Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames H

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

Page No.

Last Name

First Name

4a Haag Samuel
79b Haag Adam
79a Haag C.B.
80a Haag Christian
77b Haag Henry
78a Haag Henry E.
74a Haag Henry L.
62b Haag John
73a Haase Lewis
40a Habalis Henry
448b Habben Henry
332a Habberacker J.H.
343a Habbesshorn C.
338b Habin James
17a Hack James
437b Hackett Kate
14b Hackman John
25b Hackman Henry
127b Hadden Reuben
319b Hadden Archy
388b Hadden Bartholomew
319b Hadlebaugh Samuel
245b Hafer John
338a Hagan John
449a Hagan Henry
236a Hagans James C.
438b Hagarty James
411a Hagarty David
410b Hagarty James
410b Hagarty James
411a Hagarty Jeremiah
411a Hagarty Mary
410a Hagens Samuel
359a Hager Ela
451a Hager J.
249a Hagerty Rachael
157a Hagerty Jasmine
103b Hagerty John
115b Hagerty John
287b Haggner Sarah
334b Haglund William
305a Hagner Gustav
231b Hagrtyrjest David
302a Hague F.O.
149a Hague Frederick
149a Hagy Mary
399a Haines Adam
227a Haines Edward
7b Haines Elizabeth
155b Haines Elizabeth
420b Haines George
420b Haines Harriet
236a Haines Herman
408a Haines Isaiah
420a Haines James
225b Haines James A.
311b Haines Jeremiah
430a Haines Robert
226a Haings William
390b Hains James
278a Hair Laura
168a Hairt Franklin
301a Haisner Hanson
5a Hakansson John John
309a Halbon C.
460a Halderman C.J.
221b Haldine Thomas
450b Hale J.
348b Hale William
299a Hale James D.
338a Halen James P.
320b Halens Mary
305a Haley Gabriel
321a Haley Elen
372b Haley James
445a Haley James
92b Haley John
242b Haley Michael
242b Haley Thomas
452a Halforte William
152b Halfrein Charles H.
1B Hall Haggis Haggis
121b Hall Alvin
246b Hall Benjamin
317a Hall Charles
364a Hall Frank
133a Hall George
213a Hall George Y.
44a Hall Henry G.
190b Hall Horatio
257a Hall James
86b Hall James W.
380b Hall John
389a Hall Maude
107b Hall Rueben
251a Hall Samuel
324a Hall Sulivan
91a Hall Thomas
104b Hall Walter
215b Hallabaugh William W.
236a Hallebaugh Himes
243a Hallebaugh David
243a Hallebaugh Henry
243a Hallenbach William
246a Hallman James
443b Hallman Mary
292a Hallmark S.H.
5a Halsey Clara Clara
127b Halshere Crawford
244a Halston Uriah
233a Halt Alexander
209a Haly Vincent B.
408a Hambone E.C.
2b Hamer Edward Edward
47a Hamil George D.
449a Hamill James
53a Hamilton Barney
318a Hamilton Anna
334a Hamilton D.
264b Hamilton Harvey
64a Hamilton J.
444a Hamilton J.B.
67a Hamilton Mary
361a Hamilton Patrick
93a Hamilton R.C.
4b Hamlin Thomas Thomas
214b Hamlin Anna
214b Hamlin Henry
214b Hamm Martha
38a Hammel Charley
364b Hammerberger Abram
451a Hammerly G.
342b Hammond F.
11b Hammond Charles
412a Hamom George
24a Hampkin Willie F.
451b Hampton W.P.
312a Hampton Thomas
312a Hamson William
97b Hamy Bob M.
275b Hamy Josiah
275b Hanchenberg Margaret
223a Hancock Tabetha
466a Hancock James
110a Hancock Kisslerson J.
265a Hancock Louisa
110a Hancock Mary
132b Hand S.W.
23a Hand Ephraim
23b Hand John
32a Hand Joseph
336b Hand Michael
32b Hand Sarah
23b Hand Simon
31a Handerade William
258b Hanes Alexander
257a Hanes John
236a Haney William
224a Haney Alexander
121b Haney Austin
90b Haney Frank
94a Haney Isaac
76a Haney J.P.
41b Haney Jacob
224a Haney Jacob W.
74b Haney James
130a Haney John
459b Haney John
385b Haney Luther
30b Haney Martin
302a Haney Michael
125b Hanihan Miles
15a Haniter John
227a Hankenbery Thomas
229a Hanlein J.E.
54a Hanlon Michael
449a Hann John
367a Hanna James
429b Hannah John
390b Hanney Claretta
106a Hanney David
106a Hansen Fredric
5b Hanson David
301b Hanson A.
307a Hanson Andrew
460a Hanson H.M.
86b Hanson J.H.
326b Hanson Joseph
460a Hanson O.
307a Hanson O.F.
307a Hanson Olaf F.
460a Hanson P.
307a Hanson P.W.
434a Hanson Thomas C.
26b Hanson William
301b Hapfer Z.P.
461b Haple Edward
221b Hapner John W.
460a Happer Henry
425b Harbach Samuel
38b Harbaugh Martin M.
273b Harbaugh Harriet
105b Harbaugh Harrison
73a Harbridge M. M.
365a Harbridge Harris
334b Harclirode M.
254a Hardemode Charles
260b Harden Frank
415a Harden Ellen
420a Harder John
227a Harder Anthony
145b Harder John E.
66a Harding Mary
359b Harding Edward
325b Hardon William
300a Hardwick John
40a Hardwood John C.
14a Hargar Edward
271b Harger Francis
191b Harius Isaac
326b Harker John
47a Harkins Edward B.
417b Harkless William
367b Harleman Anna
45b Harley Thomas
94a Harley Blanche
151b Harley Blanche
100a Harley Edward
19b Harley Frank Jr.
116b Harley George
251a Harley Hattie
11a Harley John
100a Harley John
251a Harley W.F.
97b Harlin William
232a Harlow Frank
48b Harmah John S.
429b Harman Samuel
72a Harman Eli
71a Harman Jesse
70b Harner Mary
205b Harner John
350b Harper William
424b Harper Carrie
318b Harper Francis
307b Harps Samuel D.
68b Harpster George
132b Harrier Jacob
197b Harrier James
196a Harrington John
2b Harris Thomas Thomas
48b Harris Albert
32b Harris Alfred S.
15a Harris Charles
339b Harris Edrod
159b Harris Frank
35b Harris James G.
359a Harris John
359a Harris John
359a Harris Joseph
303a Harris Thomas
63a Harris Thomas R.
191a Harris Warren P
359a Harrison Wm.
450a Harrison G.
307b Harrison George
468b Harrison Henry
257a Harrison Isaac
2a Harrison John John
465a Harrison Joseph
397a Harrison Mary
402a Harrison Samuel
218a Harrison Sylvester
378b Harsh William E.
420a Harsh James
420a Harshbarger John
50b Hart Christian
243a Hart Agatha
468a Hart Anthony
353a Hart Fred
231a Hart George
244b Hart Henry
51b Hart John
464b Hartle Matthew
231a Hartle Christian
231a Hartle John
153b Hartman Kate
2b Hartman Arthur Arthur
296a Hartman Craven D.
342a Hartman E.B.
296b Hartman H.C.
443a Hartman H.H.
296b Hartman Henry
334b Hartman J.C.
331a Hartman Jane
296b Hartman Mahd
299b Hartman Philip
156a Hartman W.M.
83b Hartmeyer William Loyd
419a Hartmyer Augustus
415a Hartshom Henry
97a Hartshom Jonathan
108a Hartshom Josuha
113b Hartshorn Sephina
69b Hartshorn Catherine
83b Hartshorn George
249b Hartshorn Manes
112a Hartshorn Margaret
112a Hartsman Mary E.
37b Hartsock Oliver
111a Hartswick Matthew
146b Hartzel John G.
47b Hartzel John
47b Hartzel Reuben
372a Hartzfeld Samuel
77b Hartzfeld Christian
77a Hartzfeld George
77b Hartzfield Henry
61b Hartzfield Charles
61b Hartzfield Christian
61a Harver Henry Jr.
194b Harvest William
363b Harvey Harris
170a Harvey Joseph
463a Harvey Mary A.
305b Harwick T.B.
147b Harwood Anderson
202a Hasit Sady
1A Hasler Gideon
114b Haslet John
409a Hasner Effie
342b Hassaltorist James K.
300b Hassenthales C.
155a Hasso Sophia
325a Hasson Andrew
350b Hastings J.W.
153a Hastings John
25a Hathaway John W.
13b Hattan Charles
344a Hatters John
55b Hauck Walter
42b Hauck Abbie
42b Hauck Charley
42b Hauck John
42b Hauck Joseph A.
42b Hauck Joseph D.
42b Hauhbarger Lee
181a Hauk Ellen
20a Hauler William
306b Haulk Andrew
46a Haunch Rachel
260b Haup John
115b Hausen Herman
440b Hautz Alexander
342a Haverly Charles R.
335a Haverly George
334b Haviland W.P.
320b Havnes P.C.
211a Hawk Frulton
258a Hawk Christian
265b Hawk Jacob
257b Hawk Uriah
4a Hawk William
252b Hawkins William
438b Haxtowake Henry
318b Hay P.
55a Hay A.L.
235a Hay Allen
97a Hay Ellis
96a Hay George L.
406b Hay Ira
55a Hayes John
1B Hayes Andrew
64b Hayes Leolin O.
64b Hayes P.C.
51b Hayes Thomas
136b Haynes W.R.
350b Hays Henry
34b Hays John
53b Hays Mary
449b Hays Mary Ann
361b Haywood Vincent
330a Haywood Abe
244a Haywood John
244a Hazeltine Sarah
400b Headington William
38a Hearhoof G.B.
341b Heartwood Maggie
211b Heath William
338a Heaton Charles
49b Heaver Samuel
194b Heaver Lizzie
386b Hebberling Samuel
86b Hebburn Lewis
45b Hebel William
70a Heberling J. T.
23a Heberling Abram
23a Heberling Augustus
24a Heberling Charlotta
32b Heberling Gabriel
23a Heberling George
24a Heberling Henry
25a Heberling Jack
23a Heberling Jefferson
24b Heberling Joseph
22b Heberling Peter
25a Hebner William
37b Heckert John E.
252b Hedlund Joseph
305a Heeman T.
319a Heff John
386b Heffuson Berson
338a Hefner Kate
455b Hegarty Miles
421a Hegarty Henry
421a Hegarty Reuben
421a Hegarty Samuel
421b Hegerty William
322a Heggarty Ellen
445a Heggerty Gilbert
444b Heiges George
23a Heilbrun Samuel
43b Heileman Henry
383a Heilmbolt Samuel
115a Heims William
341b Heise T.C.
171b Heitkester Henry C.
12a Heitzenrether Kate
99b Heitzenrether Catherine
86a Heitzenrether G. or S.
101a Heitzenrether George
99b Heitzenrether John
110a Heitzenrether Louisa
111b Heitzenrether Martha
113a Heitzmetion Mary
85b Heldebrand George
404b Helgarn Enos
447a Heller Bart
139b Hellinger Kate
267b Hellis John
442b Helper James
82a Helsal Charles
408b Helsel Daniel
459a Helsel John
457a Helson Martha M.
358b Heman Nelson
363b Heman Benjaman
368a Heman John
363b Heman Richard
237a Heman Richard
366b Hemphal William
192a Hemphill Clark
160a Hemphill Harry
132b Hemphill Thomas
151a Hemphill William J.
151b Hen May
356b Henckle Evans
121b Hendershot Philip
319a Hendershot Nathan
444b Henderson Unus
301b Henderson A.
194b Henderson Andrew
121b Henderson Archibald
355a Henderson Corda
387a Henderson Elwood
255b Henderson H.L.
123b Henderson James
385a Henderson John
327a Henderson John K.
445a Henderson Kate
322b Henderson Lank P.
319b Henderson Leticia
313a Henderson Margaret
359b Henderson Mary
282b Henderson Mary
319b Henderson Matilda
425a Henderson Robert
326b Henderson Samuel
25b Henderson Thomas
313a Henderson Thomas
88a Henderson William
313a Henderson William
109a Hendrick William K.
29a Hendricks James
18b Hendricks Daniel
20a Henereddy Louise
323a Henger Patrick
168b Henial Peter
326a Hening Thomas
430a Henny GURT
115a Henry Lavina
108b Henry Ainah
34a Henry Charlotte
458a Henry George
279b Henry Harmich
19b Henry Jackson
88b Henry James
25a Henry James C.
326a Henry Jeremiah
86a Henry John
25b Henry John G.
256b Henry Joseph
118a Henry Mathew
89a Henry Melvin
9b Henry Warren
129b Henry Wesley
15b Henry William
87b Hensal William
315b Hensal Amos
421b Hensal David C.
315b Hensel John L.
453a Henshaw Martha
440a Hep John
229a Hepburb Edward M.
81a Hepburn S.C.
81a Hepburn Erastus
89a Hepburn J.D.
53b Hepburn James
89a Hepburn John
257a Hepburn Leon
85a Hepburn Levi
257a Hepfour Louie
55b Hepler George
388b Hepple James M.
214a Herald George
335b Herbert Jacob
118b Herchfeld Patrick
143a Herdman J.L.R.
417a Herdman Adam
417a Herdman George
311b Herdman James
416b Herdman Jesse
418b Herfort Robert
354a Herfort Elizabeth
353b Herin Wm.
149a Herman John
299b Herman A.
310b Herman Charles
459b Hermann Joseph
319a Hermanson Hiram
301a Hermick W.
64b Hermick David
65a Hern Jacob
236a Hern Edward
236a Herny William
93b Herr William
307b Herr Henry
153a Herrebone James
2b Herrich Edward Edward
238b Herrington Andrew
49b Herrow Patrick
443b Hesreth John
339b Hess James
321a Hess Benjamin W.
208a Hess Chancer
223b Hess David W.
367a Hess George
223b Hess George
262b Hess George
4b Hess Isaac
27b Hess Isaac
265a Hess Latimer
207b Hess Mary
262a Hessory Nash
236a Hetrick George
47a Hetrick Annie
45b Hetrick L.H.
45b Hetricks Mary E.
27b Hetzel Henry
218a Heveling Peter
431b Hevenor Wesley H.
3b Heverly John John
418a Heverly Charles
358b Heverly Elizabeth
129a Heverly Henry
418a Heverly Henry
418b Heverly Henry C.
418b Heverly James
30b Heverly Jeremiah
417a Heverly Samuel W.
417a Hevling William P.
432a Hevling Greenbury
145a Hevling John
428b Hevling Thomas
428a Hevner William
4b Hewart John
148b Hewitt Richard
7b Hewitt Esezkiel
374b Hewlett Gilbert
307b Hexander Samson
267b Heyley John
422b Hick Leman
9b Hickey Lewis
443a Hickman James
25b Hickman David
373b Hickman Edward
373b Hickok Jacob
272b Hickok Abel
272a Hickox Henry M.
256a Hicks Thomas J.
30b Hicks David
236b Hicks George
354b Hider William
202b Hief William
399a Hielt John
20b Hienz Susan
340a Higgins John
446b Higgins John W.
294b Higgins Joseph
316a High Joseph G.
273a High Effie
268a High Elizabeth
46a High John
267b High John
268b Higley Robert
1B Higley Brewster
421b Higley Daniel M.
38b Hilabrant Mary
145b Hilben John
103a Hilbrun Hettie
73a Hilburn Jacob
61a Hildebrand Godfrey
17b Hile Albert
94a Hile Albert W.
94a Hile Anthony
275a Hile Charles A.J.
92a Hile D.W.
91b Hile Eli
91b Hile Grier
101a Hile Henry
103b Hile Henry
275a Hile Ida
91b Hile James H.
277a Hile John N.
277b Hile Lewis B.
91b Hile Martha A.
206b Hile Thomas
93a Hill William
451a Hill A.P.
224a Hill Clara
156a Hill Edward
314a Hill George W.
182a Hill James
111a Hill James G.
322a Hill James Jr.
322a Hill James Sr.
112b Hill John
113a Hill John
269b Hill Margaret
426a Hill Mary
224a Hill Thomas
305b Hill Thomas
370b Hill Thomas H.
449b Hill Warren
54b Hill William
294a Hill William
448b Hillard William
35b Hillard David
11b Hille Simeon
97b Hiller George W.
2a Hiller Andrew
66a Hilley Isaac
283a Hillholm James D.
213b Hilliard Catherine
60b Hills J.M.
143a Hills Ashley M.
454b Hills James
143b Hillson John L.
232a Hilshes Franklin
12b Hilt Joseph
181a Hilt George
270a Hilton Mary
285a Hilton Alice
307a Hilton Hans P.
318a Hilton John
408a Himming Labin
417a Himtor Anna
298b Hind John
59b Hinderlider James R.
273a Hinderman David
63a Hindle William
244b Hindman Christopher
409b Hindman Howard
409b Hindman John
409b Hine Margaret
38a Hine Alice
38a Hiney James
58b Hinkle H.W.P.
249a Hinkle Calvin
160a Hinley Elizabeth
291a Hipler Michael
146a Hipple Barbara
116b Hippler Edward
12b Hippley Mike
11a Hipps John
94a Hiqorth John
433a Hiram Andrew
49a Hirsh James
342a Hirst Jacob
32a Hirst William
306a Hislop William
449b Hisones Alexander
292a Hiss Edward
149b Hitchen Mary
350b Hitching William
297b Hitchinger Jason
205a Hitchson David
197a H---lberger Frank
357b Hoak Carrie
324b Hoapert Peter
344b Hobba James
350b Hobba James
350b Hobba John
350b Hobba Joseph
332b Hobba Rachel
344a Hobba William
8b Hobbins Thomas
339a Hobbs R.T.
242b Hobby Walter
316b Hobert John
462a Hoch Franklin
397a Hockenberry Cyrus
352a Hockenberry Esq.
397a Hockenberry George
397b Hockenberry John
397a Hockenberry William
279b Hockenbery Anna
317a Hockenbery Art
287b Hockenbery David
317a Hockenbery Elizabeth
253b Hockenbery Fred
317a Hockenbery George
315b Hockenbery James
254a Hockenbery Joseph
258b Hockenbery Maggie
326a Hockenbery Thomas
352b Hodge Harry
53a Hodge Henry
53a Hodge Jane
52a Hodge William
150b Hodges Eliza
244a Hodges Samuel
456b Hodgetts Mary
318a Hodgson Mathew
214b Hofer Jacob
43a Hoffelfinger Lydia
158a Hoffer William J.
159a Hoffman Bessie
183a Hoffman Catherine
9a Hoffman Jacob
307b Hoffman John
11b Hoffman William
153b Hoffman William
117a Hogan Benjamin
449b Hogen D.A.
159b Hogg Mary
353b Hohner W.G.
98b Hoirn Samuel
346a Holan James
301a Holbery G.
300b Holdburg A.
89b Holden A.S.
97b Holden Ellen
97b Holden John S.
99a Holden Johnson
16a Holden Robb
143a Holder Neil
7a Holes Alby
358a Holingshead James
159b Holland Howard G.
385b Holland Isaac
393a Holland Joseph
393a Holland William
424b Hollen Cyrus
246b Hollenbach John
326a Hollenrew Edward
401a Holles Charles
448a Holley George
425a Hollingsworth Henry
414a Hollingsworth William
441b Hollingsworth William
132a Hollinshead Thomas
402a Hollis Augustus
54a Hollister F.P.
312b Hollman S.
17b Hollopeter Elias
17a Hollopeter John
17b Hollopeter Matthias
17b Hollopeter Samuel
183a Holly Francis
386b Holman V.R.
59a Holmea John
158b Holmes Barke
59a Holmes George
41b Holmes James
386b Holmes William
301a Holons Carl
408a Holopeter F.M.
155b Holopoter James C.
11b Holquist John
260a Holt Andrew
194b Holt Catherine
210a Holt Drucilla
194b Holt Frank
253b Holt Homer
216a Holt Ira E.
254a Holt John
413b Holt John
243a Holt John M.
187a Holt Philip
187a Holt Reuben
210a Holt Reuben
200a Holt Robert
216a Holt Stephen
266b Holton Clark
288b Holton Gester
407a Holton William
318a Homison John
7b Hondeshall Fannie
364b Honter Thomas
466b Hook Richard
429b Hoomel Harry
430a Hoomel Hiram
468a Hooper Alrans
458a Hooper Joseph
1B Hooper Laben Laben
42a Hooton Edward
211a Hoover Abraham
264a Hoover Adaline
233b Hoover Alexander
111a Hoover Allen E.
212b Hoover Anna
386b Hoover Daniel K.
26b Hoover David
214b Hoover Eliza
106a Hoover Emory S.
37a Hoover Fredrick
112a Hoover Gary B.
233b Hoover George
232b Hoover Gilbert
149b Hoover Harvey
65a Hoover Henry
229b Hoover Henry
216a Hoover Isaiah
233b Hoover Jackson
136b Hoover Jacob
215a Hoover Jacob
57b Hoover Jacob M.
234b Hoover James
234a Hoover Jeremiah
234b Hoover John
324a Hoover John
27a Hoover John A.
293a Hoover Joseph
262a Hoover L.L.
248a Hoover Lafayette
65a Hoover Lewis S.
171a Hoover Loretta
64a Hoover Lydia
235b Hoover Manuel
107a Hoover Margaret
43a Hoover Martin
171a Hoover Mary E.
262b Hoover Maus
68b Hoover Melinda
364b Hoover Miller
46b Hoover Nathan
42b Hoover Perry
68b Hoover Peter
81a Hoover R.M.
47b Hoover Samuel
234b Hoover Samuel
272b Hoover Samuel S.
22b Hoover Simon
248a Hoover Taletha
100a Hoover Thomas
136b Hoover William
232a Hoover William
263b Hoover William
41a Hoover William H.
317a Hoover William R.
223a Hoover Wilson R.
194b Hoover Zachariah
262a Hoover Zeus
442b Hope Joseph
64a Hopkins Ada M.
432a Hopkins Amos
361b Hopkins Daneil
384a Hopkins Daniel
221a Hopkins Isaac C.
445b Hopkins J.P.
450a Hopkins Martin
14a Hopkins Mary
15b Hopkins Ruth
418b Hopkins Thomas
167a Hopkins Thomas C.
98b Horace Gibs
398b Hork Joseph
76a Horn Abraham
160a Horn George
24a Horn George W.
68a Horn Isabella
21a Horn James
76a Horn John W.
87b Horn Nora
68b Horn S.W.
76a Horn W.D.
396b Horn Waite
96b Horn Washington
37b Horn William D.
64b Horn Mary
299b Horne cardiner
299b Horne H.W.
23b Horner John
33b Horner John
5a Horner Thomas
12a Horning Amos
7b Horning David
6b Horning James James
218a Horning Nancy
12a Horning Horace
299b Horomiller Nichols
305b Horton I.N.
56a Horton John
381b Hoseff Jacob
301a Hosen Joseph
24a Houd James
2b Houlighan Patrick Patrick
144a Houmard Amos
418a Houpt Philip S.
432b Houseman Jane
211a Houses David R.
13a Hover Andrew
246b Hover John
239a Hovleslagle John
251b Howard Henry
141b Howard Jacob
245b Howard John
155b Howe C.
326a Howe Elias A.
125a Howe John
447a Howell Beanlia
310a Howrigan Michael
270b Hoy John
136b Hoyt Abram
343b Hoyt Allen V.
85b Hoyt David W.
134b Hoyt John
263b Hoyt John B.
6a Hoyt Sherman
118a Hoyt Smith
6a Hoyt Theodore
6b Hoyt William Sr
338a Hoyte Milo
459a Hubbard Rose
185a Hubel Justin F.
17b Hubert Michael
216a Hubler Amos
216a Hubler George
216a Hubler Harry H.
214b Hubler Jackson
215a Hubler Levi
214b Hubler Oliver
348a Hudock John
442a Hudson Carry
353b Hudson James
10a Hueser John
159a Huff James
19a Huff John
53a Huff Susan
47a Huffman M.H.
183a Hugar James
184a Hugar John
172a Hugar Lewis
172a Hugenny Francis
173a Hugenny Victor
183a Hugensy August .
183a Hugensy Francis
463a Hugg David
388b Hugh Anne
388b Hugh Webster
349a Hughes Anna
349a Hughes David
348b Hughes Edward
290a Hughes Edward
247b Hughes James
453a Hughes James F.
361b Hughes John
435a Hughes Patrick
348b Hughes Richard
362a Hughes Robert
355b Hughes Thomas
46b Hughes William F.
58a Hughs J.A.
58a Hughs J.C.
447a Hughs Mary
308a Hughs Thomas D.
186a Huld Jesse
9a Hulet Camille
10a Hulett William
157b Hulihan John
294a Hull Anthony
200b Hull William
200b Hull William G.
360b Hull William S.
261a Hullihan Charles
264a Hullihan Conrad
264b Hullihan Mathias
59a Hullihan Thomas
253b Hullihin Christopher
11a Hum Benjamin
210a Humel Abraham
210b Humel Effa
210b Humel Frank
215b Humel George
210b Humel James A.
210b Humel John F.
210b HUmel John H.
160b Hummel Charolette
207a Hummel Conrad
318a Hummel Frank
16b Hummel Henry
310b Hummel Henry
76b Hummel Jacob Jr.
76b Hummel Jacob Sr.
2b Hummel Kisti Kisti
159a Hummel Lydia
77b Hummel Michael
207b Hummel Porter
128b Humphery Abram
103b Humphery Richard
103b Humphery Thomas
432b Humphry Elias
229b Humpton R.
150a Humpy Timothy
128b Hunchbarger Abram
129a HUnchbarger Joseph
121a Hunchbarger William
255a Hund Eli
398a Hund Henry H.
398a Hund Michael
397b Hund Wilson
129b Hundbarger Emanuel
418b Hundberger Hiram
2b Hundeburg Benjamin Benjamin
239a Hunder Minnie
371b Hunderland Margaret
443a Hunt R.W.
9a Hunt Sylvestor
35b Hunter Alice
431b Hunter Allen M.
269a Hunter Henry
288a Hunter James
425a Hunter James
55a Hunter John
288a Hunter John
407a Hunter John
288b Hunter John H.
53b Hunter Libbie
368a Hunter Martha
425a Hunter Mary
354b Hunter Robert
288a Hunter Robert
266a Hunter Robert C.
156a Hunter Walter
404a Hunter William
3b Hunts Thomas
405a Hurd A.T.
404b Hurd H.H.
121a Hurd Laura
403a Hurd Walker
12a Huritle Franklin
339b Hurley Catherine
433b Hurley Ella
167b Hurley Patrick
295a Hurly Patrick
403a Hurth L.J.
305b Hussaha Harris
325b Huston Alexander
463b Huston Annie
160b Huston Helen H.
141a Huston James
19a Huston John
469a Hutcheson Alexander
445b Hutchison Sarah
351b Hutchman Anderson
402a Hutten William
369a Hutton Edward
369b Hutton G.F.
369b Hutton Joseph
321b Hutton Matilda
369a Hutton William
119b Huttory John
355b Huyker George
341a Hyatte Theodore
5a Hyde David
305b Hyde Samuel
35b Hyer William
389a Hyler C.
215b Hyler Henry
301b Hylet Ellis
301a Hyleta John
468a Hyman John
58a Hynds R.K.

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