Clearfield County, PA

1880 Census

Surnames G

Developed and Submitted by John Casey

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Last Name

First Name

451a Gabels I.
214a Gable Henry
304b Gabrielson G.
93a Gacci W.S.
239b Gaff Davis
336b Gaffery Peter
358a Gaffins Henry
109a Gager David B.
439b Gahagan John
61b Gahagan John W.
201b Gaine James
169a Gaines Alice E
192b Gaines Isaac
325a Gair Fearphils
358b Gak
358b Gak
348a Galaney Patrick
453b Galbraith James
382b Galbreth James D.
117a Gale George
52a Gallager Peter
52b Gallager Thomas
416a Gallagher Amema
463a Gallagher EDward
223b Gallagher George
296b Gallagher Henry
454b Gallagher J.
228a Gallagher James
224a Gallagher William
399a Gallahan William
433b Gallaher Adda
388b Gallaher James
434a Gallaher Luther
438a Gallaher Thomas
402b Gallaher Wilson
398b Gallakes Joseph
333a Gallegher M.
153a Gallington Alonzo
141a Galte Nathan
113a Gamson Levi
468a Ganet John
306b Ganley William
431b Ganoe Benjamin H.
431b Ganoe Joseph D.
431b Ganoe Nancy
300a Garbolt Petrow
144b Gardener Jeremiah
201b Garder Martha
102a Gardlock Christopher
360a Gardner Andrew
337b Gardner Curtis
352a Gardner Daniel
65b Gardner David
333b Gardner Dennis
342b Gardner Edward
239b Gardner George
343a Gardner Henrietta
260b Gardner John
297a Gardner John
61b Gardner Joseph
91a Gardner Joseph
114a Gardner Lilly
203a Gardner Rebecca
352a Gardner Samuel
223b Gardner Uriah
336a Gardner W.
387a Gardner Washington
353a Garland Luzilla
359b Garman Adam
388b Garman Daniel
183b Garnies Peter
389b Garretson Theodore
438a Garrity John
438a Garrity Joseph
67b Garson Benjamin
56a Garthemile Leonard
390a Gartley Robert
299b Garty Martin
40a Gaskin John
27b Gastner James
115b Gates Abraham
224a Gates James A.
110b Gates Solomon J.
115b Gates William
368a Gates William
4b Gatrus John
181a Gaubin Augustus
154b Gaulin Peter A.
433a Gault James
453a Gault James
229a Gave Henry
322b Gavin Andrew
104b Gavison John
461b Gazay Frederick
225a Gearhart Abram
361a Gearhart Andrew
241b Gearhart Asbury
367b Gearhart Blake
63b Gearhart C.C.
341b Gearhart Charles
367a Gearhart Charles F.
222a Gearhart Christian
222a Gearhart Cornelius
368a Gearhart Cresig
350b Gearhart Daniel
124b Gearhart David
360b Gearhart Enoch
47b Gearhart George
123b Gearhart George
367b Gearhart George
156b Gearhart George
341a Gearhart Jacob
366b Gearhart Jacob
195b Gearhart Jacob
218b Gearhart Jacob J.
110a Gearhart James
205a Gearhart John K.
367a Gearhart John L.
222a Gearhart John P.
225a Gearhart John S.
222a Gearhart Joseph E.
361a Gearhart Lawrence
360b Gearhart Leonard
442a Gearhart Llyod
132a Gearhart Peter
154a Gearhart Register
220a Gearhart Valentine
440b Gehagan David
352b Gemmell Alex
187a Genie Florin
146b Genie Luisa
100a Gensler George W.
41b George Abbie
353b George Elizabeth
67b George Peter
438b George Philip Jr.
438b George Philip Sr.
423a George Samuel F.
353a George Zachariah
416a Gerber John
4a Gethings Michael Michael
200b Gettise John
457b Getty Martin
425a Gibboney B.F.
354b Gibbons Michael
452a Gibbons Thomas
413a Gibney Sarah
439a Gibson John
328b Gibson Thomas
163a Gidder John R.
113a Gifford Syrus
37a Gilbert Daniel
465b Gilbert James
317a Giles Edward
27a Giles H.A.
440a Giles Mark
317a Giles Rebecca
149a Gilham Richard
412b Gill Christina
335b Gill Grace
414a Gill Ida
418b Gill James
413a Gill James C.
427b Gill John F.
427b Gill John M.
419b Gill Joseph
314a Gill Josiah W.
415a Gill McDonald
195a Gill Samuel K.
457a Gillaland Harry
463b Gillaland John
5a Gillan Andrew
307b Gillan James
62a Gillaspie Leon C.
401a Gilliagan Patrick
284a Gilligan Elizabeth
287b Gilligan Michael
23b Gilligan Robert E
170b Gilliland William
65a Gilling George
203a Gilman Joseph A.
17a Gilmett Samuel
46b Gilmore Robert
31b Gilnet Casper
32a Gilnet Jefferson W.
30a Gilnet Philip
19b Gilnett John
287b Gilson Edward
91b Ginell Edward
203b Gingerly David
427a Ginter Jacob
428b Ginter James A.
23b Ginter Joseph
427a Ginter Nancy
428a Ginter Thomas
347a Girard Fred
13b Girmard Peter
316b Girty Simon
147a Gissey Elizabeth M.
230a Gissey Frederick
65a Gladhill J.T.
307a Glande Frederick
199b Glandereaux Hue
160b Glantz M.S.
115a Glasbic Susan
267b Glasgo Isaiah
430b Glasgow Andrew J.
408b Glasgow John
453a Glasgow Thomas
157b Glasperency F.G.
305b Glazier William
443a Gleason Andrew
292a Gleason Michael
107a Glenn Elizabeth
276a Glenn Harvey
274b Glenn James
120b Glot John
343b Glud George H.
89a Goff C.M.
91a Golden Michael
262b Goldthread A.L.
86b Goldthread A.T.
257a Goldthread Albert
260a Goldthread George
98b Goldthred George
312a Golits Larry
48b Gondey Joseph
424b Gonpile James
364b Good D.A.
226a Good Edward
225b Good Frank
26b Goodcoin Edward
342b Goodekuntz Charles
155a Goodfellow Gideon D.
69a Goodlander C.H.
143a Goodlander Charles B.
64a Goodlander Daniel
68b Goodlander Henry
66a Goodlander P.N.
97b Goodwin Charles
111a Goodwin Edward
55a Goodyear John
217a Goon Thomas H.
90b Goon William
446b Goose Abraham
446b Goose Jennie
453b Goosenwood James
310a Gopy Edward
145a Gordon Cyrus
458b Gordon Elizabeth
449b Gordon George
5a Gordon James James
459a Gordon Thomas
37b Gordon William F.
2b Gore Harry
4a Gore William
441b Gorman C.
373a Gorman Daniel
53a Gorman James
373a Gorman James
372a Gorman John
307a Gorman Joseph
295a Gorman Patrick
439a Gorman Timothy
425a Gorman William
48a Gormley Thomas G.
183b Gormont Francis
188a Gormont James
184b Gormont John B.
307a Gorstenacher A.
45a Gorton George M.
4a Gorvin Otis
328b Gosham John
324a Goslier Pete
311a Goss Abraham
364a Goss Abram
365b Goss David
365b Goss David
299b Goss E.D.
440b Goss Edward
316b Goss Edward
306b Goss Fryetta
225a Goss Henry
365a Goss Isaac
440b Goss Isaac
227b Goss Jacob
365b Goss James
365b Goss James
442a Goss John
311b Goss John W.
365b Goss Joseph
365b Goss Josph
365b Goss Levi
311a Goss Richard
365b Goss Wesley
311a Goss William
220b Goss William L.
365a Goss Jesse
310b Gossage Elmer
54b Goughenom Annie
256b Gould Adam
294b Gould George
44b Gould John
457a Gould John
11a Gould Peter
457a Gould Sallie
201a Gould Samuel
457a Gould Samuel
229b Gould Stephen
294b Gould Thomas
104a Goun Joseph
431b Gowan George S.
462b Gower Andrew
316a Gower Mary
380b Gppd David
456b Grabill William
244a Grady Peter
198a Graffice Hamilton
196b Graffice Henry
198a Graffice James
198b Graffice James
208b Graffice Jerry
197b Graffice John
196b Graffice Peter
196b Graffice William
101b Graffus Mollie
359b Graffus William
368a Grafton Edward
121b Graham Aaron
196a Graham Abraham
250a Graham Albert
192a Graham Alexander
192b Graham David
144b Graham Edward W.
189a Graham Eliza
190b Graham George
195a Graham Gwen
191b Graham Hamilton
189b Graham Harry
189a Graham Isaac
192b Graham Isaac
193a Graham James
166b Graham James E.
168a Graham James Y.
193a Graham Joseph
159a Graham L.B.
353b Graham Maffo
196a Graham Orfida
447b Graham Oscar
168a Graham Parllee
192b Graham Robert
168b Graham Samuel
42a Graham Thomas
166a Graham Thompson
197b Graham Wesley
32a Graham William
138a Graham William
192a Graham William
365a Grahem Lafayette
364a Grahm Matthew
300a Granche John
212b Grant George
160b Grant Jell
271a Grantz John
368b Granville Johnson
79a Grape Albert
79b Grape Harman
449a Grauger Leston
235a Gray Blake
319b Gray Carra
235a Gray David A.
30b Gray David G.
37a Gray Elenor
13b Gray Ezra
385a Gray George
199a Gray John
152a Gray Lizzie
227a Gray Mary
454a Gray Robert
469a Gray Thomas
37a Gray William E.
30b Gray William R.
46b Grear John
348a Greek Joseph
171b Green Allen
169b Green Bernard
318a Green Emma
118b Green Frank
201a Green George
440b Green George
169b Green George G.
346a Green Harry
285b Green Isabella
201b Green Jacob
283b Green Jane
152b Green John
425a Green John
304a Green Martha
320b Green Michael
197b Green Neil
445a Green R.B.
126b Green Robert
171b Green Robert
302b Green Samuel
411a Green Sarah S.
127a Green Sophia
281a Green Walter
41b Green William
346a Green William
242b Green William
212b Green William R.
341b Greeneradt Henry
308b Greenland George
310b Greensway Edward
356a Greenway Edwin
355b Greenway Samuel
130a Greenworth Wilson
341a Greer Charlotta
201a Greer Herman
348a Gremaoot James
33b Grentus Ida
384a Gressley John
211a Grethey Justice
384a Grewly Jacob
331b Grey Frank
292b Grie Caleb
303a Griere Cartwright
425a Griese A.B.
331a Griest Maggie
329a Griffin David
56b Griffin Gilbert
436b Griffin Jacob
56b Griffin Lizzie
327a Griffin Mary
436b Griffin Michael
466b Griffin Michael
348a Griffin Samuel
72b Griffin G. L.
422a Griffith Benjamin
112b Griffith George D.
367a Griffith Henry
387a Griffith Isiah
390a Griffith John
112b Griffith William
336a Griffy John S.
335b Griffy Michael
201a Grim Elizabeth
83b Grimes Josephine
4b Grimes Patrick
53b Gringan Henry
391b Grington Jacob
219a Grithery James G.
115a Groff Catherine
119b Groffs Samuel
44a Grogan Maggie
424a Gron Isaac Jr.
406a Groom Thomas
467a Groomley John
424a Gross Isaac Jr.
455a Grouce Louisa
32a Grove Catherine
37b Grower Martin L.
39b Grube Mary
79b Grube W.C.
346b Grundy Edwin
11a Grunlak Martin
2b Gruster Mary Harry
2b Gruster Harry Mary
38a Gruvor Charles
426b Guates John
1A Guckner James James
124a Gudyknuat Z.C.
154a Guelich George
154b Guelich John
268a Guilem James
461b Guillow Peter
152a Guinzberg Adolph
152b Guinzberg Adolph Jr.
199b Gulhisa Selia
128b Gulich Doris
139a Gulich Eugene
130b Gulich George
130a Gulich Henry
128a Gulich Jacob
128b Gulich Lorenzo
128b Gulich Lorin
130a Gulich Martha
309a Gundberg C.H.
309a Gundstrom G.R.
422b Gunonill R. William
354a Gunter Edwin
354a Gunter George
351a Gunter Hannah
92a Guppy J.D.
307a Guske Adolf
222b Guss Abraham E.
217a Guss Frank F.
305b Guss Levi
317a Gusse Martin
460a Gustanson C.A.
460a Gustason J.F.
300b Gustavin C.
244a Guttshall Peter
39b Guy Lewis

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