Mother
Mckenrick Orvis W   1902      
Mckenrick Ruth G   1906      
Mckenrick Thomas R   1871     Father
Mckenrick Thomas Delmont   8/16/1915     Father
Mckeown Susan T   1888      
Mobley George     1895     WWII Father
Mobley Verna F   1908     Mother
Newpher Alfred O       1y7m23d s/o JH & NJ
Newpher Milton M       2y5m29d s/o JH & NJ
Parks Clara F   1883      
Pentz Sarah Ann   1928      
Rafferty Viola C   1899     m/o Bertha Freeman
Shaw Harold L   1919      
Shaw Larue C   1918      
Shubert Harriet D   1900      
Shubert Vincent A   1892      
Thomas Cornelia May       2y3m25d d/o H.G. & H.J.
Thomas Cornelia Mae   1882      
Thomas Hannah Jane   12/19/1856     Wife
Thomas Henry Gilbert   3/22/1855      
Thomas Lewis Narr   1886      
Thomas Winfield S       28y9m  
Unknown             MOTHER No other data
Unknown             CLUMP of Daylilies with a Veteran's Flag
Unknown             Homemade Stone-- no data
W H M         Footstone
W.. W            
Welder Annie E   1886     Mother
Welder Clifford I   1911      
Welder Fay A   1914      
Welder Infant     4/18/1945     d/o O. & L.
Welder Jacob     1870     Father
Welder Lucy L   1917      
Welder Oliver A   1914      
Welder Rachel M   1907      
Wood Abbie   Unace     1y1m28d d/o C.A. & E. On same stone: Also Infant son & daughter
Wood Adam C   1872      
Wood Alma L   1/25/1911     Our Darling Twins
Wood Alta L   1/25/1911     Our Darling Twins
Wood Anna A   1877      
Wood Cyrus A   1904      
Wood Cyrus A   1844     Co. F. 58th PA Reg Vol GAR
Wood Douglas L   7/20/1926      
Wood Edna T   10/4/1909     d/o Mr. & Mrs. A.C.
Wood Elinda P   4/26/1884      
Wood Emma D       6m10d d/o I.R. & H.J.
Wood Erma H   10/4/1909     d/o Mr. & Mrs. A.C.
Wood Evaline     1845      
Wood George W   5/3/1876      
Wood Grace   Smith 1883      
Wood Hannah Grace         d/o C.A. & Eve-- rest unreadable
Wood Hannah J   1840     She Made Home Pleasant
Wood Harriet M       51y8m7d w/o Wm. born Chester Co. PA
Wood Harriet     1835      
Wood I Burton   1874      
Wood Infant           d/o Mr. & Mrs I.B.
Wood Infant           c/o C.A. & E.
Wood Infant           c/o C.A. & E.
Wood Isaac R   1840     At Rest
Wood John W   11/24/1869      
Wood John W         son of W. Wood, rest weathered and unreadable.
Wood Joseph V   1880      
Wood Larue K   10/27/1904     d/o A.A & A.C.
Wood Laura E   7/27/1872      
Wood Leland     1930     PFC U.S. Marine Corp. Korea
Wood Lula E   1902      
Wood Paul V   9/19/1913     s/o J.V & R.I.
Wood Ralph     1/4/1909      
Wood Ruth I   1885      
Wood Sarah           d/o I.R. & H.J.
Wood Thomas         2y21d s/o I.R. & H.J.
Wood Victoria     8/7/1919      
Wood W Lewis   1834      
Wood William         65y8m20d born York Co. England
Wood William     1863      

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