1814 Tax List
 St. Clair Twp., Bedford Co., Pa.

James Allison
Andrew Allison
Robert Allison
Robert Adams
Joseph Adams
Solomon Adams
Philip Albough
Jacob Amich
Obadiah Adams
Conrad Appleman
Thomas Blackburn
Anthony Blackburn
Jonathan Bowen
Benjamin Bowen
John Bowen
Thomas Blackburn
Thomas Blackburn
Joseph Blackburn
William Blackburn
Moses Blackburn
Samuel Blackburn
Jesse Blackburn
David Bowen
David Bowen
Thomas Bowen
John Bowen
John Bowser
Noah Bowser
Jacob Burket
Jacob Beard
John Barkhimer
Jacob Barkhimer
Leonard Barkhimer
Frederick Barkhimer
Henry Barkhimer
John Burkholder
George Burkholder
James Brown
George Bolin
Jacob Bisle
Henry Bush
James Bearfoot
Henry Beckley
John Bateman
Mary Carmack
James Clark
Daniel Clark
William M. Clark
William Clark
John Cuppett
Henry Cotier
William Crisman, Esq.
Philip Crisman
John Crisman
Frederick Carn
John Carn
James Clark, Jr.
David Croyle
Joseph Croyle
Conrad Claycomb
John Crist
Peter Carmack
Thomas Calihan
Thomas Calihan, Jr.
Thomas Croyle
George Cofman's Heirs
Henry Coontz
Jacob Corle
James Dalton
Daniel Davis
James Dougherty
Joshua David
John Everith
George Ellinger
Jonathan Edwards
John Corle
Isaac Fickes
Solomon Fickes
Henry Fetter
John Fisher
Jacob Fullmer
Henry Fetter, Jr.
Thomas Griffith
James Gordon
Thomas Griffith
William Griffith
Samuel Griffith
William Griffith
John Hinton
James Hinton
Christopher Hite
Philip Hoover
Nathan Hammon
James Hancock
John Hancock
Joel Hancock
John Hann
Eseal Hann
John Hann
Isaac Hand
Jonah Hammer
John Hammer
Jonah Hammer, Jr.
Michael Hardman
John Hardman
Jacob Houck
Conrad Hartsel
Jacob Hanstine
John Hammon
John Ickes, Jr.
Henry Ickes
Peter Imbler
Jacob Ink
Frederick Hellam
Thomas Jennings
Morgan Jones
Abel Jones
William Jones
Daniel Jacobs
William Kenworthy
Jesse Kenworthy
Isaac Kenworthy
Christopher King
George King
Jacob King
George Lucas
Jacob Lucas
Alexander McGregor
John McGregor
Alexander McGregor, Jr.
Daniel McGregor
Murdoch McDonnald
John McDonald
Thomas Miller
Alexander McDonald
Angus McDonald
Peter Mock
Peter Mock, Jr.
Jacob Mock (big)
Jacob Mock
Paul Mock
David Mock
George Mock
John Mock (old)
John Mock
Chrisley Mock
Adam Mock
William Morehead
Christopher Mittank
Jacob Moses
Samuel Moses
Michael Moses
Conrod Messenhimer
Abraham Moore
James Moore
Hugh McCoy
James McGrail
John Mikesell
Henry Miller
Andrew Messenhimer
Robert Miller Heirs
Griffith Michael
Henry Oster
William Oldham
Thomas Oldham
Widow Oldham
William Owens
Mathias Otto

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