Tax Assessment Listing for 1788
Air Township


Last Name First Name State Tax County Tax Notes
Barclay Hugh, Esq. 0/9/1 0/4/6
Brown George 0/15/7 0/7/9
Carlisle Charlotte 0/5/4 0/2/8
Carlisle David 1.1.0 0/10/6
Carlisle David 0/6/0 0/3/0 for Swagler
Carlisle William 0/4/1 0/2/0
Chambers George 0/6/0 0/3/0
Cox Tench 0/4/0 0/2/0
Crossan Samuel 0/4/6 0/2/3
Danton Jaques 0/7/7 0/3/9
Downs Henry 0/4/10 0/2/5
Harper John 0/9/0 0/4/6
Hunter James 0/3/0 0/1/6
Hurst Joseph 0/5/8 0/2/10
Mitchel James 0/5/5 0/2/5
I do certify that the lands the above names refer to are all nonresident and no effects to be found thereon whereby the taxes may be procured. Given under my hand 15 Jan 1790. William Sloan, Collector.
(Source: Non-Resident Land Docket, Bedford County, Register and Recorders Office, Bedford Co. Courthouse, Bedford, Pa., pp. 192-3.)

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