Tax Assessment Listing for 1793
Londonderry Township


(Bedford County, Penn.)
BOOK 797
A List of the Taxabel inhabatns of Londerry township for the present year
     Parsons Names              
Curnelius Devore Esq  
Jacob Devore
Danniel Devore
Moses Devore
Isack Danniels
(Isaac Daniels)
Kinsey Danniels
Cristly Morgars
Jonas Robeson
Loadiwick Liasbarger
(Ludwig Lybarger)
Loadiwick Liabarager Jun
Loadiwick Liabarager 3
Nicolas Liabarager Sr
Nicolas Liabarager Jun
Henry Liabarager
Henry Amerine Sr
Henry Amerine Jun
Abraham Amerine
Andrew McConnell
Robert McConnell
John Taite
Adam Snider
Martin Smith
Adam Woolford Sr
Adam Woolford Jun
Joseph Woolford
John Woolford
Frederick Woolford
Frederick Woolford Jun
Godferry Woolford
Mical Woolford
Andrew Woolford
Adam Grim
George Carpenter
John Masters
Jesse Master Sr
Jesse Masters Jun
Clament Masters
Samuel Masters
Richard Masters
Cor George Bright
Andrew Shearer
Vallentine Shearer
George Stout
John F. Geller
John Lamb
Henry Willhelm
Robert Huston
Edward Huston
Andrew Huston
Alex Huston
John Huston
Vallentine Horn
Sabaston Horn
Jacob Ekeinbarager
Richard Croy
Mathias Croy
John Croy
Jacob Rise
Rudolph Barzell
Jacob Oswalt
Jacob Oswalt Jun
Tobias Oswalt
James Thomson
George Cook
Isiah McClish
(Isaiah MacLeash)
George Baker
Richard Baker
John Hines
George Piggot
Godferry Richards
Joshua McKinney
Moses McKinney
John Gusinghouser
John Corbin
Jesfy Dood
James White
Andrew Emerick
Daniel Criser
Jacob Danner
Thomas McGith
Peter Sheckly
George Arnold
Peter Buzzard
Solomon Linn
Benidick Geller
Nicolas Long
John Camp
Joseph Camp
Joseph Liadick
Joseph Lidick Jun
Jacob Liadick
Phillup Wagerman
John Haun
(Han, Hawn)
Peter Troutman
William Troutman
Phillip Shroyer
Danniell Shroyer
Frederick Seffer
Cristian Stirts
(Christian Sturtz)
Cristian Stirts Jun
Jacob Stirts
John Wieans
John Kemerer
Frederick Kemerer
Leonard Coap
Jacob Nihart
Barnhart Stoner
John Stoner
Jacob Cawmer
(Calmer Kemmerer?)
John Cawmer
Cristian Baughman
Jacob Sholse
Antony Spher
(Anthony Sopher)
Luke Spher
Natt. Crichfield
Natt. Crichfield Jun
Joseph Crichfield
Isaac Crichfield
Tho. Harden
George Harden
Isac Harden
Jacob Bowers
Peter Willhelm
Cristian Willhelm
John Niamire
Andrew Welker
Powel Welker
Jacob Welker
Abraham Welker
Aaron Poarter
Samuel Arnold
John Shrimplin
John Shrimplin Jun
Adam Leply
George Gordon
William Hardy
Nicolas Bright
Nicolas Frye
John Allbright
Jacob Plumb
William Marts
(Martz, Merts)
Joseph Boyer
Cristian Krim
George Ice
James Husband
Joseph Coanour
Adam Brown
Jacob Grindle
James Watson
John Shafer
Jacob Brorkhart
Jacob Springer
George Gardner
Henry Muth
Phillup Boorbaugh
Henry Wilyard
Jonathan Boyer
George Yearick
John Peters
Cristopher Braker
Batser Augustine
Loadwick Creasing
John Yearick
George Shuke
George Shuke
Benjamin Crichfield
Cartified by Robert McConnell
Assistant of Londonderry township for the present year 1793
**This list was typed from the original (a copy).  Since the spelling is free-lanced quite a bit, I have attempted to find alternate spellings for some of the names, which is for the purpose of computer searching more effectively.  The original was submitted for use by Frank Shrimplin.  CCE

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