Clearfield County Biographies

The Biography Project is committed to the collection of biographies of our Clearfield County ancestors.  Sources included published sources such as books or newspapers or personal research and recollection.  Won't you help by submitting a biography today?

Click the link below to view or enter biographies.  Newly posted biographies will not be available until I review and approve it.

Clearfield County Biographies

Submission Guidelines

This is first and foremost; DO NOT post materials protected by copyright other than your own!  Any posted biographies found to be protected by a copyright of someone other than the submitter will be removed.  Books and biography collections printed prior to 1927 are generally not protected by copyright and are considered to be in the public domain.  Photo static re-prints or duplications of pre-1927 works are not protected by current copyright.  The short story here is: Make sure your source books are pre-1927 originals, or re-prints or copies of pre-1927 originals.  Make sure all original works are accompanied by your copyright notice, which is at the least the word "copyright", your name, and the date.



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