1814 Londonderry Township
Tax List

Christian Albright, sawmiller

Richard Baker, stiller

David Bonnell, farmer (esq., justice of the peace is crossed out beside his name)

Jacob Ball, farmer

Adam Balze, farmer

Samul Burket, farmer

John Bonnell, carpenter

?ake Black, farmer

George Carpenter, farmer

Andrew Carpenter, farmer

Richard Clauson, farmer

Daniel Clausen, farmer

Henry Candle, farmer

Peter Candle, farmer

Andrew Comme, farmer

Peter Cop, farmer

Cornelius DeVore, farmer

Cornelius DeVore, jr, farmer

Cornelius DeVore, miller

Jacob DeVore, farmer

Jacob deVore, jr, farmer

Jeremiah DeVore, blacksmith

Daniel DeVore, farmer

Moses DeVore, farmer

John DeVore, farmer

Benjamin DeVore, farmer

Joseph DeVore, farmer

Charles Dunlap, cooper

George Elrich (illegible)

Samuel Elrick (?)

John Faith, miller

Daniel Faith, farmer

Casper Fashold, shoemaker

Benjamin Fraser, farmer

Wm Graham, tanner

George Geller, tanner

Wm Gosan, schoolmaster

Daniel Hans, miller

George Hans, farmer

Leonard Hans, farmer

Daniel Helferday, farmer

Andrew Huston, sr, farmer

Andrew Huston, jr, weaver

George Herrager, farmer

Conrad Hellam, mason (name was crossed off of the list)

Martin Kirshner, farmer

George Kashner, shoemaker

Wm Lawhead, tailor

Ludwig Liberger, farmer

Ludwig Liberger, jr, farmer

Ludwig Liberger, III, farmer

Lues Liberger, blacksmith

George Liberger, farmer

Henry Liberger, sr, sawmiller

Adam Liberger, farmer

Frederick Liberger, farmer

Henry Liberger, jr, farmer

Andrew Liberger, schoolmaster

Samuel Liberger, farmer

Jacob Liberger, farmer

Daniel Liberger, farmer

Charles Loudenbough, farmer

John Logue, farmer

Wm Lafferty, sr, farmer

Wm Lafferty, jr, farmer

John Lafferty, farmer

Adam Miller, farmer

Thomas McGebens, farmer

Wm McCoy, farmer

John Miller, farmer

George Miller, farmer

Frederick Miller, farmer

David Mayer, farmer

Wm Master, farmer

Nicklous Mayer, sr, farmer

Wm Mayer, jr, miller

Andrew Oswald, farmer

George Oswald, stiller

Tobias Oswald, farmer

George Parswell, farmer

John Ramey, farmer

Alexander Ream, farmer

Martin Smith, farmer

John Smith, farmer

Daniel Shrayer, farmer

George P Shultz, farmer

Henry Shortey, weaver

John Shrayer, farmer

Thomas Store, tinker

Andrew Valentine, farmer

Joseph Wolford, farmer

Jacob Wolford, jr, farmer

Jacob Wolford, sr, farmer

John Wolford, farmer

Frederick Wolford, jr, farmer

John Wagonman, farmer

Henry Wilhelm, farmer

Christian Wolford, farmer

Frederick Wolford, sr, farmer

Jess Walker, farmer

Peter Zigler, sawmiller

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