1822 Tax List, Woodberry Township

Elizabeth Holder, 31cents tax
John Hill?, 24c
Andrew Harder?, 16c
Christian Hetrick, $3.25
Joseph Hipple, 12c
Peter Hinkle, 10c
John Hipple, Sr., $4.45
" " ", 90c
" " ", 37c
Frederick Hissong, $1.87
John Hissong, Sr., $3.86 (crossed out), 12c
Jacob Hissong, 6c
" " . $1.87
Samuel Hoover, 34c
" " , 7c
Martin Hoover, $2.16
George Holder, 6c
John Hiffly, $7.17
" " barrens, $2.18
" " , 12c
David Hoover, 6c
Jacob Holsinger, 6c
Michael Kochenour, 67c
Jacob Kegerice, 68c
John Keagy, 54c
Henry Keefer, 21c
Daniel Kemerer, $7.66
" " barrens, $2.97
Samuel Kealer, 6c
Alexander Kenney, 30c
Jacob Kensinger, 18c
Jacob Kifer, 16c
Philip K____ce, 15c
Daniel Kensinger, $5.59
" " barrens, $1.48
" " mountain, 8c
" " barrens, 90c
John Kensinger, $1.41 (amount crossed off)
Saml Keeler (name crossed off), 18c
Samuel Kunkle, 26c
Martin Kunkle, 28c
Frederick Keller, 50c
Christian Kochenour, $1.05
" " , $2.38
George (George crossed off) Peter Knee, 28c
Abraham Keagy, $9.34
David Kessinger, 12c
Abraham Keagy, $1.62
ditto John, 34c
John Kunkle, $1.41
Henry Knee, 16c
David Kerney?, 16c
Daniel Kensinger Jr., 17c
Samuel Lydy, $1.96 tax
ditto barrens, $1.91
David Long, $5.87
ditto barrens, $2.97
ditto mountain, 15c
John Lower, $1.20 ($1.44 crossed off)
George Lower, $1.80
ditto 24c
Henry Lower, $1.69
John Lydy, 16c
ditto barrens, 15c
William Loose, 18c
Daniel Leedy, $3.88
ditto barrens, 22c
Abraham Leedy, Jr., $4.39
Abraham Leedy, $5.82
Martin Loy, Jr., $5.88
Martin Loy, 21c
ditto barrens, 98c
ditto, $1.20
ditto mountain, 7c
David Loy, $4.92
Abraham Lingenfelter, 16c
ditto Hipple, $5.00
Abraham Longanecker, $5.07
ditto barrens, 22c
ditto Snowberger's, $3.00
ditto mountain, 12c
Daniel Leader, 15c
Jacob Loose, 6c
David Law, 8c
Benjamin Lyon, 26c
ditto, $1.41
Jacob Ling, 6c

John Miller, 12c tax
David Metzler, 6c
Alexander McFaddon, 70c
David Morty, 74c
John Morty, $9.74
ditto mountain, 25c
Peter Marker, $1.11
Conrad Martin, $12.15
ditto barrens, 90c (crossed off)
ditto, $4.17
ditto, $4.96 (crossed off) $2.59
John Martin, 9c
John Mock, $3.79
ditto (Martin?), 30c
Samuel Myers, $1.11 (crossed off)
ditto, 18c
Jacob Murry, 12c
John Metzgar, $6.88
ditto barrens, $2.47
ditto mountain, 11c
ditto McFaddon, 36c
Jacob Mock, $3.35
Daniel Myers, $3.60
John Moore, 16c
ditto Myers, $1.11
George Miller, 21c (crossed off)
Samuel Miller, $1.06
ditto mountain, 6c
ditto Loy, $2.40
Martin Miller, $7.56 (crossed off) $5.48
William Mixell, $5.48
Christian Myers, 90c
Jacob Myers, 65c
Jacob Miller, 79c
John McDaniel, 6c
ditto for landlord, 15c
Abraham Myers, 6c
ditto for landlord, 52c (crossed off)
John Mullen, 6c
David Metzgar, 6c
Abraham Miller, 6c
John Miller, 14c
Jeremiah Nederer, $1.65
ditto barrens, 16c
ditto mountain, 7c
ditto lick, 63c
Joseph Niswanger, 6c
Abraham Niswanger, 28c
Widow Niswanger, 6c
Widow Nederer, 6c
John Nickoles, $2.31
Frederick Nickodemus, $2.97
ditto mountain, 9c
Jacob Nicodemus, $4.23
John Nicodemus, $4.40
Conrad Nicodemus, $5.79
George Nisewanger, 6c
John Nisewanger, 12c
George Nicodemus, 6c
George Ox, 6 cents tax
Henry Ober, 38c
John Ober's heirs, $4.87
ditto mountain, 93c
Jacob Pote, 21c
ditto, $2.08
ditto barrens, 45c?
Adam Pote, 4c
Widow Pote, 21c
Michael Pote, 21c
Jacob Pudabuagh, $7.17 (amount crossed off), 91c
ditto barrens, $3.09 (crossed off)
ditto mountain, 12c (crossed off)
George Puderbaugh, 38c
John Potter, $1.22
Simon Potter, $2.43
ditto, 81c
ditto, 73c
William Pringle, $4.07?
Jacob Reed, 27c (crossed off)
ditto, 42c (crossed off)
Michael Roudebush, 18c
Michael Roudebush, Sr., $4.24
ditto barrens, 60c
Thomas Ritz, 37c
ditto for landlord, 60c
Daniel Rhoads, $5.99
ditto, $5.40
ditto mountain, 30c
ditto barrens, 60c
ditto impt, 6c
George Rine?, 50c
Christian Rhoads, 50c
Daniel Replogle, 22c
ditto (heirs?), 70c
George Replogle, 32c
George Ressler, 21c
Peter Rock, 7c
___ Replogle, $11.68
Jacob Shock, 6c
Jacob Shenefelt, 57c
Jacob Shenefelt, $4.54 (amount crossed off), $2.56
ditto barrens, $2.60
Jacob Smeltzer, 27c (amount crossed off) 6c
William Stull, 13c
Nicholas Stull, $3.12
ditto barrens, 90c
ditto barrens, 79c
ditto mountain, 30c
George Stull (of N), 22c
Nicholas Strayer, $2.37
ditto Nisewanger (deceased), $1.20
ditto mountain, 15c
ditto mountain, 42c
Martin Shuck, $3.03
Joseph Smeltzer, 6c
William Shiffler, $2.90
Jacob Shiffler, $6.48
George Shiffler, 27c
ditto, $1.98
Walter S____, 7c

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