Assessment Valuation of Tax Laid
On the County of Bedford for the Year 1796
Bedford Borough

“By an act of the state legislature approved March 13, 1795, the town was incorporated as a borough. The following year, 1796, the tax-paying inhabitants of the borough of Bedford, the amount and kind of property owned by each, were enumerated as follows: Thomas Anderson, a single man, 3 horses, 2 cows; Dr. John Anderson, a single man, 3 horses; James Beatty, wheelwright, 1 house, 1 cow; Hugh Barclay, Esq., 2 houses, 6 horses, 4 cows; William Beatty, carpenter, 2 houses, 1 cow; George Beeler, 1 cow; Simon Claar, 1 lot; Widow Espy, 1 house, 1 barn, 2 horses, 2 cows; George Funk, shopkeeper, 3 houses, 1 barn, 4 horses, 3 cows; Martin Holderbaum; James Heyden, shopkeeper, 3 houses, 1 barn, 2 horses, 4 cows; William Henry, hatter, 1 house, 1 barn, 2 horses, 1 cow; Widow Henry, 1 house; Baltzer Hess, shoemaker, 1 house, 1 horse, 1 cow; David Keeffe, tailor, 1 house, 2 cows; Daniel Liaberger, blacksmith, 1 house, 1 cow; Samuel McCashlin, 1 house, 1 horse, 4 cows; Mary Miller, 1 lot; Cornelius McCauley, 1 house and lot; John McCartney, shopkeeper, 1 house, 4 horses, 1 cow; William McDermit, innkeeper, 1 horse, 3 cows; John Mackey, 1 house; Anthony Nawgel, 1 house, 1 barn 3 horses, 4 cows; Jacob Nawgle, lawyer, 2 houses, 2 horses, 1 cow; Thomas Norton, plasterer, 1 house, 1 cow; Martin Pfeifer, a singleman, shopkeeper, 1 house; Martin Reiley, shopkeeper, 1 house, 1 horse, 1 cow; Henry Reicher, saddler, 1 horse; John Reamer, 1 house, 1 barn; Christopher Reiley, saddler, 2 houses, 1 barn, 1 horse; Widow Skinner, 1 house; Robert Spencer, innkeeper, 1 house, 1 barn, 3 horses, 2 cows; Andrew Sheetz, blacksmith, 1 house, 1 barn, 1 cow; John Scott, shopkeeper, 1 house, 1 horse, 1 cow; George Smith, shoemaker, 1 horse, 1 cow; Henry Sides, gunsmith, 1 house, 1 cow; William Small, innkeeper, 1 house, 1 barn, 1 horse, 2 cows; James Taylor, innkeeper, 1 house, 1 barn, 3 cows; Thomas Vickroy, surveyor, 1 house, 1 barn; William Vickroy, clockmaker, 1 house; George Woods, Esq., 3 houses, 2 barns, 6 horses, 8 cows; John Williams, tailor, 1 house, 1 cow.

The single freemen at the same time, 1796, were: John Anderson of James, Jacob Aker; John Boyce, who owned one horse; Jacob Bonnett, who owned a horse; Charles Croyle, Adam Crim, David Croyle; Valentine Crow, blacksmith; John Davidson, William Devore, Frederick Dibert, David Dibert; Richard Ewalt, tanner; Adam Fisher, William Graham, Henry Givens, James Hartford; Jacob Holtz, who owned a house and barn; George Henry; _____Hunter, a storekeeper at Anderson's mill; Frederick Imbrick, Michael Holderbaum, John McCashlin, Samuel McCashlin, William Moore, Robert Noble, William Proctor, Jacob Painter, George Painter, Melchoir Roastgarver, George Ray, John Richards, Thomas Ray, William Ray, James Stafford, John Smith, Henry Skinner, William Stein, John Searight, Michael Samuels, Robert Simpson, Henry Scoviller, Jacob Saylor, Jr., John Swigert, John Utler, George Williams, Henry Whitstone, John Wallack, Hill Wilson; Henry Woods, an attorney; Valentine Wertz, James Williams, Henry Walter…”

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