1785 Londonderry Township
Tax List


George Armrine, 10 acres

John Albright, 39 acres

Abraham Amrine, 6 acres

Jacob Agabecker, 11 acres

Henry Amrine, 10 acres

Anthony Asher, 42 aces

Samuel Arnold, 145 acres

Adam Americh, 6 acres

Richard Baker, 56 acres

John Blyer, 56 acres

Jacob Burkhart, 4 acres

Valentine Baker, 4 acres

John Bookshire

George Baker, 33 acres

John Bush

Thomas Blckburn

Nathaniel Crichfield, 35 acres

Nathaniel Crichfield Jr.

Richard Croy 6 acres

Jacob Croy 7 acres

Peter Clster (?) 43 acres


Philip Dial

John Fate, 20 acres

George Fater

Martin Fate, 15 acres

Wm Fletchard

John Fry, 57 acres

Moses Gooden, 55 acres

John Gilbert, 27 acres

Joseph Gooden, 27 acres

Christian Grim, 27 acres

John Hains, 163 acres

Philip Hoger, 20 acres

Andrew Huston, 115 acres

Alexander Huston

George Horden (Hardin)

Thomas Hardin, 43 acres

Wm Hardy, 30 acres

Robert Huston, 6 acres

George Hook, Sr. 120 acres

George Hook, Jr

Nicholas Lybarger, Sr, 130 acres

Nicholas Lybarger, Jr. 26 acres

LudwickLybarger, 50 acres

George Lybarger, 100 acres

Henry Lybarger, 20 acres

Adam Lepley, 100 acres

John lamb 9 acres

Timothy lamb

Lawrence Lamb

Yost Lidick, 54 acres

Christian Moyer, 300 acres

Wm Martin

Moses McKinzey

John Masters, 15 acres

Isaiah McElefe (?)

John Neameyer,1 5 acres

Jacob Oswald, 170 acres

Peter Neemire, 50 acres

Tobias Oswald, 170 acres

John Porter

John Pool

John Parker


Jonah Robinson, 260 (or 200) acres

Joseph Rohoads, 20 acres

Jacob Rhoads, 200 acres

John Shaver, 20 acres

Andrew Shever, 100 acres

William Dunlap, 100 acres

George Squire, 3 acres

Barnett Stoner, 15 acres

Peter Sheckley, 9 acres

Jacob Shultz, 7 acres

Jacob Tanwater (?)

John E Turner, 3 acres

John Turner

Moses Waddell

Godfrey Woolback

Jacob Walter, 10 acres

William Worman, 17 acres

Andrew Walker, 17 acres

Edward Warrand, 16 acres

James Young, 10 acres

Single Freemen

Peter Laman, 140 acres

Benjamin DeVore, 30 acres

Andrew Huston
Jacob Welker

Thomas Delaney

Michael Oswald

Richard Martin

James White

Piticker (?)

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