Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames X - Z

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

Page No.

Last Name

First Name

78b Yaas Adam
72b Yaas George
76a Yaas John
73a Yaas Margaret
73b Yaas William D.
309a Yanson A.
309a Yanson Andrew
363b Yargen John
242a Yarick William
347b Yascoyack Vis
93a Yeager B?<C?<P?
242a Yeager Bolward
85b Yeager Henry P.
61b Yeager Ida May
237a Yeager Jennie
308b Yearman C.
308b Yearman R.
242b Yeathus Richard
143a Yeckly Hattie
47a Yengart Treace
375a Yeott William
46a Yerger Amos
326b Yerstafson Carl
377a Yingling Abraham
376b Yingling Benjamin
358a Yingling Henry
377b Yingling Henry
377b Yingling Isaac
377b Yingling Jacob
358a Yingling Jennie
377a Yingling John
377b Yingling John
377b Yingling Margaret
377b Yingling Michael
247b Yochum Lewis
97b Yocum James T.
257a Yoder Adam
461b Yoder Elias
305a Yokl Christian
442b Yokonson Charles
224b York William W.
326b Yosser Conrad
149a Yothers Josephine
147b Yottias Annie
349b Youghuston C.E.
286b Young Aggua W.
277b Young Albert
252b Young Catherine
319a Young Christian
450a Young Chuck
191a Young David
264a Young David
434a Young David
450b Young E.N.
254b Young Edith O.
286a Young Elizabeth
157a Young George
374a Young Hannah
376b Young Henry
107b Young Irwin
30b Young James
348a Young James
13b Young John
379a Young John
128b Young John F.
214A Young Jonas S.
317a Young Jonas S.
342b Young Joseph
245b Young Joseph
265a Young Joseph
367a Young Lewis
147b Young Lizzie
13a Young Maggie
7a Young Martha
139b Young Regiah
223a Young Rudolph
377a Young Samuel
264a Young Sarah
92a Young Susan
102a Young Susy
373b Young Thomas K.
424b Young Timothy
277b Young William
340b youngat Monroe
9a Younger Hattie
145a Youngman Benjamin C.
347b Youngman W.E.
348a Youshon's George
348a Zackootrin William
30b Zaelonder Alva
451a Zakarnason P.
305a Zandelius P.
319b Zanes William
358b Zeekler Emile
63a Zeigler Catherine
62b Zeigler Fred
458b Zeigler Martha
76a Zeigler Rebecca
203a Zelter David
358a Zentmeyer Porter
72b Zergler Fred
82b Ziff Zacharias
37b Zigler Jacob
43b Zigler Lewis
41b Zigler Mary A.
61a Zilleon Godfrey
87a Zillioux George J.
73b Zilliox Henry
77a Zilliox Henry C.
34a Zilsch Cameron
442a Zimberlin Mary
373a Zimmeran Peter
457b Zimmerman B.F.
334a Zimmerman Barbara
300b Zimmerman C.C.
1B Zimmerman Ed
338a Zimmerman F.L.
390a Zimmerman Frederick
456a Zimmerman George
457a Zimmerman John J.
373a Zimmerman Lizzie
435b Zimmerman Martin
369b Zimmerman Molly
457b Zimmerman Sines
456a Zimmerman Solomon
373a Zimmerman Westley
389a Zolner Joseph
75a Zortman Isaac
306a Zoutzy Frank
77b Zufall Alfred
77b Zufall Jacob
63b Zumstein F.
34a Zurden Nicholas

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