Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames W

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

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Last Name

First Name

66a Waalace Blanche
154a Wachtel Margaret
455a Wadlinger Jacob
236b Wagers John
58a Waggel Henry G.
352a Waggner Edward
5b Wagner Albert Albert
307b Wagner August .
377a Wagner Daniel
60a Wagner E.O.
309b Wagner Isaac
391b Wagner J.C.
232b Wagner Jacob
379a Wagner John
376b Wagner Josephs
390a Wagner Mathias
360a Wagner William
392b Wagner William
456b Wagoner Charles
148a Wagoner David S.
235b Wagoner George
280b Wagoner Henry
145b Wagoner Kate
365b Waile Dennis
402b Wailey Andrew
214a Wait Reuben
231b Wait William
358a Waite George
5a Waite John
338a Wakefield Frank
298b Wakepad Thomas
232a Walamont Mary
379b Walb Joseph
22b Walburn David
44b Walburn Henry
22a Walburn Simon
408b Wald George
345b Waldron Patrick
304a Walgreen Nelson
360b Walk Elias
43b Walk George W.
91a Walk Gilbert
219a Walk Gilbert
460b Walk James
221b Walk Justine
337a Walk Michaels
115b Walk Richard
271b Walker Abraham
361b Walker Adam
355a Walker Adams
120a Walker Alex
355a Walker Andrew
16a Walker Augustus
121b Walker Chamoy
24b Walker David
341a Walker G.B.
56a Walker Gibbons
29b Walker Harry A.
310a Walker Harvey
200b Walker Henrietta
462a Walker Hury
302a Walker Jacob
380a Walker James
436a Walker James
451b Walker Jan,Mrs
361a Walker John
323a Walker John
321a Walker John C.
105b Walker Jonathan
16b Walker Joseph
251a Walker Judd
16a Walker Labanah
237a Walker Lewis
362a Walker Michael
307b Walker Michael
122b Walker Morris
83b Walker Nelson
343a Walker Robert
25a Walker William
212b Walker William
24b Walker Zachariah
120b Walkerson James
266a Wall Alfred
379b Wall Ann
33b Wall Charley
84b Wall Curtis
84b Wall Elijah
84a Wall Isiah
84a Wall J.D.
24a Wall James
61b Wall John
82a Wall Jonathan
84b Wall Lawrence J.
95a Wall Miles
365a Wall Peter
86b Wall Reuben
84a Wall T. Elwood
84b Wall Thomas
340a Wallace Henry
414b Wallace Daniel
396a Wallace George
123a Wallace J.W.
132a Wallace Jennie
443b Wallace John
132b Wallace Robert
358a Wallace Robert
412b Wallace Robert
245a Wallace William
145b Wallace William A.
308b Waller A.W.
446a Walles Patrick
252b Walls Andrew
382a Walls John
146b Walsh Edward
443a Walten A
126b Walters A.E.
157a Walters Alfred
309b Walters Charles
76a Walters Daniel
126a Walters Elijah
457b Walters Elizabeth
341a Walters J.H.H.
383a Walters Mary W.
394b Walters Michael
26b Walton John
244a Wamer Alfred
249a Wamer Mary
243b Wamer Miles
87b Wan John
232a Wanderly Joacum
341a Wanker Henry
235a Waple James H.
235a Waple Janett
235b Waple Susan
246b Warbish Michael
205a Ward David
50a Ward Edward
435a Ward James
8a Ward Lyod
38b Wareham Mary
365b Warency Thomas
158b Warfel William H.
195a Waring Eliza
314a Waring Robert
242a Waring William
111b Warner John G.
329b Warren George H.
220a Warren Nathaniel A.
414a Warrick Abraham
409a Warrick Jennie
409a Warrick Mollie
408b Warrick Sarah
365b Warring A.H.
315a Washborne Rena
228a Washburn Anthony B.
245b Washburn Franklin
420b Washburn John
245b Washburn Parker
409a Washburn Thomas
245b Washburn William
84b Washburne Alice
449b Washburne Mary J.
27b Washburne Nancy
361a Washbutton John
29a Washman Joseph
386b Wassam Valentine
440b Watchman James
436a Watchman William
365a Waters Daniel
154b Waters James C.
335a Waters Mary
147a Waters William P.
354b Watkins Alex
368a Watkins Alex
242b Watkins Daniel
242b Watkins Franklin
466a Watkins James W.
309b Watkins John
242b Watkins Lucy
464b Watkins Sarah
442a Watkins Simon
454b Watkins Thomas
242a Watkins William
51b Watring William
58a Watson Alex
147a Watson C.D.
131b Watson Francis
192a Watson James
293b Watson Jeanette
131b Watson Joseph
293b Watson Matthews
293b Watson Robert
194b Watson Simon
357b Watson Thomas
85b Watson W.W.
151b Watson William
341a Watt Hohon
276a Watt Martin
341a Watt Namcy
163a Watthers Edward J.
234a Watts James
96a Way David
110a Way Elizabeth
107b Way Jacob
110a Way Jesse
97a Way Job
111b Way Samuel
44b Wayland Pearl
25a Wayne Thomas
423b Wayton James
375a Weakling Joseph
294a Wealds William
220b Wean Clara
325a Wearp Adam
444a Weary George A.
87a Weaver Adam
39a Weaver Adison
389b Weaver Alice
63a Weaver Caroline
259b Weaver Casper
373a Weaver Charles
379a Weaver David
167b Weaver David W.
393b Weaver Emanuel
276a Weaver Emma K.
349a Weaver Frank
71a Weaver Fred
13b Weaver George
87a Weaver George
144a Weaver George
257b Weaver Godfrey
347b Weaver Harry
89a Weaver Henry
150a Weaver Henry
34b Weaver Henry H.
80a Weaver Henry J.
79a Weaver Henry L.
272a Weaver Ida
347b Weaver J.B.
38b Weaver James
369b Weaver James
372a Weaver John
246a Weaver Jonathan
64a Weaver Laura
43b Weaver P.B.
65b Weaver Philip
258a Weaver Samuel
321a Weaver Samuel
275a Weaver Samuel E.
72b Weaver Sarah
240a Weaver Sarah A.
416b Weaver Susie
35a Weaver William
79b Weaver William
276b Weaver William
393b Weaver William
207a Webb Elmira
381b Webb Martin
459b Webb Morris
158a Weber Eliza
117a WEber Emma
388a Weber F.E.
71a Weber Geo A.
73b Weber George J.
70a Weber Godfrey
79b Weber Henry W.
79a Weber J.J.
70b Weber Jacob
80a Weber Jacob
90b Weber Lewis H.
63b Weber P.J.
43a Weber P.S.
77b Weber Peter
72a Weber Geo A. Jr.
200b Weer Robert
240a Weight William
260a Weinck Lydia A.
282b Weirner Sylvester
50a Weis Henry
78a Weisbarger Lena
64a Weisbarger Maggie
63b Weisgarber Charles
73b Weisgarber Geo.
70b Weisgarber Henry
72b Weisgarber John
62b Weisgarber Sarah A.
73a Weisgarber Williams
123a Welch Andrew
108b Welch Charity
26a Welch George
122b Welch George
144b Welch Henrietta
122b Welch Jane
15a Welch Jerry
85b Welch Josephine
116b Welchhors Mary
419a Weld Allen
409b Weld Annie M.
414b Weld Ashley
415a Weld Dora
413b Weld Ellen R.
409a Weld Howard
414b Weld John
417b Weld John A.
413a Weld John D.
414a Weld John H.
418a Weld Larenzo
416b Weld Lyonel
420b Weld May O.
416b Weld William
2b Welham Laura Laura
338b Welkenson Samuel
171a Welker Blake
197b Welker Mary B.
362a Wells C.O.
362b Wells Elae
355a Wells Flora
12a Wells Fritz
299b Wells Ira
329b Wells James F.
294a Wells John
319b Wells John
319b Wells Millard
364a Wells Samuel
364b Wells Sarah
336b Wells W.S.
170a Wellsots Joseph
148a Welly Philip
157b Welsh Ann
293b Welsh Anna
109b Welsh Caroline
126a Welsh Daniel
128b Welsh Doris
128b Welsh Doris
435b Welsh Ellen
126a Welsh Frank
399a Welsh James
434a Welsh Martin
324b Welsh Moses
293b Welsh Nichols
435a Welsh Owen
223b Welsh Rebecca
347a Welsh Thomas
301b Wenberry G.
9a Wendle Creighton
124b wens Andrew
456a Werfield Samuel
72a Wersgarber Geo A.
409a Wertz Cora
15b Wertz Henry
217a Wesbrook John A.
366b Wesley Carrie
191b Wesley J.Edward
365a Wesley Lyburn
234a Wess George D.
169b West Otis H.
45b Westerman S.J.
398a Westface Elizabeth
434a Westhook Charles
241b Westley Daniel
337a Weston E.J.
338b Weston Elizabeth
358a Weston Mary
124a Weston Thomas
378a Westover William
396a Westover Amos
463a Westover David
399a Westover Edwin
395b Westover Ellis
393b Westover Franklin
394a Westover Henry
396b Westover James
395a Westover John J.
399a Westover John M.
375b Westover John S.
395b Westover Jonathan
396a Westover Jonathan
395a Westover Joseph
395a Westover Joseph
395a Westover Lewis
374b Westover Liddia
395a Westover Millard
375b Westover Oliver
395b Westover Samuel M.
420a Westover Silas
397a Westover Tobias
377a Westover William
394a Westover William
420b Westover William
8b Wethovel Theodore
254a Wetzel David
251a Wetzel F.R.
253b Wetzel Hamel
258b Wetzel Henry
387a Wetzel James
386a Wetzel John B.
167a Wetzel Jonathan
217a Wetzel Wilber
443b Whalen John
123a Whaling John
28a Whayland Charles
127a Wheeler Charles
127a Wheeler Daniel
159b Wheeler Daniel
15a Wheeler John
251b Wheeler John
16a Wheeler Joseph
88b Wheeler N.H.
38a Wheeler Wesley
235b Whering George
212a Whilton Harry
212a Whilton Mary
102a Whitaker Alexander
114a Whitaker James
97b Whitaker Joseph
113b Whitaker Milton
359a White Alonzo
371a White Asa
26b White Bartlett
329a White Dennis
387a White Elijah
50b White Eliza
254a White Frank
338a White J.K.
271a White Jacob
14a White James
409a White James
347b White James A.
259b White John
99b White Joseph
255a White Julia A.
394b White Paul
357b White Sanford
363b White Sarah
347a White Thomas
187b White Washington
371a White Wealtry
357b White William
19a Whitehead Henry
303b Whitehead James
305a Whitehead Robin D.
303b Whitehead Thomas
146b Whitehill Ella
154a Whitehill J.C.
245a Whiteman John
88a Whiteran John
411a Whiteside Agnes
411a Whiteside Elizabeth
411a Whiteside Henry
427a Whiteside Samuel
411a Whiteside William
421b Whiteside William B.
31b Whitman Elias C.
33a Whitman George W.
149b Whitman Joseph
153a Whitman Lewis
54b Whitmore Jonathan
48a Whitney Elisia
306b Whitney John
328a Whitney Rutto
217b Whitney W.R.
450a Whittier G.M.
113b Whittom James
116b Wian William
324a Wible Cyrus
209a Wickman George
82a Widerman L.J.
86a Widernice E.G.
86a Widernice John
412b Wieler Andrews
163a Wier M.M.
34a Wiggins James
300b Wigkaman George
243a Wiglon Charles B.
243a Wiglon William H.
397a Wiler Anna
264a Wiley Alfred
264b Wiley David
264b Wiley James
283a Wiley John F.
355b Wiley Joseph
275a Wiley Joseph
278b Wiley William T.
128a Wilhelm William
226b Wilk Aniase
302b Wilkins Harvey
302b Wilkins Hiram
462b Wilkins James
303a Wilkins John
457a Wilkins Joseph
442b Wilkins Kate
445a Wilkins Mary
163a Wilkinson James
244b Wilkinson John
368b Wilkinson Joseph
244b Wilkinson Mary
347b Wilkman Hubert
347a Wilkman John
356b Willams James
461b Willet George
108a Willets David
29a Willey Charles
144a Willey Frank
233a Willhelm B.F.
353a Willhelm Daniel
345b William William
245a William Benjamin
417a William Caroline
149a William Edward
44a William Joseph
356b William Mary A.
250a William Nannie
163a Williams Alpha
292b Williams Ann
159a Williams Annie
396a Williams Anson
277b Williams Austin
292b Williams Benjamin
275a Williams Brenson
290a Williams Civellyn L.
460b Williams Cyprier
242b Williams Daniel
305b Williams Daniel
466b Williams David L.
56a Williams E.A.
229b Williams E.B.
393a Williams Edith
104b Williams Edward
309b Williams Edward
466b Williams Elias
389a Williams Elizabeth
389b Williams Elizabeth A.
393a Williams Elozin
126a Williams Frank
132a Williams Frank
292b Williams Freeman
12a Williams George
57b Williams George
120a Williams George
277b Williams George
285a Williams Glenn
206a Williams H.M.
443b Williams J.S.
99b Williams Jacob
198a Williams Jacob
87b Williams Jesse
11a Williams John
13a Williams John
286a Williams John
319b Williams John
356b Williams John L.
274b Williams John S.
210b Williams Johnson
342a Williams Joseph
276a Williams Joseph G.
227a Williams Jullie
55b Williams L.J.
87a Williams Leora
19a Williams Lewis
354a Williams Lewis
274b Williams Lucy A.
333b Williams M.
47b Williams M.D.
356b Williams Maggie
333a Williams Marsh
372b Williams Mary
285a Williams Mary
334b Williams Mary
116a Williams Mary S.
415b Williams Miles
142a Williams Orvill
46b Williams R.W.
10b Williams Robb
333a Williams Rosa
349b Williams Sarah
229b Williams Susan
297a Williams T.S.
442b Williams Thomas
462a Williams Thomas
107a Williams Thompson J.
299b Williams Valentine
149b Williams William
275a Williams William
413b Williams William
314b Williams William W.
210b Williams Wilson
72b Williams J. I.
454b Williamson David
356b Williamson James
356b Williamson John
305b Willow John
74a Wills Luke
455a Wilmors Maria
461a Wilson Alexander
203a Wilson Allen
197b Wilson Annie
19a Wilson Ashley
136a Wilson Bertha
359a Wilson C.
146b Wilson Caroline
138a Wilson Cyrus
303b Wilson D.
196a Wilson David
432a Wilson Francis
64a Wilson George
191a Wilson George
206b Wilson George
381a Wilson George C.
453a Wilson George L.
168a Wilson George W.
11a Wilson Harry
190b Wilson Harvey S.
127b Wilson Hiram
454b Wilson Hugh
305a Wilson I.
189a Wilson Isaac
426b Wilson Isaac
319b Wilson Isaac
14a Wilson James
62b Wilson James
442b Wilson James
119b Wilson Jane
190a Wilson Jerome
37b Wilson Jerry J.
288a Wilson John
461b Wilson John
190a Wilson John S.
315a Wilson John T.
202a Wilson Keselman
10a Wilson Leroy
402a Wilson Madison
190a Wilson Mark S.
190b Wilson Martin
344a Wilson Mary
165a Wilson Mary A.
190a Wilson Mathew O.
190b Wilson Nicholas
380b Wilson Rebecca
353b Wilson Robert
444b Wilson Robert
380b Wilson Robert F.
54a Wilson S.M.
338b Wilson S.S.
190a Wilson Samuel
229a Wilson U.G.
306b Wilson W.h.
331a Wilson W.S.
153a Wilson William
67b Wilson William P.
423b Wilson William W.
164b Wilson Willy M.
55b Wilson Winfield
223b Wilsoncroft Abraham
223b Wilsoncroft Joel S.
152a Wilt Annie
321b Wilt Gideon C.
449b Wilt W.A.
18a Wilty David
18a Wilty Simon
18b Wilty William
307a Wimblith H.A.
11b Window Henry
451a Wineberger M.
465a Winer Robert
16a Wing Amos
20b Wing Stephen
44b Wingerber Adam
77b Wingert Fred
70a Wingert Geo H.
76b Wingert Henry
77b Wingert Peter
70a Wingert Samuel
62a Wingert William
149a Wining Henry
74a Winkleblech S.J.
229a Winn Catherine
301a Winner Richard
416a Winslow Wilson
245a Winson Thomas
10b Winston John
451a Winter J.
109b Winters Alice G.
65a Winters AliceG.
355a Winters Burton
9a Winters Isaac
344b Wirtz John
460b Wischnowski John
53b Wise Abbie
269a Wise Alfred C.
107a Wise Aron D.
240a Wise Carrie
116b Wise Clara
269a Wise David
285a Wise David W.
240a Wise Edward
106a Wise Feby
443a Wise Fred
239a Wise George
54b Wise Henry
274b Wise Jane
270b Wise John
107b Wise John L.
159b Wise Margaret
157b Wise Maud
107b Wise Moses
438a Wise Tuble
275a Wise Vada
273a Wise William
287a Wise William
455a Wiseenaw James
208b Wiser Abraham
223a Wiser Abraham
223a Wiser Abraham
208b Wiser Enoch
208b Wiser George
226a Wiser Henry
224a Wiser Israel
199b Wiser Jacob
464a Wiser Jeremiah
208b Wiser Jessie
224b Wiser John
208a Wiser Johnathan
207a Wiser Lewis
202a Wiser Linsey
226b Wiser Manning
208b Wiser Mary A.
207a Wiser Rhody
203a Wiser Sarah
291b Wises Thomas
227a Wisor Alexander
280a Witherite Barney
285b Witherite Shanon
268b Witheron Robert
268b Witheron William
288a Witherow Archibald
288b Witherow Henry
269b Witherow John S.
270a Witherow Nancy
288a Witherow Samuel
310a Withers Frank
279a Witherson Ira J.
406b Witherson James
294b Witherson William
279a Withinte Mark
77b Wolbach John
115b Wolf Augustus
326b Wolf Carl
350b Wolf Christian
429a Wolf Daniel D.
422b Wolf David
57b Wolf Gideon
258a Wolf Samuel
410a Wolf William
14a Wolfgang Jacob
342b Womer Annie
203a Wondel Lavinia
203a Wondel Mary
415a Wonderly Forest
415b Wonderly James J.
280b Wood Anna
379a Wood Armstrong
393a Wood Benjamin
75a Wood Burten
163a Wood C.H.
5a Wood Charles
280b Wood Charles
280b Wood David
398b Wood David
279a Wood David F.
395b Wood Edward
144b Wood Elizabeth
404a Wood Frank
76a Wood George
401b Wood Henry
398a Wood Isreal
382b Wood James
402b Wood James
318a Wood James
128a Wood Jane
279b Wood Jane
377b Wood Jesse
404a Wood John
280b Wood Margaret
318a Wood Martin
163a Wood May L.
163a Wood Minnie E.
281b Wood William
397b Wood William
280b Wood Wilson
92b Woodard John
442a Wooden George
374a Woodford Adam
377a Woodford Banks
363a Woodle Milton
250a Woodlen William
213a Woodling Jefferson
216a Woodling Lafayette
55a Woodover Harry
196a Woodridge James
42a Woodring Gideon
90b Woods C.A.
131b Woods David
11a Woods George
88b Woods Isaac K.
11a Woods James
439b Woods John
130b Woods Joseph
451b Woods Robert
120a Woods Susquior
88b Woods W.L.
76a Woods William P.
226a Woodside Nancy
205b Woodside Thomas
13a Woodward Hiram
48b Woodward Nettie
7b Woodward William
225a Woolheater Mary M.
224b Woolishlagle John
195b Woolrege John A.
203a Woolridge Ashly
197b Woolridge John
198b Woolridge Rebecca
194b Woolrige Sophia
194b Woolrige William
91a Woomer J.M.
6a Word John
145b Word Lizzie
157a Word Margaret
111a Work Deutress
254a Work Joseph
339a Worner Luaetta
338b Worner Rachel
404b Worrell Bigler
404b Worrell John H.
404a Worrell Joseph
404b Worrell Thomas
92b Worts Andrew
98a Worty Joseph
29a Wren Joseph
29b Wriggle Edward
84a Wrigglesworth B.
1B Wright David
98a Wright Elizabeth
144b Wright Emily
144a Wright Emma
20a Wright George
370b Wright George
406a Wright Henry A.
409a Wright Henry B.
115a Wright James C.
126a Wright John D.
408b Wright John W.
354b Wright John W.
112b Wright Leander
155b Wright Leander
34a Wright Lewis
155b Wright Paul
245a Wright Thomas
61b Wright W.S.
370b Wright William
370b Wright William
154b Wright William D.
147a Wrigley Ellenor
147a Wrigley Franklin
144b Wrigley James
147a Wrigley James S.
125b Wrigley John
140b Wrigley Robert
466b Wvans Maria
357b Wvens Isaac
241b Wymer Franklin
200a Wynn John P.
226b Wynn Mary B.
200b Wynn William

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