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Posted Queries for February thru March 2000


REIDY, TORMEY posted by Kathy Greiss on Tuesday, February 1, 2000

My grandmother, Catherine Dora Reidy was baptized on 3/2/1902 at St. Mark's, Emporium, PA yet all I know of her is in the Ledgedale, PA area. Her parents - Henry Reidy and Margaret Tormey. Catherine's siblings - Florence, Regina, Henry, Cyril, and David. Why was she in Emporium? Any family there? Any clues or connections would be greatly appreciated..


COMMINO, MADISON, MCFALL posted by Cathy Sanger on Wednesday, February 2, 2000

I am looking for information on Sylvester COMMINO and Caroline MCFALL MADISON COMMINO. I believe they came from Potter County, but lived in Emporium in the 1920's. Caroline Commino died there in 1926. Would love to hear from anyone who has information. Thanks..


PEASLEY posted by Rose Anderson on Sunday, February 6, 2000

While looking through you cemeteries, I found buried in Mason Hill a Christopher Peasley, I am looking for a Christopher C Peasley, who was in the Civil War. I am wondering if anyone would know about this man, or his brother also in the Civil War, his name was James America Peasley Thank you for any help.


HURD, TOWERS posted by Bruce Towers on Sunday, February 20, 2000

HURD - Searching for any information or descendants of Jesse M. HURD, married Marian E. TOWERS in Emporium, PA., 29 Aug. 1912. Known children; Jesse, Helen, Nettie, Esther, and William. Have extensive information on ancestors of Marian E. TOWERS..


SMITH, STARK posted by Cheryl Gibran on Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Looking for the parents of Levi SMITH who was born in 1844 in Huntley area. He married Philinda STARK. Their children were Lawrence Garfield, Cora, Roy, and Alfred. If anyone knows who Levi's parents where or any other information please E_mail me.


PEASLEY, PFOUTZ, SMITH posted by Rose Anderson on Saturday, February 26, 2000

Looking for Sylvenus Peasley who married Harriet Smith, know of one son Charles Wellman Peasley born Nov. 24, 1846 in NY. This family lived in Grove Twp, Cameron Co. Pa.


BLACK, BRYSON, HETRICK, KERR, MATTHEWS, SHOTTS posted by Dawn Matthews on Sunday, March 5, 2000

I am looking for any information on John Martin Shotts. He was born in the mid 1800's. He was married to Phoebe King and I think they had 2 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated..


BLACK, BRYSON, HETRICK, KERR, MATTHEWS, SHOTTS posted by Dawn Matthews on Sunday, March 5, 2000

I am looking for information on Lottie Black. She was married to Otis Kerr. They had 4 children and moved to Armstrong Co. I am trying to find information on her family. Any information would be greatly appriciated..


BLACK, BRYSON, HETRICK, KERR, MATTHEWS, SHOTTS posted by Dawn Matthews on Sunday, March 5, 2000

I am looking for any information on my great grandfather Ray Hetrick. I have been unable to find any information on him. All I know is that he married Mabel Bryson and they had 7 children. I know that my grandmother (their daughter) was born in Phillipstown in 1913, but I'm not sure where they are from originally. Any information would be greatly appreciated..


BLACK, BRYSON, HETRICK, KERR, MATTHEWS, SHOTTS posted by Dawn Matthews on Sunday, March 5, 2000

I am looking for any info on William Stephan Mat(t)hews. He was born either 1838 or 1858, I'm not sure where. He married Amanda Truitt. I don't know where they are from originally but I know some of their kids ended up in Armstrong Co. He was in some war, not sure if it was Revolutionary or Civil but we have a picture of him in a uniform. I would appriciate any information, thank you..



From Microfilm #0902447 at the LDS Family History Center nearest you, "Cameron Co PA Tomstone Inscriptions, 1788 -1967" if you go past the tombstone records there are some family Bibles at the back of this microfilm:
Summerson Bible Records


John Summerson and Margaret Mason 11/29/1843
W. A Johnson and Belle Summerson 9/22/1869
L.H. Overturf and E.M. Summerson 10/24/1875
W.M. Summerson and Sarah A. Cornell 11/1/1887
Ella M. Summerson and Edward Whiting 5/2/1889
L. C. Summerson and Anetta Shaffer 11/13/1891
Amy Summerson and Fred Hewitt 3/3/1899
Edna Summerson and John Schwab 4/15/1806


Elizabeth S. 3 Oct 1791 (?)
John 11 Sept. 1821
Isabella C. 26 Feb. 1840
Elizabeth M. 18 Nov. 1850
Mary M. 25 Oct. 1853
Laurence Covington 28 Dec. 1858
Welling S. M. 16 May 1861
Martha (?) 13 or 18 Sept. 1865
Amy (?) 7 March 1870
Edna R. 11 March 1885


Elizabeth Summerson died 15 Mar 1876, 84y 5m 10 d
John died 29 Mar 1903, 81y 6m 18d
Margaret died 5 Mar 1904, 79y, 5m 28d
Lea C. died 11 Mar 1917, 58y 2m 17d
Wellington died 9 Nov 1952
Mary died 25 Oct. 1943
Edna died (blank)

Come back to me privately - I have more information - Summersons are intermarried in my family lines.


SUMMERSON posted by George Summerson on Sunday, March 5, 2000

Looking for Joseph Summerson born ABT.1850-1860 Married Jennie Smith,they had a son ,Winfield Emory Summerson.Also looking for Joseph Summerson parents,& Jennie Smith parents..


DEAN, HARLEY posted by Susan Yost on Tuesday, March 7, 2000



CLARY, CLEARY, CONNORS posted by Diane Perkins on Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Hi to all, I am seeking ANY information I can find on the James Clary (wife Jane)family that appears on the 1870 Emporium Borough census. Three children are listed. Delaphan age 8 is listed as being born in England, but his obituary says he was born in Emporium on June 9, 1870. Is there a birth record for C. D. Clary (Cleary) in Emporium? The family was catholic. What happened to James, his wife Jane is later found married to a P Connors. She was buried in Emporium at St. Mark's cemetery on Feb. 23, 1904. I am having trouble establising whether Jane was a sister to Thomas Cleary of Emporium as her obituary states or if she was a sister-in-law to Thomas and her husband James was a brother to Thomas. Does anyone have any information on her second husband a "P Connors"? Thank you!.


HANES, MCAULAY, SMITH, YARDLEY posted by Bruce Smith on Thursday, March 9, 2000

We're hoping to find ancestors of Alexander and Mary Elizabeth Hanes McAulay. "Lizzie's" parents were John and Sarah Yardley Hanes. Alex: b. 12/24/1862, d. 1938. Believe he may have come from Scotland, via Canada. Have reason to believe the Yardley/Hanes families were American Indian from southern New York. Lizzie: b. 3/31/1873, d. 1945. Six sons, two daughters born 1891-1905, Shippen Twp. Also, looking for descendants of Harvey E. Smith and Edith E. Clontz, married 10/20/1892 in Sinnemahoning. Harvey was the son of Sam and Martha Smith; Edith was the daughter of Jonathan and Nancy Clontz. One son, Ellery, b.3/10/1896, daughters: Artha, b. 7/13/1893; Freda, b. 1/22/1899 and Edith, b. 1/17/1901, d. 2/20/1901. Edith Clontz Smith d. 1/17/1901. Harvey married Eva E. Winslow 6/29/1904. Would truly appreciate any information on these families. .


BARR, HOUSLER, INGRAM, MIX, MOORE, PICKERING, THAYER, WHITED posted by David Richards on Friday, March 10, 2000

I am currently doing research on the Eighty-fourth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (1861-1865) for eventual publication. Elements of Company "G" was recruited from Emporium (Shippen) Cameron County. If you have any information about soldiers from Cameron County that served in this unit, I would be most interested in hearing about them. Far too numerous surnames to list all here! I am looking for letters, diaries and photographs, especially and I will gladly pay for any and all reproduction expenses. Please share your family history with the Civil War community!.


CARD, CLARK, SKILLMAN posted by Tina Kahn on Saturday, March 11, 2000

My father was Ralph edward Card mother is shirley dene daugherty card my grandmother on dads side was nettie skillman card.


NELSON posted by David Nelson on Sunday, March 12, 2000

Hello David. I don't know if you remember me. You looked up some info on William Asa Nelson for me.Since then I have obtained a copy of his War record. Do you still want pictures of these guys who served? I will send you one if you want. I still have your snailmail address. Thanks for your help to get me started. David Nelson.


HICKS posted by Linda Valetta on Sunday, March 12, 2000

What a Great help the 1870 Census have been. I found my great grandfather Adam S. Hicks. He was living with a Lorinda Hicks and a one year old Mary. Lorinda died on Dec 6, 1870. I know this because this is who I named my daughter after. Now I find that Lorinda must have been Adams first wife. He later married Ann Barber who is the mother of my grandfather. I really appreciate all the hard work that Mary Ellen does for this site. Thank you..


SHAFFER, SUMMERSON posted by George Summerson on Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Looking for David Summerson who married Elizabeth Shaffer,David b-Abt.1793-d-Abt.1840, Elizabeth-b-Abt-1791-d- March 15,1876 married,Abt-1910,they had a son John & a son Simpson & a daugther Sarah,need to know if they had a son Marmaduke.they moved to Cameron Co. Abt.1820..


NELSON posted by David Nelson on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

1870 census Cameron Co has William Nelson 62yrs, Elizabeth Nelson 52yrs,Augustus Nelson 19yrs,Lucina J Nelson 16yrs, Harison P Nelson 15 yrs,Mary C Nelson 13yrs,Francillia F Nelson 10 yrs. Does anyone connect to this family? Thank You for your response.


BARBER, BARR, HICKS posted by Linda Valetta on Saturday, March 18, 2000

I have just received the civil war pention records of my great grandfather Adam Hicks. Adam was next to the youngest son of John C. Hicks. I have found that Adam first married Lorinda Barr abt 1867 they had one child, Mary. Lorinda was killed in a fall in December of 1870. Adam later married Ann Barber. Does anyone know who Lorinda Barr's parents were? Also I want infomation on Ann Barber, her parents were Benjamin and Eliza Barber. Thanks, Linda.


NEFCY, SMITH posted by Ann Albert on Saturday, March 18, 2000

Any information on Nefcy family or family of Jacob Smith, especially daughter, Elizabeth Smith Nefcy, my great grandmother. One of her cousins, Rachel Smith researched the Smith family back to Amer. Revolution in the Philadelphia area. Don't know much else. Will be glad to share information or help out in exchange for information.


BARR posted by Walt Dean on Saturday, March 18, 2000

Checking Jacob Barr's Army service Record in the 84th from Cameron county, it has him in hospital "Union Hotel" in Winchester, VA fom 11 May 1862 until September 1863. The town is noted as changing hands 73 times during 4 years of the war and Jacob has a Prisoner of War form dated 26 May 1862 when Stonewall Jackson took the town just after Jacob was listed in hospital. The "List of Sick and Wounded Soldiers of Penna. Regiments In 6th Corps Hospital Winchester Va. No Dates- Following Regiments are Represented - 23d, 43d, 47h, 49h, 61st, 62d, and 67h, 82d, 87h, 93d, 95h, & 98h, 102d, 119h, 131st, 135h, 137h, 138h and 139h Regt in this list." Jacob Barr of the 84th Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers was not listed. Also, The question has been raised by several of us, Jacob Barr descendants. He had a son William Barr born in September 1863. How often would someone in hospital be allowed to go home on furlough around Christmas 1862,and then have to return to Winchester with it changing hands so often? In September1863 he was listed as being in hospital in Washington, DC until January 1864 when he returned to the regiment. He fought at Battle of Wilderness and wounded in knee on 10 May 1864 while attacking the Confederate fortifications known as the Mule Shoe. The next day he was back in hospital in Washington, DC and later transferred to hospital in York, PA until discharged 5 December 1864.



Collector of "Odd Knowledge" of the Bish family and relatives. Allways willing to share..


TAGGART posted by Lynn Dukas on Sunday, March 26, 2000

My father, Leonard G. Taggart, was born and raised in Cameron County, Emporium Pa. His sister died there, Helen Taggart Johnson. His father, Leonard George and mother Gertrude Taggart. He is buried in the cemetary there. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lynn Taggart Dukas. My father was born in 1911 in Cameron County PA on Feb 25..


LORD, RICHEY, YOUND posted by Dee Zito on Tuesday, March 28, 2000

I'm searching for the parents and/or siblings of Albert LORD 1832-1916 m. Elizabeth RICHEY 1838-1927, and Emmett LORD b. ~1836 m. Rebecca YOUND b. 1835. Does anyone know if Albert and Emmett are brothers? It seems likely, as they live in adjacent households in the 1870 census and were both born in NY.
I have this newspaper clipping from the Cameron County Press, "Old Veteran Calls," ~1910:
"Mr. Albert Lord, of Cameron, came to Emporium last Friday to transact some business and celebrate his 77th birthday by calling on his old friends in town. The PRESS was one of the favored ones to enjoy a visit from the old veteran. We are always proud to wlecome, at any time, those patriots--sometimes called in 1863, by the copperheads, "Lincoln's Hirelings"--who suffered privations that this, the grandest government on the face of the earth, should not perish. We always feel like downing our hat when we pass by one of those patriots.
"Veteran Lord came to Cameron county in 1855 from Delaware county, NY, and located at Sinnamahoning (then Clinton county). He enlisted at the outbreak of the rebellion in the 148th Penna Infantry, under Gen'l Jas. A. Beaver. Mr. Lord was confined in southern prisons for seven months, and of course has suffered considerably from the effects of starvation and disease. Hope he may live to celebrate his 97th anniversary."
Any and all information on Albert or Emmett LORD and their families welcome. Thanks. Dee


BARR posted by Walt Dean on Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Lorinda G. Barr b. 1843 her parents were John Barr b. 18 Mar 1815 in Clearfield (now Cameron) county d. 9 May 1895 in Cameron county and m. bef 1831 Lucretia Lewis b. 1817 in New Jersey. John's parents were Robert Barr b. 20 Jan 1785 in New Castle, Delaware or Lycoming county, PA and d. 19 Nov 1824 Clearfield (now Cameron) county, PA His parnets were John Barr b. 2 May 1751 County Mayo, Ireland veteran Revolutionary War d. 22 Aug 1833 Bald Eagle, Centre (now Clinto) county, PA m.18 Mar 1784 Mary Alcock (Elcock) b. 20 Jan 1764 New Castle, DE d. 17 Jan 1847 Elk (now Cameron), PA Robert Barr m. abt 1814 Catherine Smith b. 1790 White Deer Valley, Union, PA her parents were Benjamin Smith and Mary Wilson. William was my ggg grandfather James' older brother. Walt .



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