Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames P- Q

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

Page No.

Last Name

First Name

316b Pack Sager
316a Packer Nelson
469a Paden Agness
432b Paicleaux Thomas A.
1A Paine William
214b Painson David
44a Painter Alfred
46a Painter Annie
5b Painter Cornelius
51b Painter Ida
120a Painter John
19a Painter Simon
129a Pale Albert
329b Palmer James
21b Palmer John
291b Palmer John
245b Palmer Joseph
12a Palmer Lawrence
48a Palmer Minerva
389a Palmer Nathan
330a Palmer Thomas
389b Pantall Emma
69b Pantz P. K.
131a Panzy Hiram
442b Parcel Mary A.
462b Parcell John
335b Pardner Harry
18a Parish John
348a Parish John
256b Parish Leo
160a Park Henry
291b Parker Adam
68b Parker C.W.
37a Parker Charles
398a Parker Edward
441a Parker John
306b Parker Josiah
447b Parker Michael
208b Parker Thomas
443b Parker William
199b Parkerhorn James
225b Parkin James
436b Parkin William
308b Parkins Samuel
448a Parks Daniel
332b Parks Harry
138a Parks John
203a Parks John
425a Parks John
455b Parks Nelson
303a Parks Richard
200a Parks Thomas
443a Parmly Charles
325a Parnell John
20a Parrish Anthony
304b Parson A.
358b Parson C.
207b Parsonell Jonas
110b Parsons Emma
317a Partridge Thomas
145a Pasche Paul
216a Pase Matilda
332b Pasley John R.
343a Passell R.W.
158b Passman Edward
173b Passman Michael
263a Passmore Effie
263b Passmore Eli L.
263a Passmore George
65b Passmore Harrison
277a Passmore Hiram
46b Patchell Frank
382b Patchen Aaron
382a Patchen George
387b Patchen Horace
385b Patchen Jackson
414a Patchen Samuel
292a Paters Clarence
301a Paterson H.
304b Paterson I.
301b Paterson John
184a Pathlet Victor
386a Patrick Chambers
386a Patrick Charles
152b Pattarff Samuel
316a Patter David
143b Patterens John A.
406b Patterson Alfred
268a Patterson David
8b Patterson Emanuel
13b Patterson Frank
286b Patterson George
287b Patterson Hyekia
406b Patterson James
465a Patterson James
288a Patterson James R.
281a Patterson Jammia
202a Patterson John
284a Patterson John Sr.
268a Patterson Joseph
281a Patterson Joseph
14b Patterson Lizzie
283b Patterson Peter
268a Patterson Robert
286a Patterson Robert
117a Patton Alexander
52b Patton Edward
96b Patton Edward
110a Patton John
110a Patton Susan
357b Paul Charles J.
450b Paul J.A.
462b Paul P.
325a Pawley Henry C.
326b Pawlson Nelson
157b Payne Sarah
252b Peace Solomon
252a Peace Thomas
370b Peace William E.
247b Pearce Abraham
247b Pearce Abram
417a Pearce George
351b Pearce James
247b Pearce James
146a Pearce Sophia
454a Pearce Thomas
35b Pearl George
1A Pearsell Timothy Timothy
450b Pearson A.P.
351b Pearson J.J.
55b Pearson Thomas
348a PeBolieo John
342b Peck Simon
459b Pecuson P.G.
450a Peddlon Edward
313a Peet John A.
450b Pehrison Charles
353b Pehser Lewis
231b Peiffer John
230b Peiffer Nichols
301b Pelin A.
201b Pelkington Anna
229a Pelton E.S.
242a Pelton Leon
367a Pelton Levi
242a Pelton Miles
367a Pelton Sphriam
398b Pemington Jacob C.
398b Pemington John
202a Pendergast Dominic
154b Pendergast James
435a Pendergast Michael
283a Pendleton Hannah
398b Penington John
342a Pennington ??
452a Pennington H.H.
452b Pennington Henry
469a Pennington Henry
452b Pennington James
469a Pennington Joshua
391a Pennington Noel
281a Pennington Simon
374b Pentice Henry
393b Pentice Jacob
157b Pentz Andrew
27a Pentz Andrew Sr.
69b Pentz Elizabeth
67a Pentz George
27a Pentz George W.
87b Pentz Henry
62b Pentz J.H.
83b Pentz John
39b Pentz Joseph
31a Pentz Malinda
110a Peoples George
17a Peoples John
91a Peoples John
98b Peoples John A.
63a Peoples Maggie
271a Peoples Nathaniel
105a Peoples William
44b Perdy Thomas L.
459b Pergland C.J.
464b Perio Frank
37b Perkins John
322a Perkins Thomas
451b Perlmutter M.
184a Perot Adolph
38a Perry AlfredA.
282b Perry William T.
77a Pers Nicholas
320a Persing David
439b Persing George
300b Person P.
246b Peter John
348b Peterkin Albert
325a Peterman Benjamin
199b Peters Aaron
184b Peters Abraham
196a Peters Abraham
191b Peters Andrew
44a Peters Benjamin J.
230b Peters Charles
329a Peters Edward
210a Peters Eshmand
40a Peters Frank
225b Peters Frank F.
316a Peters Henry W.
192b Peters Jacob R.
295a Peters John
219a Peters John G.
225b Peters Jonas H.
199b Peters Joseph
191b Peters Martin
152b Peters Polly
191a Peters Sarah
192b Peters William
221b Peters William H.
195b Peters William M.
304b Peterson A.
459b Peterson A.
308b Peterson A.G.
301b Peterson Aaron
301a Peterson C.G.
301b Peterson C.H.
326b Peterson Carl
305a Peterson Charles
308b Peterson F.
309a Peterson F.A.
609a Peterson F.A.
301b Peterson Gustave
304b Peterson I.
328a Peterson Josiah
304b Peterson M.
460a Peterson M.A.
348a Peterson Martin
305a Peterson Nilson
305a Peterson P.A.
307a Peterson Parson
304a Peterswell Johannah
301a Pethal David
425b Petit Frank
187a Petteloff Christian
305a Petterson Andrew
241b Phalen James
445b Phalion Ellen
264a Pharp Henny
244a Phelix Daniel
348a Pheota Joseph
463b Philies Joseph R.
220b Philip Sarah A.
247b Philips Charles
363a Philips Daniel
362b Philips Daniel E.
467b Philips David
78a Philips G.W.
367a Philips J.
437b Philips James
224a Philips James H.
362b Philips John
329b Philips John M.
224a Philips Joseph
247b Philips Lydia
54b Philips Oscar S.
362b Philips Rachel
367a Philips Richard
247b Philips Samuel
363a Philips Sarah
463a Philips Thomas
91a Philips W.C.
54b Philips Walter
247b Philips Walter E.
245a Philips William
465b Philips William H.
363a Philips Ade;ome
201a Phillip Edward
355b Phillips Abram
308b Phillips James
311a Phillips James A.
355b Phillips Margaret
311b Phillips Sarah
11b Phillips William
296b Phillips William
212b Philly Henry H.
248a Phoenix Lewis
7a Piase William
186b Picard August .
186a Picard Davis
187a Picard John J.
448b Pickard William
270b Pickel Denton C.
26a Pickleman Lawrence
223b Pickles Thomas
335b Pie Justin
199a Pierce Abraham
207a Pierce Abraham
207a Pierce Abraham
403b Pierce Barbara
205a Pierce Ellis
465b Pierce George
399a Pierce Henry
198b Pierce Jacob C.
198b Pierce Jacob K.
195a Pierce Levi
398b Pierce Mary L.
398b Pierce Moses A.
391a Pierce Perry O.
81b Pifer Peter
44a Pifer William E.
438b Pike James
406a Pike Richard
438b Pike Richard
346a Pilkington Thomas
380b Pittman Daniel
381a Pittman Joseph
5b Pittnam John John
68a Place Daniel
89b Place Hezekiah
29a Place Jacob
354a Plank Aime
41a Platt Amos W.
33b Platt John
449a Pleasant Jesse
115b PLotner Jane C
182a Plubel Frederick
183b Plubel Justin
344a Plubel Louis
172b Plubel Vinton
171a Plubell Henry
26a Plunkett Matthew
221a Plympton Elijah
123b Plympton Joseph
247a Pobbie Michael
247a Pobbie Peter
150b Pocdan Toldinaugh
420b Poet Adam
312b Pohl Albert
445a Pollock William
294a Polsan Edward
460b Pomisbaul Theophile
184a Pongeand John B.
120a Poor Isaac
437b Poorman George
367b Poorman Mary C.
41a Poorman William
303b Pope Isaac
144a Popeword Elmer
48b Porchard William
462b Pordineu Louis
341a Port George
136a Port Winfield
348a Porteck John
299b Porter Joseph
109b Porter Robert
377a Porter Wilford
125a Porter William
144a Porter William
161a Porter William
308a Porter William
13b Portzer Henry
9b Poseliat Edward
421b Post Hannah
99b Poster John
64a Postlethwait L.P.
68b Postlethwait S.J.
72a Postlethwait W. B.
65b Postlethwait W.B.
68b Postlewait D.R.
22b Postlewait Samuel
277a Potter Clarence
230a Potter Jacob
229b Potter James
94a Potter JohnH.
247b Potter Joseph
92a Potter Lucian
17b Potter Mary
229b Potter Mary
74b Potter William M.
151b Potter Wilson
10b Poulat G. John
260b Pounds Roy
73b Poust R.C.
173b Powell Fred
202a Powell George
212b Powell John
302b Powell John
442b Powell John
151a Powell Margaret A.
315b Powell Mary L.
204a Powell THomas
146b Powell William
194a Powell William
303b Powell William
322a Powell William
465b Powene David
319b Power Patrick
87b Powers Thomas
200b ppleton William
133b Pranker James F
63a Prantz Eli
79a Prantz Harrison
321b Prate Catherine
97b Pratt Smith
4b Pray John
451a Preana Augustus
453b Pregenzer Joseph
245b Prema James
225b Premadere Allen
356a Presk James
85a Presmore George C.
298a Presser John
465a Presser John
138a Price Ann
153b Price Catherine
279a Price George W.
333b Price H.H.
295b Price Lewis
101a Price Mettler
104a Price Sarah
52b Price Thomas
104a Price William
263b Price William
350a Priestly Titus
26a Prince Hugh
452a Prince James
452a Prince John
335b Prist A.W.
361b Pritchard Wm.
324a Proctor William
330b Prossor Jonah
330b Prossor Walter
308a Prothers James
274a Prout William
385b Prowall George F.
11a Puck Charles
355b Pullin Alfonce
68b Punk Maria
430a Purely William B.
303a Pursel George
406b Pusey Frank
406a Pusey William
170a Putnam Eugene
246b Puttscavish John
213b Putz Daniel
97a Pyles Jackson
* Q
438a Querry George E.
241b Quick Paul
86b Quigley John
342b Quigly James
217b Quigly John
342b Quigly Wm.
453a Quince Bridget
466a Quince George W.
459a Quince Michael
376a Quincy Wood
448a Quinlin James
50a Quinn James
3a Quinn Thomas

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