Tax Assessment Listing for 1788
Millford Township


Return of unseated lands in Millford Township for the year 1788 by Francis
Philips, Collector:

Jacob Anthony
John Barns
John Brown
George Longbert
John Biddle
John Vanderin
Jacob Bearey
Jacob Winger
Joseph Worrel
Joseph Heigh
Daniel Smith
William Smith
Job Moore
Isaac Dacow
Guning Bedford
John Musser
Jacob Huffman
Andrew Mattren
Samuel Reading
Ulrick Ming
Thomas Foxcraft
Thomas Livezey
William Sterling
Frederick Snyder
Christopher Snyder
Daniel Elis
Jesse Clark
Benjamin Bells
John Crosby
Samuel Henry
Jonathan Smith
William Smith
Samuel How
Robert Burcham
Clement Biddle
Owen Biddle
Samuel Tucker
George Wells
John Little
William Clayton
Abraham Hunt
John McMichael
Isaac Allen
Benjamin Davis
Abraham Shoemaker
John Emerick
George Funk
Joseph Mather
John Stine
Robert Culberson
Hermon Coons
Richard Humphreys
Isaac Jones
John Lowman
Henry Zook
John Miller
Richard Brown
John Kendal
Latitia Smith
John Levering
Jacob Keffer
Samuel McCaslin
Jacob Winger
Reece Meredith
Peter Carey
Jacob Young
Mathew Hulgate
Edward Millnor
George Froy
Cornelius McAuley
William Dewers
George Brown
James Black
Jacob Winger
William Gray
James Black
Benjamin Chew
Joseph Ankney
John Shanefield
James Wells
James Black

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