Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames N - O

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

Page No.

Last Name

First Name

252a Nagle Cornelius
81b Naigglesworth Jane
42b Nail Levi
186a Nailen Richela
351a Naley Mary
399b Nalute Hamilton
316b Napolin Latelip
305a Narstrom Ole
353b Nash George
231b Nash George
146b Nash Maggie
435a Nash Martin
231a Nashwinter Lapole
461b Natural Peter
47b Naught H.W.
79b Naugle Samuel
80a Naugle William
46a Neal John
460a Nealson J.A.
46b Nealy Joseph
233a Neardhord Albert
232a Nearhord George
215b Neashood George
213b Neashood John A.
214a Neashood Simon P.
394a Need John M.
67a Neeley John
66b Neeley Mary Ann
446a Neesing Martin
324a Neff Alonzo G.
393a Neff Christopher
333b Neff Daniel
390a Neff Franklin
373a Neff Gideon
388b Neff Harvey
390a Neff Henry
390a Neff Henry Jr.
402b Neff Isaiah
260a Neff Jacob
261a Neff Jane
389a Neff John A
388a Neff Joseph
332a Neff Reuben
372b Neff Samuel
451a Neideck M.
296a Neilson James
349b Neilson W.
120a Neiman James
62a Nelder George W.
305b Nell William
82b Nellie Nellie
459b Nelsom Andrew
304b Nelson Andrew
240a Nelson Anton
304b Nelson C.
37a Nelson Charles
326b Nelson Edward
242b Nelson Ellen
272a Nelson George
11b Nelson Harrison
301a Nelson J.P.
394a Nelson Jacob
431b Nelson James M.
35a Nelson John
163b Nelson John
105b Nelson John A.
451a Nelson L.W.
450b Nelson O.
451a Nelson O.
450b Nelson P.
304b Nelson Per
300b Nelson Peter
449b Nelson Richard
35a Nelson S.P.
241b Nelson William
163b Nelson William A.
434a Nerf George
310b Ness Mathew
319b Neston Winfield S.
34a Nettleton Blanche
33b Nettleton E.B.
146a Neuling Edward G.
388a Neuman Rachel
231b Nevel Catherine
414a Nevling Abram
200a Nevling Boynton
423a Nevling William D.
188a New Josiah
348a Newark Ad am
348a Newark james
365a Newcomb J.
168b Newcomb John
262b Newcomer Aaron H.
420b Newcomer David
262b Newcomer J.
441b Newcomer James
262a Newcomer Joseph
263b Newcomer Lizzie
388a Newcomer Margaret
253b Newcomer Scinella
253b Newcomer William
6b Newell Albert
6b Newell Darius
6b Newell George
152a Newell Thomas
160a Newhounder Chris
149b Newhouse John
45b Newman D.W.
227a Newton William
153a Nichodemus Harriet
345a Nicholas Ami
278b Nicholas Anna
436a Nicholas Daniel
261a Nicholasn Mary
129a Nichols Anderson
123b Nichols Fanny
262a Nichols M.J.
128a Nichols Milton
360a Nichols Robert
127a Nichols Thomas
447a Nicholson Thomas
236a Nicholson William
42b Nickleson R.J.
47a Nickleson W.L.
251a Nicodemus John
412b Niebower Joseph
412b Niebower Simon
260b Niell Annie
244b Nielsin William
52a Nihil John
308b Nillson A.
305a Nilson Paul
305a Nilson Peter
304b Nilson S.
347a Nimo hARRY
120b Nipted Peter
457b Noak Frank
393a Noal John
296b Noble John
412b Noel Anthony
412a Noel Christopher
244a Noel James
424b Noel John
406b Noel John H.
410a Noel Simon
223a Nolan John
285b Nolan Martin
62a Nolder Janella
61b Nolder John
160a Noll George
55a Nollen Jackson
451b Nollolsky M.
122a Nolty Harry
91a Noonahn John
206a Nordiscoffee Isaac
120a Nords Matilda
38b Norman Alfred
316b Norman Thomas
140b Norris Clark
101a Norris George S.
111a Norris Isaac B.
104b Norris James
135b Norris James
97a Norris John
117a Norris John H.
275a Norris Thomas
139a Norris Wesley
99a Norris William
459b Norsman J.
42b North Rhoda
248a Northhamer Amos
248a Northhamer Samuel
245a Northover Koentz
287a Norton James
258b Norton Julius
326a Norton Lynder
199b Norvil Thomas
300a Novock Martin
302a Nubery Z.A.
380a Nugent Willis
28a Nulf David J.
452b Nungesser George
74a Nupp Edward
359b Nush Samuel
24b Nuttal Joseph
351a Nuttle William
* O
340b O"Conner Harman
297a Oaks Michael
36a Obelsberger Andrew
160b OBoard Charles
4b O'Boyle Harry Harry
86b O'Brien James
335a O'Brien Jerry
54a O'Brien Lawrence
15a O'Brien Michael
50b O'Brien Michael
37a O'Brien Patrick
39a O'Brien Rogers
39a O'Brien Stephen
295a O'Brien Stephen
56b O'Brien Terry
245a O'Brien John
143b O'Brien Maria
57a O'Brien Daniel
442a O'Brine Davis
342b O'Bryan Joohn
347a O'Conal Patrick
340a O'Connell Patrick
245a O'Conner Joseph A.
255b O'Conner John
255b O'Conner Philip
154a O'Croine Ami
50a Oddy Anthony
359b Odell Hugh
59b O'Dell John
59b O'Dell Owen
461a Odnnell Patrick
331b O'Donald Edward
360a O'Donald Michael
54a O'Donald Bernard
407b O'Donald Ettie
407a O'Donald Thomas
409a Odonell William
314b O'Donell William
466b O'Donnel William
335a O'Donnel Anna
87a Ofert William
299b Offerman Jeremiah
329b Ogden Michael
377b Ogden Hudson
2a Ogden Job Job
345b Ogden Mills
54b Ogden John
218b Ogden John
114b Ogden Daniel
415a Ogden John
254a Ogden James
325b Ogden Reuben
120a Ogden A. Leonard
131b Ogden Abram
121a Ogden Bishop
31b Ogden Charlotte
71a Ogden Christina
191a Ogden Elanore
152b Ogden Ellen
254a Ogden Ellen
131b Ogden Frank
70b Ogden Geo M.
122a Ogden George W.
121a Ogden Henry
79a Ogden Isaac
120b Ogden John
140a Ogden John
236a Ogden John N.
62a Ogden Joseph
70b Ogden Kate
32a Ogden Lavinia
108a Ogden Martha
122a Ogden Mary E.
121a Ogden Matthew
152a Ogden Matthew S.
316b Ogden Milton
121a Ogden Richard
152a Ogden Rush
61b O'Hagen Sarah Jane
70b O'Hara T. J.
151b O'Hara Talbot
61a O'Hara Virginia
24a Oharrah William
140a O'Harrow William
154a Ohesypall William B.
150b Ohlson Wilson
122a Olander Zacharias
122b O'Lane Zeuss
22b Oldson William H.
206a Olffson Christian
326b Olsin John
326b Olson Carl
451b Olson J.
460a Olson H.
307a Olson Hans
450b Olson A.
304a Olson Albertina
450b Olson B.A.
305b Olson Carl
300b Olson Caroline
302a Olson Christian
348b Olson Fredrick
305a Olson Gristane
304a Olson Gustav
460a Olson J.
349a Olson John
304b OLson John
348b Olson Karl
459b Olson L.
301b Olson Larry
451a Olson N.
460a Olson O.
307a Olson Olaf
305a Olson Olaff
302a Olson Olans
459b Olson Oscar
300b Olster P.E.
300b O'Neal R.
2A O'Neal Sven
301b O'Niel Sven
37a onklin Oliver
210b oover Herod
195a Oowell A.M.
130a ordon John
140a Orfe Samuel
338a Orison Peters
361a Orkett Mary
89a Ormiston Frank
58a Orr John
131a Orr Allen
390b Orr Elizabeth
127a Orr George
131a Orr James
132b Orr Mary A.
4b Orr Thomas
31b Orr Thomas
259b Orris William
36b Orth William C.
361a Osben John
113a Osborn John
429b Osborn Aaron
330a Osborn Harry
429b Osborn James H.
35a Osborn Martha
30a Osborne Mary A.
297a Osborne Harry
25b Oshae Robert
329a Oshall Cornels
413a Oshall James
412b Oshall Jesse
412b Oshall John
412b Oshall Levi
412b Oshall Mary E.
412b Oshall Robert
413a O'Shea Thomas
224b Ostram John
73a Oswald J. F.
17b Oswald John C.
245a Oswalt Elizabeth
353a Oswalt Levi
354b Ott Charles
394a Otto John
22a Overdorf John
40b Overdorf John J.
1B Overdorf Lewis Lewis
25a Overhand Isaac
102a Overhime Samuel
243a Owen Abram
367a Owen Moses
152b Owens Cornelius
192a Owens Delia
138a Owens Dennis
408a Owens Elizabeth
276b Owens Emory E.
388a Owens George
164a Owens George B.
275b Owens Henry
139a Owens James
275b Owens James
373b Owens James C.
238a Owens Jesse
436b Owens John
373b Owens John K.
122b Owens Joseph
122b Owens Lewis
118a Owens Lorenzo
401a Owens Maria
122b Owens Martin
164b Owens Mary
123a Owens Morris
123a Owens Peter
271a Owens Peter
303a Owens Richard
138a Owens Robert
457a Owens Roger
140a Owens Sophia
281b Owens Thomas
373b Owens William
140a Owens William
152a Owens William
388a Owens William
116a Ownes Alford T.
113a Ownes Caroline
106a Ownes John
116a Ownes Matthew
104a Ownes Robert
10b Oziel Fred

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