1785 Milford Township
Tax List


James Alexander

James Allen, 300 acres

Jacob Anderson

Christian Ankeny, 350 acres

Peter Ankeny, 500 acres

Wm Baker, 250 acres

Henry Beam, 100 acres

George Brimer, 300 acres

Jacob Burney, 300 acres

WoolerickBrisnor (?) 700 acres

Henry Bruner, 400 acres

John Burkey

George Barnhart, 400 acres

Adam Crimer, 300 acres

Joshua Carbeer, 50 acres

Christopher Cooper,1 50 acres

John Colpenny, 100 acres

Peter Cap, 300 acres

John Davis, 100 acres

John Dull, 150 acres

Christian Feather, 100 acres

Adam Flick, 200 acres

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