Duplicate Poor Tax List—1825, Dublin Township, Bedford County, Pa.


Ambrasher, Jacob

Armstrong, John

Adam, Widow

Burd, James and Wilds

Burd, John

Burd, Wilson

Blubaker, George

Burket, Joseph

Barndollar, Michael

Baker, Nathan

Barnet, Abner, Sr.

Barnet, Abner, Jr.

Bowman, Adam

Ditto for Landlord

Bowman, Samuel

Blake, James

Baker, John, Sawmill

Colter, Patrick

Charlton, Samuel

Cook, Augustus

Cline, Mathias Esqr.

Chesnut, William

Charlton, Joseph

Camp, Harcules

Dansdell, George

Roneberger, Henry

Darrow, Tho.

Ditto Landlord

Davis, John, Esqr.

Dubbs, Fredk (Frederick?) Jr.

Dubbs, Fredk Sr.

Dishong, Mathias

Ditto Landlord

Dickey, John Esqr.

Evans, Joseph heirs

Folsom, James

Ditto Robison

Flowers heirs

Fields widow

Fraker, Philip

Fildon, Thomas

Gruver, Valentine

Gruver, Henry

Blunt, Abraham

Gaster, Henry

Gosage (Gorsuch?), Benjamin

Greathead, Thomas

Griffith, William

Green, George

Ditto for Landlord

Green, Thomas

Gloss, John

Gaster, George

Gross & Brant

Harshey, Abraham

Huston, Thomas

Hunter widow

Holland, John

Holland, Thomas

Hill, John H. for Green & Charlton

Henry, William

Hunt, Benjamin

Hiland, William for John

Justice widow

Justice, James

Jones, Samuel

Jones, Joshua

Jamison, James

Keebach, Isaac

Keepers, John

Kelly, Nathaniel

Kerr, John

Lockard, John

Lockard, George

Little, Henry and uncles heirs

Lamison, Jacob

Mathias, Philip

Madden, John

Ditto for landlord

McCarrel, Joseph

Mirt (Mort?), Mathias

McClain, William

Mathias, Philip

Mort, Jacob

Martin, Thos negro

Miller, John

McOsker, Hugh

McFaddon widow

McCaleb, Alexr

McLane, Joseph

McLane (Maclaine? McLean?), Mathew

Mathias, Philip Jr.

Mathias, Conrod

Need, George

Newman, Philip

Newman, Samuel

Newman, George

Noble, John

Outwait, William

O’Conner, Dennis

O’Conner, Barnard & James

O’Conner, Barnard

Pollock, John

Petett (Petit?), Charles

Pym, William (???) & Littleton

Parks, John heirs

Parks, Daniel

Pockman widow

Ramsay, Robert

Ramsay, William

Ramsays heirs

Reess, Adam

Ramsay, Thos

Ramsay, Robert heirs

Stevens, David

Spicer, Richard

Speerman, John

Stevens, Benjamin

Stevens, Vincent

Surls, John

Stenson, John

Tolbert, harris

Tolbert, William

Taylor, Henry

Valance, Adam

Valance, John

Wilds, Benjamin E.

Winegarner, William

Wolf, Jacob

Winegarner, John

Winegarner, Conrod

Woodle, John

Wible, Adam

Wilson, Robert

Wilds, John

Wollet, Michael (Wallick?)

Walker, David

Zegler, Isaac (Ziegler?)




Ambrauner?, Jacob Jr.

Black, William

Chesnut, John

Cline, Samuel

Chesnut, George

Davis, James

Dubbs, Isaac

Evans, John

Fields, Wm.

Gaster, Jacob

Griffith, William

Green, Elisha

Groover, Henry

Hunt, Andrew

Hunt, Richard

Justice, Robert

Justice, James Jr.

Kizer, John

Keebach (Kubach?), William

Lamison, Henry

Leons, Nelson (absent)

Lockard, James

Mathias, John

Mathis, Conrod

McFadon (McFadden?), Thos

McClain, Ephraim

Caleb, John

Newman, Philip

Need, Samuel

Ramsay, Ephraim

Ramsay, Robert

Pockman, John

Spicer, Richard

Spicer, Samuel

Smith, James

Vallance, James

Wible, William

Wible, John

White, William

Winegarner, Abraham

Winegarner, Jacob


We the subscribers two of the Justices of the peace of Dublin Township Bedford County Do Approve and Allow this assessment Witness our hand and Seals 30th Day of March AD 1825

John Davis

Mathias Cline

Michael Wollet & Philip Newman overseers


[Transcribed by Carol Eddleman.]

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