Clearfield County Death Records

Special thanks to Sheri Jesberger for providing the following:

"It is a project that I did for the book that I wrote on Huston and Union Twp. cemeteries a few years ago. I became so intrigued by the many unmarked burial that I found, that I made it a point to see if I could identify some of them through the courthouse death records. I spent several days that one summer looking through the several death books in Clearfield and abstracted all (I hope) the deaths that I found that occurred in Union and Huston Twps.

But you know how that goes-- I no doubt missed some, and may not have correctly interpreted some of that horrible handwriting.  It is ONLY Huston and Union though, no other twps in Clearfield.

Name Age Birthplace Deathdate Place of Death Cause of Death Duration Place of Burial Parent(s)
ASTLES, Allen 16days Union Twp., PA 12/16/1893 Union Twp., PA Spasms 2 days Rockton Cemetery John & Adelaide Astles
BAILEY, Henry B. 75y   10/19/1903 Union Twp., PA Heart Failure   Rockton Cemetery  
BAILEY, Jesse S. 9m Penfield, PA 3/23/1899 Reynoldsville, PA Cerebitis (?) 3 dys Penfield Cemetery  
BAILEY, Ralph T. 6w Union Twp., PA 1/29/1896 Union Twp., PA Spasms 5 wks Rockton Cemetery  
BANKS, Charles 22y3m3d Elk Co., PA 2/7/1894 Sandy Twp., PA Typhoid Fever 2 wks Conway Cemetery  
BARNETT, Carl 3y DuBois, PA 12/6/1896 Huston Twp.,PA Cramps 3 mo Penfield Cemetery  
BECKWITH, J.S. 1d Huston Twp., PA 3/16/1895 Huston Twp., PA   Mt. Pleasant Cem.  
BERKEY, Jonathan S. 45y3m27d Indiana Co.,  PA 9/11/1897 Union Twp., PA Diptheria 7 dys Rockton Cemetery  
BIRD, May 39y Penfield, PA 2/23/1905 Buffalo, NY Acute Peritonitis 9 dys Penfield Cemetery L & E.J. Bird
BLACE, W.H. 57y Bloom Twp., PA 7/9/1895 Bloom Twp., PA Sclerosis 10 yrs Huston Twp., PA  
BLACK, Albert William 8m DuBois, PA 8/30/1900 DuBois, PA Cholera Infantum 1 wk Penfield Cemetery H.M. & Mary Black
BLISS, George 65y Penfield, PA 12/26/1902 Penfield, PA Apoplexy 6 hrs Hewitt Cemetery  
BOND, Laura 84y Union Twp., PA 3/14/1896 Huston Twp., PA Dropsy 3mo Bundy Cemetery  
BRILLHART, Mary 78y6d Indiana Co., PA 2/20/1894 Union Twp., PA Heart Disease 2 hrs Rockton Cemetery  
BROWELL, Edith 21y England 8/22/1902 Elk County, PA Heart Trouble 6 mo Hewitt Cemetery  
BROWN, Charles 68y Armstrong Co., PA 9/15/1901   Heart Weakness 2 wks Conway Cemetery  
BROWN, G.W. Dewey 1y2m25d Union Twp., PA 11/03/1899 Union Twp., PA Measles 3dys Conway Cemetery W.H. & Hannah Brown
BROWN, Gracie   Sandy Twp., PA 3/4/1897 Sandy Twp., PA Cholera 2 wks Conway Cemetery  
BROWN, H. Grant 11m30d Union Twp., PA 8/9/1899 Union Twp., PA Measles 2 wks Conway Cemetery W.H. & Hannah Brown
BROWN, Henry N. 53y Penfield, PA 8/8/1899 Penfield, PA Heart Trouble 10 dys Penfield Cemetery  
BROWN, June N. 11y2m5d Union Twp., PA 8/2/1899 Union Twp., PA Measles 2 wks Dressler Cemetery S.J. & Emma S. Brown
BRUBAKER, Thomas 14m (?) Rockton, PA 1/30/1898 Union Twp., PA Fever   Rockton Cemetery  
BUNDY, Carrie 3y Sabula, PA 11/13/1900 Sabula, PA Diptheria 2 wks Bundy Cemetery Isaac & Mary Bundy
BUNDY, Charles   Pinegrove, Sandy Twp., PA 2/1/1905   Rheumatism 1 wk Bundy Cemetery Charles & May Bundy
BUNDY, Esther 9y Sabula, PA 11/14/1900 Sandy Twp., PA Diptheria 2 wks Bundy Cemetery Isaac & Mary Bundy
BUNDY, Isabella 1y DuBois, PA 9/5/1904 DuBois, PA Cholera Infantum 4 dys Sabula, PA G.L. & Susie Bundy
BUNDY, Melom 1y4m3d Penfield, PA 10/3/1894 Penfield, PA Indigestion 3 wks Penfield Cemetery Stephen & Eva Bundy
BUNDY, Rachel 4m Sandy Twp., PA 11/19/1898 Sandy Twp., PA Cholera Infantum 2 dys Bundy Cemetery Alex Bundy
BURKETT, Barbara 44y Elk Co., PA 9/2/1905 Huston Twp., PA Paralytic Stroke 5 dys Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
BURNS, Harry E. 35y Sandy Twp., PA 9/24/1895 Sandy Twp., PA Cholera 2 wks Conway Cemetery  
BUSKIRK, Barry R. 11m Huston Twp., PA 3/9/1896 Huston Twp., PA Pneumonia 3 days Penfield Cemetery  
BUSKIRK, Georgie (Fe) 18y Penfield, PA 10/14/1901 Penfield, PA Typhoid 1mo Penfield Cemetery Jacob & Dora Buskirk
CELINSKI, Baby Boy   Tyler, PA 5/15/1900 Tyler, PA Want of Care 24 hrs Penfield Cemetery Eva Celinski
CHALLINGSWORTH, Alice 20y Tioga Co., PA 7/3/1899 Tyler, PA Blood Poisoning   Penfield Cemetery  
CHALLINGSWORTH, David 11y Tyler, PA 12/16/1897 Huston Twp., PA Diptheria 9 dys Hewitt Cemetery  
CHALLINGSWORTH, James 5y Tyler, PA 1/4/1897 Huston Twp., PA Diptheria 9 dys Hewitt Cemetery  
CHAMBERS, Lavina 48y Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA 9/6/1901 Penfield, PA Cancer 3 mo Penfield Cemetery  
CHAMBERS, William 54y Mill Run, Huston Twp., PA 8/18/1905 Penfield, PA Dropsy 3 yrs Penfield Cemetery  
CHRIST, Jonathan 76y Germany 10/9/1899 Penfield, PA Carbuncle 7 wks Penfield Cemetery  
CHRISTY, Cornelious   Winterburn, PA 1/14/1899 Winterburn, PA   Bundy Cemetery James & Mary Christy
CLEAVER, Nellie B. 1y4m Penfield, PA 9/9/1895   Consumption 4 wks Penfield Cemetery Michael & Sarah Cleaver
CLEVER, Michael B. 42y Armstrong Co., PA 3/19/1897 Huston Twp., PA Pneumonia 3 wks Penfield Cemetery  
CLINE, Emma S. 8y8m9d Union Twp., PA 1/29/1896 Union Twp., PA Measles 3 wks Rockton Cemetery Elijah & Mary Cline
CLOUSER, J.B. 62y9m23d Perry Co., PA 4/15/1897 Union Twp., PA  Catarrh of Bladder 1 wk Rockton Cemetery  
CLOUSER, J.H. 75y22m10d (?) Perry Co., PA 1/14/1897 Union Twp., PA Burst Blood Vessel   Rockton Cemetery  
CLOUSER, Oliver M.   Union Twp., PA 11/12/1893 Union Twp., PA Scarlet Fever 6 wks Rockton Cemetery David & Nettie Clouser
CONRAD,  Grace (?) 8m13d Union Twp.,  PA 5/11/1899 Union Twp., PA Exema 4 mo Rockton Cemetery G.W. & Ida Conrad
CONRAD, Christina 63y6m Indiana Co., PA 2/20/1898 Union Twp., PA Paralysis   Rockton Cemetery  
CONWAY, Absolom R. 49y Huston Twp., PA 7/8/1903 Huston Twp., PA Groin Abcess 4 mo Conway Cemetery  
CONWAY, Joel 52y8m14d Sinnemahoning, Cameron Co., PA 2/12/1898 Huston Twp., PA Alcohol Poisoning   Conway Cemetery  
CONWAY, Susan 78y Sterling Run, Cameron Co.,PA 5/12/1900 Hickory, Huston Twp., PA Consumption 17 mo Conway Cemetery  
CORLE, John 78y Luzerne Co., PA 1/14/1898 Huston Twp., PA Brights Disease   Penfield Cemetery  
CORLE, John 78y Ireland 1/7/1898 County Home Old Age   Penfield Cemetery  
CORLE, Maggie 9m Huston Twp., PA 11/14/1896 Huston Twp., PA   Bundy Cemetery  
CORYELL, Charles 2y7m2d Tyler, PA 7/3/1893 Tyler, PA Cholera Infantum 4 days Penfield Cemetery George & Mary Coryell
CROWLEY, Sophia J. 46y4m2d Bradford Co., PA 10/4/1899 Union Twp., PA Cancer 1 yr Dressler Cemetery  
DANIELS, Emmett F. 10y DuBois, PA 4/18/1903 Union Twp., PA Drowned   Rockton Cemetery H & Blanche Daniels
DEAN, Clyde 2y Huston Twp., PA 4/23/1904 Huston Twp., PA Bug Bite Poison 5 wks Mt. Pleasant Cemetery C. & Mrs. Dean
DeLONG, Jennie 24y Winterburn, PA 1/6/1896 Huston Twp., PA Diptheria 1 wk Bundy Cemetery  
DOBLE, Rupert 2d Penfield, PA 4/23/1903 Penfield, PA Debility 2d Penfield Cemetery Eva Doble
DODD, Loretta 66y Bradford Co., PA 1/22/1904 Hickory, Huston Twp., PA Heart Weakness 9 mo Conway Cemetery Silas & Sarah (Park) Munn
DODD, Nancy 34y Huston Twp., PA 9/21/1896 Huston Twp., PA Miscarriage 3 wks Conway Cemetery  
DONEY, George 76y7m10d Union Twp., PA 7/5/1897 Union Twp., PA Heart Failure 11 dys Rockton Cemetery  
DRESSLER, Beulah Arline 1y6m Union Twp., PA 6/6/1904 Union Twp., PA Cholera Infantum   Dressler Cemetery J.A. & Ruby Dressler
DRESSLER, Twila F. 14y7m3d Union Twp., PA 11/6/1900 Union Twp., PA Typhoid 2 wks Dressler Cemetery H.G. & Grace Dressler
DUNLAP, Edna E.   Sandy Twp., PA 1/16/1896 Sandy Twp., PA Abcess   Conway Cemetery  
DUNLAP, Elizabeth 35y Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA 7/21/1895   Typhoid 3 wks Conway Cemetery  
DUTTRY, Andrew 56y6m Sandy Twp., PA 12/31/1895 Sandy Twp., PA Consumption 1 yr Conway Cemetery  
DUTTRY, Clarence J. 14y Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA Nov. 1900 Elk Co., PA Diptheria 10 dys Bundy Cemetery Levi & Mary Duttry
EDDINGS, Merrell 17m (?) DuBois, PA 6/3/1905 DuBois, PA Croup 3 wks Penfield Cemetery O.W. & Effie Eddings
EDW, Marian (?) 60y Tyler, PA 4/23/1899 Tyler, PA   Penfield Cemetery  
EMIGH, Clara 18y Jefferson Co., PA 5/9/1900 Penfield, PA Childbirth 3d Penfield Cemetery  
EMIGH, George 82y New York 1/24/1904 Penfield, PA Old Age 2 wks Bundy Cemetery  
EMIGH, John 34y Kersey, Elk Co., PA 4/13/1902 Penfield, PA Paralysis 1 min. Penfield Cemetery  
ENGLISH, Sarah M. 76y New York 8/21/1900 Penfield, PA Old age 6 mo Penfield Cemetery  
EVANS, Peter 70y Lehigh Co., PA 1/11/1900 Penfield, PA Paralysis 4 dys Bundy Cemetery  
EVANS, Rosanna 62y Clearfield Co., PA 4/27/1899 Penfield, PA  Nervousness 5 wks Bundy Cemetery  
FAUZEY, Leona 13d Union Twp., PA 8/29/1895 Union Twp., PA Cholera 6 dys Rockton Cemetery  
FLANDERS, Morris 56y Huston Twp., PA 1/23/1898 Huston Twp., PA Typhoid   Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
FRANTZ, Ruth 9m   3/26/1902 Penfield, PA Brain Fever 1 wk Penfield Cemetery D & Laura Frantz
FRAZIER, Harry 2m DuBois, PA 9/23/1901 DuBois, PA Consumption 3 wks Conway Cemetery George & Ella Frazier
GELNETT, Margarite 52y Union Twp., PA 7/1/1904 Bloom Twp., PA Paralytic Stroke 4 dys Rockton Cemetery  
GELNETT, Mary Ann 68y Brady Twp., PA 10/22/1905 Pentz Run, PA Rheumatism Long time Rockton Cemetery  
GELNETT, Q.J. 22y Union Twp., PA 3/19/1904 Union Twp., PA Diptheria 6 dys Rockton Cemetery  
GELNETT, Samuel J. 77y Brady Twp., PA 11/6/1905 Pentz Run, PA Dropsy Long Time Rockton Cemetery  
GRAY, Elva 3m Union Twp., PA 4/25/1905 Union Twp., PA Pneumonia 6 dys Dressler Cemetery Rex & Lena Gray
GREENARCH, Child   Tyler, Huston Twp.,PA 3/19/1900 Tyler, PA Meningitis   Penfield Cemetery Elias Greenarch
HAAG, Chester 4d Troutville, PA 2/14/1895 Brady Twp., PA   Union Twp., PA  
HALPIN, Florence M.   Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA 4/9/1899 Winterburn, PA Congestion 1 wk Penfield Cemetery William & Clara Halpin
HALPIN, Thomas 3d Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA 7/29/1900 Winterburn, PA Brain Congestion 3 dys Penfield Cemetery  
HALPIN, William 52y Bradford Co., PA 6/10/1902 Winterburn, PA Consumption 2 yrs Penfield Cemetery  
HAMILTON, Harry P. 6hrs Winterburn, PA 5/19/1900 Winterburn, PA   6 hrs Penfield Cemetery William & Ella Hamilton
HARIGER, Luella 28yrs Clearfield Co., PA 2/5/1904   Fits   Penfield Cemetery  
HARLEY, Charles C. 16y5m Union Twp., PA 9/21/1900 Union Twp., PA Spinal Disease 1 wk Dressler Cemetery  
HARRIGER, Rosie L. 2m Huston Twp., PA 10/3/1895 Huston Twp., PA Cholera 3 wks Penfield Cemetery  
HARRISON, Viola 22y6m24d Shawsville, PA 11/19/1894 Huston Twp., PA Brain Fever 12 dys Penfield Cemetery  
HECKMAN, Amil Carl 2 mo Hickory, Huston Twp., PA 8/3/1904 Hickory, PA Pneumonia 2 dys Huston Twp., PA Henry & Blanche Heckman
HENDRICKS, Clarence A. 4m Union Twp.,PA 12/3/1901 Rockton, PA Whooping Cough 2 wks Rockton Cemetery O.O. & Lizzie Hendricks
HENDRICKS, Lottie V. 4y4d Rockton, Union Twp., PA 9/21/1895 Union Twp., PA Cholera   Rockton Cemetery  
HENDRIX, D.D. 40y3m4d Centre Co., PA 5/17/1901 Philipsburg, PA Catarrh of Stomach 1 mo Rockton Cemetery  
HENRIETTA, Thomas 81y New York 5/16/1898 Huston Twp., PA Stomach   Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
HENRY, Frank 40yrs Virginia 4/17/1905 Penfield, PA Consumption 21mo Bundy Cemetery  
HENRY, Mattie 23y Penfield, PA 12/19/1900 Winterburn, PA Childbirth 2 wks Bundy Cemetery  
HENRY, Paul 9m Winterburn, PA 10/1/1901 Winterburn, PA Cholera Infantum 2 dys Bundy Cemetery Roy & Mattie Henry
HENRY, Vernie (Fe) 20m (?) Sandy Twp., PA 8/11/1895 Union Twp., PA Cholera 2 dys Dressler Cemetery  
HEVENER, Frances (Ma)   Mill Run, Huston Twp., PA 10/16/1899 Mill Run, PA Pneumonia 2 mo Hewitt Cemetery James & Millie Hevener
HEWITT, Charles 59yrs Tyler, Huston Twp., PA 11/19/1904 Tyler, PA Dropsy 9mo Hewitt Cemetery  
HEWITT, Ezekial 50y Penfield, PA 7/3/1899 Penfield, PA Murdered Instant Penfield Cemetery  
HEWITT, Jonathan B. 82y New York 10/4/1897 Huston Twp., PA Paralysis 13 wks Hewitt Cemetery  
HEWITT, Mary 63y Lycoming Co., PA 11/13/1902 Penfield, PA Paralysis 2 mo Penfield Cemetery  
HEWITT, W.B. 86y New York 4/19/1898 Huston Twp., PA Dropsy 2m Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
HICKS, Dortha 46yrs Karthaus, Clearfield Co., PA 1/24/1905 Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA Kidney Trouble 2 wks Penfield Cemetery  
HICKS, Elmer 21y Huston Twp., PA 1/15/1895 Huston Twp., PA Blood Poisoning 6 wks Penfield Cemetery  
HICKS, Hazel M. 7m Huston Twp., PA 9/28/1893 Huston Twp., PA Cholera Infantum 6 dys Penfield Cemetery Lewis Hicks
HILDELAND, Mary Lucinda 26y Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA 7/31/1899 Sabula, PA Typhoid 3 wks Conway Cemetery  
HILL, Mary Ann 60y Ireland 8/20/1900 Tyler, PA Cancer 8 mo Penfield Cemetery  
HILL, Samuel 70yrs England 5/8/1904 Tyler, PA Old Age 1 dy Penfield Cemetery  
HOAKS, Andrew J. 62y Butler Co., PA 4/30/1896 Huston Twp., PA Dropsy 1 yr Penfield Cemetery  
HOLLIN, David K. 49y8m23d Penfield, PA 3/15/1894 Huston Twp., PA Heart Disease Sudden Penfield Cemetery  
HOOVER, Dorothy Mary 3m Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA 2/16/1901 Penfield, PA Inflam. of Bladder 4 dys Penfield Cemetery H.C & Emma D. Hoover
HOOVER, Edith 5y9m4d Hoovertown, Huston Twp., PA 3/15/1894 Huston Twp., PA Lung Fever 11 dys Penfield Cemetery Evan & Mary Hoover
HOOVER, Merrell 3m Winterburn, PA 6/25/1899 Winterburn Whooping Cough 2 wks Penfield Cemetery Clifford & Emma Hoover
HOPKINS, David D. 49y England 10/20/1901 Tyler, PA Asthma 6 mo Penfield Cemetery  
HOPKINS, Mary 67yrs Jefferson Co., PA 10/12/1905 Penfield, PA Old Age 4 wks Penfield Cemetey  
HORNING, David 87yrs Montgomery Co., PA 9/27/1905 Mill Run, PA Kidney Trouble 3 wks Penfield Cemetery  
HORNING, Horace L. 54y Philadelphia, PA 7/1/1901 Penfield, PA Catarrh of Stomach 1 mo Old Bundy Cemetery  
HOUDERSHULL, Lewis F. 4y7m14d DuBois, PA 11/16/1894 DuBois, PA Croup 4 dys Conway Cemetery  
HOYT, Hiram M. 72y Kersey, Elk Co.,PA 3/26/1902 Huston Twp., PA Brights Disease 6 mo Hoyt Cemetery  
HOYT, Lydia 75y Canada 7/13/1902 Huston Twp., PA Old Age 6 mo Hoyt Cemetery  
HOYT, Margarite 45y Armstrong Co., PA 1/1/1896 Huston Twp., PA Consumption 2 yrs Hoyt Cemetery  
HOYT, William H. 82y Massachusetts 1/10/1902 Huston Twp., PA Cancer 2 wks Hoyt Cemetery  
HUEY, Emma L. 4d Union Twp., PA 8/7/1894 Union Twp., PA Spasms 8 dys Rockton Cemetery Daniel Huey
HUEY, Estella 12yrs Union Twp., PA 3/30/1905 Union Twp., PA Spinal Meningitis 2 wks Rockton Cemetery Bryson & Elizabeth Huey
HUEY, Johnny Earl 10m Union Twp., PA 12/23/1901 Rockton, PA Heart Trouble   Rockton Cemetery Bryson & Eliza Huey
HULETT, Camelia 88y9m New York 2/16/1901 Penfield, PA Old Age 5 dys Penfield Cemetery  
HUMMEL, Annie 32y Union Twp., PA 11/19/1903 Rockton, PA Paralytic Stroke 4 dys Rockton Cemetery  
HUMMEL, Henry 66yrs Germany 1/20/1904 Union Twp., PA Dispepsy 1mo Rockton Cemetery  
HUMMEL, James N. 4d Union Twp., PA 5/12/1902 Rockton, PA  Spasms 3 dys Rockton Cemetery J.A & Anna Hummel
HUMPHREY, Baby Girl   Union Twp., PA 6/28/1895 Union Twp., PA   Union Twp., PA W. & Louisa Humphrey
JEWELL, Rosetta 40y Jefferson Co., PA 6/24/1901 Penfield, PA Cancer 1 yr Penfield Cemetery  
JONES, Sarah E. 63y Millburg, PA 6/12/1905 Penfield, Huston Twp., PA paralysis Instant Bundy Cemetery  
JONES, William 60y7m13d Luzerne Co., PA 8/13/1899 Penfield, Huston Twp., PA Brain Affect   Old Bundy Cemetery  
JOYCE, Helen Irene 8m Penfield, Huston Twp., PA 3/4/1905 Penfield, PA Pneumonia 7 dys Penfield Cemetery William & Mary Joyce
KANTZ, Mary 24 yrs Indiana Co., PA 4/26/1901 Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA Operation 3 wks Conway Cemetery  
KECK, Mary A. 58y Ohio 4/3/1895 Huston Twp., PA   9 wks Penfield Cemetery  
KIRK, Verda V. 6m Bradford Twp., PA 8/16/1895 Union Twp., PA Cholera 3 wks Rockton Cemetery  
KIRK, Victor E. 22y Brady Twp., PA 10/4/1895 Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA Accident Instant Old Bundy Cemetery  
KITCHEN, Barbara 71 yrs Lancaster Co., PA 5/3/1904 Penfield, Huston Twp., PA Catarrh of Stomach 1 yr Penfield Cemetery  
KITCHEN, John 92yrs   2/4/1899 Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA Dropsy 5 mo Bundy Cemetery  
KITCHEN, Lottie 2 mo Mt. Run, Huston Twp., PA 9/9/1900 Mt. Run, PA   3 dys Bundy Cemetery William & Sophia Kitchen
KITCHEN, Lydia 9 yrs Penfield, PA 8/25/1901 Penfield, PA Bloody flux 1 mo Bundy Cemetery William & Sophia Kitchen
KITE, Henry 6yrs Tyler, Huston Twp., PA 5/13/1899 Tyler, PA Pneumonia 3 wks Hewitt Cemetery Luke & Mary Ann Kite
KITE, Mark 56 yrs England 8/22/1902 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Cholera 11d Hewitt Cemetery  
KLINE, Carrie A. 2mo24dys Tyler, Huston Twp., PA 11/1/1904 Penfield, PA Consumption 7 dys Penfield Cemetery John & Bessie Kline
KLINE, Katie 22m Kane, McKean Co., PA 12/12/1895 Sandy Twp., PA Pneumonia 6 dys Conway Cemetery  
KOOKER, L.J. 50y6m7d Mill Run, Huston Twp., PA 10/5/1899 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Consumption 4 wks Hewitt Cemetery  
LaBORDE, Deborah 3mo29dys Union Twp., PA 7/30/1894 Union Twp., PA Cholera 3 wks Rockton Cemetery  
LaBORDE, Lucy 77y8m2d Union Twp., PA 8/7/1896 Union Twp., PA Paralysis 2 mo Rockton Cemetery  
LAMB, Isabel 10 yrs Colorado 4/10/1897 Huston Twp., PA Diptheria 8 dys Penfield Cemetery  
LAMB, Warren A. 54 yrs White Haven, PA 1/3/1903 Penfield, PA Diabetes 1 mo Penfield Cemetery  
LAMB, William E. 7mo Penfield, PA 4/27/1894 Huston Twp., PA Lung Fever 4 wks Penfield Cemetery W.E & Jennie (Fiske) Lamb
LANSBERRY, Edgar R. 1mo 5dys   3/8/1894 Jordan Twp., PA   5 wks Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
LARKINS, William 43 yrs West Virginia 9/15/1903 DuBois, PA Consumption 6 wks Penfield Cemetery  
LaROCK, Lena 2 yrs Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA 11/12/1900 Winterburn, PA Croup 3 dys Bundy Cemetery  
LaROCK, Lilly 21dys Union Twp., PA 8/6/1894 Union Twp., PA Cholera 7 dys Rockton Cemetery J.P. & Debora LaRock
LaROCK, Robert Henry 5 mo Winterburn, PA 8/26/1904 Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA Inflam. of Brain 7 dys Bundy Cemetery George & Maud LaRock
LENIG, Jeremiah 27 yrs Snyder Co., PA 1/6/1896 Penfield, PA Typhoid 4 wks Penfield Cemetery  
LENIG, W.H. 66y10m1d Penfield, PA 3/2/1901 Penfield, PA Heart Disease 2 dys Penfield Cemetery  
LEVENDUSKI, Dorsene   Tyler, PA Feb. 1899 Tyler, PA Pneumonia 3 dys Huston Twp, PA John & Dolume Levenduski
LEWIS, Catherine 72yrs   6/23/1899 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Brain Affected 6 mo Penfield Cemetery  
LEWIS, John M. 53yrs Ohio 1/9/1895 Huston Twp., PA Catarrh 3 mo Penfield Cemetery  
LEWIS, Margnette   Hoovertown, Huston Twp., PA 10/4/1904 Hoovertown, PA Pneumonia 3 dys Penfield Cemetery James & Lulu Lewis
LINES, Lilly 6 dys Union Twp., PA 10/26/1894 Union Twp., PA Spasms 6 dys Rockton Cemetery James & Sarah Lines
LININGER, Henry 87 yrs Juniata Co., PA 9/1/1898 Union Twp., PA Dropsy 4 wks Rockton Cemetery  
LININGER, Lydia 76y9m7d Bell Twp., PA 3/18/1894 Union Twp., PA Heart Disease 1 yr Rockton Cemetery  
LIXFIELD, Fred 86 yrs Germany 2/18/1900 Penfield, PA Kidney Disease 19 mo Penfield Cemetery  
LUCE, O.H. 29 yrs Union Twp., PA 7/16/1903   Killed on Mill   Rockton Cemetery  
LUCORE, A.B.   Shippen, Cameron Co., PA 7/4/1900 Mill Run, Huston Twp., PA Heart Failure 7 days Hewitt Cemetery  
LUCORE, Ada B. 34 yrs Penfield, PA 3/14/1902 Penfield, PA Heart Failure 3 mo Mt. Pleasant  
LUCORE, Eva 1 mo Brookville, Jefferson Co., PA 4/27/1899 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Pneumonia 6 wks Hewitt Cemetery Archie & Lottie Lucore
MANK, Wesson H. 30 yrs Jefferson Co., PA 10/10/1903 Penfield, PA Typhoid 3 wks Penfield Cemetery  
MARSHALL, Carrie 43 yrs Clearfield Co., PA 1/15/1903 Williamsport Hospital, PA Cancer of Bowels 1 mo Penfield Cemetery  
MAYNARD, Rebecca J. 34yrs7mo Union Twp., PA 6/3/1897 Union Twp., PA Fever 12 dys Rockton Cemetery  
McCOY, Frank 30 yrs Centre Co., PA 12/19/1895 North Carolina Explosion   Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
McCROSSIN, Walter 16 yrs Raney, Clearfield Co., PA 10/2/1902 Raney, PA Heart Trouble 1 mo Mt. Pleasant Cemetery John & Annie McCrossin
McGRINDER, John 67 yrs Huston Twp., PA 5/5/1895 Huston Twp., PA Brights Disease 3 mo Hewitt Cemetery  
McGRINDER, Nancy 77 yrs Ireland 12/6/1904 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Debility 3 mo Hewitt Cemetery  
McKAY, Cara Ellen 25 yrs Sandy Twp., PA 4/12/1899   Consumption 1 yr Conway Cemetery  
McKAY, Daisy 3 dys Huston Twp., PA 3/13/1896 Huston Twp., PA   Penfield Cemetery W.N. & Clara McKay
MILLER, Florence 5mo Penfield, PA 1/19/1900 Penfield, PA   5mo Penfield, PA J.M. & Belle Miller
MILLER, Lloyd 17 yrs DuBois, PA 12/8/1902 Penfield, PA Accident   Penfield Cemetery John & Hannah Miller
MOORE, Catherine M. 22 yrs Cambria Co., PA 4/22/1897 Huston Twp., PA Diptheria 5 dys Penfield Cemetery  
MOORE, Earl 5 mo Tyler, Huston Twp., PA 5/30/1904 Tyler, PA Pneumonia 6 dys Hewitt Cemetery George Moore
MOORE, Josiah R. 73 yrs Clearfield Co., PA 5/11/1899 Penfield, PA Neuralgia 3 mo Penfield Cemetery  
MOORHOUSE, William   Tyler, PA 8/27/1899 Tyler, PA Pneumonia 6 wks Hewitt Cemetery Samuel & Emma Moorhouse
MOTT, Norman S. 1 yr Clearfield Co., PA 4/27/1900 Curry Run, PA Spinal Disease 2 dys Rockton Cemetery  
MYRTLE, Lydia Ann 33 yrs Armstrong Co.,  PA 4/16/1900 Tyler, PA Cancer 5 wks Penfield Cemetery  
NASH, George W. 58 yrs Huntingdon Co., PA 5/11/1900 Penfield, PA Heart Trouble 6 wks Bundy Cemetery  
NASH, Lydia 14 dys Huston Twp., PA 1/1/1896 Huston Twp, PA   Bundy Cemetery  
NELSON, Elsie 35 yrs Brady Twp., PA 12/26/1903 Union Twp., PA Fever 11 wks Dressler Cemetery  
NEWELL, Albert 86 yrs Tioga Co., PA 5/13/1900 Penfield, PA Kidney Trouble   Penfield Cemetery  
NEWELL, Mary 80 yrs Hoovertown, Huston Twp., PA   Hoovertown, PA LaGrippe 3 wks Penfield Cemetery  
NOBLET, Arthur 5 wks Penfield, PA 11/7/1904 Penfield, PA   2 dys Bundy Cemetery  
OSWALD, J.E. 73 yrs Germany 5/7/1904 Union Twp., PA Pneumonia 8 dys Rockton Cemetery  
PARKER, Fred 49 yrs Tyler, Huston Twp.,PA 4/5/1899 Tyler, PA Consumption 1 wk Hewitt Cemetery  
PARKER, William 53 yrs New York 3/1/1897 Huston Twp., PA Heart Failure 6 hrs Penfield Cemetery  
PARKS, Sarah R. 54y1m15d Falls Creek, Jefferson Co., PA 4/16/1894 Sandy Twp, PA Kidney Fever 4 mo Conway Cemetery  
PAYNE, Freda 1yr6mo Penfield, PA 4/3/1903 Penfield, PA Brain Trouble 1 wk Penfield Cemetery William & Jane Payne
PAYNE, George 22yrs Huston Twp., PA 3/21/1904 Mt. Pleasant, PA Typhoid 2 wks Penfield Cemetery  
PEAS, Holmes 48 yrs Tioga Co., PA 2/13/1905 DuBois, PA White Swelling 5 dys Penfield Cemetery  
PETERS, Gertrude 3 hrs Tyler, PA 1/17/1902 Tyler, PA Debility 3 hrs Hewitt Cemetery  
PLACE, Reuben 19 yrs Sabula, Sandy Twp., PA 1/8/1898 Sandy Twp., PA Dropsy 1 wk Conway Cemetery  
POLIETT, Matilda 39 yrs Beech Creek, Jefferson Co., PA 3/18/1894 Huston Twp., PA Blood poisoning 4 wks Bundy Cemetery  
RADEBAUCH, Jonathan 80 yrs Mifflin Co., PA 10/18/1896 DuBois, PA Killed by Cars 26 hrs Penfield Cemetery  
RADEBAUGH, John 73 yrs   2/24/1901   Old Age   Huston Twp., PA  
RHINE, Charles 3yrs3mo Penfield, PA 3/8/1894 Huston Twp., PA Scarlet Fever 6 dys Penfield Cemetery William & Sarah Rhine
RHINE, Maggie 4yrs Centreville, Elk Co., PA 3/10/1894 Huston Twp., PA Scarlet Fever 4 dys Penfield Cemetery William & Sarah Rhine
RIORDAN, W.H. 38 yrs Massachusetts 9/21/1905 Tyler, PA Typhoid 2 wks Penfield Cemetery  
ROBACKER, Charles 60yrs9mo Wayne Co., PA 10/17/1893 Penfield, PA Heart Failure   Penfield Cemetery  
RODEBAUGH, Benjamin 16 yrs Penfield, PA 6/5/1893 Penfield, PA Grippe 3 mo Penfield Cemetery  
ROSENKRANS, Ann Maria 67 yrs Wayne Co., PA 2/8/1901 Penfield, PA Apoplexy Instant Penfield Cemetery  
ROSENKRANS, F.J. 6yrs6mo Penfield, PA 1/21/1893 Penfield, PA Scarlet Fever 36 hrs Penfield Cemetery Allen & Edith Rosenkrans
ROSENKRANS, Grace B. 18mo Penfield, PA   Penfield, PA   Penfield Cemetery Ray Rosenkrans
ROSENKRANS, Jacob 68yrs New Jersey 9/16/1898 Huston Twp., PA Inflam. of Bladder 6 wks Penfield Cemetery  
ROSENKRANS, Laura 6 wks Huston Twp., PA 5/1/1895 Huston Twp., PA   Penfield Cemetery  
ROSENKRANS, Ray 11mo Penfield, PA 6/30/1900 Penfield, PA Lung Fever 2 wks Penfield Cemetery Ray & Daisy Rosenkrans
RUDOLPH, Adam   Mt. Pleasant, PA 12/19/1899 Mt. Pleasant, PA   4 wks Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  
SAGER, Cynthia W.   Winterburn, PA 5/23/1899 Winterburn, PA Whooping Cough 3 dys Penfield Cemetery John & Eliza Sager
SAWYER, Arcellia   Bradford Co., PA 9/17/1895 Penfield, PA Cancer 4 wks Penfield Cemetery  
SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth 89yrs Philadelphia, PA 8/24/1904 Rockton, Union Twp., PA Paralysis 4 yrs Rockton Cemetery  
SCHOFIELD, Joseph 87y7m11d Yorkshire, England 5/17/1900 Union Twp., PA Old Age 2 mo Rockton Cemetery  
SCHRIVER, Lloyd 4mo12dys Penfield, PA 8/14/1903 Penfield, PA Cholera 1 wk Penfield Cemetery L.A. & Essie Schriver
SCHRIVER, Senes Albert 6 mo Penfield, PA 11/19/1900 Penfield, PA Pneumonia 3 dys   Lewis & Ethel Schriver
SHAFFER, Ralph Blair 6 mo Union Twp., PA 1/10/1902 Home Camp, Union Twp., PA Spasms 7 dys Dressler Cemetery Henry & Jemima Shaffer
SHEESER, John H. 1 yr Union Twp., PA 11/14/1904 Rockton, Union Twp., PA Heart Failure 3 dys Rockton Cemetery S.J. & Alda Sheeser
SHELDRICK, Henry 57 yrs Canada 1/8/1905 Penfield, PA Paralysis 2 yrs Penfield Cemetery  
SHIMMEL, Gladys Viola 2yrs6mo Penfield, PA 9/26/1904 Penfield, PA Pneumonia 7 dys Penfield Cemetery Blake & Mary Shimmel
SHOEMAKER, Alice 4mo Hickory, Huston Twp., PA 4/12/1904 Hickory, PA Pneumonia 3 dys Conway Cemetery J. & Kate Shoemaker
SHOEMAKER, Boy 1yr2mo Hickory, Huston Twp., PA 8/8/1901 Hickory, PA Bloody Flux 2 wks Conway Cemetery Warren Shoemaker
SHOEMAKER, William 81y7m Sabula, PA 8/16/1901 Hickory, Huston Twp., PA Bloody Flux 1 wk Conway Cemetery  
SINGER, Euvon (Fe) 2 mo Mt. Pleasant, PA 1/20/1901 Mt. Pleasant, PA Pneumonia 3 dys Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Ervin & Lizzie Singer
SINGER, Nellie M. 4yrs3mo Mt. Pleasant, PA 8/6/1895 Huston Twp., PA Scarlet Fever 3 dys Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Henry & Minnie Singer
SMITH, Agnes 45 yrs Scotland 8/14/1899 Tyler, PA Dropsy 25 yrs Penfield Cemetery  
SMITH, Charles 6 mo Tyler, PA 4/25/1901 Tyler, PA Eczema 1 wk Tyler, PA Henry & Lizzie Smith
SMITH, Charles H. 6 mo Mill Run, Huston Twp., PA 4/28/1901 Mill Run, PA   5 mo Mill Run, PA W.H. & Agnes Smith
SMITH, William H. 20yrs Penfield, PA 1/8/1901 Penfield, PA Typhoid 6 wks Penfield Cemetery Reuben & Lavanchia Smith
SMITH, Worel Clare 5yrs Mt. Pleasant, PA 2/21/1901 Mt. Pleasant, Huston Twp., PA Pneumonia 8 wks Mt. Pleasant Cemetery M.J. & Sarah Smith
STILES, Wilbur 7yrs Penfield, PA 3/3/1894 Huston Twp., PA   6 dys Penfield Cemetery George & Rosella Stiles
STULTZ, Lizzie 4mo Penfield, PA 7/14/1895 Penfield, PA Heart Trouble   Penfield Cemetery William & Fannie Stultz
SWANSON, B.R 71 yrs Sweden 11/4/1900 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Burned to Death   Penfield Cemetery  
TALADAY, George M.   Huston Twp., PA 8/15/1896 Huston Twp., PA Dysentery 1 wk Old Bundy Cemetery  
TAYLOR, James 3m11d Union Twp., PA 5/13/1896 Union Twp., PA Spasms 1 wk Rockton Cemetery James & Annie Taylor
THOMAS, Boy 3mo Penfield, PA 9/18/1901 Penfield Cemetery Dr. doesn't know 3 mo Penfield Cemetery James & Maggie Thomas
THOMAS, Essie   Kansas 3/10/1904 Penfield, PA Typhoid 3 wks Bundy Cemetery  
THOMPSON, Effie B. 3 yrs Huston Twp., PA 3/16/1896 Huston Twp., PA Stomach Trouble 9 dys Penfield Cemetery J.Z & Victoria Thompson
TOWNS, H.P. 72yrs Hartford, CT 7/20/1896 Huston Twp., PA Apoplexy 2 dys Penfield Cemetery  
TYLER, Isabella 91yrs Lycoming Co., PA 8/13/1902 Tyler, Huston Twp., PA Old Age 4 dys Hewitt Cemetery  
VARNER, Elizabeth 69yrs   3/20/1905 Union Twp., PA Old Age   Rockton Cemetery  
WAGNER, Edna 56dys Penfield, PA 10/5/1903 Penfield, PA Cholera 3dys Penfield Cemetery Zach & Margaret Wagner
WALKER, Kate 26yrs England 7/10/1896 Huston Twp., PA Consumption 2yrs Hewitt Cemetery  
WALKER, Lillian 9yrs   9/29/1900 Winterburn, Huston Twp., PA   3 dys Bundy Cemetery  
WALKER, Maria 71yrs England 6/17/1904 Tyler, PA Paralysis 1 dy Hewitt Cemetery  
WALKER, Thomas 65yrs England 6/17/1896 Huston Twp., PA Miner's Asthma 3 wks Hewitt Cemetery  
WARD, Joanna 5mo27dys Penfield, PA 9/24/1893 Penfield, PA Cholera 11 hrs Penfield Cemetery Ford & Maggie Ward
WAY, Samuel 60yrs Brady Twp., PA 5/13/1901 DuBois, PA Killed by Tree 4 dys Rockton Cemetery  
WEBER, Henry G. 77y8m23d Germany 10/18/1897   Pneumonia 2 wks Union Twp., PA  
WELD, Willie 4mo25dys Penfield, PA 5/2/1894 Huston Twp., PA Congestion of Brain 1 mo Penfield Cemetery Thomas & Jennie Weld
WERTZ, Jennie G. 2y3m4d Union Twp., PA 10/22/1900 Huston Twp., PA Cholera 4 dys Dressler Cemetery J.W. & Sarah Wertz
WERTZ, Josephine 3y7m26d Union Twp., PA 9/22/1896 Union Twp., PA Gastric Fever   Dressler Cemetery  
WERTZ, Mary 70yrs   12/9/1904 Home Camp, Union Twp., PA Rheumatism 2yrs Dressler Cemetery  
WESTHOVEN, Earl 3 mo Penfield, PA 8/14/1904 Penfield, PA Bowel Trouble 2 dys Penfield Cemetery George & Kate Westhoven
WESTHOVEN, Merel 3 mo Penfield, PA 8/21/1904 Penfield, PA Inflamm of Bowels 8 dys Penfield Cemetery George & Kate Westhoven
WHITEHOUSE, Samuel 62yrs England 7/7/1900 Tyler, PA Paralysis 7 yrs Hewitt Cemetery  
WICKETT, Elizabeth 54yrs Luzerne Co., PA 3/1/1898 Huston Twp., PA Absence of (?) 11 wks Penfield Cemetery  
WILLIAMS, Rosa B. 24yrs Union Twp., PA 11/9/1902 Home Camp, Union Twp., PA Childbirth 3 mo Rockton Cemetery Joseph & Debra LaRock
WILLIAMS, Sarah L.   Clarion Co., PA 4/20/1903 Union Twp., PA Paralysis 7dys Rockton Cemetery James & Mary Nimon
WILSON, Harry 50yrs   2/16/1894 Falls Creek, Jefferson Co., PA Killed by Cars   Penfield Cemetery  
WIRY, Hannah A. 53y6m5d   3/7/1900 Union Twp., PA Pneumonia 2 wks Dressler Cemetery  
WOODLE, Julia 1 mo Tyler, PA 7/16/1893 Tyler, PA   6 dys Hewitt Cemetery  
WOODLE, Susan 34yrs Sandbarn, PA 7/28/1893 Tyler, PA Childbirth 4 dys Hewitt Cemetery  
WOODWARD, Abigail 71yrs Wayne Co., PA 5/17/1901 Penfield, PA Heart Trouble 1 hr Bundy Cemetery  
WOODWARD, Hiram 74yrs Luzerne Co., PA 11/8/1900 Penfield, PA Diabetes 8  yrs Bundy Cemetery  
WOODWARD, Mary   6/20/1895 Penfield, PA Consumption   Penfield Cemetery  
YECKEL, Margaret 3mo Tyler, PA 3/28/1905 Tyler, PA   1 dy Hewitt Cemetery Emma Cooper
YOUNG, Zilpha May 2yrs Penfield, PA 6/11/1899 Penfield, PA Whooping Cough 3 mo Bundy Cemetery John & Phebe Young

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